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Microsoft to open Windows Stores inside 600 Best Buy locations

Tom 35 Silver badge

If it's like the current booth at the Eatons Center...

Microsoft will provide training for an additional 1,200 salespeople to staff the stores; their jobs will be to make sure kids* don't write "Microsoft blows dead bears" on the the Surface and Laptop screens, and occasionally give directions to people looking for an iPhone.

* of all ages.

MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What you post can vanish at any time...

Skipping the double negative...

True, it and a few others (GEnie) were pay services.

This would be closer to all the BBS systems, FIDO net... all gone now.

US Supremes: Human genes can't be patented

Tom 35 Silver badge

Only fixed one little bit.

Most of the patented GM plants are just taking a bit of DNA from one thing (resistance to weed spray, or produce insecticide...) and patching it into the DNA of another thing.

So if they are taking a but of something that's not patentable, and sticking it into something else that's not patentable. How is the result patentable? If that was reasonable then every baby should be patentable too.

STEVE JOBS hits back at ebook ruckus FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: So

The email actually sent expresses a legitimate business concern that Amazon was in a position to use it's monopoly position in the market to squash Apple's demand of a 30% cut.

I don't remember Amazon being declared a monopoly...

Apple could not compete with others, and keep their fixed 30% cut unless they could get the book sellers to sell to them for 30% less then what everyone else charges retail. The only way they can do that is price fixing.

Tom 35 Silver badge


Oh, better not say that in an email, change it to

"I can live with this as long as they also agree to the other thing you told me you can get:" Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

"with our wholesale price being 70% of such price. "

So if they wanted to pay 30% less then Amazon and everyone else if they didn't get the agency model.

Ex-Palm CEO Rubinstein wishes HP sale never happened

Tom 35 Silver badge

interference and missteps by the wireless carriers.

The crap they want to put on phones is Android's biggest problem too, and the reason I bought a Nexus 4.

Why don't they try to differentiate their service, not see who can put the most useless crap on a phone, then never update it.

When HP bought them I figured they were a goner. I liked webOS and figured by the 2nd generation they would be something I might buy. Still sort of wish I had picked up a fire sale Pad.

Wanna be a ROBOT OVERLORD? Boffins pave way with mind-controlled cursor

Tom 35 Silver badge

mind-controlled cursor

They dropped a brick on their foot?

So, Windows 8.1 to give PC sales a shot in arm? BZZZZT, wrong answer

Tom 35 Silver badge

8.1 is nothing.

The 8.1 update is a bunch of cosmetic fluff that didn't fix anything that desktop / laptop people hate. So no new sales there. This is the one place where they had a chance to improve things if they were not so desperate to stuff not-Metro down peoples throats.

Windows tablets are too expensive and have crap app selection so 8.1 is not changing anything there. Not much they could do to Win8 to fix the problems with tablet sales.

So don't hold your breath.

Online music world on iRadio: Apple, imagine our concern

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "You can easily buy it with one click!"

And it's US only. I can get hundreds of real radio stations from all over the world now.

Once Apple decides to open in Canada I'm sure they will only play stuff that is available to buy in the Canadian iTunes store.

So not so much about finding new music... all about selling more with some ads on the side.

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Will Microsoft's hubris allow them to backpeddle?

"Microsoft will surely have to backtrack now on their used game / online activation policies, but the question is whether their hubris will allow them to?"

Sure, right after they put the option to turn off not-metro in Win8.

They will do something as useless as the start button, maybe only require you to reactivate your player when you switch games.

Tom 35 Silver badge


They are trying for PlaysForSure* 2.0

I'm sure they will be just as quick to stiff their customers and turn off the servers when they feel like it.



Boffins hide cute kitty behind invisibility shield

Tom 35 Silver badge

Cat ina box

It's true, any box will put a cat right where you want it.


Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's not when they came out, it's when they stopped selling them.

"When did the iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 come out? That's right, 2009 and 2010"

When did they stop selling the 3GS? That's right 2012.

The iPad 1 only lasted a year so 2011.

Yup, old as the hills, no one is going to be using an iPhone that's almost a year old!

Curtain drops on Apple Store ahead of WWDC: What lies behind?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Transparency? Did they get that from the dumpster behind Microsoft's office?

So the Mac Pro is round... Wonder if the iPhone 6 will be round.

Hacker who helped find Steubenville rapists threatened with decade in prison

Tom 35 Silver badge

They have to nip these things in the bud.

Sure they might be hacking rapists today, but tomorrow they could be hacking campaign contributions, secret email accounts, or all manner of embarrassing stuff.

When the cops say there is nothing to see here...

Microsoft touts business features of Windows 8.1

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: StartIsBack

"Fine to complain if you find W8 annoying or crap, but saying it is unusable is, I would claim, a flat-out lie."

I'm sure you could do a days work with someone standing behind you playing bagpipes. It's not impossible but how long could you keep it up before you kill something?

I have used Windows 8, but if the boss gave me a shiny new W8 touch screen laptop it would not be long before I killed something.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: StartIsBack

Just wait for Pants 8.1

They have a real big pocket, and a bunch of small pockets, and come in a rainbow of colours. The zipper plays a tune when you pull it up and down.

Yes, they are still itchy... but look at all the colours!

Tom 35 Silver badge

a tweaked W7 with no makeup

More like a tweaked W7 wearing a mud mask.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do companies have this stuff? ability to print using Wi-Fi Direct, share the screen using Miracast, pair with printers using near field communication (NFC),

and have Windows 8.1 devices act as Wi-Fi hotspots

Random hotspots, just what everyone wants.

BBC's Digital Moneypit Initiative known to be 'pile of dung' for years

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: An Important Consideration

I expect there were some managers jogging around the field with the goal posts.

America's mobile phone unlock block coming unstuck

Tom 35 Silver badge

To protect their business model

In the US (and Canada) they sell pay as you go phones below cost, then charge a ridiculous amount for minutes that expire after 30 days. They expect to make back the loss on the phone many times over on the minutes. The phones target poor people with no credit that can't get a normal cell phone.

But people would go into Walmart and buy 10 phones, unlock them and resell them. This was not illegal until they made unlocking illegal.

Almost forgot to say that the people buying the phones are drug dealers and terrorists...

Publishers put a gun to our heads on ebook pricing, squeals Amazon

Tom 35 Silver badge

What are you on about?

"the power to set the price and terms on which they will make a sale"

They do. But having set the (wholesale) price, and made the sale they have no business telling the buyer what they can sell it for.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The law.

"The market determined what the price was. In fact, each publisher sets the price for each book they sell."


Tom 35 Silver badge

So what was it?

A) Amazon was doing something they didn't like.

B) Amazon was doing something illegal.

If it's A). Too bad, Not Amazon's problem if Apple can't get their expected 30%. Publishers are afraid that Amazon will start telling them what to do? Again too bad, that is not an excuse to run a price fixing scam.

If it's B), who made the publishers Judge, and Jury? If Amazon was doing something illegal they should have taken then to court, who do the publishers think they are? Batman?

Microsoft video preview shows Windows 8.1 tablet UI options

Tom 35 Silver badge

"the curated view of search results actually looks quite interesting if it works as advertised."

It looks interesting but bing works ok for famous people searches. I can't see it being that useful for general searches for subjects where pictures are not needed. And I expect it needs a very fast connection to look smooth.

More colours, small tiles (oh look almost like icons, hope you remember what they are all do), background animation, slide show... that's all just great but not at all what we want.

Apple claims shot in arm for Cupertino from new Fruit Loop HQ

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Apple fines its staff? WTF?

Maybe they have a big swear jar. Say a bad word* and you pay.

* Example: Samsung, Android, Tax, Amazon...

Amazon yoinks Dora and SpongeBob from Netflix for MEELLLIONS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Oh, Amazon

Netflix is available from my BluRay player, I can get an app for my phone... I think Lovefilm is similar. Amazon I would have to use my computer.

But my real problem is with their whole business model.

They carve up the world. Don't give me that "oh, it's because of the contracts" crap, you wrote the contracts and that's the way you like it.

So I can get the crippled Canadian versions of Netflix, or iTunes. No Amazon Video or MP3s at all...

Exclusive deals, now you get to choose what you want more as most people are not going to subscribe to multiple services just for exclusive content. (worse with cable as an exclusive may end up on a service that's not even available to you.)

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Nice ... Nice ...

Lots of people thought the start menu was crap. But the start screen is a lake of liquefied pig shit. So we want our crap back, at least we know how to work with it.

Change can be good, or as the start screen / metro shows it can be bad. Windows 95 to 7 had both good and bad changes, but more good then bad.

Microsoft waves white flag: We'll put Outlook on Windows RT slabs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: We'll put Outlook on Windows RT slabs

You have not seen the current mail app...

They will have to REALLY screw up the Outlook port for it not to be an improvement.

Sacked Zynga bods learn their jobs are gone via Facebook

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: workers would get “generous severance packages”

But paid in Farmvile coins.

Relax, Hollywood, ARM's got your back: New chip 'thwarts' video pirates

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Almost correct......

Take the "digital copies" that come "free" with some DVD / BluRay disc.

I only ever got one to work (after getting new codes from their support system twice) and the quality was crap. Now I toss the paper with the code in the trash with the shrink wrap, I'll make my own digital copy that I can play where I want if needed.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "ARM's TrustZone" - abuse of ENGLISH!

"Surely this is against the law (First Sale Doctrine) - restricting reuse of something bought.."

No because they say you licence it, and the licence (page 17 of 43) said you have given up all your rights.

There have been several services that sold* DRMed video and music who turned off their servers. Remember Plays for Sure? Walmart Video? ...

There have been test cases with iTunes content that people wanted to resell.

Tom 35 Silver badge

They say it's to protect their video

"compromised a TrustZone kernel on a Motorola device to unlock its bootloader."

Then use it to lock you out of your own device. You can't trust the people pushing the "trusted platform" systems.

Snappers binned, mobe-armed hacks drafted at Chicago paper

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Someone should tell the Sun-Times

"And the phones do have a flash. Admittedly nowhere near as powerful as a Canon Speedlite"

Understatement of the week.

There are a few (not iPhone) that have a small xenon flash. The LED "Flash" most often found on a phone is only of any use for a few feet, better then nothing I guess.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Real photos in line with the text...

"Could actually be good if the photos are taken by the reporter, at the time, and line up with what is written. How many articles have some stock photo, or the same as all the other articles, and give me a strong suspicion they were paraphrased from someone else's work..."

I don't think that will change. Just that now anything that needs a wide angle, telephoto, or a real flash will be photo free, or have a stock photo.

So the paper will be.

50% ads

30% wire stories that also appear in every other paper.

10% stuff they 'paraphrased' with out checking from something they found on the internet (like the Onion).

5% stuff readers sent in (free).

5% stuff they actually wrote, often days old, now with cell phone photos.

Look out, fanbois! EVIL charger will inject FILTH into your iPHONE

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Trusting ANYTHING plugging into a USB port....

iPhones, iPod touch don't even have a mass storage mode, they want you to use iTunes. This used security flaws to do it's dirty work, and I'm sure Android is not free from it's own flaws, or Winphone...

Motorola shows off tattoo and swallowable password hardware

Tom 35 Silver badge

connections between the silicon and sensors are designed to flex 200 per cent, she said.

200% of what?

Elon Musk pledges transcontinental car juicers by end of year

Tom 35 Silver badge

car juicers?

Why am I seeing a REAL big version of Will it Blend?

Fear the Embarrassing Bodies webcam

Tom 35 Silver badge


A multi-tiered, hybrid approach that differentiates between infrastructure and service-level competition can drive an optimum balance between national economic interests, free-market economics and a healthy telecommunications industry, that is able to provide affordable leading edge...

What do I get for a full card?

Minty fresh Linux: Olivia hits the virtual shelves

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: mint is really doing things no linux has done before

"Yup, so long as they're trapped in a nightmarish past where user interfaces never made it beyond Windows 95"

Better then a dystopian future. where your 27" monitor has the same UI as a 3" phone.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Sales = Money, surely?

They care because no one is going to buy more until they use all the ones they already bought.

EFF files objections with W3C decrying addition of DRM to HTML5

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: In an ideal world...


It's true that DRM will not prevent pirate copies from appearing 10 seconds after the content goes live, but the people who are paying still get a gimped service. I can't see this being any better then Silverlight with open source.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of

Tom 35 Silver badge

Sounds more like 8.01

So your car still has a square steering wheel* but they have added fuzzy dice.

They are not going to change anything of substance, how can they possibly think this will make even a single person happy?

*to use a common win8 comparison.

Motorola to kick off comeback with US-made Moto X

Tom 35 Silver badge

no advantage

Except the people who bought one to avoid the crap. Like me.

I will not by buying an LG with crapware. If Moto do go pure droid maybe they will get me next time.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What is missing

Finding settings in Windows 8 is even harder then older versions of Windows.

When you search the Microsoft site to find out how you get crap like this... (looking for change font size)

"Open Screen Resolution by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Display in the search box, tapping or clicking Settings, and then tapping or clicking Display."


They tell you to search, often a word that you would never guess, or remember. Searching for the actual setting gives you nothing.

If you want to run your not-metro pong app it's great, but if you want to actually do something it's crap.

Revealed: Google's plan to float BLIMP NETWORK over Africa, Asia

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Of course the Warlords will just sit back and allow this

Don't forget the religious nut jobs. I'm sure they will think this falls under "western education".

First Cook, now Intel bigwig pokes Google in the eye over Glass

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "It’s a challenge - a great technical problem I think. Our researchers love the problem"

Remember when they fist came out with the "core" chips and only wanted them to be used in laptops. Tried to force everyone to stick to P4 for desktop. Tried to pigeon hole atom too.

To have Intel go to something ARM like may be too much to ask.

May threatens ban on 'hate-inciting' radicals, even if they don't promote violence

Tom 35 Silver badge

face serious interpretive issues.

They don't see a problem, just ban anything they don't like.

And they don't like people who think that's a problem.

WikiLeaks party flirts with Oz law by taking Bitcoin gifts

Tom 35 Silver badge

What's the big deal?

"setting out the total amount or value of all gifts"

So it's the same any any other gift. Just list the value.

As for being anonymous so is a shoe box full of cash, gold bars...

So it's not bitcoins that are the question, it's do they accept anonymous gifts over the limit in any form.

Is the next-gen console war already One?

Tom 35 Silver badge

"The history of espionage, real espionage rather than James Bond, is of governments taking extraordinary levels of interest in the lives of normal people."

Even without espionage, I'm sure there is someone at MS thinking of all the commercial valuable info they can collect.

For example they can count the number of people watching a TV show, and if they watch the ads.

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