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Kensington revamps laptop lock

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not crap

"What are the odds on managing to open a five pin lock with a bit of cardboard?"

100% A couple of years back when the videos first appeared about this I tried it. Yes on a real Kensington lock. Yes it works. It's easy and quick to do.

We didn't run out and replace all the locks but new locks have a flat key (and are cheaper).

I also bought a new bike lock as it had the same weakness.

Unlimited CRB checks may fall away

Tom 35 Silver badge

And if you dare say anything against them

Then you must be a pedo pervert.

Danube sludge peril: Brown trouser time or not?

Tom 35 Silver badge

True but...

"I'm not sure of the modern numbers, but an old 286 chip will get you a tenner from a gold scrap dealer."

But what about the rest of the computer? Chuck it in a container and ship it off to India?

If you have to deal with the whole computer it's going to cost to tear it apart and sort all the different materials, and some stuff you will have to pay to get rid of (mixed plastics, the motherboard with lead/tin solder for example). The only way you can make money is if you are subsidised. More places are charging e-waste fees at the time purchase to subsidise recycling at the end of life of the product.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not that simple

It would not be worth it if they had to pay to collect the phones and only received the value of the gold.

There are now laws that require companies to deal with their end of life products, and fees to pay for recycling them paid at the time of purchase. People are told not to chuck it in the trash but to take/send it some place for recycling. The cost of breaking up the phones is subsidised so it's worth doing (and they don't end up in landfill or trash mountains in India or Africa).

Tom 35 Silver badge


Some resources may not be consumed (a sandy beach at a resort), but some are (if you burn oil it's gone), and others may be scattered so that they can't be reused at a reasonable cost (there is a little bit of gold in most things like cell phones, cameras, computers... but the cost of getting it back out at the end of it's useful life is more then it's worth).

Economists are famous for defining a resource as something THEY can make money from while ignoring any external costs.

Grocery terminals slurped payment card data

Tom 35 Silver badge

Could me a large number of people hit.

"Presumably, those responsible would have had to travel to each store to physically plant the hardware used to siphon personal identification numbers, card numbers and names."

No, I expect the terminals were modified before they were shipped to the store. Some place between where they were made (likely China) and final distribution. The same thing was reported in the UK some time ago.

The skimming terminals were active for months, they could have collected a lot of card details before they started using them (and the scam was detected).

Have hordes of sex workers snubbed the Commonwealth games?

Tom 35 Silver badge

If I was a sex worker...

I would not bother with sporting events, I'd head for the big political and religious conventions, much better chance of customers looking for some fun away from home.

Spanish entertainment industry feels wrath of Anonymous

Tom 35 Silver badge

Security companies...

"We have been in contact with SGAE to advise them of the proposed attack."

And tried to sell them protection I expect.

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks

Tom 35 Silver badge


Your right it has nothing to do with the contract or the "discount". It's about locking you in. When your contract is up you can't just take your phone to a new provider so they hope you will stick with them. If you do switch you get a new "free" phone and a new contract. If they don't have a compatible phone it will be a pain to transfer your contacts and data, and your apps my be gone too.

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race

Tom 35 Silver badge

The winners will be

Places they already plan to upgrade.

No new unplanned costs, and pretend that they listen to customers.

Kiss frontman gives file-sharers tongue-lashing

Tom 35 Silver badge


"With albums being unbundled, tracks are available now for individual download, so the number of units available for sale has increased."

With albums you often get two tracks, and a bunch of steaming crap to fill up space.

With unbundling you can just buy the two tracks, cutting the record companies revenue. They can no longer make you buy crap to get what you want.

Kiss had quite a few pop hits, someone who wants "Beth" is not going to want the Rock that fills the rest of the album (even the few that are not crap).

If you only buy the tracks you like there is no need to buy a "greatest hits" album as you already have your own version (I think Kiss had about 12 different versions). More lost (can't sell you the same crap again) revenue.

The boom from everyone rebuying the same stuff on CD is over. SACD and Audio DVD did not give them another boom of people buying the same stuff again (since they tanked).

But it's much easier to blame the "free-tards" who never buy anything anyway, and would not buy Kiss greatest hits volume 13 even if you took away their internet.

Qualcomm halts the FLO of TV

Tom 35 Silver badge

Money sucking pigs

Broadcast TV is already there, just put a receiver in the handset like they do in Japan. But then it would be free.

They want to build another network to broadcast the same crap just so they can charge a monthly fee.

UK head of online child protection resigns

Tom 35 Silver badge

He doesn't like it, so toys out of pram time.

I think it was more like... Here is my list of new toys, if you don't give them to me I'll quit and then you will be screwed because you can't go on without me.

He expected... please stay, we need you, here are your new toys, is there anything else we can get you?

But got... ok then, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Web marketers pledge easier targeted ads opt-out

Tom 35 Silver badge

They keep saying ads are useful, and people want them

So why not make it opt-in? Since they are so useful I'm sure everyone would want to opt-in right?

IE 'Twitter rolling' attack trivial to launch

Tom 35 Silver badge

Fix IE

"it seems easier to make a single change in the IE code base than to expect an untold number of webmasters to revise their sites"

Fixing the sites will only work for the ones who expose the "feature" in error. It's not going to help with sites (or hacked sites) that do it deliberately. The only answer is to fix IE.

Adobe readies critical Reader update

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Why does PDF have so many features

No I think it's more about upgrades. The board wants to make money by selling upgrades. To sell upgrades marketing need a list of new features to put on the box. But they already had the portable document thing down years ago so what do they do? Bolt on useless crap.

You end up with something like a toaster with 47 different programmable modes, a built in radio, and a night light.

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away!

Tom 35 Silver badge

And they will still be charged

if they text in a vote...

Microsoft assembles unlikely band of brothers against patent trolls

Tom 35 Silver badge

i4i is no Texas Troll

They have actual products, not just an office full of suits.

If i4i's patent is bad, MS must have hundreds of equally junk patents.

MS are the ones saying Linux infringes their (not going to tell you) patents, so you better not use it. If they clean up their act first I might feel a little sorry for them when they get hit.

Downloads are not performances, rules US court

Tom 35 Silver badge

First you have to answer the question

if a tree falls in the forest...

A stream is treated as a one shot performance, a download is like Amazon shipping you a CD and not a performance.

All the what ifs just confuse things and can be applied to anything. What if you record the radio or a live performance, or copy a CD and sell it, loan it to a friend. What if you play a CD in your car with the window down...

What they really want is everything to be pay per play, but since there is no way to do that they are trying to collect money for everything no matter how much they have to bend things to justify it.

Amazon one-upped in RIM tablet ebook duel

Tom 35 Silver badge


How about a standard portable (not locked to one device) ebook format?

We don't need ten different formats.

Youth of today demand mobile payments

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Unfortunately for them the demographic that's interested in proximity payments has more respect for Facebook and PayPal than any network operator"

And the other demographics have more respect for a skunk then any network operator.

Net TV to consign Net Neutrality debate to dustbin of history. Why?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Crap logic from ISPs

Rogers blocks VPN on their G3 internet sticks. You have to pay extra if you want to use VPN. The extra charge gives you no more data per month, just unblocks ports.

Why pay more for one type of data? It seems that they feel VPN data is more valuable then other data so you should pay more.

What did they do to warrant extra pay? Zip. They didn't do anything to make this data worth more to me.

They keep saying that the data is valuable so they should get a cut, after all the data is using their network.

US mainstream media is Apple's bee-atch

Tom 35 Silver badge

magazine reviews

You used to get independent magazines that would say something is crap in a review, then they all got bought up by companies that publish a bunch of magazines, and the same product now gets 4 stars in a review next to a full page ad for that product. Computer, Camera, and Audio magazines all went to hell about the same time.

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

Tom 35 Silver badge


It would solve the "no quick way down" if a storm blows in, but I think hauling up the extra weight and not fitting through some of the tight spaces would be a problem.

Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies

Tom 35 Silver badge


Once they filter out all the porn, small boobies, and stuff they don't like people could use dialup.

UN appoints alien liaison boffin

Tom 35 Silver badge

Alien SUVs

“I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet"

So a lot like Americans then.

Oracle finally outlines roadmap for mobile Java

Tom 35 Silver badge
Thumb Down

and control the user experience

DO NOT WANT. "and control the user experience" = try and make you pay for crap that should be free (after any data used).

The BSA's fading twentieth-century piracy fight

Tom 35 Silver badge

Magic money

"unlicensed software, generally, saps at GDP and jobs growth."

So where is the money that was not spent on software go? Do they think people flush it? People spend it on something else, and even if they blow it at the pub it's more likely to boost the local GDP and jobs then giving it to a US software company.

So that idea is BS too.

It's hard to feel sorry for a bunch of whiners spouting lies and half truths.

Tom 35 Silver badge

That's not pirated

It's not even copyright, it's trade secrets.

Sex Party proposes new classification system for Oz

Tom 35 Silver badge

Forget the sex scene

Show a nipple and people go nuts.

And you have to be careful about how you deal with violence on TV. If you just say you can't show blood, and you can't show that... you can end up with violence without consequences. Take a cartoon like GI Joe, no blood, no death, the pilot always ejects before the plane blows up. Worst thing that can happen is maybe an arm sling for half an episode.

Look war is FUN, you get to blow shit up and stuff.

Like porn, defining bad violence is not easy. You can end up with the same "I know it when I see it" definition.

Apple in 873-page legal claim to word 'Pod'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Another company that need a kick is...

Monster, maker of vastly over priced cables who goes after anyone who uses Monster in their name.

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

Tom 35 Silver badge

Since Apple refuses to do any DRM,...

Since Apple refuses to do any DRM, you won't see Apple supporting blu-ray either.

I think you need to go check the videos on iTunes... :P

Or did you mean to say they don't do any DRM but their own?

Tom 35 Silver badge

meaningless quality statment

"We offer full HD 1080p Blu-ray quality streaming instantly" BS!

Sure you could put a compressed all to hell video on a Blu-ray disc and that would be "blu-ray quality". He is not really saying that the quality is anything like what you typically get on a blu-ray disc, forget the maximum quality.

Remember MS are the ones that thought a dual layer DVD + WMV was the way to go for HD.

Samoan clerics finger homosexuals over global warming

Tom 35 Silver badge

Get back to Fox news

When you see a name like "campaignforliberty" you know it's going to be a load of BS, just like the so called Moral Majority and their friends.

They hate "corporate cronyism"? I didn't know they hated Republicans too!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Clerics also said

That too much visible female skin causes earth quakes.

Les Vegas and any place with a gay pride parade should be smoking holes in the ground by now.

Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen

Tom 35 Silver badge

They are going to have to update...

Tom Lehrer's - The Hunting Song. Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow no longer covers the complete range of targets.

Tom 35 Silver badge

and go to school

up hill... both ways!

Secret Apple deal hints at TV future

Tom 35 Silver badge

Apple brand DVR or TV, don't think so

I expect it's just meta-data / program guide for the Apple TV box.

I think Apple plan to get a ton of content for the Apple TV box by playing up to the media companies wet dream of pay per view. People who have basic cable and would like to watch a couple of shows that would require them to buy a big bundle of crap (or are now paying $70/month for a big bundle of crap they don't watch) to get them might be better off paying for them on Apple TV. With a lot of people on caped internet + the price per show I don't see a lot of people paying large amounts each month to Apple, but it might cut into cable companies bundle scam a bit.

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

Tom 35 Silver badge

How long till it gets hacked.

I expect it will not take long for someone to figure out how to unlock the chip without paying intel. And what can intel do about it? If they sold me a chip, it's mine. I can hit it with a hammer or run what ever program I want on it. Is intel going to try and say you don't buy the chip, just a license?

It's not really an upgrade, since the chip is crippled. You are paying to unlock something that you already have.

Microsoft takes Oracle side in Google Java-phone attack

Tom 35 Silver badge

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Sounds like Microsoft is staying true to form.

Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

Tom 35 Silver badge

All they need now

Is an animated IE assistant.

It looks like your searching for porn, would you like help?

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

Tom 35 Silver badge


Your connection is going through Opera's server so it is no longer seen as a connection from Orange when it hits the facebook server.

Pope makes central London no-go zone for BT engineers

Tom 35 Silver badge

You don't need Brains...

They have a filter!

The TOS seems to imply that the filter is not very good though...

Lord Prescott calls for phone hack review

Tom 35 Silver badge

You have it wrong

We are not pleased that someone has been abused. We are pleased that the shoe in now on the other foot and he is getting the same crap the public has been getting while he was supposed to be serving them.

It's not who cares it was only Presciott, it's...

Ha, Ha, how do you like it eh? Not so fun is it? Getting some idea of why we were getting mad now?

But I expect he is not thinking "they can't do this" but something like "they can't do this to someone important like ME"

Tom 35 Silver badge

Phone hacking

I expect it went something like.... Try 1234, I'm in.

Maybe had to try 7777 too a few times.

Now he knows what it's like when regular people go to the cops and get "don't give a crap, take a number and go away" attitude.

Warner Bros flogs Nikita on iTunes

Tom 35 Silver badge

Such a deal!

From Amazon.... Gossip Girls Season 1-3 [DVD] Buy new: £39.93 Just S3 if you buy when it first comes out is £26.93 still cheaper and not locked to iTunes. Better quality, extras...

So it's still better to watch it now, buy the DVD when it comes out.

Make it £1.00 an episode and people might be interested.

Tinfoil 'radiation shield' maternity wear hits 'Frisco

Tom 35 Silver badge

But what if...

Silver cloth is bad for you? Can you prove it's not? It might block "good" radiation from UFOs or something.

Ranting Ohio Republican scares interwebs

Tom 35 Silver badge

masters degree in communication

Must have bought it from one of the spams offering "degrees" to all.

Custodial offence for deliberate invasion of data protection? Forget it!

Tom 35 Silver badge

date of birth?

More like 1234 or 7777 would be my guess.

USB stick with anti-terror training found outside police station

Tom 35 Silver badge


> The article states that the USB stick was clearly branded, and it was obvious it belonged to The

> Greater Manchester Police

I have lots of USB sticks branded by Micorsoft, Intel, and assorted other companies. They are all free promo items.

Unless the stick said something like Property of the Greater Manchester Police, if found please return to... There is no way of knowing if this was some free public relations item.

But it could also be a booby trapped stick that someone had dropped there hoping a cop would find and plug into a police computer, so I would use great care checking the contents.

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