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Intel: 'We ate McAfee to slip security into silicon'

Tom 35 Silver badge

The real reason they need McAfee?

So that average users will need 4+ core CPUs to write a letter... :P

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

Tom 35 Silver badge

"boot from the install media"

What about all the lucky people with an HP or equilvent with only burn them your selft restore DVDs. Same problem they had since XP asked them to instert their CD.

Sixth Japanese nuclear reactor loses cooling

Tom 35 Silver badge


"the average family sized fridge and freezer uses 240v AC just for the compressor to pump the gas around now and then, replace that as standard on all these with a simple and cheap 12v 2amp compressor"

You think you can get a fridge to run on 24 watts? Are you going to wrap it in 3' of fiberglass and only open it once a week?

Charge an old car battery with an old car alternator? Have you ever tried that? I rigged up an alternator to a bike and I can tell you that just to light up one headlight (55 W) you have to peddle like hell. you can just about forget human power for anything that draws more then a simple radio or flashlight. What next? Run your oven with a hampster wheel?

IPv6 intro creates spam-filtering nightmare

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Good! That's best practice to fight against zombie machines."

You mean the lazy way.

The problem is that a lot of spam filters take one look at the headers and see the relay and block you.

Lucky a lot of hosts setup a different port so you can bypas the block.

Google insists it couldn't have been British. Excuse me?

Tom 35 Silver badge

@ Double fail on you

You are comparing apples and oranges.

If you walk in HMV and take a $20 DVD, HMV is out "REAL" money. The money they paid for the DVD (the studio don't really care as they got their money), something like $12, so they will have to sell two more discs to make up that loss. There is also $8 in "maybe" money that they might have got if they were able to sell the DVD, but it's only maybe as they might have had to return it on stock balance or bargain bin it if no one bought it.

If you download the same movie from some torrent site there is no "REAL" money. No one has less money then they had before you downloaded the movie (unlike HMV in the example above). There is only "maybe" money. If you couldn't download it maybe you would buy a copy, or rent it, or watch it on pay TV... But maybe you would not watch it at all, or as others have said maybe you like it so much after downloading it that you will buy a copy where you would not have before seeing it.

HMV know the number of items that walk, and they know number they sell, and what they pay for them in real money. They CAN calculate how much they need to charge, and how much to spend on cameras and sensor tags and such.

You can't calculate maybe money*.

How much extra are you going to charge because maybe someone didn't buy it? Who is going to charge extra? The studio? HMV? Both?

If you charge more will the people who actually buy keep buying the same number of items (pay you more in total) or just spend the same and buy fewer items? Or buy less, or nothing and spend their money on beer? (the amount of money people have is fixed)

*The studios guess. They pull a number out of their ass (a big one) then multiply it by another number they pull out of their ass because the first number was probably too low, then multiply it by the SRP and say they lost $6 bizzillion and it's a loss of 214,341 jobs and funds terrorists, and other bad stuff...

Tom 35 Silver badge

The content companies started it

With stupid stuff like the locked "you wouldn't steal a car" things that play on DVDs that people paid for.

HP uncloaks wristwatch 'aggregation point'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Just like HP thought everyone would

love a printer with an email address.

This (what ever it is) should sell as well as this watch... http://direct.msn.com/

Apple: If you're under 17, you can't use Opera

Tom 35 Silver badge

Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes on Opera

Maybe Apple got confused with those furen musical play things that you have to read the booklet thing to figure out what's going on because they are not in English.

iPlayer Global iPad app price announced

Tom 35 Silver badge

The same in all countries?

If a program is available in one Country (East Enders and Dr. Who are on CBC in Canada for example) will the BBC block them for users in that Country? If they also include stuff that's only available on cable TV (that I can't even get) then this could end up as a chocolate tea pot.

Europe confirms raids on ebook publishers

Tom 35 Silver badge

emailed to it for free

If you have to email it would that not be a gateway that Amazon may deside to filter/toll/block at their whim at some future date?

If you can't just plug it into a USB port and copy files to it then you are just hoping that they will keep playing nice.

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Apple Lawyers in action


Apple to launch queue-jumping service for little people

Tom 35 Silver badge

You could call it

Faulty Towers IT services...

Tom 35 Silver badge


So I expect Apple to claim to own the word genius any time now.

Self-erasing flash drives destroy court evidence

Tom 35 Silver badge


They will not be able to charge people with "making" all the porn images they find in the cache that were never saved just looked at once.

Bank of America retrofits BlackBerrys with NFC

Tom 35 Silver badge


And what if I want to use the microSD slot for storage? I think I'd just as soon pay the old way.

I don't realy trust any of that lot. I think the banks are the lesser evil but not by much.

Windows Phone update wallops Omnia 7

Tom 35 Silver badge

Maybe the update

is to prevent the phone from being bricked during updates...

Acer in alleged Chrome OS monitor plot

Tom 35 Silver badge

Acer has the right idea

What good is a portable PC that is not much more then a paper weight without internet access? Sure you can stick 3G in it but then you have an expensive data contract to add to the price. The cellular networks are already whining about smart phone users actually using the data they paid for, just wait for a device that is always sucking data, they are going to love that...

Gov will pay £2.25m compo to ID card suppliers

Tom 35 Silver badge

what they say

"The government justification for not compensating people who bought a card was..."

that anyone who bought one is a stupid fool.

Samsung readies Android-based iPod Touch killer

Tom 35 Silver badge

Sounds intresting

I have a 2nd gen touch and the biggest problem is Apple control freakery. I was interested in upgrading but I'm getting sick of having to jail break my current iPod ever time I want to install an update or hearing about the latest app to get killed, so I've been waiting for something with similar features or better that is not from Apple. I'll be looking for real reviews to see if this is it.

I just hope Samsung don't fine some way to screw it up, and that it shows up in Canada.

Luckless Lush hammered in hack

Tom 35 Silver badge

Lush's security

Stinks as much as their products.

Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results

Tom 35 Silver badge

Something new

for anonymous to play with?

I’m not a Trojan horse: Nokia’s Elop hits back at neigh sayers

Tom 35 Silver badge

I’m not a Trojan horse

Some time ago at Microsoft headquarters...

"If we built this large wooden badger"

Microsoft says exec took secret 'trove' to Salesforce

Tom 35 Silver badge

sensitive documents

Like what? How much they have spent trying to get companies to use Dynamics?

Intel pushes password-pumping mojo

Tom 35 Silver badge

Intel, Symantec, Vasco lockin

If it's going to be widely adopted such a system needs to be open and available for all to use.

Now, Nokia, what about the hardware?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Windows Phony

consumer buzz? What buzz?

As for the hardware, they have to ask Microsoft before they can tell you.

It seems Nokia have just found a very nice Trojen Horse and set it up in the board room.

Fort Wayne officials refuse to slap Harry Baals on public building

Tom 35 Silver badge

The current administration

Clearly have no Baals at all.

Starbucks' iPhone barcode app easily scammed by screengrab

Tom 35 Silver badge

How long until

Someone grabs an image from a "friends" phone at work and posts it online for a joke. Call it a free coffee coupon or some such...

Google Translate for iPhone: hits and misses

Tom 35 Silver badge

Having tried google translate on Japanese web sites...

I could see trying to use it with a person ending up like the Monty Python skit with The Hungarian Phrasebook.

Microsoft finally says adios to Autorun

Tom 35 Silver badge

Microsoft has yet to see in-the-wild attacks that exploit Autorun on “shiny media.”

Like the Sony root kit?

I guess that falls under "resistance from some partners who rely on the feature to install programs".

'Suspicious toilet' provokes Maryland bomb scare

Tom 35 Silver badge

fake bomb

The law is for people who tape a clock and some batteries to a bunch of road flares or leave a box with "this is a bomb" on the side. Not for things that are assumed could be a bomb as that could be anything left behind by accident or as a protest like this case.

'Tree Octopus' proves journos no smarter than 13-year-old Americans

Tom 35 Silver badge

The big problem

Exactly, if the "researchers were introduced to the kids as experts / people to be trusted then they would have started out with the assumption that the Tree Octopus exists. There are a lot of strange creatures in the world that are often featured on kids TV shows after all, and if you don't know a lot about Octopus it's not that much stranger then tree frogs.

It would have been more interesting to also give them a strange but true creature and ask them to find out if they exist and show prof for their answer.

Equinux Tizi iPhone TV tuner

Tom 35 Silver badge

What if

Apple decide they don't like it and kill off the app?

It's also way too expensive, and the battery life is not very impressive.

Chrome 9 debuts with WebGL, app store, instant annoyance

Tom 35 Silver badge

Maybe they want you to wait until

Google Cloud Print is ready to go... :P

UK police crime map website: Who's the victim here?

Tom 35 Silver badge

developed by Leicester-based ad agency

An ad agency?

So 90% for Management, project managers, expense accounts, parties... 10% to pay a coder and graphic designer.

Why didn't they hire a plumber, after all the internet is made up of tubes...

Canada? The computer vendor says no

Tom 35 Silver badge

Canada's crippling broadband rates.

Where the hell is the site owner getting a gig for $2?

My Canadian cell provider charges $30 for a 1 GB plan, and $.05 / MB if you go over. That's $50 not $2. Roam and it will cost you $.03 / kB!

This is why I don't have a smart phone. It is getting better, a year ago your $30 got you only 500 MB, and $.02 / kB if you went over!

Official: PhD in 'Essential Oils' or 'Natural Toiletries' = 'a Scientist'

Tom 35 Silver badge

@ MrCheese

No, there is no problem with AC's statement.

Take Newton for example. In Newton's time any tests they could come up with fit his theory, it was not until much later that people came up with tests that involved very small, very large, very fast that it was found that his ideas didn't describe the universe as a whole. But even today Newton is "right as it needs to be" if you drop a brick on your foot.

This is of no use to "defend the existence of any diety of duboius existential being" as unlike Newton's ideas you can not come up with a test to support your idea. To be a scientific theory it has to be testable, this is where you get into problems with stuff like string theory.

Content owners lock arms in front of Aus content review

Tom 35 Silver badge


“legitimate rights and expectations of providers in the content supply value chain”.

So a bunch of middle men who think it's their right to divert as much "value" as possible into their own pockets and expect to ban anything that might bypass them.

Cold call scareware scammers aim to bring Mac fans into the fold

Tom 35 Silver badge

I had one...

Just used the simple...

(knock on desk) just a second, there is someone at the door, I'll be right back. 5 minutes later they hang up.

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

Tom 35 Silver badge

title is required, and must contain mail and/or fingers

Console games have cought up with PC games. Now console gamers can buy a game that doesn't work until they download a giant patch.

Yuppie cellphone-style iPhone case comes to Blighty

Tom 35 Silver badge

Interesting to see if it takes battery life back to 1980s levels too

I don't think a hunk of plastic could make the iPhones battery last longer...

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic

Tom 35 Silver badge

Tragic events happen because of bad people

But I'd be much happier if the bad people were pointing the state cooking pot at me then the state gun...

Philips 21:9 Cinema 58in LED backlit TV

Tom 35 Silver badge

Such is the power of the image processing ...

it can easily make content look over-sharp

So it's the usual crap. Works best when you turn it off.

WikiLeaks accused of tapping P2P for secret docs

Tom 35 Silver badge

The real question here is...

Why is limeware or it's like on a company computer (and why could the user install it) or why are secret documents on a personal computer?

I wonder how many documents ended up in China that never reached Wikileaks?

Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup

Tom 35 Silver badge


It might be Microsoft installed crap/bloat that they outsourced to a 3rd party.

I notice that they are not saying what is in all that data that's being transferred.

Carbon trading registry suspends ops following hack attack

Tom 35 Silver badge

I put this in the same catagory as...

Scammers ripping of sellers of fake penis pills.

Microsoft sends Windows 7 SP1 to OEMs

Tom 35 Silver badge

especially for a point-zero release

I don't really count it as a point-zero release. It's more like Vista 1.5 with the name changed. People who bought Vista before the magic date for free upgrades to win7 got stiffed (again) when they had to pay the same price as XP users to upgrade to the working version.

Will Windows on ARM sink Windows Phone 7?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Vista was supposed to be a major re-write

They buggered around for years, then gave up, Rushed out something that sort of worked so they could get the upgrade treadmill running again.

The only way I could see them getting anywhere would be to make the core OS of Windows 8 (or more likely 9) all new, with no backward comparability at all. Then stick a copy of windows 7 as a Virtual machine (like XP in Windows 7) to handle existing software. Good chance they would still find a way to screw it up, maybe lock in down like the iPhone/Phone7 and require you to get all native applications from their app store.

Palin's email snooper sent to prison

Tom 35 Silver badge

Year and a day

The scumbag could break into your house and would not see jail time (assuming the cops bothered to look for them).

Kingston prototype relieves iPad storage limits

Tom 35 Silver badge

All this

Because Apple is too much of a control freak to include an SD card slot on their stuff...

Cable vendor slapped for unproven claims

Tom 35 Silver badge

That market is already full

With companies like monster cable and their like.

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