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'We asked firms if they were looking at Windows 8, most laughed'

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Re: 0xB16B00B5

The yanks freak out over boobs. See the stupid fuss over the "oh my god, if you slow down the replay and zoom in you can sort of see a boob for a second" super bowl thing.

Surface slab WILL rub our PC-making pals the wrong way – Microsoft

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It's actually a double shot.

First the OEMs get a boot to the head with MS selling Surface, Then they get a kick in the arse when MS expect them to sell systems with Win8 installed.

Twitter airport bomb joke conviction binned in common-sense WIN

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Re: What about the Crown Court judge?

They can't stand streaky windows.

Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' for PC biz

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Re: @h4rm0ny - I believe the MS is getting a unusually bad rap here on this one.....

Is that a fact? Can you give a reference for that please ?

I'd like to see that too. I've only read that it's NOT required.

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Re: Misunderstanding

Yes if you have a computer that runs Windows 7 it will most likely run Win8.

But if you want to sell computers, just being able to run Win 8 is not enough to get you the Windows 8 sticker. If you want the sticker then you have to follow the new rules for stuff like secure boot.

Apple CEO: Frothing fanboi iPhone 5 hype screwed our sales

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Re: @DougS

Except for "blow away even the most optimistic analyst estimates". Not much chance of that.

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Apple will allow you to trade in your old one for a new one if unopened

So how long do you keep your new phone in the box, just in case they release a new one?

How is that "quite good"?

Story gone

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Better watch out...

With that headline you might get sued by Monster Cable.

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout

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Catering to cheap bastards who

No, people who think iTunes is a bloated pile of crap.

I can download a free ebook from Baen directly to my tablet, then later copy it to any computer without the need to install any special software (for XP WMP11 needs to be installed to get the right drivers, but you don't need to use it to access the tablet, just explorer is all you need).

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So square with rounded edges is innovative

Apple was the first to copy all the old tablet shaped things, so now no one else is allowed to.

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You might have done if the Nexus 7 was not for sale.

No I wouldn't.

It's up to version 3, sorry "the new ipad" now and I didn't buy one yet. I had no plans to buy one.

I find the iPad to be over priced, too big, too locked down with too much control freakery on the apps. Apple can stuff it. I do have an ipod 2g and I expect it will be the last ithing I buy. Even jailbroken it's still a pain getting stuff on or off the ipod.

Nexus 7 is not perfect but it's good enough, received mine last Friday.

Amazon crimps free Kindle 3G surfing

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until the calendar flips over to a day starting with a "1".

So the 10th, 11, 12, 13... :P

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' beardy Bolt boast BANNED

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Expensive mistake? What?

"They said the ad was no longer running"

So what did it cost them? They can't do something that were not going to do anyway? Oh dear that's going to hurt!

US Justice Dept rejects criticisms of ebook settlements

Tom 35 Silver badge

why is Apple involved

Because Apple demanded a "no one can sell for less then me" contract.

Iranian nuke plants rocked in midnight 'heavy metal blast'

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Sounds fishy to me

"a worm played Thunderstruck by AC/DC at high volume throughout the night."

Why would their computers even have speakers capable of producing high volume, that could not be turned off?

Google suspends 16GB Nexus 7 orders

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Re: Does Google not know why people want local storage?

The free media player I installed lets me connect to a share on my computer and play video files. I have not rooted my N7.

There are reports that you can use a USB OTG cable with a USB memory stick but I have not picked up a cable to test it yet.

No screen problems with my N7.

Nokia woos networks with 'exclusive Windows 8 mobe deals'

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It's not Nokia anymore

"Such a step would be a major break with tradition for Nokia,"

Nokia is now a Microsoft toadie desperately trying to copy Apple's business plan.

USB charges up to 100 watts

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Re: Great idea!

What? I can't run my kettle off my laptop USB port!

What good is that?

Top plods reconsidering mega deals with Olympo-blunder firm G4S

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Re: Holy Cheeseburger!!!

"Yes, a great idea, outsourcing all these services to the lowest bidder, who in turn will hire poorly paid, undertrained, unmotivated personnel to fill the positions."

Normally they fire everyone, then offer them a new job with less pay and no perks with the new company. The best staff move on to better employers. You are left with under performing, low paid, bitter senior staff and your poorly paid, undertrained, unmotivated new personnel at the bottom.

Little surprise if they decide to make their own perks.

Judge frees nude TSA protester, citing free speech rights

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Re: Doubtful, I think

No he didn't smuggle the stuff in, he parked it outside the fire exit.


If someone else had a gun they would be dead.

Microsoft hires former Hillary Clinton adviser as top strategist

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Re: It's The Name

It may not be a bad search engine, but it's not a good search engine. Google will almost always give you the result you need higher on the page.

But yes it really is a STUPID name. The only time I say "why don't you bing it" is when I'm asked a stupid question and I'm being sarcastic in response.

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Our product sucks

Don't fix the product, hire a professional prevaricator to sell it.

Mega spam-spewing Grum botnet finally KO'd

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Re: Volume...

I had that happen but I was receiving 600 per minute and had to delete that email address. It was like a DDOS attack as my mail server was crawling. Even just bouncing them was slowing down the server.

Lucky it was just an address I created to receive some mailing lists I subscribe to so not a big deal to change.

YouTube blurs faces to protect the innocent

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do they

Keep a clean copy for the cops? It would be too bad if the idiots who post videos of themselves doing something illegal can't get themselves arrested.

New lightest-ever material: Ideal power for electric car

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: So many uses...


That was the first thing I thought of when I read all the things this stuff was going to be good for.

BSkyB punches Virgin Media in ads watchdog fist fight

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Re: copper wire

Try Bell Canada. They have Fibe internet (not a typo, they lost the r when they got slapped for false advertising ). They call it "Fibre network to your neighbourhood" in the fine print. It's just ADSL.

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Tom 35 Silver badge

How is it crippled?

It's a Sony Walkman so it must be crippled some how. It seems that everything newer then the original tape Walkman has been screwed up some how.

Crappy software to get stuff off your PC? Custom cable? Limited format support? DRM?

iPhone 5 poised to trounce Android, devastate BlackBerry?

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Re: small sample

Who paid for the survey?

How did they select the people. People in a high end shopping mall, with an apple store? It's easy to warp the results if you know what you (or your customer) wants.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Scale drawings of screens

all repondents preferred the smaller display.


all repondents thought the Razr was ugly.

You have to create images of the same phone with different size screens if you want to know what screen size they like.

Hacktivists lift emails, passwords from oil biz in support of Greenpeace

Tom 35 Silver badge

Now when something blows up

The oil companies will blame anonymous.

Wouldbe Apple App Store killer WAC disappears into GSMA

Tom 35 Silver badge

under the control of the network operators.

So herding cats.

No surprise it starved to death.

New UK immigration IT system late and £28m OVER BUDGET

Tom 35 Silver badge

optimism bias

Is that how you say "lied your ass off" now?

LG execs fingered in Samsung OLED tech theft

Tom 35 Silver badge

it stands to lose “trillions of won” from the leak.

Did they hire an ex record company exec?

iPhone 5 to be skinniest Apple yet SHOCK

Tom 35 Silver badge

I might be intrested

If they make one that will last a full day without an external batter added on.

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet

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Re: But Can You Use It To Write Documents?

But they just have to add more stuff to list on the box to sell updates. Even the extra value stuff is crap, most of the fonts and almost all the clip art is unusable (I think I used one of the arrows on a wet paint sign once).

When you find some website that was created in Word it's always good for a laugh.

Acrobat is another program where I don't want sound and video crap, I want a file I can email to someone or post on a web site, and another person can print, and the print will look like my copy no mater what software / OS he is using.

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Re: Sigh...

Way would you need more then 5 minutes to know Metro is shit?

I spent longer trying to find a way to turn it off, or better if I could disable it in an active directory policy.

I put Metro on the same list as Active Desktop, and the Office paperclip, except they were not as bad since they could be turned off.

More Steve Jobs iPad mini attacks from beyond the grave

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ummmm Yeah. Right.

I've got a Nexus 7 on order. I was offered a used iPad 2G by a co-worker who lined up for the "new" ipad but decided it was too big. Would have liked an SD slot but otherwise the Nexus is just about what I was waiting for.

Olympics security cockup down to software errors - report

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Large numbers of recruits aren't turning up.

I wonder if someone was just making up people to meet their numbers.

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia

Tom 35 Silver badge

Lumia sales were already sagging.

How can they sag when they didn't have any to start with?

Spotify coining it at home in Sweden: But are artists getting any?

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Re: Some people have missed the point

So it's just the same old thing that's been going on since the record companies first appeared. Still hear all these people pointing at consumers whining that we don't pay enough.

The only real difference I see is that with records/CDs I can buy from anywhere I want, with stuff like iTunes, I can only buy from itunes.ca, or with Spotify I can't buy at all since I live in the wrong place.

Christians get God-optimized 'Edifi' Android fondleslab

Tom 35 Silver badge

Can it add up all your sins for the week

And suggest a donation each Sunday to keep you in the good books with god?

Enter your Visa/MC/American Express here...

Religious wars brewing in ICANN gTLD expansion

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Hmm.

"represent the whole Muslim community"

Good luck with that. Could say the same for any large religion that has split into different groups.

Microsoft promises resellers bumper 2013 with total line-up refresh

Tom 35 Silver badge

Microsoft as investing in improved partner rebates and rewards he said

We have to pay people not to laugh at Windows 8.

Retina MacBook Pro nukes Apple's green credentials

Tom 35 Silver badge

I dont' get it?

You will not pay for a lenovo, that you can snap into place in 5 seconds.

But your are happy to pay for an Apple battery and go the the trouble of having them install it?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Apple *did* respond

Also, EPEAT does not certify a large chunk of Apple's stuff, such as iPods, iPhones and iPads...

Kind of lucky for Apple since they are glued together too.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Doing it wrong?

I expect that the battery and the part of the case it's glued to are considered one part.

Can neighbours grab your sensitive package, asks Post Office

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I am amazed at how far behind the times the UK is.

My local post office is in a printing shop / internet place. Only open to 7pm weekdays, and 6pm on Saturdays.

I have caught the Canada post delivery person sneaking the "you were not here" card into the mail box without knocking.

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

Tom 35 Silver badge


I think I'll want for it to ship and see what people say when they have it in their hands.

I would have liked an SD card slot. My old 2G iPod has 32 GB and is over half full at the moment. If you can mount external storage through the USB port that might be good enough.

A rear camera might have been nice to read bar codes and such.

Don't give a crap about G3 as it's too expensive in Canada, I'll just use my phone for when I really need it.

Microsoft sets October date for Windows 8 release

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Windows 8 - what is it?

- They say faster boot time. They don't say if that's on the same hardware.

- Windows to Go. Put windows on a USB key. But it seems that the host computer has to have windows 8 installed so it's more like your profile on a USB key.

- Secure boot. Yes it's for your own good.

See this for a list.


Most of it is UI stuff, or stuff that already in Win7 but tarted up a bit.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: is it shit or is it good? is it shit or is it good?

Windows 8 = Really Windows 7 crippled to look like a phone. Steaming pool of diarrhoea

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