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Latest Symantec CEO's 'revolution' could axe 1,000 jobs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Sounds like they've worked out...

Sounds more like a typical CEO "how to make the stock market happy" then a "how to make to product and service better for the customer" plan.

Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France

Tom 35 Silver badge

Why would companies leave France

To set an example?

They don't want every other country to copy the tax. What they lost in France would be less then what it would cost if other countries copy the tax.

Tech firms face massive tax bill if Dutch vote to end loopholes

Tom 35 Silver badge

politicos aren't clever at writing legislation

You think the loopholes are just bad law writing?

I'm sure a lot of thought went into making sure they only work for the big corps that paid for them. Can't have any normal people using a loophole!

UK malls use Google in desperate stab at luring shoppers off the web

Tom 35 Silver badge

They switch to monser stores

With a load of part time minimum wage staff that don't know anything.

They have killed all the small stores with proper staff with cheaper prices.

Now there is no reason not to just buy online.

Microsoft's Intel-powered Surface Pro to launch in February

Tom 35 Silver badge

Those rates might not be so unreasonable


Unless they are selling this as an executive toy, then it's about right.

‘That’s not art’ says Apple as it pulls nudes from AppStore

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Re: "browsers – which last time El Reg checked, allow access to all manner of inappropriate content"

At least they give you an adult content warning when you download Opera.

Mobes, web filth 'pornifying' our kids, warns top Labour MP

Tom 35 Silver badge

unable to teach effective sex education.

Sex - Don't do it. Is not effective.

Just ask Texas

Megaupload outed file-sharers to Feds months before Dotcom raid

Tom 35 Silver badge

trust Obama' DOJ

You think the other bunch are not just as bought as this bunch?

Germany's RTL pulls free-to-air channels off terrestrial TV

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'll be glad when I don't see TV listings published in papers.

I expect the papers might be gone first...

Tom 35 Silver badge

I can see that coming in Canada too

Cable, satellite, cell phones, internet are largely owned by the same companies in each region (Bell, Rogers, Tellus). So for them Free TV = Bad. Better to use the bandwidth for cell phones and force everyone onto cable or satellite where they can also have the chance to charge them for pay per view and sign them up for extra subscription movie/ sports channels. There will be no local TV, just network TV running out of the big city centres.

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I get offended by people getting offended by this...

If you buy the DVD set of the old original Sesame Street it's labelled "Not suitable for children" .

Wireless performance will collapse, prices rise: Deloitte

Tom 35 Silver badge

And yet

The cell phone companies continue to push crap like TV on your phone. Anything to add a few $ to the monthly charge.

Why no one wants to Joyn GSMA's Skype-killing expedition

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Move along, please. Nothing to see

It would cost me $.75/min to call India on my cell phone.

If I make a free wifi 1 hour skype call the phone company sees this as a loss of $45. So any service they come up with should make the same kind of profit with out considering that I only made the call because it was free. If they block VOIP or come up with their own expensive service I'll just be making a 2 minute call.

Tom 35 Silver badge

"When we look at innovation on the internet we see that Apple... Google... Skype... they all own their own platforms and can innovate as they wish, driving their own development ... perhaps [operators] shouldn't be so quick to jump into bed with the competition.

But that's what operators have always done: worked together to ensure interoperability,"

They are on different layers. OTT can work on any network. If O2 create their own Skype that only works on the O2 network it's worthless. They have to interoperate with the other networks just to match OTT.

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Fortythousand Schmortythousand

how many other apps are needed?

*Four-five office suits,

Zero, Office is it.

*ten editors (baby versions of popular desktop ones, and mainly for markup and scripting languages --- nobody in their right mind will do heavy duty work, e.g. compiling, on a tablet),

Zero, desktop apps are banned. There are two modern apps, one with a single suspect 5 star ratting, one with 4 ratings and the first review said no copy and paste.

*less than ten browsers,

Yes it's less, zero. IE is all you need.

*ten weather widgets,

There are a few, I'm using the Weather Network app. Better then Bing and no flippin big ad in the middle.

*less than ten calendar widgets (which IMO the OS should already do),

There is a very basic one built in (you must log into a windows account to use it) but I'm not using it since I don't carry the surface around with me.

Your editor is not needed by most people, but they may need other specialized apps for what they do. Sales might need an expense tracking app for example. Educational apps are mostly unrated, or 1-2 star.

The missing apps are things MS will not allow (Browsers, desktop apps), and the specialized apps.

Lots of companies from radio stations to shopping malls produce apps, but just for IOS and Android, nothing for surface.

Tom 35 Silver badge

I have a Window RT Surface. It was a gift, never would have paid for one. I also have a Nexus 7 that I did pay for.

1. Windows RT devices are too expensive - 100% true. For that kind of money almost anyone would buy an iPad, some will buy something else and keep the change. Finding that there are ads in some of the built in apps...

2. The software stinks - True again.

Apps. Large numbers of the apps are more useless then fart apps, I've found quite a few that don't even work but still got into the store. Top Paid and Top Free include a lot of apps with low ratings, very few ratings, or even zero ratings.

Active tiles - Arrrg. Flip, Flip, Flash Flash. All turned off except weather and news. Can't lock tiles in place, move one in a group and you never know what it's going to move.

Desktop - Office, it's better then the Office apps for Android, but the one time I tried to do work on it excel kept crashing but the same file worked fine on my desktop with Office 7, and I ended up plugging in a mouse. All the stuff in Windows 8 (or Windows 7 other then strat) is still there, once you look under the tacky phone UI all the non touch stuff is there. For example connecting to my printer (connected to an XP box) was exactly the same as it was with Windows 7. First I had to add an entry in the HOSTS file (using notepad), but I didn't have rights to edit it (even though you get an admin account by default) so I had to take ownership of the file, give my self rights. Now I can resolve the XP box. Now a manual printer install, pick a "close enough" printer since I can't download a driver, and I'm done. But non of this is a touch interface, you need that keyboard with touch pad, or even a real mouse. This OS is Frankenstein in a dress. VPN only supports basic stuff, can't connect to the SSL vpn at work, Cisco say that they don't have enough access to make their VPN work.

3. Microsoft is competing with itself - I don't really see that as the problem. They should not have called it Windows (even more so for Phone). It's not Windows XBox 360, so why Windows Phone?

4. Microsoft is competing with everyone else, too - That's to be expected, but they are not doing a good job, see 1 and 2.

5. Windows RT is too closed - They want to be Apple. Worse, the desktop is there, but you can't add anything.

6. Hardware OEMs haven't bought in. They know it's mostly dead.

7. Microsoft's marketing sucks - They are trying to be Apple again. But people know what an iPod is already... Window RT? WTF is that?

Two other things...

Charging - No USB charging. You can only charge with the Brick, and a second brick will cost you $40. Every other tablet I've used supported USB charging (might be slow but it worked). And it seems to suck quite a bit of power in standby too.

Video Out - It's standard micro HDMI (good) but they don't tell you and try to sell you a $40 adaptor when a $5 cable works fine.

Microsoft promises big shiny tool to cheer glum Windows resellers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: That's a terrible thing...

True, he is not very Shiny.

Web firms drool as ballgazer spies $11bn mobile ad spend in 2013

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ad spend on mobile - Microsoft FAIL.

MS is putting ads in their own apps including ones that are part of the default install of Windows 8 / RT like the weather app (Toyota ad right now). For a free app like MS Solitaire you get full screen video ads.

Swartz prosecutor: We only pushed for 'six months' in the cooler

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: 'We were big softies all the way' - Yeah, right

But it all depends who you pissed off.

If you say guessed my email password and posted my emails all over the internet I don't think I could get the cops to do more then had me a form to fill out.

Now if it's some politicians email account, and you make them look bad... off to jail you go.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Prosecutor not to blame

If he was a Banker he could have given them 10% of his ill gotten gain and not even admit guilt. But he pissed off the wrong people and squished.

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: An NRA spokespersons said...

"We seem to be able to pay for an awful lot of medical care (vaccinations for example) already in schools, "

They really are cheap and have a quick payback in saving on medical care when people don't get sick.

"adding a few cheap psychiatric tests to identify the potentially problematic... Whilst just about everyone seems to be in favour of screening people for conditions like sickle-cell anaemia, too many people object to psychiatric screening of chidren or young adults"

Sickle cell has an accurate test with a yes/no answer. There is no cheap test that can accurately give you a yes/no result (or an expensive one for that matter). So if they say someone has the potential of maybe going nuts what do you do? Lock them up just in case? They are already kicking people out on the street who need treatment. It seems the same people who want everyone to buy guns, also want to cut spending on medical care.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: An NRA spokespersons said...

I think it's more like "the people with "missing screws"" and easy access to guns.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: An NRA spokespersons said...

"he could simply have used another weapon (a car, cooking knives, fireaxe, sharpened pencil, a two-by-four with a nail in it "

If I was say a fireman arriving at a fire and you were sitting on a hill overlooking the fire, I'd much prefer you had a sharpened pencil then an AR15.

If Adam Lanza's mom didn't have an AR15 she would likely still be dead, but a lot of other people would still be alive.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: An NRA spokespersons said...

I seem to remember some guy in China was found dead in a game centre after playing for 36 hours strait... games do kill people!

ESA, NASA agree on Orion module supply

Tom 35 Silver badge


Lots of time for the conservatives to get in again and divert all the money to weapons.

Look out, fanbois: One in two nicked mobes is an iPhone - cops

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Apple would like you to sit on a jury in a small legal case they have going against Samsung."

No they don't.

They say customers can't tell them apart so there should be tons of Samsung phones being stolen. Crook went out to steal a iPhone but got confused and took a Samsung. Apple has been deprived a replacement sale! Apple should be compensated for every Samsung stolen!

HP maintains seat atop wheezing, spavined PC market

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Excuse me Reg - your talking cr4p

What £250 tablet, it seems most people are buying iPads and the current version starts at £399 and tops out at £659. You can get a laptop that will do what most people want to do for £399.

I do have a cheap tablet, a Nexus 7 but I don't use it instead of a computer, I use it as well as. I could not do what I need to do with a tablet, even a much more expensive one. But I can do more if I have both.

If I wanted Windows 8 I'd have bought the upgrade, anything that can run 7 can run 8 since it's been optimized to run on crappy tablet hardware. The only people who are going to buy a new Windows 8 computer are people who had their old xp box die and need a new computer, or execs who want a new shiny touch screen ultra book to run their powerpoint.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Phablet?

It is BS Marketing speak for a large phone like a galaxy note. Likely to be used with other "words" like monetize, Paradigm shift...

Korean boffins crack art of bendy batteries

Tom 35 Silver badge

coming soon...

Salvador Dalí phone?

NASA snaps pics of China's 'Airpocalypse' pollution disaster

Tom 35 Silver badge

natural sources would be classified as polluting

What's wrong with that, you want to sit down wind of a volcano?

Just because some hot spring stinks worse then a pulp and paper plant is no excuse.

The worst natural source is not what you want as the average for city air.

Titsup Windows Phone 8 orders user to cram 'boot disc' in mobe

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Windows 8 on Phones is so Sucky....

What next?

Keyboard bad, press F1 to continue?

Rumors say Dell again thinking of going private

Tom 35 Silver badge

Dell have tablets

They are just overpriced, not very useful Windows tablets.

Window 8RT


Windows 8 (Intel Atom wow netbook with touch for the price of a nice laptop).


Apple 'slashes iPhone 5 screen orders', tight-fisted fanbois blamed

Tom 35 Silver badge

I thought they said

They were selling them as fast as they could make them.

Stroppy investor to Xyratex: Pah... research! Who spends money on THAT?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Research, waste of money.....

activist investor is the BS name they gave them selves. They don't like the more descriptive name corporate raider.

Company is under valued = we can sell off the good bits and grab the cash.

Reuters rubbishes report rubbishing cheap iPhone rumor

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Wild and spurious

"And it would reconcile the ambiguous leaks that Reuters don't seem to be able to get right."

It's not a leak, it's Apple marketing taking the piss...

Just like the Apple TV junk.

Ten stars of CES 2013: Who made the biggest splash?

Tom 35 Silver badge

2 years?

"despite having owned some phones for well over the realistic nominal phone lifespan of two years."

2 years realistic? That's not a realistic lifespan for a phone. It's how often the telco what you to renew your contract (3 in Canada) and how often Apple want you to buy a new phone. I've only ever had one phone less then three years and that was because it was a steaming pile of crap the day my boss bought it.

I've had 5 cell phones starting with an original Motorola flip phone. I have replaced the battery in 3 of them.

I've been tempted to buy a Nexus 4 but don't like the idea that I can't replace the battery and that it will likely not run for a full day if I use it as more then a phone (I have a Nexus 7 for that). The battery on my current dumb phone (a Razr V3 on it's 2nd battery) is starting to go, only 3 days on a charge now. Don't know if I'll still be able to find a new battery for it.

Inside the new climate row as Mystic Met Office goes cool on warming

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: statistical significance

You say...

"There is no such single thing as "considered statistically significant". It depends what your purpose is."

Then go on to compare the existence of a particle that can only be yes/no and AGW that could be no it's getting colder / nothing happening / warmer but not significant / warmer but cost less to deal with then prevent / we are all going to die.

And since this is not all about the science you could add, warmer but I'll be dead by then so don't care / warmer but it will be better for ME / warmer but only unimportant people will be underwater. To add to the non science side you have people on both sides just out to make money, oil companies and car companies on one side, and stuff like carbon trading and subsidised green power on the other.

Apple rubbishes rumours of iPhone for the masses

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "smartphone leader"

Apple users have to buy their own stylus if they want more control. There are quite a few available and I've seen people using them.

Nokia decrypts browser traffic, assures public not to worry

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: none of the traffic is visible to any of its staff

No staff, it's outsourced to contractors in India.

New tool jailbreaks Microsoft Surface slabs in 20 SECONDS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not really MS

Any type of locked down to make you buy our stuff is not going to work. How long do they take to jailbreak iOS after every update? Most Android devices are easy to root. Even DVD region codes.

This is just another example of how pointless it is to try and lock stuff.

Report: Tablets to outsell ALL PCs by 2016

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Windows 8 is a tablet operating system with an older desktop OS built in for backwards compatibility"

I have a Surface. It's a desktop OS with a phone UI tacked onto the top. Just hit windows-x to see all your old friends from past versions of windows, and it your going to do more then play angry birds your going to need some of them. To get mine to print to my home network I had to edit the HOSTS file for example. Using notepad, and you really don't want to do that with the touch screen.

A pre-ticked box in web forms should NOT mean consent - EU report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Or just cheaper ones.

Just what the world needs: Android in the rice cooker

Tom 35 Silver badge


Soon we really will have the pot calling the kettle black.

Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors

Tom 35 Silver badge

surprised not to see it here.

Mayby not available on Amazon so no Amazon kickback button to post with the "review".

Maybe it should be called " Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors your can buy at Amazon".

Silly Rabbit! Like Trix, color e-readers are for kids

Tom 35 Silver badge

Momma don't take my kodachrome away

Kodachrome (or Technicolor for that mater) is/was great, but dead.

At last! A REAL use for NFC: Bonking butler bots and oven-puters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Vapourware time

And the kids drank all the milk and put the empty carton back in the fridge. The wilted salad makings that you would have noticed if you had had a look still show up as good on the phone.

Do you have a new chore where someone has to update the inventory each day... kind of defeats the idea.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

Tom 35 Silver badge

I'm not getting this 'issue' with TIFKAM

It looks to me like you do get it. TIFKAM is as useful as Active Desktop.

All MS had to do was not remove the registry setting to tun it off, or better provide a check box to turn it off. Let people have a standard, supported way to turn it off, but still be able to call it up manually if they want to.

But no, MS has thrown Windows under the bus to try and sell phones.

Tom 35 Silver badge

They want...

Intel wants everyone to buy an Ultrabook with not just an i5/7 CPU but the complete set of intel chips. They think everyone will want to spend $1000 on a computer if they make it cool like a Macbook Air.

MS want to sell Phones and tablets locked to their own apps store. They thing making Windows look like the phone will some how sell phones.

They seem to think this will some how magically get people with a $400 laptop running 7 or even XP to spend double that amount on a new Ultrabook running ugly OS. Surface? If they are going to spend that much they will just buy an iPad, everyone else will be an android.

Razer uncages Core i7, GeForce megaslab for hardcore gamers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Looks more like a mid-level gaming laptop

Then a real gaming PC to me.

Should be able to cook up a grilled cheese while you play.

Do you get a tump strap with the battery add on?

Intel bets the farm on touch-enabled 'convertible and detachable' Ultrabooks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Change - when it's better

Just because the company wants things to change is not going to make people change... How are sales of those "smart" TVs going? 3D TV? DVD Audio? Coming soon 4k TV with no program source, that should fly off the shelf.

The boss will get a Sony touch screen ultra book, every one else will get a $400 Dell laptop.

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