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DfT denies deliberately misleading on speed cam stats

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Red light money makers

They were going to put a bunch of red light cameras in Toronto, but the contract was cancelled. The contract required the city to shorten the yellow lights so more people would get caught, but Ontario would not change the law that set the minimum length of yellow lights. It was not about safety, it was about making money.

Google "short yellow"

In theory red light cameras should be fine, as Red is Red, it's not like a speed limit that is dependent on road conditions and NIMBI efforts to shift traffic onto a different street... A road posted at 80 is safe at 100 on a sunny day with light traffic, but suicide at 80 in a snow storm but you don't get hit by a camera for that. But as soon as they game the system with short yellow lights they are worse then nothing when people stand on the brake to avoid getting hit with a big fine and points.

Stealth fighter in Canadian Wikipedia brouhaha

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Government workers on government computers

Would not be allowed to do this kind of thing.

There is no law or regulation that I can't say the Liberals are a bunch of asshats that cancelled the order for new (too expensive) EH101 helicopters that were to replace our old falling apart Sea Kings (with big contract penalties) and ordered a cheap helicopter that was only in the planning stage (so the price will go way up if we ever do get them, should have been in 2008). I expect the Liberals will do the same thing with the Jets if they get back in. Cancel them as too expensive (they may be) but not order new CF-18s or anything that exists... they will order some new "cheap" jet that only exists as a CG promo video.

I'm not surprised that Canadian defence workers are poking fun at the Liberal though, they like to spend the budget on pork and send people to Afghanistan with WWII weapons and a pointy stick.

Council's school-snoop-op ruled illegal

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And how much money did they waste in the three weeks?

Was this the only time they did this?

iPhone 4: And now we are 3 (Mobile)

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Try Canada

The closest to the 30 pound rate (500 minutes + 1 GB data) costs $80 (about 49.50 pounds) and that's the top rate. The $65 plan is only 250 minutes and 500 MB data. Oh and it's a 3 year contract.

US law to neuter libel tourism

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foreign courts’ liberal exercise of personal jurisdiction over Americans

US courts never try to exercise jurisdiction over foreigners right?

And patent tourism in Texas is just fine.

Going after Libel tourism is fine, but they should look at home too.

Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent

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If the info was pulled from Google

What can Suckerburger say? It was Facebook that decided to spray everyone's info all over the net.

Bigger than iTunes? Mobile operators lay out their app stall

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I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Oh wait... it seems to be getting closer...

Tom 35 Silver badge

Blocked apps

You think Apple is bad for blocking apps that the operator will not like, just wait. I don't have much hope for anything that will compete with the operator. VoIP, GPS maps, Wifi apps...

Smart meters pose hacker kill-switch risk, warn boffins

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We have one

In Toronto they use them to charge more during peak times (more or less all day) and cheaper over night and weekends.

3D films fall flat

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They can change who shoots first again... :P

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon

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My next big trip...

Was going to be Australia, but I've taken a big black marker to my list of places I want to visit, so next up will be Japan.

Empires built on free code aren't cheap

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While the company may not buy as much software...

Maybe they went with free software because they could modify it. It's not like Microsoft have something they could use off the shelf, they would still have to do a lot of coding and it would have to sit on top of the software they paid for since they can't modify it.

iPhones dialling up premium-rate bills again

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Obviously free applications have to be paid for somehow

Wrong, free apps are free, you don't pay for them... because they are free!

An add supported app is not a free app, you may not pay up front but you pay by being hit with ads.

An ad with a dialler is no better then the old modem trojans and the people doing it need their ass kicked.

Apple ad-addled OS scheme resurfaces

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They removed it from the Patent application is not the same as saying they don't want to do it. They may have been forced to remove it due to some one else already having a Patent.

Maybe the stupid unskippable "you wouldn't steal a car" things Hollywood likes to stick on DVDs... :P

Cross-dresser shags mutt at historic castle

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or worse

Draw a cartoon of it...


Tom 35 Silver badge

After receiving a bad score....

People will reword their email to get a better score. Using @$$H0L3 for example is sure improve your score over the standard spelling.

Developer slips tethering into iTunes

Tom 35 Silver badge

why the operators want to charge more

If you have a (so called) unlimited phone data plan I can see them saying that you are only paying for on phone data... but if you are paying for a fixed amount of data each month the operator can F.O.A.D. if they think it's fair to charge extra for the same amount of data.

The same for operators that think they should charge extra for VPN data.

Apple lays claim to expired patents

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Big surprise there.

They should change the state animal to the patent lawyer.

Even if this harms consumers, how is giving a pile of cash to a few lawyers going to make it right?

P2P judge trims student's fine by 90 per cent

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It would only be Forgery if you try to pass off your copy as an original. If you have a limited edition print say #34/100 and you make a copy and sell it as the original it's Forgery, and there are now two #34 and there should only be one.

If you copy a poster, song, or movie it's copyright infringement as they are already copies, you just are not authorized to make more copies.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not shoplifting, it's copywrite infringment...

And if you got caught shoplifting $30 (about the value of 30 MP3s) do you think you would get a $67,000 fine? Even $670?

If you are damaged and you sue someone do you think you would get punitive (more then your proven loss) damages?

Why is copyright special, so special that it gets different treatment?

Apple details privacy policies for US Congressmen

Tom 35 Silver badge

So opt out for aps, but not for ads

"For customers who do not toggle location-based service capabilities to 'Off,' Apple collects information about the devices's location (latitude/longitude coordinates) when an ad request is made."

So you have to turn it completely off or Apple collects your info .

Global warming brings peace and happiness

Tom 35 Silver badge

effective forest management?

From what I"ve seen that would be clear cut the lot and plant a tree farm all in neat rows, all of the same fast growing species, only useful for making news print and butt wipe.

Hello Chinese Academy of Sciences, this is the government that gives you all your money, we would like a study that says we should burn more coal.

Daily Mail promotes 'the new Betamax'

Tom 35 Silver badge

digital quality sound

People who say "digital quality" piss me off. VCD is digital quality so no need for DVD or Blu ray right?

Most often used by some one trying to sell some over compressed crap like the local digital cable TV or DAB.

In future anyone who uses the phrase "digital quality" should have a badger stuffed down their pants.

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'

Tom 35 Silver badge

that it's really called gaffer tape.

No gaffer tape is different. When you peel it off you don't have sticky bits left behind. Duck tape is designed to stay stuck, gaffer tape is designed to stick for a time (say holding down cables) then come off clean when the job is done. It also costs a lot more then duck tape.

Nokia sets Russian plod on blogger

Tom 35 Silver badge

return of all unauthorized Nokia property

What is this "unauthorized" property?

They are not saying the phones are stolen... or is it a translation problem?

Did Nokia give the phones to some other person who gave/sold them to the blogger?

Microsoft patches Freetard-by-design bug

Tom 35 Silver badge

More likely...

No one uses Windows Media Player.

RAC prof: Road charges can end the ripoff of motorists

Tom 35 Silver badge

Waste of time and money

Fuel tax is already a use tax. The system to collect it is already in place.

But lets build a new road use tax system. Think of all the new jobs (and fat contracts for the usual suspects). In the end it will collect just as much money or more, it will still be pored into general revenue, and less will be spent on the roads because now they have to pay to run the new road use spy system.

Next I expect them to say that this will be self funding... :P

Scroogle's future in doubt

Tom 35 Silver badge

but more importantly use Google without the compulsory 40-year cookie.

Really? I just set it to be deleted on exit. The cookie is no big deal. But the logs Google keeps I can't do anything about from my end. Scroogle makes the logs mostly useless when it comes to connecting search history to a user, far more important then a cookie that the user can delete.

Microsoft goes AC/DC with Instaload battery tech

Tom 35 Silver badge

Only works with one battery

If you have two cells and only one is backwards a diode will not help.

For that mater I don't see how the MS tech will work with anything that stacks two or more cells in series. If they are all backwards yes, but if only one is backwards?

Low-priced home digital media connections promised

Tom 35 Silver badge

100W ?

PoE+ is about 25, some non standard systems that use all wires are 50 but 100 without using dangerous voltage levels?

So when do the special super-duper $200 6' cat6 monster cables come out?

Nokia snaffles user data on the down-low

Tom 35 Silver badge

People should really check this shit before howling.

But where is the don't want to subscribe, piss off button?

US authorities shutdown websites accused of movie piracy

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not just try before buy

Some are just cheap. They will watch it for free, but there is no way they are going to pay $10 for a movie ticket (more for the latest 3D fad), $10 for some flat watered down pop and over salted popcorn.

If they had a magic button that would block all movie bootlegs it would not cause sales of theatre tickets and DVDs to jump by millions of dollars (forget billions). Some of the less hyped movies might even go down.

The "each download = the loss of the full SRP" is crap.

The 'everyone is hurt, your going to lose your job, there will be no milk for your baby" stuff is crap. It's not magic money, people have a fixed amount and it will be spent some place else.

The number of downloads claimed is crap. They pull a number out of their ass, then multiply by 10.


I find it hard to feel sorry for them.

Motorola advert revels in anti-iPhone schadenfreude

Tom 35 Silver badge

I don't see a recall

They could just give out a free case if they had to. They sell them in the Apple store for about $30 but they must cost about 50 cents to make in China. Just make it real ugly (maybe Zune brown) so people will still shell out for the over priced ones they sell.

Microsoft's Windows 8 goals revealed

Tom 35 Silver badge

Facial recognition being the biggest.

What? Sounds more like a gimmick to me. Could be kind of creepy too, if they plan to grab a copy of the face data for other uses.

Yes, software can be patented, US Supremes say

Tom 35 Silver badge


This patent failed. It was too general.

But they ruled that other patents of this type are fine if they are not too general.

So at best nothing has changed, at worst they can say that this type of crap patent is approved by the supreme court.

Observer columnist in online porn mixup

Tom 35 Silver badge

I think it should be...


Once you add their "correction".

Spoof beer ad mocks England footie flops

Tom 35 Silver badge

True but it has no effect on the fact

That they can't even beat the US. I expect Ghana could have beat them just like they did the US.

Privacy watchdogs: Silence isn't cookie consent

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do you want us to track you?

99.9% will say no.

You can block cookies, but most people will just keep the default (I expect most people don't even know what they are) and allow cookies. This is what they count on. If it becomes opt-in their whole business model is shot.

And don't forget that they use things other then normal cookies, like flash. Flash LSOs can act just like a cookie and there is no built in access to settings, you have to go to a website,


or download 3rd party software like the firefox Better Privacy addon.

Microsoft dubs Windows Phone 7 'ad serving machine'

Tom 35 Silver badge


So the advertisers will pay for the data they are pushing right?

Neuroscientist: iPhone 4's 'Retina display' not bullsh*t

Tom 35 Silver badge

Note that it's just a name

Right up until Jobs got up on stage and said why they called it that, then it became a claim that turned out to be an bit of a lie (ie bogus marketing crap).

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Tom 35 Silver badge

Antenna protectors

All the companies that sell screen protector stickers, can now start selling antenna protector stickers.

Garage card scammer jailed

Tom 35 Silver badge

Garages are a favoured target for card scammers - ...

Because the pay and hours are crap and they will take anyone with a heartbeat. You often work alone so no problem setting up your skimmer.

Opera stomps on 'extremely severe' security holes

Tom 35 Silver badge

And MS always tells you what the bugs are?

Only Opera keeps quiet.

Apple tweaks privacy policy to juice location tracking

Tom 35 Silver badge


"to prevent third-party ad brokers from harvesting users' location information wholesale without consent."

Yes, only Apples first-party iad broker will be allowed to do that!

iPhone mag-stripe reader stalled

Tom 35 Silver badge

Trade shows?

I could see it being used at trade shows. The convention centre will charge you an arm and a leg for a phone line, your other arm and leg for a power drop. If you could just use a cell phone that would save a load of money.

The only thing is that they already have cellular based credit card systems that you can rent, but they are a little expensive too.

FCC takes baby step towards net neutrality

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Big numbersx

So they can pull big numbers out of their ass just like the record companies.

HP and Yahoo! team up to print ads in your home

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do you think that when you buy a newspaper or magazine you're not paying for ink?

No I'm not. There are at least 4 free papers here, they range from half ads to one that's a few pages wrapping a ton of inserts from Wallmart, bestbuy and such. The advertisers pay for the paper and ink. Even if I buy a regular daily I'm only paying a fraction of the cost to print the paper. I expect it would cost about $50 to print one of the big weekend papers with HP ink.

Not that I would touch an HP printer, this is just one more reason to stick with Canon.

Fax spam is outlawed in Canada too, but we get at least 10 spams a day on our fax at the office, most sent from outside of the country. If there is any way to spam them, (not white list by default) then they will be spammed.

Did ID card applications surge after scheme was scrapped?

Tom 35 Silver badge

approximately fewer than

That could be 14,400 and 14,600. Not much of a surge.

Canadians form adulterers' privacy campaign

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Rogers is an evil, bunch of scumbags, but I don't see how it's Rogers fault that she could not keep her pants on.

Breaking Google's last taboo

Tom 35 Silver badge

This was a line that Microsoft never really crossed either

What cave are you living in?


And there are lots of other examples of Microsoft selling direct too. Often pissing on a "partner" that created the market.

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