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No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

Tom 35 Silver badge

Since Apple refuses to do any DRM,...

Since Apple refuses to do any DRM, you won't see Apple supporting blu-ray either.

I think you need to go check the videos on iTunes... :P

Or did you mean to say they don't do any DRM but their own?

Tom 35 Silver badge

meaningless quality statment

"We offer full HD 1080p Blu-ray quality streaming instantly" BS!

Sure you could put a compressed all to hell video on a Blu-ray disc and that would be "blu-ray quality". He is not really saying that the quality is anything like what you typically get on a blu-ray disc, forget the maximum quality.

Remember MS are the ones that thought a dual layer DVD + WMV was the way to go for HD.

Samoan clerics finger homosexuals over global warming

Tom 35 Silver badge

Get back to Fox news

When you see a name like "campaignforliberty" you know it's going to be a load of BS, just like the so called Moral Majority and their friends.

They hate "corporate cronyism"? I didn't know they hated Republicans too!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Clerics also said

That too much visible female skin causes earth quakes.

Les Vegas and any place with a gay pride parade should be smoking holes in the ground by now.

Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen

Tom 35 Silver badge

They are going to have to update...

Tom Lehrer's - The Hunting Song. Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow no longer covers the complete range of targets.

Tom 35 Silver badge

and go to school

up hill... both ways!

Secret Apple deal hints at TV future

Tom 35 Silver badge

Apple brand DVR or TV, don't think so

I expect it's just meta-data / program guide for the Apple TV box.

I think Apple plan to get a ton of content for the Apple TV box by playing up to the media companies wet dream of pay per view. People who have basic cable and would like to watch a couple of shows that would require them to buy a big bundle of crap (or are now paying $70/month for a big bundle of crap they don't watch) to get them might be better off paying for them on Apple TV. With a lot of people on caped internet + the price per show I don't see a lot of people paying large amounts each month to Apple, but it might cut into cable companies bundle scam a bit.

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

Tom 35 Silver badge

How long till it gets hacked.

I expect it will not take long for someone to figure out how to unlock the chip without paying intel. And what can intel do about it? If they sold me a chip, it's mine. I can hit it with a hammer or run what ever program I want on it. Is intel going to try and say you don't buy the chip, just a license?

It's not really an upgrade, since the chip is crippled. You are paying to unlock something that you already have.

Microsoft takes Oracle side in Google Java-phone attack

Tom 35 Silver badge

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Sounds like Microsoft is staying true to form.

Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

Tom 35 Silver badge

All they need now

Is an animated IE assistant.

It looks like your searching for porn, would you like help?

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

Tom 35 Silver badge


Your connection is going through Opera's server so it is no longer seen as a connection from Orange when it hits the facebook server.

Pope makes central London no-go zone for BT engineers

Tom 35 Silver badge

You don't need Brains...

They have a filter!

The TOS seems to imply that the filter is not very good though...

Lord Prescott calls for phone hack review

Tom 35 Silver badge

You have it wrong

We are not pleased that someone has been abused. We are pleased that the shoe in now on the other foot and he is getting the same crap the public has been getting while he was supposed to be serving them.

It's not who cares it was only Presciott, it's...

Ha, Ha, how do you like it eh? Not so fun is it? Getting some idea of why we were getting mad now?

But I expect he is not thinking "they can't do this" but something like "they can't do this to someone important like ME"

Tom 35 Silver badge

Phone hacking

I expect it went something like.... Try 1234, I'm in.

Maybe had to try 7777 too a few times.

Now he knows what it's like when regular people go to the cops and get "don't give a crap, take a number and go away" attitude.

Warner Bros flogs Nikita on iTunes

Tom 35 Silver badge

Such a deal!

From Amazon.... Gossip Girls Season 1-3 [DVD] Buy new: £39.93 Just S3 if you buy when it first comes out is £26.93 still cheaper and not locked to iTunes. Better quality, extras...

So it's still better to watch it now, buy the DVD when it comes out.

Make it £1.00 an episode and people might be interested.

Tinfoil 'radiation shield' maternity wear hits 'Frisco

Tom 35 Silver badge

But what if...

Silver cloth is bad for you? Can you prove it's not? It might block "good" radiation from UFOs or something.

Ranting Ohio Republican scares interwebs

Tom 35 Silver badge

masters degree in communication

Must have bought it from one of the spams offering "degrees" to all.

Custodial offence for deliberate invasion of data protection? Forget it!

Tom 35 Silver badge

date of birth?

More like 1234 or 7777 would be my guess.

USB stick with anti-terror training found outside police station

Tom 35 Silver badge


> The article states that the USB stick was clearly branded, and it was obvious it belonged to The

> Greater Manchester Police

I have lots of USB sticks branded by Micorsoft, Intel, and assorted other companies. They are all free promo items.

Unless the stick said something like Property of the Greater Manchester Police, if found please return to... There is no way of knowing if this was some free public relations item.

But it could also be a booby trapped stick that someone had dropped there hoping a cop would find and plug into a police computer, so I would use great care checking the contents.

Cyber-jihadists deface home of teddy bears' picnic

Tom 35 Silver badge

Translation errors

So a bit like witch then.

Very convenient translation errors, gives you a way to get rid of people you don't like without having to do it your self.

Bye-bye to bizarro bye-laws, says UK.gov

Tom 35 Silver badge

Bye-bye to bizarro bye-laws,

Hello new bizarro bye-laws.

Microsoft wins wants right to appeal Word patent ruling

Tom 35 Silver badge

Good for the goose

If MS think their crap software patents are a good idea, then the same applies to this patent. It's a real company, with real products, not a bunch of lawyers in Texas collecting money for nothing. MS just don't like getting hit by their own stick.

Software patents, and business method patents are crap but as long as Corporations and lawyers back them I don't think we will be able to get rid of them.

Drunken employee pops cap in server

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: RE: oh please!

"areas of the US with the strongest gun control laws that actually have the highest recorded incidences of gun crime."

What came first? Your trying to imply that the gun control caused the higher crime? Gun control laws are a response to high gun crime.

The problem is that if the law is only in one area it's a short drive to get your gun.

In Canada they have strong control on hand guns, and most of the guns used in gun crime come from the US as they only find about 10% at the border.

Tom 35 Silver badge

after all the most popular weapon in Rwanda was machetes

That's just because they don't have gun shops (with a pawn shop on one side and a liquor store on the other) every two blocks in the crappier part of town. Rwandans had to put some effort into their evil deeds while Americans don't even have to get out of their cars.

Sony exec forecasts physical media future

Tom 35 Silver badge

"despite the fact that this is how music has gone"

A track on iTunes is 6-7 MB, you could download that with dialup. A crappy youtube quality TV episode is about 100 MB, and abut 2-3 times that for good quality SD. An HD movie 8-9 GB for crappy 720p xbox download or 20+ for good 1080p with zero extra features (don't expect high quality to even be available).

With most ISPs moving to capped service (and I'm sure if downloads became popular some would think they should get a cut) you would need to buy the expensive plan to get a high enough cap. I'm not going to pay $70 a month just so I can download a couple of HD movies

Internet, China and Russia destroying US, rock and roll

Tom 35 Silver badge

By their logic

The valve amp should have been banned since it was destroying the Big Band music industry. Then there never would have been a Fleetwood Mac. Poor Disco, no one saved it! They just let it die... the bastards!

How many zillion copies of Rumours did they sell? How many people bought it more then once (LP, CD...). The poor babies!

Skeletal scanner would ID terrorists from 50 meters

Tom 35 Silver badge

system that would spot terrorists

No, it would only spot KNOWN terrorists that you happened to have an x-ray of (or what ever other boogy man they want to use to sell this). Your not going to have much luck spotting a suicide bomber since they are never repeat offenders (unless they are really bad suicide bombers).

And just how are they going to get what is in effect an x-ray from a distance?

Google Marketplace DRM broken

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Yeah, but the problem with that is simply that not everything can be updated and improved constantly beyond the core product or idea. "

Just look at Acrobat. Adobe keep upgrading it so they can sell upgrades, but they are way beyond what a PDF should be... Video in a PDF? DO NOT WANT. Keep updating a program because YOU need to update it, and not because the program needs to be updated and you end up with a bloated pile of crap.

Vodafone volte-face on Galaxy S

Tom 35 Silver badge
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So if you have the Vodafone software

You don't get offered the new software, you are stuck with the old software until Vodafone get around to making their "special" version of the software in a week or two (more like 3 or 4, or maybe 8).

Galaxy S firmware update invalidates Voda warranties

Tom 35 Silver badge
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Don't you just love

Having out of date firmware, that's been crippled to force you to use the service they want you to use, and is covered with "branding"? And if you think they will provide any updates after they stop selling that model of phone (what? buy the new model sucker) your dreaming.

LG touts 'surprisingly productive' iPad killer

Tom 35 Silver badge

Sure what ever you say...

So when you mail back that edited word doc it's not going to have all it's formatting in tact right? Even if a Mac user sent you a Pages doc the light version on the iPad will strip stuff it doesn't support, it's not "round trip". Oh you can export to a file share? What a kluge!

Since there is no printer support in the iPad OS, you have to pay for an app just to print something. You can only print documents from apps that are supported by the print app. Yes you can print but it's another kluge to get around Apples idea that no one is going to want to print from their iThing.

I do have an iPod touch (jail broken - bite me apple), and might buy mini iPad if one is produced as rumoured to replace it, but I have no expectations of being able to do any real work on it.

I looked at the iPad but bought a netbook.

Tom 35 Silver badge

More then just the keyboard

Locked down data. How do you...

Use one file between two aps on the ipad? Print (there are lots of wifi printers available)? Open an email attachment, edit it, email it back? You can use the camera kit to read some file types from an SD card (photo or video, but not MP3s for example), but you can't write to it.

All this makes it as useful as write only memory for most productivity uses.

Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones

Tom 35 Silver badge

No, opt in

No, opt out is NOT ok.

It would have to be opt in with full description of what you were agreeing to (not just "protect your phone,,,yes?").

Single downloads big deal for UK comms industry

Tom 35 Silver badge

Poor record companies

People are no longer forced to buy 8 worthless tracks to get the ones they want. No need to buy a "greatest hits" disc as you can make your own. I expect it has a greater impact on their bottom line then Pirate Bay.

Dawn raids catch 9 for massive iPhone 'fraud'

Tom 35 Silver badge

They pay because they are part of the scam

They have no problem taking YOUR money for rippoff calls or bogus text messages as they get their cut. There is no profit in making it easy to block the scammers as long as they are not the ones paying.

Alleged pirate fingered for filming film at Harrow flicks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Alleged pirate

How did he get his boat into the cinema?

London tenders for speed cameras

Tom 35 Silver badge

We have already had that here.

Take a photo of the targets plate and print off a copy. Find a friend with a similar car and tape the copy over the plate. Speed past a few 40k school zone speed cams at 80-90 at 2am. One teacher got hit 7 times in one night.

Google on defensive as Facebook joins net neutrality fight

Tom 35 Silver badge

AT&T wireless headman...

Ralph de la Vega called the proposal a "reasonable framework."

So it's total crap for consumers then.

Conroy, Family First isolated on Oz internet filter

Tom 35 Silver badge

incorrect political opinions

Says who? The people currently in power?

If you want to filter your internet connection there are a few programs to select from, and some ISPs offer a filtered connection as an option.

Or you could supervise your kids [I know radical idea] and even explain to them why some stuff on the net is bad, or why it's a bad idea to post personal info on some random message board...

Just sitting them in front of a computer, even with a filter (a challenge to get past for them) is even worse that sitting them in front of the TV.

Plane crash kills 'series of tubes' Senator Ted Stevens

Tom 35 Silver badge

No but she could see Russa from where ever she was

At least that's what it said on her hand.

Hotmail still not working? Use Chrome to fix it, says MS

Tom 35 Silver badge


Yahoo mail still support a classic version for people with old crappy computers.

MS could do that too, but I expect they would rather kick anyone still using Win98 in the butt.

Extreme porn law on the ropes

Tom 35 Silver badge

But they are not...

They knew that this was not a slam dunk like other cases were it was just an add-on charge to a real crime.

If it got tossed out of court they would look bad, and it could make people see what a crap law it is so much better to run away. The guy was already punished (worse then a lot of people who get convicted of more everyday crimes like robbery or assault) and they still have the law to use the next time they don't like someone.

Beatles on iTunes? 'Don't hold your breath' says Yoko

Tom 35 Silver badge
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member of the Beatles fanaticism club

Did you read my post?

I didn't say "10 listenable tracks on 6 albums" I said that someone who might buy 6 albums (to get the songs they really want) might only buy 10 tracks if they could choose to ONLY buy what they want. They might buy single tracks that are not on the 6 albums because it is worth it "to them" to pay for the track but not worth it to buy an album for one track.

Where do you get "dislike the Beatles" from? Did you not notice I said that I bought ALL of the original CDs and some LPs? I even have the limited numbered White Album. I must dislike them a lot eh?

Yes it's my opinion, and like it or not it's worth just as much as yours. And there are lots of other people who have their own opinion, they might only like a few tracks, and would never buy an album, and yet their opinion is just as valid as yours or mine.

Speaking of opinion... "The Beatles are to 20th century music what Mozart was to classical composition. It's time to accept that and move on". So I should except your opinion as the word of God? What was that about not a member of the Beatles fanaticism club again?

I'm not even going to fucking touch that "You don't even listen to music, do you" bit. :P

Tom 35 Silver badge

Bought the original CDs

They are already on my ipod. Could not be bothered to buy the *new and improved* CDs that they released a while back.

I paid once (twice for some I bought on LP) not paying again for MP3s so I don't much care.

I expect EMI don't want to release them as single tracks. Quite a few of the albums include a lot of crap that no one will buy if they don't have to. Instead of selling 6 albums they will sell 10 tracks. They days of fluffing up 3 tracks with a bunch of crap and calling it an album are over EMI.

Feds admit storing pervscanner pics

Tom 35 Silver badge
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Ass urances

"Yes, it's a big deal, people were "assured" that images would not be stored, and they have been. So yes it's a big deal."

It's worse then that. They didn't just say "we will not do it" knowing no one would trust them not to.

They claimed that they were "not capable of storing images" so even if you don't trust them it's ok because they can't do it.

So they can't say we didn't lie, we had to change our mind because of... Think of the Children... oh wait that didn't sound so good, terrorists... yes that's it terrorists made us do it.

They said that they were "not capable of storing images" and that was clearly a big fat whopping lie.

Tom 35 Silver badge

No, some of them

would like that.

Sky faces competition probe over film rights

Tom 35 Silver badge

media giants

"Australia and Canada seemed to have produced media giants only Murdoch is worse than any of them."

Canada has several cable TV companies so if you don't like your current cable company you are free to switch to a different one... Since they play nice with each other and NEVER over lap their service your going to have to move but that should not be a problem right?

Tom 35 Silver badge

including multiple ways to access Sky Movies.

So you have a choice of Sky, Sky or Sky?

Or maybe Spam, spam, spam, Sky and spam? That's not got much Sky in it.

Stealth fighter in Canadian Wikipedia brouhaha

Tom 35 Silver badge
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Check your history

"They were once on order, then cancelled - maybe the Conservatives can't raise enough back-handers"

It was the conservatives that ordered them (EH101) and the Liberals that cancelled the order paying millions in cancellation fees. Called the EH101 too expensive as you don't need two engines when flying a rescue mission over the ocean. Then ordered a vaporware single engine helicopter that they said would arrive in 2008...

Hollywood claims Aussie ISP promoted BitTorrent use

Tom 35 Silver badge


So what would the ISP have done if they were Open Office torrents and the customer went over the data limit? The same thing right?

They don't care what the data is (not their job) just that you don't use more then you paid for.

If the ISP is notified of a problem (running a spam bot, or phishing site) then the ISP should have a look and see if it is breaking their TOS or the law.

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