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Microsoft's Surface bait-and-switch won't make people buy Windows 8

Tom 35 Silver badge

"tactic to spur people on, to get Windows 8 really successful."

That's backwards. They stuck a phone UI on Windows thinking it would spur on people to buy Serface and Phone. They think people are locked into Windows so they can use it as a lever.

They are also trying to force Web Services. Click on the calendar and it will not let you look at anything until you log into a Microsoft account. The Weather app has ads like some free phone ap.

Skype 3.0 lands on Android tabs, says all your bass are belong to it

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Just updated...

The old one was kind of crap, and didn't use it much. The new one has been un-installed. That was not an update.

Why do Smart TV UIs suck?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Never mind the UIs

Download the latest update for my Blu Ray player.

You get the updates to the DRM so the latest FOX discs will play.

3-4 'new" services you never wanted (Darts TV, Basket Weaving, Poker...)

But the basic stuff still just sort of works.

Autonomy to HP: bollocks

Tom 35 Silver badge

I expect both are true.

HP paid way too much for it.

Then squeezed the life out of what they did get.

Now they want to pass the blame.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Assumptions

What tax?

German city dumping OpenOffice for Microsoft

Tom 35 Silver badge

Office 2000? I wonder what else they are running?

PIII with 512 MB Ram, Windows 2000?

So will this be followed by "We are also going to buy all new computers"?

Oh, and our printers don't have drivers for Windows7.

Microsoft building poo-powered carbon-neutral data center

Tom 35 Silver badge

Even if it's not converted to electricity

It can be mixed with natural gas and burned for heat.

A landfill not far from me pipes methane to a local factory that uses it to reduce the amount of natural gas they use.

Oprah Winfrey too late to save Microsoft's Windows 8

Tom 35 Silver badge

Push Windows under the bus

MS have pushed Windows under the bus in order to promote their Phones and tablets. They so want to be Apple that they will try and force desktop users to work with a phone UI.

Oh and why do I need a full screen weather app? And why is there a shampoo ad when I scroll all the way over to the right?

Why when I click on calendar do I get -you are not logged onto your Microsoft account, please log on and try again?

Why did they remove the registry setting to turn off metro that was in the beta? They should have made it a check box in the final version.

If not-Metro is any use people would not turn it off right? But it's all about selling Phone and being the next Apple.

Republicans deny Hollywood pressure to pull copyright proposal

Tom 35 Silver badge

Republicans deny Hollywood pressure to pull copyright proposal

They just reached their funding target.

Telcos react coldly to renewed UK.gov smut-censoring push

Tom 35 Silver badge


And once the "think of the children" system is in place it will be simple to add a list of stuff they don't like that will be filtered for everyone with no opt-out.

Why IT chiefs are irrelevant to Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Yet another hack at pushing BYOD.

"So we have now decided that the only way to make changes in a company is to use a back door/low level trick of getting the employees to "override" the upper management decisions"

More like MS will give free tablets to upper management and tell them there will be no problem* using it with the company systems.

*as long as all your software and servers are the latest versions.

Microsoft offers 60-day free trial of Office 2013

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What a crock of shit office 2013 is

"Again, open the Charms menu (stupid name, I know), and click on Settings. There's a power-off button under there."

You mean hover over the invisible spot (but don't click!) then move over the sort of gear thing (now you have to click), now click on the power thing, then click shut down.

See? Dead easy, why would anyone have trouble finding that?

Ten four-bay NAS boxes

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Agreed. They should at least have reviewed both, and it's also odd...

Yes they just mention in passing that the Synology can be expanded easily, and then don't say anything for any of the others. I would think that was a major feature that should be covered for all of them. Don't care how much ram they have, I want to know how they work!

Galapagos islands bombed with 22 tonnes of Blue Death Cornflakes

Tom 35 Silver badge

They have cats too

They like lizard and bird more then rat.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Species specific rat poison.

I think they just need to make it green (for the US species at lest). Maybe add a BMW logo.

New Microsoft Windows chief 'shocked' by Sinofsky defenestration

Tom 35 Silver badge

Must have pissed off someone in marketing

Maybe said something like they need to provide an off switch for not-metro in win8 enterprise, or joked about creating Windows Lego edition.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I recall and article...

Yes Hydrogen can be extracted from urea (see my first post). They are working on a system for the military, but it's not just the electricity (produced from a fuel cell) that makes it worth while, it also produces drinkable water (and Ammonia as a waste product).

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Quick calculations

Lets try from the other end.

Honda's smallest generator is 1000 W max.

At 25% load it will run for about 3.5 hours on 1L of gasoline.


If you think you can get more energy from 1L of piss then 1L of gasoline I've got some cold fusion plans to sell you.

It also looks like your including the Hydrogen in the water (check how much energy it takes to split water).

Maybe you would also be interested in my special magnet kit that will allow your car to run on water.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Urea to H2

Yes you can get H2 from Urea in piss. For example


But nothing like the amount they would need to run a generator.

Takes way to much energy to split water, better to just use a battery.

Twitter simps fall for 'Obama punched a guy' vid promise scam

Tom 35 Silver badge

They should do a poll

Post a "Mitt Romney punches a girl" and see who gets the most infections.

Windows 8 security is like a swiss cheese flak jacket - sez AV firm

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Twisted Garbage

I've not looked at what they say about the windows 8 version, but it's Security Essentials renamed and installed by default, and they push Security Essentials as a replacement, and say not to run it and another AV program at the same time.

Google, Amazon, Starbucks are 'immoral' and 'ridiculous' over UK tax

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Who wrote the laws

Brown envelopes will be passed around and the wealthy will continue not paying tax. Might even get a new loop hole.

I suspect that will be an outcome.

Cisco sets ex-CIA spook to hunt down leaking staffer

Tom 35 Silver badge

no consideration of the value inherent in real world TCO

I don't think that's the problem. I'm sure the CSU's IT department, having used Cisco took the RFC response and multiplied it by 5 or 6 to get an estimate of the "real world TCO".

Judge drops TV ad-block block: So how will anyone pay for TV now?

Tom 35 Silver badge

TV, Go loud - mute, go on too long - skip,

You forgot one that I "love". Show the same ad more then once in an ad break, or more then twice in one program.

I've seen them run the same ad twice every ad break for an hour, some times twice in a row.

Apple seeks cooling fan patent for iPhone, iPad

Tom 35 Silver badge

"suggested use of the iDevice's audio-out jack as either an air input or output port."

That's just stupid. Even if no one ever watches a movie with headphones how much air do they think they can get through the 3.5mm hole?

Egypt takes hard line on internet pr0n, calls for total ban

Tom 35 Silver badge

"I think the point is to live according to the character and social norms outlined in the Quran"

What group have the correct interpetation?

Most of the established religions are just as bad, each group sure they are the only ones going to someplace good, while everyone else is going someplace bad.

Adobe Reader 0-day exploit surfaces on underground bazaars

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: PostScript Rendering should be a solved problem.

How else can they keep people on the upgrade treadmill?

Office for Android, Apple iOS: 'REALLY REAL this time' - report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Several decent, fully featured Office suites on Android already

You think Office for (not)WindowsRT will be the same as Office for Windows feature for feature?

I guess they could cripple Office 2013 so it's the same as the RT version, just like they made Windows 8 look like a phone, but that would not go over well!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Word for Android and iOS?

MS want to make Android and iOS tablets run slower then you can type too?

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM

Tom 35 Silver badge

Microsoft has rebranded its Messenger in keeping with the times...

So they are not killing it, just changing the name to Microsoft Skipe Messenger.

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "Apple has launched an overpriced and under-specced turkey"

I hold my Nexus 7 like that all the time while reading on the subway. One hand to hold on to a pole, one for the Nexus. Very secure, not going to drop it if someone bumps me or they slam on the brakes. I can even turn pages with one hand.

Microsoft-Netflix bid rumours feast on froth – and logic

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Microsoft to buy another dying company

Having all their eggs in one basket they are an easy target for greedy content companies. Your making money, give it to us!

Disney just added some of their crappier movies to the Canadian Play store. You can now "buy" Cars 2 but the download costs more then the DVD/Blu Ray combo at Amazon. That's just stupid, it's also typical.

Tom 35 Silver badge

activist investor

Between the strip miner and Microsoft Netflix may be toast.

BOFH: Tenacious B and the Printer of Destiny

Tom 35 Silver badge


I find that CEOs print EVERYTHING in colour.

Buy a Dye-sub printer so they get high quality photos then print their email on it.

Inside the iPad mini: Pray you never have to open one

Tom 35 Silver badge

"Nexus 7 Repairability Score: 7 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)"

The iPad mini gets a 2.

They say "Battery replacement can be accomplished without soldering—or even a screwdriver." for the Nexus 7. I've replaced iPod batteries and it's a bugger of a job.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do people moan that their TV, Microwave, Dishwashers are hard to open and repair?

No, because they are not. Half the time you can do a repair with one screwdriver.

Replacing the battery on my iPod was a bitch.

5 Tokyo devs cuffed over 'The Movie' Android app scam

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I don't know if this says something...

I seem to remember reading that there is an Angry Birds movie in the works...

So Game: The Movie is not that big a surprise.

That ANYONE would want to watch such a movie is more of a surprise.

So I would think it shows VERY bad taste in entertainment rather then gullibility.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: this reminds me of my favourite statistic

Good thing they didn't look at kids who read comics on their smart phone while listening to rock music...

Forgetting Microsoft: How Steve Ballmer's Surface could win

Tom 35 Silver badge

Why should google devices have the monoply of google only services?

I have a Nexus 7 and it did come with all the Google services. But I had no problem installing a different email client, video player, browser...

I'm not locked to Google only. That's one of the big reasons why I bought the Nexus and not an iThing. It will take a while and maybe a service pack before I know if (not)WindowsRT is like Apple or not. Will it be IE only for example?

Apple turns off Siri’s potty mouth

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @AC OP

That would be great. Just have to give the cops an iPhone and they would hardly have to do any work at all...

Where did Siri find the info?

Ballmer bets 'all in' on Phone 8 and Windows

Tom 35 Silver badge


If we take what you say as true, Apple still didn't invent it, and Android still didn't copy it from Apple.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "claimed that Windows Phone 8 has 46 of the top 50 mobile apps in use today."

43 of them are different versions of Angry Birds...

Yahoo! will! ignore! 'Do! Not! Track!' from! IE10!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "it does not accurately reflect user intent"

How would turning it off by default be a better way to "accurately reflect user intent".

You would have to ask users if they want to be tracked the first time the run the browser for it to "accurately reflect user intent".

What percentage of people do you think will click "please track me"?

Advertisers only hope is to have it off by default.

Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'

Tom 35 Silver badge

The Surface Pro fits within the existing enterprise ecosystem

No it will be way too expensive.

Like XP tablet, and Win7 tablets, they will be limited to a few specialized uses, and executive toys.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Most of the problems with Surface

Were popularized by Apple first. The lockdown, single source, my way or the highway system used for the Surface was first popularized by Apple.

Apple don't need to worry about the Surface, because MS also copied the price of the iPad. If MS pull a playbook and slash the price then Apple might have something to worry about.

GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'd be more intrested

If it didn't have the fake iOS look. Wonder if you can load standard Jelly Bean, and what's the battery life like?

No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise

Tom 35 Silver badge

I suspect you are Le Troll, sir :)

Maybe he is holding it wrong.

Surface tablets snapped up on pre-order, but no camping in the street

Tom 35 Silver badge

it comes w/Office 2013 does it not?

I expect it will be Office 2013 in the same way that Windows RT is (not)Windows.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?

Tom 35 Silver badge

"tell that to anyone who regretted installing Windows Vista and had to wait until Windows 7 arrived."

And then for a extra insult they had to pay the same amount to upgrade to Win7 as the people who stuck with XP.

Apple unveils iPad mini, upgrades its big brother

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: FFS - Does anyone know how to do math?

Apple talks about more screen area for web pages. How about a video? Most current video is 16:9 (or more for a lot of movies).

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