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FCC to TV broadcasters: Ready, set ... give your spectrum up

Tom 35 Silver badge

I expect

A lot of the TV stations will be owned by companies that also happen to own cell phone companies. They are going to want to keep the free spectrum and transfer it to their own cellphone service.

Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Prior art

Yes, but Apple have the patent for Gravity on a mobile device. Completely different, prior art is invalid.

Nokia tears wraps off new Windows Phone Lumias on steroids

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Thinking of defecting

For some reason I first read that as...

Thinking of defecating...

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Apple weighs in on AntiSec's alleged FBI hack

Tom 35 Silver badge

"with iOS 6 we introduced a new set of APIs meant to replace the use of the UDID and will soon be banning the use of UDID"

So are they going to ban any iThing too old for iOS6?

Sci-Fi fans blow stacks at copybot attacks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Film Studios

The Film Studios (and Andrew Orlowski) will say, see it works! Lets make everyone use the automatic censor bots. A few faults positives is a small price to pay (since they pay nothing) to protect jobs, and creators bla bla bla...

They will just look at you funny if you say this is a bad thing.

iPhone 5 wait drives record Samsung smartphone sales

Tom 35 Silver badge

Waithing for iPhone 5

But they were waiting for the iPhone 5 last year too (only got a 4s).

Android dev smacked with £50k fine over premium rate SMS scam

Tom 35 Silver badge

Apple would never allow it...

Unless they get their 30%...

Windows 7 passes XP, Mac OS X passes Vista

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Mac OS9 --> OSX

I would say that Windows 7 is more of an incremental release, I sometimes call it Vista that works.

Windows 8 adds the not-Metro interface to try and cross promote their tablet things, and don't include anyway to turn it off. That is a much bigger change then Vista -> Win7.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Apply this logic to cars

Yes there were lots of patents for cars, with real blue prints and models.

They didn't have Apple style crap patents like...

Padded seats in a mobile device.

France U-turns on public TV advertising

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Comparison

Going half way can work. In Canada the Olympics were on CBC, that has a mix of government funding and ads. The coverage was well done with a wide range of sports covered.

The last few years it's been CTV and it's been crap. They only show the "popular" sports, or ones that a Canadian might win. They don't cut show like "so you think you can dance" as it's all about the money for them.

The CBC can do a better job because they don't have to make a profit and receive public funding to show programs that are of interest to the public even if they are not of interest to the advertisers.

Amazon flings open doors to Android Appstore in Europe

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Would have been interested

Still not available in Canada (amazon.ca will not even sell me an MP3). I already have Nexus 7 so not much chance of me buying a fire if they ever release it in Canada. It might be nice to have another option for apps, but I'm not going to get too upset over it.

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft quite literally can't lose

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Litigation

They copied the business model, not the phone.

Not that Apple are beyond going after some dead obvious thing, but I don't think they would try it on Microsoft.

Windows 8 tablets unwrapped in Berlin: Dell goes keyless for ARM

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not Inspiron?

Since they are calling the RT tablet the Dell XPS 10 they are putting it with the higher end home computers and not with the cheapo Inspirons. Sounds like they are going to go for an iPad price, not a Nexus 7 price.

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit

Tom 35 Silver badge

What a load of poop.

"As of this writing, an eBay search for "Samsung Galaxy S II" – the model Apple most wants banned – yields 1,521 results."

614,684 results found for iphone 4s... Oh look, everyone is dumping their iPhone...

New Zealand softens software patent ban

Tom 35 Silver badge

he change has been welcomed by patent lawyers – not necessarily a good sign

Understatement of the century I think...

The problem is that a lot of the people writing the laws, are lawyers and/or are owned by corporations.

New rule on blood-soaked metals in mobes is POINTLESS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Very good article

True, but I think this is an exception. I can't see it working for Gold as an example since everything can be done very low tech, so there is not a choke point for industry to control. Of course the law will not help for the same reasons.

Queen of WorldPay cash-machine scam sent down for 2.5 years

Tom 35 Silver badge

paying back $89,000 in restitution

Fat chance, be lucky to get $0.89.

MasterCard beds Everything Everywhere for exclusive pay-by-bonk

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: frank ly

What a joke. Was it created by the same people who created payday loans or something? Sounds like one of the scams to rip off poor people who need a credit card, but the banks will not give them one.

It's Lego's 80th birthday party, but only the boys are invited

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Unfortunately...

They want you to build one thing. It's more of a model kit then a construction set.

Neil Armstrong dies aged 82

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: He would

I wonder how many kids went on to Science, or Engineering because of what they witnessed that day on fuzzy black and white TV.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The jury was right, the law was wrong.

So, they were just following orders?

If the judge told you to jump off a bridge would you?

Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: sign the code?

"Well firstly, if someone has to register and pay to get their malware signed, and typically you would expect a company to be doing this, then that is already a step toward catching people."

The fake AV guys already have credit card processing, toll free phone numbers, websites, shell companies. A key is hardly a big deal.

"you are arguing in favour of a system whereby no cry is raised at a real wolf"

No I'm not, that's what MSE is for. It will say This is a Wolf.

This stupid system will not say This is a Wolf, it will say this might be a Wolf, the same thing it said with all the existing software you bought for your old computer and are now installing on your new Win8 box.

Tom 35 Silver badge

sign the code?

If all you need to do is sign the code then the fake AV guys can afford a key. Are you saying their scam software will show up as good?

I would not be surprised if there is a fee and some running around to get on the good list. Or you can just sell it on the MS app store...

"But the warnings are a good thing."

No meaningless warnings are a bad thing, they will just add to the average users trend to just click yes to anything without reading it. If your computer is always crying wolf, no one will notice a real wolf when it shows up.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Offline install?

"Currently the SmartScreen system does use application information stored at Redmond to validate local apps, hence the information is collected. But Kobeissi points out that the need for this could be eliminated if such data was stored locally on the client end and updated regularly."

So what happens if you install something while you are offline?

If this is part of Windows, and every one has it, I don't think it will take long for the bag guys to find a way around it.

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case

Tom 35 Silver badge

Oh, wait, that's the world we live in....

Not if it had been AT&T instead of BT.

Vodafone phone and mobe biz service goes titsup

Tom 35 Silver badge

They should change the name to...

Vodafone One-Basket

Reagan slams webmail providers for liberal bias

Tom 35 Silver badge

Republicans would never snoop on private communications


Can I get laugh@Reagan ? Might try if it cost $0.40

Microsoft's new retro-flavoured logo channels Channel 4

Tom 35 Silver badge

don't understand just how much effort...

And don't forget the giant circle jerk. There is always a large dose of "the emperor's new clothes" in new corporate logo press releases.

AT&T defends FaceTime price gouge

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: As stated previously

Rogers in Canada block VPN... you have to pay extra "because it's more valuable data" even on a business internet stick plan.

If they can get away with charging extra for something they will.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Isn't it more like

No you should not limit facetime and then charge extra for it.

It's just data, if the tariff is "unlimited but we don't want you to use too much" then the tariff is the problem.

Supply a fixed amount of data then charge a reasonable amount for extra data, that way you don't care if they use loads of data because they paid for it.

But the phone companies don't do that, they want to force you onto the most expensive tariff by charging a stupid amount for going over your fixed limit. Better get the limited Unlimited plan just in case...

Password hints easily snaffled from Windows PCs

Tom 35 Silver badge

I like something a little more subtle... " Rhymes with Duck"

HP posts $8.9bn loss on slow sales, charges in Q3

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: New Strategy

Outsource the Indian staff to... um... Vietnam. Give the CEO a bigger bonus.

Apple TV: Rubbish, you don't like documentaries – I'll just flick to porn

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Dunno -- there's a point

So lets try USB on an iPhone... oh look you can't do it at all, you have to use iTunes, or a cloudy service. Dropbox is quite easy to use to move a file. No USB mode for iPod touch or iPhone.

And with my Nexus 7 I just plug it in, Unlock the screen, and it shows up in Explorer and I can copy what ever I want on or off. Developer options are off.

Add the esFile Explorer app and I can do it over wifi to a network share, Dropbox available here too.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do not want.

First they collect all this profile into about you. They would never use/sell it for another purpose would they?

All the media has to be tagged so it can know what it is. How would this work for Radio? Internet radio maybe but not FM.

As others have said what happens when there is more then one person? Maybe they will patent a remote with a finger print reader, so the one holding the remote gets to watch what they like (Wow, just like now!).

Bogus Android markets seized in FBI software crackdown

Tom 35 Silver badge

What do they do

Go up to people at bus stops with a knife and demand they hand over all their apps?

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Thorium cycle a strong option

They just have to wait for China to get it working then they can buy a Chinese reactor at Walmart.

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Play Rayman Origins

Watched someone play it at a local game shop and thought it looked like fun, thinking of buying until I noticed it was Ubisoft. That's the closest I've come to buying a Ubisoft game in a log time.

I installed the free Babel Rising 3D game on my Nexus 7. Looks nice, game play is stupid, and they sell that as a PC game?

PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Foundering?

Or worse for Facebook. They use it to keep in touch with family, but turn off everything, disable apps/games and use an ad blocker.

Judge gives Google until Friday to dish on paid media

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Google does pay people to write pro-Google stuff

You quote some one saying Google doesn't pay anyone off to write dirt, then provide links that say someone writes nice things about Google.

Don't see anything about paying for people to write dirt.

Of course you don't have to pay people to write dirt about Oracle, I'm sure you could find hundreds who will do it for free!

HTC takes another punch to the wallet, loses $40m OnLive investment

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Looks like the naysayers were right.

For casual gamers a cheap app works fine, requires no internet connection (works on the subway) and you don't have to worry about a server outage.

How would Angry Birds be better if it was Cloudy?

Google loads Moto Mobility cannon, fires patent shells at Apple

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's like watching someone play Battleships

You forgot to add that you can move your ships, or add more ships during the game. Oh and you can lie and say miss when they hit you.

Hipstamatic axes most of staff to focus on art, creativity

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Eh

Facebook paid a pile of cash for the other guys, that's plan one shot to hell. Now they have to find another sucker with too much money to buy them.

Ten phones for seniors

Tom 35 Silver badge

charging cradle

The one thing my dad had problems with was getting the USB cable the right way up, and dropping the wire on the floor while trying to plug it in, mini USB at the time, but micro is even harder to see.

It took some searching but I found a phone with a cradle so he could just drop the phone in and let it charge.

That Panasonic looks like it would have been perfect for him.

HP to take one more stab at consumer tablets

Tom 35 Silver badge


Will it make the stock price go up next quarter?

It's going to take a few years to really get going? Forget it, I'll be the CEO of a different company by then.

They need to do something original... maybe outsource their Indian workers to Elbonia.

eBay invites mystic wrath over ban on spells, potions and lotions

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: They are just mad

They will have to sell a book or some tacky plastic "crystals" and include the magic for free with purchase, or some other scam to get around the rules. But at least it will eat into their 100% profit margin a bit.

Scientists find safer way to store hydrogen

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Why Hydrogen instead of methane?

If your just going to burn it, might as well use Natural Gas. Natural Gas cars are available, they are not great...

They are working on fuel cells for Methane but they are not as advanced as Hydrogen full cells.

Methane is currently cheap because it's mostly made from Natural Gas or coal, you can make it from rotting garbage but not enough for more then some local heating.

If you have extra electricity off peak it can be used to split water to hydrogen, when used it's back to water.

Tech hacks should admit taking corporate coin, but don't start a witch hunt

Tom 35 Silver badge

Just look at Game mags

Game that crashes every 5 minutes, until the 200MB patch comes out 2 months after release, then it only crashes every time you try to save...

4.5 out of 5!

Full page ad for game in the middle of the "review".

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow

Tom 35 Silver badge

dusting off the Windows key on the keyboard that you have never used before.

I use the Windows key all the time. Hit Windows, type the first two or three letters of the program I want and launch a program without reaching for the mouse (or touching the screen thank you very much!).

Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: If you root your Nexus

Some other devices don't need to be rooted to support flash drives with OTG USB.

I wonder who we should be asking (Google or Asus) to unlock this feature so we don't have to root our Nexus to access that useful feature?

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