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Microsoft sets October date for Windows 8 release

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: So let's get this straight

The $40 is a fee to downgrade your current Windows version to 8.

I don't think they have announced what a new licence will cost.

Google plants rainbow flag in anti-gay countries

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: All very well...

"what I see/hear as the majority opinion."

So this is like the Gay version of the Moral Majority?

Comcast makes up with Boxee after cable encryption spat

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's already all encrypted in Canada

"Cable TV makers have wanted to cut down on this trend because it threatened their own OTT and hybrid strategies"

Once they make you use a set-top box for basic, it's a smaller step to get you to pay for extras.

Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Getting paid more than once for a single piece of work

"yet you can't see that these costs need to be recouped"

How is paying the artist, his kids, and grand kids for every copy sold part of recouping production costs?

How many more copies of Rumours do you figure they need to sell to recoup the production costs?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "get a real job" ? Interesting concept ..

@ AC - "How do you propose that a musician can earn a living if they are only paid once?"

You miss my point. The original post that I replied to was a load of crap. It compared people who preform a service and only get paid once, to the selling of copy of something, that can it's self be copied.

But since you asked, the same way as everyone else in the world? How do all the technicians, artists, studio floor sweepers earn a living when they only get paid once when they make a record?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "get a real job" ? Interesting concept ..

The Dentist, surgeon, mechanic only get paid once.

The mechanic is not expecting to get paid every time I drive my car, and I'm sure they don't expect there grandchildren to get paid for the work they did today.

A lot like a live performance...

The record companies are not selling a service, they are selling a copy of something, and you can always make another copy.

Tom 35 Silver badge

then we won't make it

Sounds fair to me. If you don't get paid enough to make you happy go do something else.

I have somewhere between 600-700 CDs but in the last year I've only bought one (and I bought that one directly from the band that was playing at a festival).

Global warming: It's GOOD for the environment

Tom 35 Silver badge

Saved by the trees

"trees will get more food and forests will advance across those grasslands."

Except that people are cutting the trees faster then they can grow, and the grassland gets eaten by goats.

Cisco backs down on cloud control of routers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Well, that's OK then

They are not the first to try "all your base are belong to us" and I'm sure they will not be the last.

Shuttleworth: Why Windows 8 made us ditch GPL Linux loader

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: MS Dirty Tricks Again

@ AC

I said Joe user / Mom. Some cheap ass Acer from Bestbuy or a Dell Inspiron.

Sure a business class computer is more likely to have a switch (just like Hardware virtualization controls in the BIOS today) but I will not be at all surprised to see consumer level computers with no off switch for secure boot.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: MS Dirty Tricks Again

Yes it will be cracked in 5 minutes. But it will still be effective for Joe average.

While you can jailbreak your iphone or install a custom ROM on your Android phone the number of people who do is small.

If Mom buys a laptop with Win8 on it and hates it, she can't install Win7 on it, forget Linux.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Boot Loader Locking

But they also don't say they have to provide the option to turn it off... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

You think low end HP/DELL/Acer... type boxes will include an off switch? Just something they have to support. Like they have for options to turn on hardware virtualization they will just skip it.

Disappearing space dust belt baffles boffins

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "nearly instantaneous from an astronomical perspective."

Two years is about one orbit for Mars (1.88 years) so that dust would have to be very close the the star for there to be any chance a new planet could suck up all/most of the dust in that short a time since it would also be in orbit around the star.

Did your iPhone 'just stop working' - or did you drop it in your BEER?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Is that prior art?

Did they patent water sensors on headphone jacks?

Or water sensors in electronic devices?

'Apple is corrupting App Store downloads', warn angry devs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ok, a radical option...

Apple screws with the app on purpose. They have to add the DRM crap to make sure it will only run for one user. If their DRM system is broken the apps will be broken and nothing the developer can do to fix it from their end.

Euro Parliament kills ACTA treaty before court can look at it

Tom 35 Silver badge

Intellectual property is theft

And that line is just as true as your normal copying is theft line, that is total bull shit.

What is the connection between "intercepting counterfeit trade - including fake drugs - across borders" and "the entertainment industry"?

Where is the part about financing drug dealers and terrorists?

US federal boffins insist that mermaids DON'T exist

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The truth about MERMAIDS:

Where do that cat girls come in? Don't go telling me they are not real!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Land of the free...

Next they will say there is no god.

Who runs UK? 'Tories, Lib Dems and Google' says Labour

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Google's huge lobbying influence over UK policy makers

And Labour is upset that they are not getting their share.

Chinese toothpaste biz wants £50k from Apple over 'Snow Leopard'

Tom 35 Silver badge


They can buy a lot of anti-freeze for that!


Microsoft sets the price for a Windows 8 upgrade at $40

Tom 35 Silver badge

They know it's crap

It's way cheaper then the price they charged for the pre-order special for Win7.

But still not tempting.

Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD

Tom 35 Silver badge

Buy your computer from Dell, HP...

It will come with Windows 8 and no off switch for secure boot.

Next they will tell us you get more BSOD if you don't have a touch screen.

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

Tom 35 Silver badge

What are you on about

Google just stuck their name on an Asus tablet, the Asus name is still there too. Google is not making hardware.

As for MS their OEMs should be used to it after the "plays for sure" to Zune fail.

Apple will only reinstate mute kids' app if makers win patent case

Tom 35 Silver badge

pull of the "Reddit is fun" app

1 - No that was censorship not a legal reason. Maybe Apple will sue them for coping them in censoring stuff in their store.

2 - You can still get it (unlike the Apple monopoly) https://github.com/talklittle/reddit-is-fun/downloads

Tom 35 Silver badge

potentially illegal

Something like an iPhone? Lost track of the number lawsuits going on.

Good thing for Apple everyone don't use the same standards as they do.

Second win for Apple as Galaxy Nexus sales banned in US

Tom 35 Silver badge


It's the US, you just have to add "on a mobile device" to the description and it's a new idea.

Android Jelly Bean won't get Flash Player

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Because...

Add DRM and you will get all the stuff you don't like.

It will be cracked in 5 seconds. They will keep changing in a hopeless attempt to keep ahead. It will only be available on some platforms, Some will use different types of DRM (Sony phones will have some crap Sony DRM I expect).

As long as they feel they need DRM for video they will need crap like iTunes/Flash/WMP. And the stuff will still get ripped and torrented 5 minutes after it's posted.

Brit global warming skeptics now outnumber believers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Take carbon trading (Please!)

It's another stock market where traders and middle men line their pockets. Zero change in carbon produced.

Even had some ass come to my house trying to get me to buy carbon offsets to make my home "carbon neutral". I told them to piss off, I'd be better off spending the money on weather stripping or some new windows. Something that might actually reduce energy use.

Ministers consult public on 'opt in for smut' plans

Tom 35 Silver badge

Once they can filter everyone

and not just the few that sign up for a filtered service, they can add filtering for "stuff we don't like" with no opt-out option.

UK Supremes back Oracle against reseller who brought Sun kit to EU

Tom 35 Silver badge

Remember kids

Global economy is only for large multinationals, everyone else buy where we tell you to.

Microsoft says tablets will trump PCs in 2013

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Not what he said...

They will force all desktops to have windows 8 installed at sale. No one will touch them with a stick.

Everything will outsell desktops.

Ultrabook makers take the Ivy Bridge path

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Touch screen on laptops?

Must make everything work like a phone.

Ok not a good reason.

Yes a phone no one wants.

Apple users get pricier hotel options from Orbitz

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not a big deal

I could see them getting their pants in a knot if they were charging more for the same room, but this is hardly a big deal.

Wheezing Guardian flogs radio biz for quick cash

Tom 35 Silver badge

And don't forget the


Acer bigwig sees gloomy future for Ultrabooks in Europe

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: it's the 'ultra' that's the problem for me

Lenovo ThinkPad X130e is not bad as well. Step up form a netbook that can actually run Windows 7, but not the stupid executive toy "ultra" price tag.

But that's not what they want to push. To bad for them if no one what's what they are pushing.

Ford touts tech to bottle up traffic jams

Tom 35 Silver badge

Clear road markings?

So what happens when it snows a bit?

Kid with a can of paint and a line running into a farmers field?

Google Nexus 7 price, details confirmed in pre-I/O leak

Tom 35 Silver badge

OK, these are all 3rd party devices that stopped working,

Except one. Apple's own Hi-Fi speaker Doc had 12 volt charging.

And Apple's FM Radio remote that I bought for my Nano (2G) didn't work with a touch.

But yes better then most cell phone makers up to now. Standard micro USB is better then any oddball cable no mater how stable.

But I expect this tablet to be free of strange plugs and cables that require pay-me chips to work.

Why I love Microsoft’s vapourware tablet

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It exists...

"Exists" =/= Stuff that's almost the same hardware running a different OS.

It's not in a warehouse, it's not coming off the line in China as I type this. The OS is not even finished!

There is a prototype / mock-up, running beta software. It's not the same "it" that will show up on store shelves.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It exists...

"(perhaps a bit dated once it hits shelves) "

I thought you just said it exists?

Hackers publish payday loan emails after failing to levy 'idiot tax'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: re."... what AmeriCash Advance characterises as an extortionate demand..."

It was only $15, the rest is the transaction fee*

*Not interest, that would be usury, but a transaction fee is totally different.

Facebook loses face: Faced down in faceoff over face-placing

Tom 35 Silver badge

Lawyer speak

"view the subset of their interactions and other content that have been displayed in Sponsored Stories."

Could they come up with a more convoluted way to say that?

Finnish PM rules out Nokia rescue package

Tom 35 Silver badge

That's two words :P

I would say "too late" would fit the idea of a rescue better at this point.

Microsoft set to 'do a Nexus' with its Surface tablet

Tom 35 Silver badge

Plays for sure?

Remember Plays for Sure? One day Microsoft took it into the woods and shot it in the head. Released the Zune to replace it but kept everything to it's self. All the Plays for Sure partners got stiffed. All in an attempt to take on the iPod.

Now we have the iPad that MS have their eyes on. They are not going to copy the iPad, they are going to copy the business model. If you are a partner and you want to make a tablet, you have to sell it cheap to compete then MS get all the money from software and you get zip. Can't see them lining up to give Microsoft their money.

The Nexus was a partner's phone with the name changed. I don't think that's what we are seeing here.

Microsoft's uncloaks Phone 8 developer preview

Tom 35 Silver badge

iPhones 'are all fart and no poo'

So MS is all poo and a fan?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The race is on!

If anyone bought one in Canada they have a three year contract.

Not that I've seen one in the wild, but there must be some suckers out there.

Ten... pieces of tat for Apple fanboys

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: cufflinks

You could just buy the Dell Cufflinks. They are exactly the same but cost less. :P

Adobe feeling drained by new model, but hopes things will improve

Tom 35 Silver badge

Upgrade tradmil

If they fix the bugs instead of bloating it up with useless features to justify the next upgrade it might be worth subscribing. I have been skipping 2 or 3 versions up until now.

CIOs should fear the IP police ... have your get-out-of-jail files ready

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Oh what sensationalist nonsense...

"Because the people who did the work are long since dead, and it is their children and even grandchildren getting paid for doing fuck all?"

Or some corporation, maybe a bunch of lawyers.

The Little Mermaid is clearly still worth something, who should Disney be paying?

LCD TV shipments slip for FIRST TIME EVER

Tom 35 Silver badge


People have upgraded to Digital/HD now and are good for a few years at least.

Like the upgrade to CD give sales a big boost the upgrade to LCD is not something that will go on forever. The attempt to get people to upgrade again with DVD Audio failed and the attempt to get people to upgrade again with 3D or "smart" TV is almot sure to have little effect.

ASA: Rooney tweet was advert, not written expression of his thoughts

Tom 35 Silver badge

It is an ad

So you don't have to say it's an ad if it looks like one? Where do you draw the line? Who decides if it looks enough like an ad to be obvious?

If it's an ad, mark it as an ad as the law requires.

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