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UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'

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TOU rates?

We have "smart" electric meters, and they use them to charge you almost double when you need power. It's not as bad for the summer rates, but winter you pay peak rate when you get up for work, and get home for dinner.


But now they have given us "smart" water meters. I don't get the idea for that as it's easy to store water so there is no advantage to shifting the time of day you flush. They were only reading the old meter about once a year, with then just sending a post card in the post to report my own reading the rest of the year. It's battery powered and they claim it's good for 15 years. The notice about installing the meter came with a nasty note about court orders if you tried to refuse the new meter.

Microsoft's earnings down on slow Windows sales, Surface RT bust

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Re: Has Redmond lost touch with consumers? YES!

They trying to get us to buy the new stuff they want to sell by pushing the stuff that sells under a bus.

Want to sell phones? Stuff not-metro on PCs and even servers. When people tell you it's crap, add more colours, animated backgrounds, but don't let them kill the phone interface.

Want to shift people (who keep skipping upgrades) over to pay for life 365? Cripple the licence for boxed office software.

Microsoft admits it's '18 months behind' with Windows 8 slabs

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Re: "The iPad will be marginalised..."

It's clear they have gone and installed the reality distortion field backwards, now they think Windows 8 is great and they are going to squash Apple.

Apple flushes poker apps after prod from Australia

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Re: haha...

They were hitting off shore with this app kill. Much like the US when they took the domains of poker sites, or grabbed people passing through the US who ran off shore poker sites. Expect any filter system they push through to protect people from gambling sites too.

If they can make off shore sites a bit harder to access, then they hope at least some of the money will end up being lost at local scams instead of going to over seas scams.

Admen's suggested tweaks to Do Not Track filed straight into the bin

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Re: I love W3C

Maybe MS were just trying to force things.

You know the lower life forms pushing fake pills and such will ignore it anyway. Most of the rest will do their best to weasel out of it (see their definition of DNT). They will say they didn't track you... they followed you, totally different (in the same way that an "email blast" is totally different then sending a load of spam).

You just have to see who is the first to say "hell no, we are going to do it anyway".

Top secret spook court agrees to release 2008 PRISM docs

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Re: What the betting....

As long as secret gag orders and the secret court still exist I have to assume that there is a new order that tells them to release a few requests that did turn out to relate to crime, and say that's all of it. Don't talk about all the big fishing trips, or direct access to networks...

Yelling Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, is not working.

Microsoft DENIES it gives backdoor access to Outlook encryption

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Can't trust what they say

As long as secret gag orders exist.

AT&T's adds 'Next' plan to allow phone, tablet trade-ins after one year

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Re: Subsidy, what subsidy?

"There never was any subsidy. Only installment payment."

The big Canadian providers sort of give you a subsidy. You can be sure they pay for the phone during the contract, but the price says the same after the contract. If you sign up for another contract they will give you a $50 credit or "free" voice mail for 3 months. Have your own phone? Same price. They say you might as well take the free phone because you are going to pay the same anyway.

You have to go to one of the smaller providers to get a deal if you have your own phone.

Rap for rap chap in crap rap app flap: Jay-Z blasted by privacy bods

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An app to play one album

Can I get it on 8 trak? Because that would be just about as much use.

Just because some one (everyone) involved think they should be able to spy on people playing the music.

Look out, Lenovo! HP: We're not happy with being a 'number two'

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HP Number Poo

Management bought HP laptops because they were cheaper. I don't have to deal with them any more though as they are all dead. They cut all their engineering and outsourced everything to boost management stock options, now I might as well buy gateway.

PM writes ISPs' web filter ads for them - and it must say 'default on'

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parents in control of what content is permitted in their households.

So the block list will be publicly available, and will have a simple open system to remove any stupid blocks right?

Apple needs help: iWatch, 'Retina' iPad mini delayed until 2014?

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They don't have a chance...

add to its 100-member iWatch team to tackle "hard engineering problems that they've not been able to solve...

How to make a smart watch cool.

I'm sure the same people who thought calculator watches were cool will like them but...

Unmasked: Euro ISPs raided in downloads strangle probe

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ISPs are becoming content providers

More like ISPs and Content companies are buying each other / merging into giant conglomerates.

You think the cable TV company want you to watch netflix?

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Linux 3.11 to be known as 'Linux for Workgroups'

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Re: I wonder how long until MS sues

Probably not illegal. It would have to be a trademark, I don't think they could have got one back then before things got insane, and it's a long dead product so it would be hard to show anyone getting confused.

US public sector shuns public clouds

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The federal agencies don't want all the other federal agencies to be snooping in their cloud.

But they still will. After all there could be another leaker just about anyplace.

Chinese police probe iPhone user's death by electrocution

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For acutal counterfeits yes

They are starting off trying to deceive.

You can get good non-Apple (or other) chargers. Like the Monoprice one. I have bought several things from them including doc cables for my iPod that were just as well made as the Apple part but FAR cheaper, not much more then the dollar store cable that fell apart taking it out of the package.

Microsoft biz heads slash makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS

Tom 35 Silver badge

makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS

So will that let them sell piles of phones and tablets and have a big pile of cash too?


Tom 35 Silver badge

Maybe they will invent clippy for CEOs.

It looks like your running a company, would you like help?

Tom 35 Silver badge

May you live in intresting times

With all the BS bingo I'm not really sure what we are in for.

It seems that when we don't jump for their new (higher revenue) plans (like Office 365) they to push people, not by making the new better then the old, but by crippling the old. When Office 2013 was released they had reduced the number of installs, made it non-transferable and such tricks to make it a worse product just to make the thing they wanted you to buy look better. They had to back down some there, for now.

The same with Win8, screw it up to sell phones. Making my computer look like an over sized phone (and a pain to use) will not make me want your phone, your phone has to make me want your phone. Provide simple solid sync tools that can be extended by others.

So I'll have to wait to see how much of the changes are "new stuff I want" and how much is "kill the stuff I use so I will buy the stuff they want to sell".

Icahn suggests pumping Mikey Dell for dollars hard over a court bench

Tom 35 Silver badge

an alternative debt-restructuring plan

Borrow lots of money...

Give it to me!


don't care.

HP admits to backdoors in storage products

Tom 35 Silver badge

But no other HP products?

Do they expect people to think that this is a one off and they didn't do the same thing on some (ALL?) of their other products...

Dead STEVE JOBS was a CROOK – judge

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Loudmouth Judge

It's not a jury trial so the judge can talk about where things stand.

US gov SMASHES UP TVs and MICE to nuke tiny malware outbreak

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Contract

Your not some ones brother in law?

Jelly Bean finally overtakes Gingerbread in Android share

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Re: Old version == second devices?

Or the "free" phones that carriers are dumping with zero plans of providing any support of any kind.

Fido (Rogers dumping ground in Canada) have 3 different Ice Cream Sandwich phones and the LG OPTIMUS L3 with 2.3. They are never going to see an update. "new" phones with 2 year contracts.

Look, can we just forget about Snowden for sec... US-China cyber talks held

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Has to be

"China has since made it clear that it reckons it's a bit rich of the US to be constantly accusing the Communist nation of digital espionage when it appears that the US government has been engaged in such a wide campaign of electronic snooping."

About the biggest case of pot calling kettle black ever.

Emergency alert system easily pwnable after epic ZOMBIE attack prank

Tom 35 Silver badge

But they will still set the password as 1234

Big Mike's big package oughta be enough for Dell investors - report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Look to the past.

One is a known corporate raider who can only be trusted to grab as much cash as possible and screw everyone else.

The other built the company and has worked to keep it a going concern for years. He could still fail to keep it going but at least that's not the plan from the start.

Europe: OK, we'll 'backload' carbon emissions - but we'd better not lose big biz

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Carbon trading has nothing to do with green thinking. It's another way for traders to get rich moving bits of nothing around. The only green in this is US$.

BBC abandons 3D TV, cites 'disappointing' results

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Avatar...

"everyone had upgraded to HD, freeview, digital"

And like the record companies with CD said Lets do that again!

Audio DVD and 3D TV? What? No one gives a crap.

Didn't buy Rumours on Audio DVD (I did have a DVD player that could play them), didn't pay the $5 extra for 3D bluray player, no chance I'm buying a new TV for 3D.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Don't worry, it will be back again

I'm not sure, but the current version is at least the 3rd version of 3D for theatres, and the 2nd for TV.

It's a fad again this time too.

Dell explores wearable computing as PC base crumbles

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Re: General crapification

"There are mostly nasty plasticy things, except the very expensive ones."

Dell's home "Inspiron" stuff is total crap. They tend to cover all the check boxes of features to put on the box but will be in the recycle bin very soon after the warranty is over. The Vostro models tend to be better built but basic.

But they are no worse then the junk you find on sale at the local shop, Acer, HP and the rest all pushing plasticy laptops at the low end, and if you want to spend a little more you don't get a better laptop, you get a plasticy ultrabook.

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive

Tom 35 Silver badge

Yes, but

I'd be interested in a Nexus type device with rapid update release, but the carriers would not be. They want to crap up the phone, sell it for 6 months or so, then dump it and never bother to upgrade it.

The cell phone companies see the carriers as their customer, not us.

Win 8 man Sinofsky's 'retirement' deal: $14m shares, oath of silence

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Why are you suprised?

If you have a system that's ideal for developing apps for a slow, battery powered device with a 4" screen then it's going to suck trying to develop an app for a full powered desktop with a couple of large screens. Trying to pretend it's all one big happy family by cripping desktops into over sized phones is not going to make the PC developers happy.

It's like saying that all tires have to be made to work on both a tractor or a Honda Civic.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What kind of berries?

Windows 8? Has to be dingleberries.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @Tom35

Yes event viewer is just as dumb.

Installation failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8924200D: Microsft.LyncMX

Click online help, get: We're sorry. There is no additional information...

So much better then "something happened".

So you are expecting every Win8 user to know how to use event viewer now? This is supposed to compete with Android and iOS?

By the way it's a royal pain in the arse to use on my surface without plugging in a mouse, and it opens online help in metro-IE not desktop IE.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Better tool... Ha, good one.

Something has happened


error 1e79879326e884503947e804380543854037032e843984308530

Yes a better tool...

The last time I received this so useful messages was when Windows was trying to install an app update. Googling the random string on numbers results in links to so many different problems that I concluded that it really did mean "something happened".

The actual problem was that automatic update had installed some stuff, but didn't tell me it needed to reboot. The app store could not install an update until I rebooted windows, but could not tell me that.

I've had Windows 7 do something like that too, but the error message was something like "Windows needs to finish installing updates, please restart. (not that Windows 7 error messages are always that helpful, but they try).

Windows 8 is both ugly and dumb. Both by design.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Changed direction?

Don't forget the new colours and animated backgrounds!

Boston U claims LED patent, files against tech giants

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: misleading - and should be thrown out of court

"The patents are on one specific manufacturing technique, not a general one. That appears to be all the plaintiffs are claiming. Do you feel that improvements to existing technology should never be patentable?"

If the patents are on a manufacturing technique, and they are not valid where the LEDs were made, then no patent infringement has occurred. Importing them is not manufacturing them. Tough bananas for paten holder.

"Because that basically says 'fuck you' to every domestic manufacturer"

Lots of things do that. Take cheap labour, do Apple get in trouble because some of their workers don't get California minimum wage?

Fines 4 U: Mobe insurer cops £3m penalty for grumble dumping

Tom 35 Silver badge

Have they gone bankrupt yet?

Without paying the fine?

Popped up the next day with a new name?

That seem to be the normal answer for companies like this.

Irish gov refuses to haul Google, Apple into MPs' tax inquiry

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's all planned.

They need to be complex, can't have average people or small companies using them...

The talk going on now is just the need to appear to be doing something. Maybe some fishing for fat brown envelops, and promises of board seats.

Hitch climate tax to the actual climate, says top economist

Tom 35 Silver badge

tradeable emissions certifications

Carbon trading? A way for middle men to make money, while giving the rich a way to shift the problem onto poor people.

All while doing nothing about reducing emissions.

Windows 8 apps pass 100K, Windows 8 passes Vista

Tom 35 Silver badge

built-in Hyper-V beats "XP Mode" every time.

Except that it requires an "i" processor. My Core 2 Quad is not supported.

So I would say XP Mode that works beats Hyper-V that will not even run.

So you can change that to built-in Hyper-V beats "XP Mode" if you have a new computer.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Wow... Just... wow

No it's from webserver logs so actual in use computers. And it's not the number of Vista computers sold, it's the number still in use (Vista computers that have not been upgraded (to 7 or XP), or replaced (or Coked in my sisters case)).

Tom 35 Silver badge

Fart RT

Out of curiosity I fired up the Surface.

Fart returns 38 apps, most with zero ratings, a few cost money like Metro Fart for $1.99

Some of the apps don't seem to fit the fart theme like Stanley Level, Math Plotter, and a Photo Shop book. Drops the total down to 26.

They must use Bing search tech, maybe there is a fantastic fart app that would make the Surface totally worth owning, but search can't find it.

Angry Birds Space $4.99 has 86 reviews, they don't tell you the number of downloads. Android $3.00 is 15.613 reviews and 500,000+ downloads.

Show us the money: Big Mike told to up his game if he wants Dell

Tom 35 Silver badge

Icahn couldn't care less

If he "wins" he will strip as much cash from Dell as he can, as fast as he can then be off to the next company.

Ubisoft admits major hacking breach, advises password change

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: What they say and what they do.

But I expect MS will pull a Ubisoft with the DRM. Once it's been out for a while we will be reading...

The company first trialed an always-on requirement back in 2013, but backed down over user outrage before gradually easing the DRM system back in.

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof

Tom 35 Silver badge

it's fun to watch.

No it's not. Along with all the other "reality" shows, it make quiz shows look good.

PRISM leaks: WTF, you don't spy on your friends, splutters EU

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: This tells you all you need to know

For Canada I expect they get full access in exchange for a report listing all the people who say bad things about the government, big banks, and the oil sands. Saves a lot of work trying to dig that stuff on their own.

HP confirms it's back in the smartphone business

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Tee hee, snigger snigger, chortle chortle

"Windows Phone 8 might offer some tie-ins with HP's desktop portfolio,"

The Windows 8 computers that no one is buying. Now they can not buy them together and save twice a much!

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