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Teen attacks father in Fifa 2009 fight

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If you want to create a little psychopath don't smack them and tell them what they are doing is wrong. Not very effective (or there would be a lot more psychopaths my age).

Tell them that they are worthless little shits at least 3 times a day. Remind them that they were a mistake at least 3 times a week. Don't touch them at all (they might call the cops on you). This sure to have Jr. killing small animals by the time he is 10.

Apple: iPhone App and iTunes stores don't make money

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iTunes profit

If Apple made money on iTunes the studios would demand more money until they didn't.

iTunes only works because Apple don't have to make money from it. They make the money on the iPods (and the studios think they should get a cut of that too).

Without the iPod it would just be another Spotify trying to figure out a way to pay the studios what they want and make money. Maybe Spotify want to get bought out like Napster who also could not make money.

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Will it burn photos onto your toast? Or weather forecasts for the day maybe? If you want dark toast can you download new settings from iTunes?

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter

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Enhanced CD for the net?

Get extra cool (ie crap) stuff, you just have to use our player.

The player will be an ad filled, spyware app that makes windows media player look good.

FOAD indeed.

Brits left cold by mobile internet

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The lowest cost for iPone data in Canada is $30 for 500MB (I pay $28 for unlimited ADSL at home). So I keep my dumb phone and bought a iPod touch.

'Larry and Sergey' to offload 10m Google shares

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stock option

The sale may drop them to 49% but their stock options will bump them back up to 51% I expect...

Airport scanner staff object to vetting

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So how high does the death toll need to be, before you say it is worth it?

His argument is fine. Air travel has had restrictions almost since day one. Before 9/11 you could not walk onto a plane with a shotgun. They keep adding more restrictions every time something happens or almost happens, or might happen. If it's worth it because it saves one life why not apply the same idea to everything else.

Cut all speed limits by 10%. It would save more then one life. And it's only 10% that's not too bad. Next year we can cut it another 10%. Next time there is a big pileup in a snow storm or fog we better cut the top speed to 50k and force every one to fit speed limiters to there cars.

Banning cars and air travel will save more then one life, is it worth it?

Where do you draw the line?

Ofcom opens debate on Freeview HD DRM to punters

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So it will be like Blu-ray

Say you can copy the film to your approved playback device (managed copy), but they don't actually create any way to do it.

The DRM gets broken and a few people find there own way to copy it to their iPods and the rest just download it from the net.

Only macrovision and friends are happy.

Google betas Flash-free YouTube sans open codec

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Just because it's open source will not stop some troll in Texas with a crap patent from trying to squeeze money from the first outfit with cash that uses it.

Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office

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How long did it have to wait to see the Doctor?

PM: UK airports to get perv scanners next week

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Not so bad?

They will not laugh, but they will add you to the sex offenders DB.

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

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They will not let me pay...

The track I want is on iTunes USA, it's on iTunes UK, it's on Amazon mp3 service.

But the labels will not let them sell it to me.

They say I have to go to iTunes Canada, too bad if they don't have it.

So no money for you. Stupid control freaks.

Berserker Bing bots bring down Perl network

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"their own proprietary bot directive technology"

All your stuff are belong to us.

Apple's 'latest creation' debuts January 27

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Jobs Horns

iPod Hi-Fi

Well don't buy a new iPod since they didn't follow their own "suggestion" and used 12V charging, it will not charge any of the new iPod/iPhones with 5V only charging. I think quite a few ended up on fleaBay because of that.

Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone

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Too late

There are already people selling stuff like RFI blocking paint for $400 / gallon or copper "mosquito nets" to hang over your bed. Even some magic black boxes that run on a 9v battery that can cancel out all RFI in an area (it must be true, it says so on the website).

Spain seeks fast track for pirate site shutdowns

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facilitating piracy

If the definition of "facilitating" is left up to the record companies that will be just about anyone they don't like.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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They sell you a bigger data plan then whine that you are using too much data. Tell you that you can't tether your phone, but will sell you a USB stick (with a second data plan) and if you want to use VPN... well that will cost you extra too.

They "give" you a nice new phone, they even customize it for the "best user experience" (cripple the USB port, remove the GPS maps...) and a year later your still stuck with the buggy 1.0 software because they are giving away a different phone now and can't be assed to customize the new version of the software.

Roboplane tech can deal with air-traffic control directly

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It can fly from A-B but...

Can it land a plane in a river with no loss of life after having both engines stuffed with birds?

Apple ejects Dalai Lama from Chinese iTunes

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Comparing the Dalai Lama with Al Qaeda might seem insane.

Yes, it is.

ISPs slam Digital Economy Bill's multi-million pound price tag

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Government pulls big number from ass...

"At the same time the government's assessment found that the DEB could plump up £350m in extra tax for the Treasury, as well as bring in around £1.7bn in sales to content owners."

£1.7bn? The old every download is a lost sale road apple again?

Free loaders will not buy anything other then a vpn service maybe.

People who download stuff that's not available in there area as defined by the content owners, can't buy it.

People who download a TV show, then buy the box set when it's released may not buy the box set if they don't know if it's any good.

I expect they could increase sales more by allowing anyone to buy from any iTunes site no mater where they live. But the control freaks are not going to go for that.

Tiny TV could make billions for FCC

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I was watching a US TV station last night and they are running commercials that alert viewers of special interests intentions to shut down free broadcast television. US TV stations are getting cash from cable companies to rebroadcast their signals, and now the same was just approved in Canada.

At the same time, with the switch to digital in Canada stations will only be required to broadcast in markets with 300,000 viewers (they say only 10% of viewers use antennas) so only cities with 3,000,000 people will get free TV.

If a station gets paid for every viewer on Cable, but gets nothing from over the air, they are going to want to force everyone onto cable/sat.

$35 a month (sure to go up once they have a monopoly) for Basic. Fewer stations then I get now (for free), over compressed, with some filler crap like the shopping channel. Looks like a crap deal to me.

Tom 35 Silver badge

I hope not!

First I'll lose the 9 US stations I can receive from across the lake.

The talk about this in Canada includes the key words "where numbers warrant". That is if you don't live in a city too bad (they say "only" 5% of people using over the air TV would be cut off).

I think it's really a step towards NO free over the air TV, everyone has to pay for cable or sat. In Canada most of the Cell phone companies are also into cable or sat TV. No surprise that they would love to dump free TV and give them the bandwidth for cell phones.

Software fraudster 'fooled CIA' into terror alert

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When you have a bunch of paranoid nutters

Tell them there worst fears are true, then sell them special tinfoil.

Just like the sites that tell you how bad cell phones are and what they are doing to you. Then offer to sell you copper mesh hats, house paint that blocks RF, magic black boxes that protect you from RF...

Googlephone Nexus One leaks more news

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After a few more years of development...

They will reach Nexus Six and only an expert will be able to tell them from a real phone.

Apple angling to transform TV?

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The cable companies will fight dirty

We had a startup called Look that offered pick what you want TV and the cable company killed them. They offered free service for 6 months to a year for anyone to switch back from Look and before long Look was dead.

Intel's Atomic 'Pine Trail' arrives early

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That should fix anyone

thinking of using a different video chip with our cpu.

Neat two-motor soft-top first victim of GM Saab sale?

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A car for money bags

Who only want to LOOK green.

Blu-ray boys finish 1080p 3D spec

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have you heard of compression

Yes Bluray is already compressed. You can't take a 25+ GB file and compress it to 8 with the same class of codec and not reduce the quality.

Free software lawyers hit Best Buy et al with GPL 'violation' claim

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Why bother?

They might have made improvements to the code, sharing them is what you "pay" for using GPL code.

Maybe no-one is going to download code for a TV, but for some devices there will be interest. Look at internet routers running GPL code, you can download different software for then with more or different features then the software that comes in the box.

Google Chrome bug outs users seeking anonymity

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With Google I think it's a feature.

Durham police demonstrate DNA will stuff you

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A friend spent a couple of hours at the police station because he had bought a bag of yellow m&m candy from a bulk food store. He was standing waiting for a bus, popping them in his mouth when a cop car pulled up. The cop thought they looked like some kind of pill.

Muggers plundering gig bootleggers' booty

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We can't catch you

making your crappy videos of the star falling off the stage or lip-syncing so you can post them on failblog, but if you do gangs of evil people will steal your phone and make calls to ubeckistan and download kiddy porn so you better not!

and you will go blind, and some one will run over your dog.

Webmasters fume as Google profiles signed-out searchers

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There is worse then SEOs

That just shows that marketing people who write meaningless buzzword filled crap that looks like they stole it from the Dilbert mission statement generator are even more useless then SEOs.

Motorola's banana-mutilation ad disses iPhone

Tom 35 Silver badge

Lots of ads like that.

"Enticing half of one's market with strong imagery is one thing, but insulting an equally broad swath of the check-writing public is dicey at best."

All they need to do is put the same guts in a pink case with more rounded corners, give it a cute name and create an ad that insults the other half of the market. Something like men are so dumb they will buy a phone that looks like a brick wrapped in duck tape...

Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker

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I know what his password is...

I watched as he typed it, it was *******

PayPal mistakes own email for phishing attack

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My Bank

Never sends marketing junk emails, and the rare event that they think they have something important to say the email just says I should log onto my web banking account with no links. They post stuff as privet messages that appear after I have logged on.

But a couple of years back they used to call me and ask for personal info to prove who I was. I pointed out that they called me, and I didn't know who they were so I was not going to give out any info. It took them a while to catch on but they don't do that any more.

I don't have a paypal account and don't plan to any time soon.

MS honeypot research sheds light on brute-force hacks

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A password-checking tool developed by Microsoft

Pa$$w0rd is a strong password?

Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey

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if we built this large wooden badger...

BMW to provide 'low emission' cars for London Olympics

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Big shots getting driven around in a Nissan? You must be joking. They would get laughed at by all there big shot friends.

I'm sure they checked first to make sure the CO2 number was big enough to let them pick a "real" car.

Blu-ray Players

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Disposable Philips

I would not touch anything from Philips (at least in Canada).

I bought a 10" full 480p portable DVD player and it died after 9 months.

Tried to take it in for repair and they refused saying the dealer was no longer an authorized dealer (how is that my fault).

Asked how much it would cost to fix. I was told they don't fix them and they don't have any parts, you get a new one if it's under warranty. Out of warranty? Too bad go buy a new one.

They seemed to think this was a great idea.

They didn't seem to give a sh*t when I said that if I had to buy a new player it would not be a Philips, and I would never buy anything from Philips again. Or that I would tell others not to buy Philips. You might as well buy one of those Chinese brands that you have never heard of before and will likely never see again since it will be cheaper and the support is the same (none).

I bought a Panasonic, the screen is not as nice but it works better, and plays stuff the Philips choked on, and you don't need to use the remote to get to some features (bad enough on a set-top, but a portable? wtf?).

Advertisers say new cookie law met by browser settings

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Cookies blocked by default

That would make it opt-in. Advertisers HATE opt-in. Who is going to say "yes, more ads please".

They want it to be opt-out, and they want to hide the opt-out option.

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say

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What are they doing? Licking them?

Second hand smoke? Are they afraid the batter is going to catch fire while they work on it?

FDA takes aim at illegal net pharmacies

Tom 35 Silver badge

warning letters

Well that's solved then, I'm sure all the sites will be shutdown by the time I finish typing this.

Skinny Acer notebook delivers six-day battery life

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By the same people who did the time estimates for file copying...

I have a screen shot on my wall showing 5 million odd minutes left on a large copy. Only about 10 years left to go. (actual time about 3.5 hours)

Sony wireless e-book Reader priced, dated

Tom 35 Silver badge

North America only?

Sure that's not USA only, I don't see it at Sony.ca. We just get the Touch for $400.

Google target slips ads into iPhone apps

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So the user gets to pay for the extra data used to deliver ads they don't want to see?

Microsoft defends Hotmail's cookie requirement

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Black Helicopters


Advertise on our sites because we make people except your cookies.

Olympus PEN E-P1 Micro Four-Thirds camera

Tom 35 Silver badge

If is was a compact SLR

Like the old Pen F I would be all over it. But without even an optical viewfinder I'm not interested.

Amazon uncorks Kindle for PC

Tom 35 Silver badge

We're sorry. Kindle for PC is not currently available in Canada.

Thanks for nothing.

P2P snafu blows lid on secret Congress probes

Tom 35 Silver badge

should that be...

held hearings on whether federal laws were needed to protect federal employees from being morons.

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