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Nokia decrypts browser traffic, assures public not to worry

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: none of the traffic is visible to any of its staff

No staff, it's outsourced to contractors in India.

New tool jailbreaks Microsoft Surface slabs in 20 SECONDS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not really MS

Any type of locked down to make you buy our stuff is not going to work. How long do they take to jailbreak iOS after every update? Most Android devices are easy to root. Even DVD region codes.

This is just another example of how pointless it is to try and lock stuff.

Report: Tablets to outsell ALL PCs by 2016

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Windows 8 is a tablet operating system with an older desktop OS built in for backwards compatibility"

I have a Surface. It's a desktop OS with a phone UI tacked onto the top. Just hit windows-x to see all your old friends from past versions of windows, and it your going to do more then play angry birds your going to need some of them. To get mine to print to my home network I had to edit the HOSTS file for example. Using notepad, and you really don't want to do that with the touch screen.

A pre-ticked box in web forms should NOT mean consent - EU report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Or just cheaper ones.

Just what the world needs: Android in the rice cooker

Tom 35 Silver badge


Soon we really will have the pot calling the kettle black.

Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors

Tom 35 Silver badge

surprised not to see it here.

Mayby not available on Amazon so no Amazon kickback button to post with the "review".

Maybe it should be called " Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors your can buy at Amazon".

Silly Rabbit! Like Trix, color e-readers are for kids

Tom 35 Silver badge

Momma don't take my kodachrome away

Kodachrome (or Technicolor for that mater) is/was great, but dead.

At last! A REAL use for NFC: Bonking butler bots and oven-puters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Vapourware time

And the kids drank all the milk and put the empty carton back in the fridge. The wilted salad makings that you would have noticed if you had had a look still show up as good on the phone.

Do you have a new chore where someone has to update the inventory each day... kind of defeats the idea.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'm not getting this 'issue' with TIFKAM

It looks to me like you do get it. TIFKAM is as useful as Active Desktop.

All MS had to do was not remove the registry setting to tun it off, or better provide a check box to turn it off. Let people have a standard, supported way to turn it off, but still be able to call it up manually if they want to.

But no, MS has thrown Windows under the bus to try and sell phones.

Tom 35 Silver badge

They want...

Intel wants everyone to buy an Ultrabook with not just an i5/7 CPU but the complete set of intel chips. They think everyone will want to spend $1000 on a computer if they make it cool like a Macbook Air.

MS want to sell Phones and tablets locked to their own apps store. They thing making Windows look like the phone will some how sell phones.

They seem to think this will some how magically get people with a $400 laptop running 7 or even XP to spend double that amount on a new Ultrabook running ugly OS. Surface? If they are going to spend that much they will just buy an iPad, everyone else will be an android.

Razer uncages Core i7, GeForce megaslab for hardcore gamers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Looks more like a mid-level gaming laptop

Then a real gaming PC to me.

Should be able to cook up a grilled cheese while you play.

Do you get a tump strap with the battery add on?

Intel bets the farm on touch-enabled 'convertible and detachable' Ultrabooks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Change - when it's better

Just because the company wants things to change is not going to make people change... How are sales of those "smart" TVs going? 3D TV? DVD Audio? Coming soon 4k TV with no program source, that should fly off the shelf.

The boss will get a Sony touch screen ultra book, every one else will get a $400 Dell laptop.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Stuff the touch-enabled Ultrabooks

Just give me a netbook with one of them 10 watt core chips.

Lots of luck trying to jack up the price people will pay.

Bob Dylan's new album is 'Copyright Extension Collection'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @JaitcH: When you die...

Even better.

Live off dead dad's royalties and pay someone minimum wage to clean your toilet.

Biomass bummer: carbon mitigation could increase ozone

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What about the "other pollutants"?

Ozone is only produced when high levels of nitric oxides are present. Without the nitric oxides it will reduce ozone levels. The nitric oxides generally come from cars, power stations or other industrial sources (the source of the CO2 in the first place).

Now if we use genetically engineered trees (that just happen to be patented by some big multinational) then some company can make lots of money and we can keep driving SUVs.

USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013

Tom 35 Silver badge

SuperDuper Speed

Or maybe just "the New USB"

The naming of versions in place of numbers is stupid most of the time. USB Vista?

Sky watchers prep for early 2013 asteroid fly-bys

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Canadian astronaut warns William Shatner of life on Earth

Tom 35 Silver badge

Some people play guitar in the bathroom for this reason.

I was once in a public washroom when some one decided it would be interesting to find out what bagpipes sound like in a tile covered room...

Never ever allow anyone to bring bagpipes to the ISS!

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Err...

You have a programmer telling everyone "it's not a bug, it;s a feature" so piss off there is nothing to fix...

Only then did he get a smack up the side of the head. When Linus told him it was something that DID need to be fixed.

If this was a normal job it would be.

-Tell co-worker to get stuffed.

- Ignore boss

- Have company president come by your work area to give you shit.

Satnav-murdering Google slips its Maps into car dashboards

Tom 35 Silver badge

Integrated satnavs

"car manufacturers are just as keen to become providers of ongoing services (at ongoing cost) as everyone else."

I've noticed more cars with Integrated satnavs AND regular satnavs lately. The couple people I talked to said the map update cost more then a new satnav with life time maps, and the built in one was not very good to start with.

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

Tom 35 Silver badge

Another "Plays for Sure"

Not making any money, can't be bothered, turned off the server.

Traffic app Waze 'turned down Apple's $400m, wants $750m' - report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do not want

all that crap when I'm trying to drive, also don't want people around me playing with that when they should be watching where they are going.

Also... incentivise - 1 zillion points.

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Be careful who you engage with anti-competitive allegations

From the fine people who bring you active X and silverlight.

SECRET RIM patent cheque to Nokia revealed at last - and it's a big 'un

Tom 35 Silver badge


Likely for real technical patents, not slide to unlock, round corners, and square icons.

HP itching to flog flaccid biz units: Are Autonomy, PSG in firing line?

Tom 35 Silver badge

For sale

Empty shell

- All top staff have moved to better places.

- Rest of staff outsourced to India

- Still have good selection of management types.

Facebook fixes 'Peeping Tom' webcam bug - AFTER 5 MONTHS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Digital etiquette:

Don't post anything private on the internet.

Anti-virus products are rubbish, says Imperva

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Educate the User

Not all are self inflected, but when you see a user with 3 or more toolbars on IE there is a good chance that running Malwarebytes will find something nasty as well.

The amazing magical LED: Has it really been fifty years already?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Painted sheetmetal is so crude by comparison.

Now it's black plastic with small off-white text that can't be read from more then 6" away.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Duck tape

Proper 'Gaffer' tape is different them Duck/Duct tape (and much more expensive).

Tibetan monks lose their TVs as China's censors raid monasteries

Tom 35 Silver badge

Religion itself is rarely the problem:- more of a problem is Organised religion.

With organised religion someone is in charge. And at some point there will be some one else who wants to be in charge (like the Chinese in this case) or religions split from the inside. How many different types of Christians are there now? How many different versions of the Bible (if it's the word of god only one can be right) Who is it trying to blow up all the Shia Muslims of late? Oh right, other Muslims. The Troubles ran along religious lines but was really about who was in charge.

"If you don't believe, fine: that's your choice. Is it really necessary though to insult and denigrate those who do believe, but do not encroach upon you in any way?"

Well that would be fine but it only ever happens for religions that are in the minority. You have people who say the US is a christian state, or Egypt is a muslim state, and they VERY MUCH want to encroach upon everyone. Just look at birth control laws or dress code laws for examples, or worse blasphemy laws.

Hm, nice idea that. But somebody's already doing it less well

Tom 35 Silver badge

Nothing about patents?

Come out with a wizzy new cell phone, but get hit with slide to unlock?

If you are doing something in a new way there is a good chance some of the old patents still apply.

And there are trolls with patents that in effect science fiction. Once you make it work they show up.

The year GNOMES, Ubuntu sufferers forked off to Mint Linux

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: A good question

If the computer is in a legal or Doctor's office the search could leak private info if you make a specific search.

Tom 35 Silver badge

having a "computing environment"

The excuse for Windows 8 is that MS want to sell phones and make lots of money like Apple...

What is Canonical's excuse for creating unusable crap?

Craptastic analysis turns 2.8 zettabytes of Big Data into 2.8 ZB of FAIL

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: would you like a cookie?

But that's a little backward. They want to sell you to some advertiser. Here are 1000 people who might buy your crap

NYC mayor pins crime rate spike on iPhone, iPad theft

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Disingenuous

Maybe, maybe not.

Some might be poor kids stealing from rich kids so they can have cool phones too. If all stolen phones don't work...

Some might just be opportunists making some easy cash, if there is nothing else as tempting being waved around in the air.

Might even switch to selling drugs or something else.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: But... Reading fail, fail

"3,890 more Apple products were snatched during the year than in 2011"

"If you just took away the jump in Apple, we'd be down for the year,"

2012: The year that netbooks DIED

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ultrabooks with "premium specs"

Dell Latitude had optional hi-res screens. The standard screen was 1024x768 but if you were important you got the better screen. Something like 1280x1024 if I remember. This was models like the D600 and even earlier. IBM Thinkpads were also available with high resolution screens. It's only been the last few years that it's been hard to find a laptop with a nice screen.

Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012

Tom 35 Silver badge

Poor baby

Only about 100x what most people make.

Feeling poor? WHO took all your money? NOT capitalist bastards?

Tom 35 Silver badge

capitalist bastards

Since the multinationals don't make any "profit" at all how would you expect anything to add up to 100%?

Rocket 'Grasshopper' leaps higher than tall building in single bound

Tom 35 Silver badge

More the weight / space I would think

It's fuel they have to lift along with the second stage, and reduces room for fuel to do that lifting.

Ten… top tech cock-ups of 2012

Tom 35 Silver badge

dropped codenames before release heaps of times

Except for Win Phone 7... even if only two people bought one.

But yes the biggest fail is not being able to come up with a non-crap name to replace it.

Facebook tests feature to let strangers pay to message you

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Check the numbers

Don't worry, they will have a discounted per 1,000 rate soon.

'Shake to charge', similar crapps foul up Amazon Android store

Tom 35 Silver badge

Malicious apps?


They don't do anything, good or bad. They are crap, not malicious apps.

I think you have confused "Security researchers" with "Anti-virus sales people".

Dead Steve Jobs' mega yacht seized by testy Philippe Starck

Tom 35 Silver badge

I should start designing boats instead of commenting on El Reg...

From the look of that boat you don't even need to be any good at it.

Apple said to be testing 46, 55-inch big-screen TVs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Will it

Be 4x3?

Not that I think Apple is dumb enough to think they can make big money on a TV.

Valve hauls down The War Z, offers refunds

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: sadly

There are LOTS of games in the Apple app store that suck. Both free and paid. Apple just check that they run and follow the rules. They don't check to see if they are any fun to play.

Windows Vista woes killed MS Pinball

Tom 35 Silver badge

The Microsoft Studios FX2 is also available on the Surface. Free with one table, more cost extra.

The free "Mars" table is on the over complex side, kind of like the last of the real pinball games when they were trying to compete with video games. Not the same as the classic MS Pinball.

Report: US government plans legal assault on foreign hackers

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'm surprised

they are not using Kim Dotcom as an example of how it will work...

Rude web trolls should NOT be jailed, warns prosecution chief

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Bad law

It's a law that in effect makes you subject to arrest for doing something someone important doesn't like.

McDonalds fried for serving spam

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "A formal warning"

Their wrong doing will catsup with them.

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