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Zuckerberg beats Assange to claim Person of the Year™

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Tea Party?

Person of the year?

How can a disorganized agglomeration be considered a person? That's one bad case of multiple personality disorder!

Grey marketing is great - if you're the importer...

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student licenses for Photoshop, or home packs of MS Office

That is a different product sku. It's not charging more for the same product in a different place. Or only selling a product in one place.

And a lot of grey market is because something is not available at all. There is lots of stuff on sale in the US that you can't buy in Canada (for example Sansung Canada don't sell laptops/netbooks) so if you want one you have to get one from the US.

The media companies are a big pain for consumers too, look at iTunes. The US and UK sites have loads of stuff (that they will not sell me) that are not available on the iTunes Canada site.

Stealing credit card details via NFC is easy/pointless

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"This cryptogram changes each time based on things like amounts, but also transaction counters."

And how is this unpowered chip going to know any of that? The only thing it could do would be a challenge / response using a secret key.

Default judgement FAIL: ACS:Law muffs up in court

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trying to short-circuit

But that's the whole business model.

They send out blackmail letters to bypass the whole legal process,

Tom 35 Silver badge


I really big roach motel. Just drop in a few coins as bait.

Governments stonewall interwebs porn domain

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Wouldn't those who piously wring their hands over /the children/ be out of a job?

EU telecoms to Apple, Google: 'Pay up!"

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"I cannot believe most consumers here want to pay for Google et al to make more money."

I can't believe people expect Google et al to pay for me to use their services.

Tom 35 Silver badge


You have things mixed up. The Malls customers are the tenants. The "customers coming in" are customers of the tenants, not the Mall.

To fix your idea...

You and me are the customers coming in.

The telecoms are the tenants.

And the Mall is a backbone provider.

Apple is a tenant in another Mall also connected to a backbone.

Why would you expect Apple to pay you so you can fix up your store, it's not their problem if you want to sell at a loss.

The telecoms are like UPS or the post office. They get paid for shipping packets.

If I mail order something there are two choices.

- I can pay shipping in advance and shop pays the shipper on my behalf and I pay nothing to the post office when it's delivered. Telecoms don't do this*, I pay for every packet.

- I can have it sent with shipping COD. I pay the shipper when it arrives, but I pay by weight/size not the value of the contents, or how much profit the seller is making. A kg of gold costs the same as a kg of organic fertilizer.

If I use 1 GB of data, I should pay for 1 GB of data. If I'm pulling data from my home computer, a work email server, or youtube there is no difference.

* Other then a few walled garden services offered by the telecom where you pay a monthly fee for the service and data is included.

Tom 35 Silver badge

I see your problem

"is set to compromise the economic sustainability of the current business model for telecom companies,"

If YOUR business model is broken don't expect someone else to prop it up for you. Fix your business model.

US Air Force studies fruit-flies to build killer insect swarm drones

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This will of course result

In the development of robot Orb and Wolf spiders to counter the robot flies.

Google sees printing in the cloud

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Like HPs printer with an email address?

Spam your printer with coupons (maybe that's why they tried to buy Groupon) and other crap?

Blighty's kids nosedive down global reading, maths rankings

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"they'll be incapable of writing any protest placards."

They can always go the the US and join the tea baggers.

Financial vice tightens on Wikileaks, hacktivistas retaliate

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Thumb Down

Terrorist Research?

The only way it would be useful to a terrorist would be as a list of places best avoided as too well watched. It's not like a real war where you need to take out a strategic target. Even if an attack fails it can work. Shoe bomb, pants bomb, maybe a two part liquid bomb... didn't go bang but they still worked.

Microsoft unveils 'do not track' option for IE9

Tom 35 Silver badge

Flash LSO cookies?

Without some way to deal with them (like the BetterPrivacy Firefox addon) fancy cookie control is not going to do the job.

White House forbids feds from reading WikiLeaked cables

Tom 35 Silver badge

"customers" who are more trouble than they are worth

I think you have the reason right their.

The 10 plus pages of most TOS can be boiled down to...

If you Bla, Bla, Bla... or if we feel like it your account will be cancelled.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Who needs an excuse

I had an account, had problems the first time I tried to use it. Google showed I was not alone, cancelled account. Paypal has all the bad features of a bank, without any of the controls that an actual bank has.

If Paypal was food it would be a Double Bacon Cheese Burger that tastes like Brussels Sprouts and cod liver oil.

Firefox: freedom's just another word for 'kerching!'

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Odd conception of "freedom"

It's better then the idea that Corporations should have the freedom to do anything they want.

Yes governments wanting to control the web is a problem, but it's a DIFFERENT problem.

They wonder why ad rates are dropping? It's because there are too many ads. A site that used to have two ads now has 8, a 30 minute TV show now has about 8 minutes of Ads (and they want to show more of them). Saturday morning used to show cartoons for kids now it's all 30 minute ads for useless crap.

When people are willing to make an effort or even spend money just to avoid your ad you have a problem and the answer is not more ads.

Supermarket techie in mega loyalty-point blag

Tom 35 Silver badge

Tell them a story

At work we trade the cards around. Single guy gets a card and uses it for a few months, pass it on to a married co-worker, then one with two babies, then the 50 year old single. At times we do it in reverse.

And there is a box with a few extra cards that get used at random.

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity

Tom 35 Silver badge


I think we can come up with the true meaning of EIB, maybe...

Emetic Irritating Bloob

Microsoft arranges 'safe' Silverlight and HTML marriage

Tom 35 Silver badge

The only'safe' Silverlight

Is a dead Silverlight .

It's like Bob, you think it's dead, and it shows up as Clippy and that stupid search dog...

They seem to be aiming for business, so I expect it will require them to buy Server 2008R2, SQL 2008R2, Sharepoint 2010, and Windows 7 / IE9 to use it. It will also need a TCM.

Oh, I forgot Exchange.

A nice way to get the companies to finally replace their IE6 only apps, with IE9 only apps.

Feds propose 'do not track' option for net surfers

Tom 35 Silver badge

I can just hear them saying...

We don't track you... what data? How did that data get there... it was collected by mistake, it was ummm a programming error by a junior coder. We will destroy the data as soon as we are finished with it, I mean as soon as we finish our investigation of how it happened* and make sure it will not happen again.

I seem to remember hearing something like that some place...

*that is, how we got caught

Tom 35 Silver badge

So this should work about as well as the do not call list

They will just outsource it to India.

Microsoft reaches for remote control in crowded US TV market

Tom 35 Silver badge

Don't tell comcast

... :P

US cable giant Comcast accused of internet video 'toll booth'

Tom 35 Silver badge


It would be more like the customer ordered something collect shipping, But UPS wants to also charge the Trader because they are pushing more boxes onto their trucks.

ISP customers download more then they upload (ISPs have a hissy fit if you upload too much), that's why they sell 6M / 768k service. An ISP that thinks they should be paid at both ends needs a good kicking.

Supremes to hear Microsoft's Word appeal

Tom 35 Silver badge

critical to the integrity of our patent system

Did they actually say that with a straight face?

Android out-runs Windows Phone 7 on price comparison site

Tom 35 Silver badge

Checking the big three Canadian companies.

Rogers - Samsung Focus

But it's not promoted at all, you have to search to find a win7 phone. It's all Android, Blackberry, Apple and even the N8 that show up when you go to the smart phone page.

Bell - LG Optimus

They have it on the smart phone page so a bit better then Rogers, but they have a sort by OS option, Win7 is not one of the options (but Palm is).

Telus - HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7

And they have a win7 info page. But they are pushing iPhone, Android (8) and Blackberry (5).

So they all have Win7 just in case you come in and ask for it, but they are not pushing it at all. There is no buzz at all, it's going to be another Palm I think.

There is also Wind but they are limited by being on AWS/1700 Mhz/BandIV for their network. They have Blackberry and one Android but no Win7.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

Tom 35 Silver badge

TV footage

Older footage on 16mm film can produce a good HD master, not amazing but better then DVD.

Where you are out of luck in stuff shot on video. Or that was shot on film and edited on Video (unless you still have the film and want to do all the work to recreate the video effects).

28 Days Later for example is not that old (2002) but it was shot on an SD digital video camera. So it's no surprise that the BD looks like crap.

Tom 35 Silver badge

And some DVDs look better then other DVDs

And some VHS tapes look better then others.

Blu-ray is not magic, if you don't have good quality masters then the final product is not going to be much good. Since they don't have to tell you on the box some companies will just up-sample their DVD master and stick it on a BR disc. Some are even worse then the DVD because they use DNR and line smoothing filters to try and make them look nice but just kill fine detail in the process.

It's not a fault of Blu-Ray, it's just that like everything else, some of the stuff people put on them is crap to start with. Garbage in garbage out and all that.

Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

Tom 35 Silver badge

her teleprompter wasn't working?

She was looking at the wrong hand and couldn't find her cheat notes.

Indian piracy arrests bother Bollywood BitTorrenters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not enough info as usual

If they were running a server to host the seeds (full copies of the files) then they did upload them to the web.

But I do expect a song and dance, as the lawyers say that their clients lost SIX HUNDRED MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS in sales due to the uploaders who made millions in advertising money.

Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics

Tom 35 Silver badge


Train stops.

Everyone pulls out their cell

Network falls over and dies.

Sex abuse fax leak costs council £100k

Tom 35 Silver badge

speed dial

Like the medical lab that managed to program my phone number into their system and kept faxing me peoples test results (most often at 2-3am) and didn't seem to be able to fix it? Once I said I was going to call the local muck raking news paper in the morning if I got another fax they some how fixed the problem.

MP wants age verification for net smut

Tom 35 Silver badge


If you want a filtered internet you should be the one to opt-in.

Install your own filter, or sign up for an ISP that offers a filtered feed as a service. If people actually wanted such a service you would think all the ISPs would offer it and compete on who had the most smut free feed? I would think (of the children) such a service would be very popular if this MP is right.

Facebook royal rant bishop suspended

Tom 35 Silver badge

Big Ears and the Porcelain Doll

If he spoke his views without sounding like a seven year old he might get more support. As a Bishop he should understand the power of choosing the correct words better then most but he comes off with all the class of a Your Momma joke.

China-inspired charity aims to sex-down society

Tom 35 Silver badge

Some fairly wild claims were put forward

"Woods' figures - which he later described as "just figures""

So, another bunch of idiots pulling numbers out of their asses.

"children frequently and accidentally exposed to wholly inappropriate material, such as bestiality and child abuse"

frequently and accidentally? What a load of crap!

I've been using the internet since day 0 and I've hit bestiality once (a typo landed me on a horse blowjob page) and I've never hit a child abuse site, maybe a few pictures of girls that could have been 17 and lied about their age. What I have been exposed to frequently is sensational "news porn" about such sites.

"gateway to an interest in such material"

The gateway argument... we don't like this but can't even make up a reason why it's bad, so it's a gateway to something bad.

Dell kept buyers in dark over hardware problems, say docs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not just caps

Two months ago I had a laptop with the known faulty nvidia chip. It took 3 days of running different (often totally unrelated to the problem) tests, emailing them photos of the screen, doing more tests, refusing to run the full hard drive test for the 3rd time, refusing to reinstall windows for the 2nd time... before they replaced the motherboard.

Putting the internet into neutral, or neutering the net?

Tom 35 Silver badge

charging punitively for all data above a certain cap

Why should it be punitive? Just charge what it costs them plus a reasonable profit.

Another thing I don't like is the size of the cap being tied to the speed (with no option of buying more).

If you watch streaming video you don't need a super fast service just a high cap, but the ISP makes you pay for the super fast service to get the high cap.

An ISP is often not just an ISP. You may get TV/Phone/internet all from the same company, and they REALLY want that "triple play" so given the choice VoIP or Video might just trip and fall down the stairs.

As for the networks not putting their content on Google TV, that's not the same as the cable TV/ISP blocking it (so you have to pay for cable TV). Two different problems.

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future

Tom 35 Silver badge

or Alexander Graham Bell

The first time a ran into a 419 scam attempt was a voice call. We get bogus scams faxed to us at work all the time, people call me (dispute the do not call list) with offers protect my credit, I won a free trip/prize, clean my ducts (I always tell them I don't have any ducks), and a long list of other scams. Snail mail too.

Anything useful will be abused by scammers and crooks. Just have to deal with it as we go.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Internet Lite

I think they call that a feature phone.

New owner slips into unwitting BoJo's domain

Tom 35 Silver badge

expired in July 2008

And he thinks he should have it back now? Too bad, so sad.

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war

Tom 35 Silver badge

Nice how they aren't above bringing gay rights and abortion

Well the other side always brings Satin into the argument about gay rights and abortion so fair is fair...

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

Tom 35 Silver badge


I do wear glasses, so am I supposed to wear two pairs at once? Or do they expect me to get contacts so I can wear glasses to watch TV.

But that's a minor point compared to the fact that most of the 3D content available is crap.

Internet Explorer 9 preview thinks inside box, outside browser

Tom 35 Silver badge


Now with the features of IE6 on XP!

GSMA opens the way for Apple SIM

Tom 35 Silver badge

You have it wrong

It's not no sim, it's a software sim.

Now. There is sim card that you can remove from a phone, and put in a different phone with out needing to talk to anyone. Or you can buy a sim (when travelling for example) and plug it in.

Software sim. Now it's a bit of software, you can't just swap it yourself you need the ok from the phone maker and/or the network. You think an iTunes US account will let you install a UK PayG sim?

It's just more lock-in.

Adobe update tackles PDF peril

Tom 35 Silver badge

The format is at least half the problem.

"PDF is an important format everybody needs to exchange printable documents"

Yes, the key word being printable. How are you going to print Flash? Video? Audio? Why is that crap in the format other then to give them something new to put on the box of the latest $299 upgrade?

The latest hole is due to Flash. Something I do not even want in a printable document!

Tom 35 Silver badge

extravagantly open nature of the PDF specification

Open? I think the word you were looking for is bloated.

Microsoft spooks software customers about dangerous pirates

Tom 35 Silver badge

Maybe the question was...

Is it safe to buy counterfeit software from spam emails that link to a .ru site?

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not a chance

Between the phone companies, the car companies, and the cell phone addicts it will never fly.

And even if it did I'm sure a lot of the jammers would have a little accident... kind of fall down the stairs and maybe blow a fuse.

Yesterday I saw a cop making a left turn, no signals, just as the light turned red, with a cell phone stuck to his ear. Setting a great example for the rest of us there Mr. Cop.

Na'vi on your sat-navatar

Tom 35 Silver badge

txìng musìna tsengit (exit roundabout)

They have a word for roundabout?

I can see Jump off the Cliff, or Climb that tree (both handy for your GPS unit).

FBI top-brass ask Google, Facebook to expand wiretaps

Tom 35 Silver badge

Backdoor everything?

So they want a backdoor built into everything, and give the FBI the key? No doubt they will say they can't tell anyone that there is a backdoor, and they will be able to keep the key secret and no one will be able to find the backdoor...

Are they going to make Cisco backdoor their VPN products? Who outside of the US will use it them?

Open source software might be a bit difficult to backdoor.

If the FBI have a key, everyone is going to want one too.

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