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Apple patents laser, incandescent projector for laptops, smartphones

Tom 35 Silver badge

I know...

The iWatch will contain a holographic projector...

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope

Tom 35 Silver badge

Failed guess I think

It looks like some one at Apple thought incandescent was still the way to go. Draw up a few block diagrams and file for a patient. They talk about LED too. So are they going to fire a sue ball at Casio who have an actual working LED/Laser projector for sale (for a couple of years)?

"other embodiments are possible that do not utilize a screen, such as holographic projection equipment."

Oh look, Apple have developed a holographic projector. They just need to add another box to their block diagram and label it Holographic Emitter.

Xerox copier flaw changes numbers in scanned docs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @ Tom 35 - @ unitron - I must have blinked and missed it.

That's totally different. Same for any recent versions of photoshop.

It's just not going to copy a banknote, it's not going to copy it and change it to read "in dog we trust"...

Or copy your passport and change your name to Carmen Sandiego.

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's a work group printer

Why would a copier have a setting that should be called "please screw up my copies" at all, and why do you think it's OK because one "thick:" user selected it (maybe so they could print two copies of a 500 page document double sided), and maybe others came along used the copier without knowing how it was set, or even knowing it has a "please screw up my copies" setting.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @ unitron - I must have blinked and missed it.

It should still have no idea what you are copying, not try and guess what you wanted.

They could have even more fun and add a spelling checker.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: There's all sorts of image processing going on in there

Our copier had a "make Whheeeee noise" button. A big green one... service guy came the next day...

I can just guess what would happen if we lost out on a RFC because the copier had changed a 6 to an 8.

Report: NSA spying deals billion dollar knockout to US cloud prospects

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Solution

"declassify more information about the NSA spying programs"

Not enough. As long as secret gag orders exist they can say anything they want, and no one can trust anything they say.

- They would have to declare all existing gag orders void.

- Only allow gag orders for a fixed time for a specified investigation. After that time it's public. No exceptions.

- And the one that will never happen, it has to apply to EVERYONE, not just people in the US. Not the current "your not a US citizen and your on the wrong side of the gate at the airport so you have no rights".

Not going to happen.

Expect some more leaks.

Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: People hate monopolists.

With Apple, you have one choice, buy another Apple or all your aps are gone. You have a choice of the expensive latest model, or the old model.

With Android you have to buy another Android but it can be Samsung, LG, Sony... you have a lot more choice when it's time to upgrade.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Smart meters may actually lead to remote control

In Toronto they have something called Peak Saver. In exchange for a small bribe you let the power company (Toronto Hydro) install a device to control some high energy using devices (Central AC, Electric water heater, Pool pumps). They can then turn off your devices to reduce the peak power draw and save them money.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Disproportionate

They bought an iPhone because their BMW came with a built in iPhone doc.

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Yes, but only to those who read it, I'm safe. ;)"

But you have to watch out for second hand Mail, you can be exposed in an elevator, the train, even around here!

Apple will swap fanbois' killer phoney phone chargers for legit adapters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: A good opportunity to sell stock at cost and look big'n'caring

No technical difference but...

Since the apple part is more expensive, and even the licensed 3rd party are more expensive due to the apple tax on the connector they can charge more for a fake apple adaptor then the same unit with a micro usb. They always bootleg the expensive handbag, not the cheap one.

Arrr! Comcast working on new tech to nudge PIRATES to go straight

Tom 35 Silver badge

VHS worked in any VHS tape player.

Not true.

In Canada 99% of TVs can't play PAL. VHS players can't play PAL. If I wanted to watch a PAL VHS tape I would have to buy an expensive VHS player that could convert PAL to NTSC (not all that well). I can play a Japanese VHS but the black level is off because they use NTSC-J.

My fist DVD player was a DVD-Rom drive. It was region free 5 minutes after I installed it. It can play PAL just fine too (First set top was region free too, but still could not play PAL).

I only have a handful of PAL DVDs like the BBC's The Day of the Triffids series (1981) that was shown on TV here once, but never released on R1 DVD so I bought it from Amazon.co.uk (it was released later, I can buy it now for $37.29 from Amazon.com).

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's a great idea, and it could work

It could work for stuff that's actually available.

but what if they are downloading it because...

- It just aired on TV but they missed it.

- It's out of print and a copy on EBay sells for $175 on VHS.

- It's a foreign film that is only available edited and dubbed. But was released uncut with English subtitles in another country.

- It's Song of the South.

- An Olympic event that the US lost.

- A TV show from "back home".

- An insane Japanese game show.

Or are they just going to ignore anything that they can't sell you, or get a cut on a referral.

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Thank god for the war on Terror

Stop saying pressure cooker. AAAArghh! ... I've said it ...

the knights who were formally Ni

Paid-for stuff likely to triumph over free – shock report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Mega corps

You have a big company that owns content producers/owners, TV stations, cable companies, ISPs, home phone, cell phone... They want to sell you everything, bonus for getting you to buy stuff you don't need.

First we get bundles on cable. Want to watch football? You also get pool, darts, marbles.

They don't like real OTT stuff like Netflix. They don't get a cut. So time for a two pronged approach.

- Offer their own fake OTT packages (just another subscription that looks like Netflix), offer unlimited not in the cap traffic as part of the price.

- Have ISP cap traffic, manage traffic, black mail OTT providers to try and get a cut.

Gov: Smart TV bods must protect users from smut-riddled badness

Tom 35 Silver badge

Unregulated content

It's terrible, people can watch "stuff we don't like" on their TVs and they don't even have to sign up to our I'm a pervert list!

Maria Miller: But how is this possible? We have our new 100% effective "stuff we don't like" filter don't we?

The TV apps drill right through the filter, we can't even tell what they are watching! We could block the app but it would be unpopular, we have to do something!

Maria Miller: Ok, you go stir up the rabble, I'll start talking about needed regulation and we will get this sorted out just like the ISPs.

Upgraded 3D printed rifle shoots 14 times before breaking

Tom 35 Silver badge

If you want to build a gun

See zip gun. I expect I could make something just as (not) effective from the junk I have on hand using basic hand tools in a lot less time then it takes to print that plastic "gun". It would not look much like a gun I expect so it would not be as good for scarring fools.

"3D printed rifle"

It's not a rifle as there is no way there is any "rifling" in that thing. More like a musket (even needs a tamping rod).

This attempt to make 3D printed guns out to be a big thing seems to be one part Shit Disturber and one part forget about AR15s, crap plastic one shot guns (way more useless then the zip guns that have been around for years) are what you need to ban.

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: PC World...

I expect it's something like...

Run ads, put a surface on display, get a big discount on the MS stuff you actually want to stock.

Davros liable to criticism for huge STRAW DALEK he never built

Tom 35 Silver badge


It looks like they built a giant Dalek, sprayed some glue on it and pasted on some straw.

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

I'm not going to worry too much about a falling Styrofoam box.

Much more danger of bits falling off buildings.

Even hail and I'm not worried about that.

T-Mobile joins effort to bring Ubuntu phones to US mobile market

Tom 35 Silver badge

"I feel that at least I would have the ability to configure it as I wished and not have a Google/Apple/Windows backdoor."

If the mobile operators are pushing for it you can expect it's because they want to own the backdoor. And to lock you into their content source.

Don't expect anything better then Android, and quite possibly worse. If the operators put in enough money to get a say expect a T-Mobile app store, and an AT&T app store, and ... Forget updates it's time for a new phone and a new contract.

You will end up having to do that same thing you can already do with Android, root the phone and install a non-official ROM.

I bought my first "smart" phone this year, mostly because I needed to have mobile email for work. I had a Motorola Razor flip phone before that. I went for a Nexus 4 as the least crapped up phone available.

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Techies hitting the beach perhaps...

I think the normal 1024x600 netbook screen is less then the 1024x768 that windows 8 wants (1366 x 768 with snap). So not much chance it would install (not that I've tried).

Study finds open-source home 3D printer could save $2,000 a year

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Showerhead?

It can print threads? And holes?

I expect you would need to cut threads, and drill the holes.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Sounds like a poorly worded fair use policy

That seems to be more or less standard. Same for privacy policies as well. They have pages of stuff that all seems reasonable and well defined but some place in the middle will be a vague bit they can read anyway they want.

The result is...

Bla bla bla you can't do anything we don't like. Bla bla bla we can do anything we want.

No fondleslabs please, says Microsoft as Office 365 hits Android

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: yeah...no

"will now be able to access, view, and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents"

I already can, on my Nexus 7 too. And it's free/cheap for a variety of apps that can open office docs.

Maybe this will work better for round trip, but so far I have not been desperate enough to need to edit something on my phone/tablet. It is handy to be able to read one though, but don't need 365 to do it.

What next? With Microsoft Skype people will now be able to make calls on their Android phones...

Disney finds new way to give movies depth

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Oh god no!

Coming this Christmas...

A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim. In super 3D ultra color! and Sensurround.

Tom 35 Silver badge


Or they could take the film and the committee that wrote the screen play and drop them down a mine shaft...

Murdoch machinations mean Microsoft must rename SkyDrive

Tom 35 Silver badge

Bing Zune

They could use it for the Windows 8.1 start sound too.

Bipartisan senator group goes to bat for Apple in Samsung dispute

Tom 35 Silver badge

And at the same time

A BS "slide to unlock" patent (and a whole list of other "on a mobile device" patents) are worth millions and let you ban your competitors.

Microsoft Surface sales numbers revealed as SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS

Tom 35 Silver badge

Too bad

They could have saved all that if they had taken the "start screen" out back and shot it when everyone but the yes men told them it sucked back on the technology eval release, the beta release, the RC and the final...

They are still trying to pretend it's great, it's all the customers fault because they don't understand.

Microsoft introduces warning on child abuse image searches

Tom 35 Silver badge


For all the Bing using kiddy porn searchers who don't know it's illegal but are looking for help...

Google Chromecast: Here's why it's the most important smart TV tech ever

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's like moaning that a car doesn't get updates.

You know I've seen a few cars with built in GPS and a stand alone GPS stuck on the dash because the latest update for the built in unit were too old and out of date. Also cars with factory sound systems with Apple docs, only to have Apple change something. I had to update my 71 MGB to run on unleaded fuel too.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Stupid TV add-on

The problem with "smart" TV is you know you will be lucky to get updates 5 minutes after a new model is released. Chances are you will have the TV years after they added any updates to the smart stuff. Only idiots with too much money are going to buy a new TV every 3 years.

While it's the same for a media player (my original WD TV box is mostly useless now) it's a LOT less to replace a media player then a TV. Chromecast is even cheaper, if they add a few more features it will be much better then paying extra for a smart TV.

When Chromecast v2 comes out, not a big deal to upgrade and keep your current TV.

Silicon Valley Cisco reseller charged with $37 million fraud

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Counterfeit Products

Better to use real (made in China) Cisco kit and just have it make a detour on the way to the boat.

Music royalty war spreads to aggregator MediaNet

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @Tom 35

The $18 was poking fun at the original poster.

But this is a civil suit, the idea that someone who is at best a moderately successful artist lost $18 million between what they paid her, and what she thinks she would have received if they had not keep selling her catalogue seems silly/unlikely. Just because the record label have been able to stick a ludicrous value on an MP3 is no reason for this.

Could she even cancel the contract? Did she sign a 20 year contract and then wish she didn't but they said too bad? Why would they keep selling the catalogue if the contract was cancelled?

If millions of people liked the song, and she was able to cancel the deal 8 years ago and they keep selling it, then maybe $18 million would be ok.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Good luck to her if it's true... BUT...

Googled "best-known work" and I've heard better at the local bar on a Wednesday night.

I think your right, $18 is about right.

Fanbois smash iPhone 5s much sooner than iPhone 3s ... but WHY?

Tom 35 Silver badge


Using an iPhone turns you into a butter fingers. The longer you use one the more of a butterfingers you become.

Surface RT: A plan worthy of the South Park Underpants Gnomes

Tom 35 Silver badge

Surface RT - Mr Hankey

Having received my Surface RT as a Christmas bonus, and the south park theme of this story caused me to remember and early south park episode...

My Surface is now named.


A very fitting name I think.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Surface RT not a bad product - distribution was the let down

""a version of Word that's only liscensed for private use"

Really? It does ring a bell, but a reference would be most welcome (for amusement purposes if nothing else)."

It was widely reported at the time...

Here you go.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Surface RT not a bad product - distribution was the let down

No, it is a bad product. I have one, got it for free but I carry a Nexus 7 with me that I paid for.

MS thought they could be Apple (this seems to be the major problem for the last couple years) and sell direct and keep all the money. When that didn't work out (there is one of their booths in the mall next to where I work, I've never seen them sell anything) they tried to get other stores to sell them. They still didn't sell (I'm SHOCKED it tell you SHOCKED!) so now MS is going to have dedicated store in a store in Futureshop/Best Buy so they can not-sell Windows 8 stuff. If it was any good they would not have a problem getting stores to stock them.

There are no hordes of people that wanted a surface, if only they could find one.

Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette

Tom 35 Silver badge

Good so far

I have the current 16 GB model, and I'll have to wait for it to show up in Canada anyway, but...

Will it work with the old docing station?

It has slimport like the nexus 4 (not that useful to me) but will it have USB2go (Old Nexus 7 has it, 4 didn't)

Not sure if it's worth upgrading yet.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '13-inch' JUMBO iPAD HYPEGASM

Tom 35 Silver badge

People have always come with a range of different finger sizes, your point is?

See sandpaper comments


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Does 3 count as a plethora?

"an iPad Mini, iPad and iPad Grande."

But I would think that ...

iPad Short

iPad Tall

iPad Grande

Would be a better fit for Apple.

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not just little Jonny

It's the whole house. The adults can't access stuff they might need for work, or just want to see, so they turn it off. Now no protection for little Jonny.

Much better to put a filter on little Jonny's computer. For a 5 year old as simple as using a safe DNS service.

It's not fit for purpose. Unless the purpose is to make points with the Think of the Children crowd.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Commercialism

Don't forget the "Entertainment NEWS shows"

who is sleeping with who

what $10,000 dress is in

who is in rehab this week ...

Plastic porn is more a reflection of plastic Hollywood not something originating with porn.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Think of the idots

"the majority of internet users who don't know one end of a CAT5 from the other"

Maybe because there is no difference?

"A surprising number of parents simply assume the internet is already filtered"

"but the technically illiterate wouldn't know to select it"

Everyone, please think of the stupid people.

If someone is THAT technically illiterate their web browser window is going to be 1/2" after you add all the toolbars.

" so by forcing everyone to make a decision the new scheme will force those who opt out to think about what they're doing."

Opt in is just as much "forcing everyone to make a decision" as opt out. Think about what your doing? As in do you want to be on the I'm a pervert sicko list?

So "think of the children" is not enough. Now it's "think of the children of stupid people".

And as others have said... The devil in the detail

Texas school strikes devil's bargain, drops RFID student tracking

Tom 35 Silver badge

So will they

Spend another half million on a facial recognition system and dump that in 6 months because it still didn't work.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Gesture politics at its worst

Once it's in place they can add a second list of stuff that's not optional, (kiddy porn, terror stuff to start) then they add "Stuff they don't like" to the list. Now the politicians can be safe from people posting bad things about them online.

Legal eagles pit Apple v. Samsung in thievery test

Tom 35 Silver badge

El Reg has to take issue with the math behind some of the lawmaker's claims.

Maybe they used the same math they use to calculate the value of drugs.

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