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Blow to the head makes people feel good about religion

Tom 35 Silver badge

They were on to something

They also had the line of guys whacking themselves in the head with boards.

Visa pushes NFC operator bypass on French

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do not want chip on an SD

"but not using microSD – which is a shame as it is probably the additional case/antenna that put them off, rather than the cards themselves."

Or they bought a phone with an SD slot so they could use it for storage, not a Visa chip.

Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Providing American businesses with incentives to invest at home"

No it will provide MORE incentive to invest outside so you can get more tax free profit.

Tom 35 Silver badge

The video didn't work...

But it's on youtube... http://youtu.be/7itFRiTk0Y0

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush

Tom 35 Silver badge

"Do you want to drink pee?" he asked bluntly.

I'll take a bit of pee over dead bird tea.

US air passenger cuffed over low-flying pants

Tom 35 Silver badge


More like a duck. Watching one try to run to catch a bus is always good for a laugh.

Apple iOS 5 gets web 3D...for ads only

Tom 35 Silver badge

They need this

So they can compete with Flash ads on other systems...

Microsoft warns on support scams

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'm calling from Microsoft network support...

me- Why are you telling me about your dick?

them- What? Long silence followed by click.

LTE vs broadcasters: let the spectrum wars begin

Tom 35 Silver badge

So they took away the Analog TV

Setup new digital TV, then give mobile phones spectrum that will interfere with it.

Is there any one at the wheel?

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU

Tom 35 Silver badge

Danger ahead

The term "hacking tools" needs to be well defined (it will not be I expect). You would not want to ban hammers or baseball bats just because they can and have been used as weapons. The same can be said of some computer tools, they can be used by both white and black hats.

iCloud Communications sues Apple for 'irreparable injury' to trademark

Tom 35 Silver badge

For a start

The same people Apple thought would be confused by the iPood shovel.

Apple iCloud: Same old cage, new height

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Physical goods have the problem of portability and distributability"

If your talking about "content" there is an artificial problem created by the content companies. I can buy a book, CD or DVD from amazon Japan and they will ship it to me in Canada (and I have). But I can't buy an MP3 from Amazon US. I'm sure the icloud is the same, it would only sync stuff that's available from itunes Canada. I'd be SOL for most of the import CDs I own (if I had a newer idevice then my 2G ipod touch).

Facebook: 'We should've been more clear' on face-scanning tech

Tom 35 Silver badge

add tags of their friends in photos: something that'sndone more than 100 million times a day

And about 99 million of them are people tagging their "friends" names to "other" things like the back end of a horse for example.

Canadian Conservative Party website defaced

Tom 35 Silver badge

Fooled the news

It was reported on the radio Tuesday morning, followed by a retraction a few hours later.

Sarko to Schmidt & co: 'You can't escape' net regulation

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do the world a favour and piss off

"governments are the only legitimate representatives"

Governments? I only remember voting for one, and even then they seem to be more interested in representing corporations then me. Are we to remove everything someone dose not like?

Opera rolls new Mini onto iPhone and iPad

Tom 35 Silver badge

Ipod too

The zoom and pan is much better then before.

Silly Apple... Opera contains adult content... bla bla bla.

WTF is... 4G

Tom 35 Silver badge



Hack on Sony-owned ISP steals $1,220 in virtual cash

Tom 35 Silver badge

cut off the IP address behind about 10,000 attempts to break into the system

So that's sorted then, no way anyone can find another IP address to attack from.

Apple, Amazon trademark spat turns surreal

Tom 35 Silver badge

Body Shop?

Is that the place you go to get a dent removed from you auto fender? or The Body Shop, the store that sells stinky stuff?

The Body Shop has a trademark that applies to stores selling stinky stuff (no bodies), but not to the generic term used by places that fix car bodies (www.arborbodyshop.com for example).

CA antivirus unit sold: Will become 'Total Defense'

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's been crap for years

The customer (sucker) list is likely worth more then the actual product. They now have a list of 60,000 companies who will buy crap.

Software pirates should offer up more booty, says BSA

Tom 35 Silver badge

governments should lobby retailers to sell low-cost software...

How about the BSA members produce some low-cost software that is worth buying, how is this the "govenments" job?

ASA upholds a brace of ads gripes against Groupon

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not my fault!

Up next...

The devil made me do it.

The dog ate my rule book, and I think the cat is up to something too.

Chinese iPad 2 fanboiz in frenzied fight

Tom 35 Silver badge
Paris Hilton


Here in Toronto I could see the suckers lined up across the street from my office. They stood outside the store for hours to buy their new toy. It didn't even sell out, I could have walked over after work and bought one if I wanted. Even if it did sell out, big deal wait a couple of days till they get more.

If you fall for the media hype and line up you ARE a sucker!

Jaguar hybrid supercar gets green light

Tom 35 Silver badge


No the people who will buy it will just park diagonally across two handicap spots.

World 3D TV sales to jump in 2011

Tom 35 Silver badge

Buying 3D

I expect 90% of the people who do buy a 3D TV will only be doing so because it came "free" with the model they wanted. 9% will be gamers. Almost no one is going to go out and buy a new TV just to have 3D TV.

Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition lobby

Tom 35 Silver badge

"opt-in" is not viable

No kidding. Who is going to opt-in to be tracked and pillaged?

The only way their model works is to track everyone while pretending to offer some opt-out system that...

a. doesn't work.

b. is stored in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory behind a door that said "Beware of the tiger"

c. if you figure out how to opt-out, will opt you in again the first time you miss a hidden check box

Barnes & Noble answers Microsoft's anti-Android suit

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Also, if Microsoft's "exorbitant licensing fees" have a "highly detrimental anticompetitive effect" on the market, as Barnes & Noble asserts, why are HTC and Amazon – which, as reported in their filing, have licensing agreements with Microsoft – doing so well in their respective smartphone and e-reader markets?"

You already answered your own question.

"These types of disputes tend to be settled in corporate conference rooms, with chunks of change changing hands."

The first few get it cheap, then they use the list of people who paid as proof that their claim must be good so you better pay too.

Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict

Tom 35 Silver badge


The land where no patent is too crap to win.

iPhones secretly track 'scary amount' of your movements

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Re: File

It's on the phone... and your iTunes PC,

How do you know it doesn't go anywhere?

Maybe it doesn't go anywhere... yet.

Apple do have their own ad network, I'm sure there are advertisers how would pay extra for ads to people who pass there shop regularly.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Easy access

"simply removing the hard drive and plugging it into an external USB housing"

That's the hard way... Just boot up a live CD and you can see everything.

RIPA to be changed to demand full consent to monitoring

Tom 35 Silver badge

So they add a check box

Like the way Apple force you to check "I Agree" to the 50 pages of crap before you can use the app store.

US proposes online IDs for Americans

Tom 35 Silver badge

So they need magic

"The US Government said that it was up to the private sector to develop technologies that make online identities secure and easy to use, safeguard transactions, and protect anonymity"

So they are in effect going to put out a saucer of milk, and check in the morning to see if the elves have put together a system for them.

Serial hacker admits breaching Federal Reserve computers

Tom 35 Silver badge


The key was on a pice of tape stuck to the back of his drivers licence.

Nokia E7 Qwerty slider smartphone

Tom 35 Silver badge

What's with the home screen colours?

It looks like an old CGA monitor.

OSI fears for Linux if Novell patents land with Apple, Oracle

Tom 35 Silver badge


I don't think anyone expects the same "entity" to perform all roles. If you can't sell a patent outright you could still licence it non-exclusively. Right now an individual inventor has little choice but to sell a patent.

In days gone by you patented a complete product, now you patent little bits of it, how the bits connect, and the method of pushing the on button. You can't build something like a cell phone without licensing patents from others. So you have already removed all of the individual inventors and small startups as the big companies have all bought up big pools of patents and setup cross licence deals (including large numbers of crap patents) so that any innovative / upstart / disruptive new player is excluded.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

Tom 35 Silver badge


It's not just an HDMI cable, it has a special Apple DRM chip so that any other company that wants to make such a cable will have to pay Apple more then the product costs to make.

So it's totaly worth it (if your Steve Jobs).

Digital player maker 'incited consumers to break the law', says ASA

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Adverts misleadingly imply that it is acceptable to copy music from discs and tapes on to the machine."

I would say that it is perfectly acceptable to just about everyone except record company execs.

It might break a stupid uninforcable law but that's a different story.

James Cameron to amp up Avatar frame rate

Tom 35 Silver badge

non-existent characterisation

My biggest problem was with the bad guys. Giving the good guys something less 1D fight would do wonders to a movie like this. I can't tell you the name of the corporate weasel or army guy, but everyone remembers Darth Vader...

Nokia: Keep codin' for Symbian and Qt!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Windows phone

Going from .0001 to .01 in one year would make it the fastest growing platform...

George Lucas 'very happy' with 3D Phantom Menace

Tom 35 Silver badge

Add to the 3D Jar Jar effect

By spraying water at the audience every time he talks. Call it spittle vision.

Chilean clock-cooking could cause computer chaos

Tom 35 Silver badge

I remember when we had double DST

It was before outlook so I don't remember it being that big a deal but I expect it would break lots of stuff if they tried that now.

Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes

Tom 35 Silver badge


They want news!

Earth quake? Na, they just had one someplace not long ago, and there have been lots of them anyway, boaring.

Tsunami? Didn't we just beat that one to death? Only 20k dead Zzzzzzz

Reactor melt down? This is only the third problem that people know about, and the last one was a big deal... lets big this up, it's real NEWS. It will sell lots of ads, it could be the best thing since the TEA PARTY!

Facebook tells privacy advocates not to 'shoot the messenger'

Tom 35 Silver badge

3rd party

It's one thing to look at the stuff you posted on FB and use if for stuff you don't want.

The real problem is that they take the stuff from your store points card, online tracking cookies, and data from all kinds of other sources and cross reference it.

Data that you provided to allow someone to provide a service is being used for something else without your ok. Your data is treated as a product that is owned by someone else.

Nanotech nerds assemble überfast-charge battery

Tom 35 Silver badge

charge current?

Will you have to plug it into a 15amp 220 outlet to charge it? Will the power brick be bigger then the laptop?

Aussie digital publishers busted

Tom 35 Silver badge

Putting advertisers at risk

"The ABA has warned media buyers and advertisers to be aware of these issues and look for the ABA green tick"

So it's just an ad for their service. Zzzzzz

Green tick? So they are a bunch of blood sucking insects?

Pr0n domain approved by ICANN

Tom 35 Silver badge

All ready taken care of

You can reserve your trademark.xxx to prevent a porn site from using it. Of course there is a charge for it. So you still have to pay not to have a porn site.

I wonder who will get first dibs on whitehouse.xxx

Tom 35 Silver badge

Missed one.

"We believe consumers will be more prepared to make purchases on .XXX sites, safe in the knowledge their payments will be secure"

Don't forget that he will be running the only payment system allowed, and will be taking a cut from every sale (just to make sure it's safe or course) and if you have both .com and .xxx you have use his payment system for both.

He must have made a deal with Apple, he gets a cut of all the porn, Apple gets a cut of everything else.

Tom 35 Silver badge

including the 3rd party payment processor

No they ban 3rd party payment processors, you have to use their payment system, at their rates.

Microsoft: IE9's web privacy hole? A feature, not a bug

Tom 35 Silver badge

"allow" list?

Why is there an allow list? When I use a block list, I expect it to block stuff.

If there are allow lists they should be separate not bundled into a block list.

Jon Bon Jovi accuses Steve Jobs of murdering music biz

Tom 35 Silver badge

No, blame Sony

I remember spending hours making my own tapes from LPs and later CDs to play on my first walkman... A few tapes were full albums but most were my own mix and match.

I still buy a few CDs but they get ripped the second they get home, then sit on the shelf as a backup.

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