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Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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Re: Avatar?

Pocahontas with the most 2D bad guys ever to appear in 3D. I could not name one of them, unlike say Darth Vader.

But not the worst ever, Avarar 2 might have a chance.

Angry Birds Space

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Re: 10 million...

Except all the other versions of the game work on the iPod 2gen (or at least the original and Rio), I don't think there are any versions for the Psion...

It's only pigs in space that will not run on the iPod 2gen.

Sarkozy hails 'success' of Hadopi's pirate cops

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Even if people stopped downloading

It's not helping anyone unless they start buying.

It's not food, people don't have to have the stuff they download and my decide just to do without, or they may be downloading stuff they can't buy even if they want to (like stuff that's only available on iTunes.com).

They might even be pissing off some people who were buying stuff before.

I don't see any evidence that this is helping anyone (other then the people being paid to run the system).

Visa shows off data centre 'moat'

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No sharks with frikin lasers attached to their heads?

Panasonic talks up TV for the blind

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Re: TV for the blind?

I had a Radio with TV audio (worthless now as it was for analogy TV) that was a lot simpler that a TV that you are not going to watch.

Court shuts down site that circumvents Pirate Bay blocks

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Re: Why can't MS offer an ISO download of operating systems?

How about when after installing a service pack, windows asks you to "please insert your service pack 3 CD" but all you have is the stupid restore CD from HP/Toshiba...

Even if they have a SP2 CD it's beyond most users to create a slipstream SP3 CD.

CD: The indestructible music format that REFUSES TO DIE

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Re: Digital stores stubbornly refusing to sell

I can buy a CD from Amazon.com but not an MP3. Something here is broken.

Paedophiles ‘disguise’ child abuse pages as legit websites

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this sentence seems very Daily Mail

There is also the "digital path" that sounds like some kind of High Tech thing to Joe Public but actually has no real meaning.

Dot Pharmacy: New web weapon in war on duff drug peddlers

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In Canada we get Bus loads from the US

Who come up on a day trip to fill prescriptions that are available as generic in Canada (drug patents last longer in the US). They are mostly seniors and can save hundreds a month. But that only works for people near the boarder, but the US treats any Pharmacy in Canada that offers service online or by phone the same as the fake viagra sellers, even if they only do renewals for the bus people.

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Re: "... fight the unlicensed sale of counterfeit treatments online."

And don't forget the grey market sale of real drugs online.

OAP sues Apple for $1m after walking into store's glass door

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Re: how fast did this granny walk?

No I expect it will be a "you only pay if you win" deal so she will only get peanuts even if she wins.

Facebook: Your boss asks for your password, we'll sue him! Maybe

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Re: I still think this is a stupidity/trustworthiness test

The examples I've read about were all McJobs. They are just looking for people who will take a crappy job where they have you on camera because they don't trust you already.

Not the type of jobs were you have the domain admin password, or the key to the front door.

NASA's Dawn probe spies 'Snowman' on asteroid queen Vesta

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No Calvin and Hobbes

Even if that snowman is not up to their usual standard.

Hacktivists nicked more data than CYBER-CROOKS in 2011

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Re: umm

Or detected but not disclosed. Not every country has rules that require discloser of data loss.

Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty

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a good serving of legitimate customers

Do you get chips what that?

Privacy worth piffling pennies to polled punters

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Re: Flawed study?

Right up there with the who will give their password for Chocolate one they did a while back.

Microsoft fires Bing execs after biz probe

Tom 35 Silver badge

Bing's director of Brand Entertainment


HP poised to merge printer, PC divisions?

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Re: Marketing Firm to Merge Two Marketing Divisions Into One

DRM for ink.

LightSquared hits FCC right where it hurts

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I would not be surprised

if this was due to someone at the FCC not staying bought, or they didn't buy someone high enough in the chain.

Braben sticks knife into secondhand games market

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Braben claimed the price of new games would have come down a long time ago

He also has a bridge he would like to sell.

Apple New iPad Wi-Fi only

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16GB - 32GB price

Still some of the most expensive flash memory on the planet!

It's bad enough when you can't upgrade, but they take you to the cleaners on the higher memory models too.

Pair of double-As give you cheap, quick charge

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simple voltage regulator

If you can find such a thing for sale, I'm sure you could find a charger for sale.

This would only be useful if you were stuck at home in a power failure and happened to have the parts in your parts bin to slap something together. I'm sure I do have the parts here, but expect even with the tech readers on this site there are very few people reading this that would.

Sad but true: Napster '99 still smokes Spotify 2012

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"Napster also had other advantages, including a wider catalogue, thanks to its disregard for licensing. "

And they didn't carve up the world. Anyone, anywhere could play.

Spotify call their service "A world of music " but only if you live in the right part of the world. Canada? No music for you. There is iTunes in Canada but it's missing loads of stuff available in other countries. Amazon MP3? Sorry.

There is no way the control freaks at the labels will allow anything Napster like to exist.

Apple Store staff outnumber queues as new iPad goes on sale

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Best buy Toronoto

There were only about 20 lined up across the street from my office in the morning. Long gone now, I could walk over now and buy one if I was willing to pay that much for a toy. The iPad 2 was much longer but they still didn't sell out.

I can see lining up if your favourite band in in town one night only. But for a gadget? Even if they do sell out they will get more a few days. Even better wait a week and see if any kinks appear when people start using them.

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Re: Co incidence

I had that problem where I used to work with BlackBerry. I kept some old models (had one B/W one that I threatened them with) and that soon put an end to Opps I slipped, oh I hear there is a new model. Same for Laptops a nice D800 tank while we get yours serviced.

PhD pimp's mobe lock screen outwits Feds - Google told to help

Tom 35 Silver badge


That's the way the Cookie crumbles.

TV market stalls as LCD sales slow

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The rush is over

Just like the switch from VHS to DVD or record players to CD you get a few years of big sales as people replace the old with the new. There is no way this can keep growing forever.

Most people have there flat screen TV. Very few are going to buy a new one to get 3D or "smart" or what ever gimmick they add.

Some people will be buying a bigger/better TV, or a second TV, but there is no way sales can keep growing the way they have.

I have a TV now, while I might like a better one at some point...

I have no use for 3D

My Blu Ray player is "smart" and I never use that anyway, stupid walled garden + youtube.

They are going to have to come up with something much better if they want everyone to upgrade again.

UK kids' art project is 'biggest copyright blag ever' – photographer

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I seem to recall that one or two sites ran afoul of this kind of thing

More then one or two, including Microsoft. But they hid it in a 12 page TandC. At the time people were calling it "all your base are belong to us".

At least this is clear on a single page of paper that you sign and not hidden behind an "I agree" check box.

This looks like a Vanity scam as others have said (for 99.99% of the art who would want it on a mug other then family members?) but what if this were a well respected charity?

What is the difference between...

- Giving an hour of your time to charity.

- Spending an hour creating something and giving that to charity.

Tom 35 Silver badge

What's the difference

between giving your "work of art" or any other item of value to a charity?

This one may or may not be a scam but that's beside the point.

If you give your old clothes to charity sale do you expect a cut of the sale?

Copyright blag my arse.

CBS supremo: Apple TV is still dead to me, just like ...

Tom 35 Silver badge

it wouldn't *all* be 10 second videos of silly dance routines.

Some of it would be funny cat videos... :p

Blighty's pay-by-bonk gang goes cap in hand to Euro watchdog

Tom 35 Silver badge

I don't see it going anyplace

People will be fighting over who gets to be king. Telcos, banks, cellphone companies (Apple and Google for sure).

Apple wants ebook price class action suit thrown out

Tom 35 Silver badge

They didn't use Agency Pricing

They worked like just about everything else. You sell me the book, and I sell it for what ever price I want.

But the publishers want Agency Pricing. That's price fixing by definition.


3D: 10% of LCD TVs in 2011, 25% in 2012

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: 3D Popularity

"when a 3d showing is available"

I find it's more the other way around. I don't like 3D since I already wear glasses and find trying to put the 3d ones over my normal glasses a pain so I look for 2d versions. For anything with a 3D version I only find 2D in small old (often scuzzy rundown) theatres. For example The Lorax is 100% 3D near where I work, or where I live unless you want to see the one 2D showing at 2:30pm.

Cook & Co. boost Apple TV to 1080p, update interface

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Re: I don't trust those figures

I've run across 3 people with WD TV, one with a Popcorn Hour (that's what I want) and a big fat ZERO with an Apple TV. I don't think the odds are good that the numbers are right.

Did they do the survey inside an Apple store?

Suitably-endowed punters lured into bonking for Vaseline loving

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Re: Drop bonking references

If your looking for the other type of bonking your on the wrong site.

Reminds me of the time someone got all upset because I was talking about male and female DB25 connectors. Wanted me to change the name... I was soooo tempted to say Barbie and Ken.

Tom 35 Silver badge

contactful advertising

Scratch and sniff perfume ads?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Passive not active

I don't think I've ever seen anyone use a QR code on an ad...

I guess they figure everyone is thinking... If only there was a way to do this that would require me to buy a new phone.

Workers can't escape Windows 8 Metro - Microsoft COO

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Re: An Immersive Experience...

Too bad your standing on your head...

Reminds me of when Vista was getting all the bad press and they were spewing crap about how great it was to anyone who would listen.

Eric Schmidt flicks INTERSTELLAR TOWEL at top tech fair

Tom 35 Silver badge

So having been rated harmless they went to work.

They quickly reached mostly harmless around the time they went public, but didn't stop there.

They have also mastered the privacy statement that is almost but not entirely unlike privacy.

Future car tech

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: 6m gap?

and what happens when a non-roadtrain car enters the highway, will the roadtrain split to let the driver merge?

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: three things

2. wtf is swipe

Swiper, no swiping!

UltraViolet passes million download mark

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Re: Another nail in the coffin

That's only for music. Video is still DRMed and locked to your iTunes account (and any iThings linked to it). Stuff still gets posted online with the DRM stripped 30 seconds after it is released so only the people who pay are affected as usual.

Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Easy fix.

Here we have a hybrid system. You vote on paper, but they scan the votes (with the ballets then dropping into a sealed box). So you get the fast results of an e-voting system, but if the vote is close, or there is a dispute they open up the boxes and count them by hand.

Still have to watch for the old games like stuffing the ballet box, gaming the voters list and such but it beats e-voting hands down when it comes to trust.

MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Accelerating mobile revenuization

That's too fast, better to dip them in honey and stake them to an ant hill.

Indiana Jones flicks out on Blu-ray this Fall

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "Paramount promises [...] a few new surprises."

No, they have fixed the Crystal Skull by adding Jar Jar.

Microsoft's free flight sim hits the clouds

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Expensive

Before you bought extras from Microsoft Partners, now you buy it all from Microsoft.

Stuff the partners... again.

41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Sample Images and Nokia White Paper

And having a big number to print on the box.

Younger generation taking 'sledgehammer' to security

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Re: "They even think differently"

The plan...

- We save money buy making everyone buy their own laptop/phone.

- We outsource IT to India

- We get some of that cloud stuff that everyone is talking about, it must be good.

Big money saved! IPads for all the exec!

What could go wrong?

Price-comparison site: OCZ reviews 'questionable'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Marketing ...

Just like my old job, I went to the marketing manager and told him one of his staff was sending spam... No it's not spam, it's an email blast.

He was very upset when we were blacklisted (as I warned him) for spamming...

But tell them it's not spam! they can't block us.

AT&T plan: Let content providers pay your bandwidth bill

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's a trap!

They have been trying to say that content providers are free-loading and should pay for some time, this is just another attempt to charge both ends. I would not be surprised if that "800" fee includes a percent of the contents cost and not just a fee for the data.

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