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Brits: We can stop trolling if we know where they live - poll

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: YouGov? Funny smell!

So Conservative Party trolls.

Microsoft pulls faulty Exchange 2013 patch HOURS after release

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Exchange Online was not impacted by this issue

It um... fell down the stairs.... and hit it's eye on a door knob.

Larry Ellison: Google is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, but NSA is ESSENTIAL

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Today's dilbert seems to fit LarryE quite well.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Now we know what software NSA is using.

"Larry Ellison has nothing but praise for the US National Security Agency's domestic surveillance programs"

Must be a big fat contract to store all that stuff.

Ellison is not one to judge.

Big Mike heading for victory as SAM dumps HALF its Dell shares

Tom 35 Silver badge

it would seem the investor senses its Dell bid can go no further.

Or they just found another company ripe for a good asset strip and switched to an easier target.

Top execs off as Zynga's new CEO shaves 'layer' off senior ranks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Divert cash to bonuses. Hold meetings. Send each other Powerpoint slide sets.

Chipzilla Atomises fondleslabs with new reference designs

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Sounds like a 7" China pad

The sub $100 ones you can buy on bestbuy.ca (or even less on ebay or China town).

Are they targeting Surface RT buyers with an over priced tablet with no apps?

Obama appoints intelligence boss to run 'independent' review of NSA

Tom 35 Silver badge

I have just appointed

My cat to investigate the disappearance of the gold fish.

They should appoint The Clapper. At least that can turn off the lights.

Peak Apple? HOGWASH! Apple is 'extremely undervalued,' says Icahn

Tom 35 Silver badge

corporate raider

You were right the first time.

How greedy can you get.

Lawsuit claims Microsoft misled investors in Surface RT fiasco

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Re: Due Diligence

I don't think they would even have to try one. Just google it (or even bing it) and see what type of response it was getting.

Who do I sue because my mutual funds went down?

And my Captain Crunch didn't stay crunchy in milk! I'm going to sue!

Facebook's request to the flash industry: 'Make the worst flash possible'

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Re: Isn't it already ?

Yes, it's the return of Punch the Monkey!

20 injured at LG phone giveaway as PR stunt turns into riot

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Stupidly, I watched the entire video

Maybe they were all soccer players, and decided to take a dive.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: PR @ Lusty

"the only fraud going on would be internal and therefore pointless, having no effect on customers"

The problem is that even in larger companies they are often overlapped or stacked.

How else can you have a company in denial like Microsoft trying to tell us that everyone LOVES not-Metro and it's selling great, and if it's not selling it's because the other guys made the wrong type of computers... It's just a bunch of yes men in a circle jerk.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Just wish the music copyrights ...

And crapped up DVDs with changed music.

Tech war latest: Today's leather tools 'invented by NEANDERTHALS'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Could that be...

Leather tools on a mobile device?

Leaked photos of iPhone 5C parts portend ugly Google legal battle

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Black

Apples problem is they never label the buttons. They should be properly labelled in 4 point Helvetica narrow in a nice medium grey.

There she blows! Mid-October release date for Windows 8.1 sighted

Tom 35 Silver badge

No early copies

It's like a bad movie with no review showing in advance maybe.

They hope to sell a few the first week before everyone posts that it still blows.

PEAK Apple: Cupertino's hopes died with Steve Jobs, says Larry Ellison

Tom 35 Silver badge

they have to reinvent everything every year?

I think they call it the stock market where rich greedy bastards that like to call them selves inventors demand constant growth or they start yelling "give me all the cash".

Asus boss flushes down tabs, says 'Windows RT has not been successful'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: So, build quality is good?

The build is solid, if a bit on the heavy side. Screen is low-res for a 10".

If you try to do anything beyond the basic not-metro apps you need the optional keyboard, or at least a mouse.

App selection is very poor. They approve anything even if it will not even work. Lots of "sound boards, fart apps, blatant rip-offs of apps on other systems. Definite bootleg stuff (Disney cartoons). A lot of the listed "TOP" apps have under 100 ratings!

The Microsoft Solitaire app has full screen video ads! The built in weather app has adds too.

You can see here some of the stuff available. A few ok titles...


I think it would have to be a firesale price before it was at all desirable.

Tom 35 Silver badge

The problem wasn't RT, it was the pricing.

No it was both.

RT. Win8 is crap + you can't install 3rd party apps for the desktop is crap^2

Costs more then an Android and almost as much as an iPad, both are a better deal.

I have a Surface RT, hardly every use it. (it was free)

I also have a Nexus 7, use it all the time, and I paid for it.

Werner Herzog's latest film warns drivers not to text while driving

Tom 35 Silver badge

My first thought was 35 minutes? Way to long.

But I just sat and watched the whole thing, and I think it was quite well done. Better then any of the government made don't text and drive spots I've seen.

Despite Microsoft Surface RT debacle, second-gen model in the works

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Microsoft do stupid things

"All Microsoft have to do is remove the really stupid limitation of not being able to run Desktop software on the RT."

That was likely the number 1 stupid thing. If you jailbreak your surface there are a few ported apps, but there would be tons of them if you didn't need to jailbreak. But I think the odds of that are worse then adding the start menu back in.

I've played with the 8.1 preview and at least with Exchange it's way better then the current mail app (not saying much, the android mail app is better with Exchange then the Surface mail app). I think Outlook is the biggest upgrade in 8.1 but it's not going to make me start using the surface and let my nexus 7 sit on my desk in it's old spot. I can see ways they can make the surface better, but I can't see any way they can make it good.

Obama proposes four-point plan to investigate US data spooks

Tom 35 Silver badge

See what you did?

"But Snowden's leaks had caused a perception the US was "out there willy-nilly sucking in information on everybody"

Let me fix that... But Snowden's leaks told everyone the US was "out there sucking in information on everybody".

No one thinks it was "willy-nilly", and it was not "a perception" and the attempts to minimize what your doing with weasel words is not fooling anyone (maybe the tea baggers). And it's not just Obama, or Bush.

Amazon to ship Android-based gaming console by year's end?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not Microsoft or Sony

More like a new Wii

Make it cheap, have some simple fun games. If it can stream Amazon content too, bonus.

Apple returns to courtroom once again to contest ebook shafting

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: You didn't listen to what the judge said.

But Amazon was bad first, they did stuff we didn't like!

NSA gets burned by a sysadmin, decides to burn 90% of its sysadmins

Tom 35 Silver badge

that machines are probably better at doing

And no inconvenient morals to get in the way.

Snowden's secure email provider Lavabit shuts down under gag order

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: don't get it ..

I expect something along the line of...

You will give us full access to all of your email servers.

- We can't. We built it so we can't if we want to.

You will build a back door into your systems.

- No we can't we will shut-down first.

Too bad there are not more that don't roll over.

US taxmen told to hush up shadowy drug squad unit laundering NSA intel

Tom 35 Silver badge


An NSA official told Reuters that its database is not used for domestic law enforcement.

He then asked if anyone was interested in some prime beach front property in Florida, or some DrOz fat melter.

E-reader barons file FCC plea to opt out of disabled-friendly regs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Simple. If it can connect to the net, it is subject to the law.

The basic $69 Kindle would not exist. It's an e-ink device with no sound, it uses almost zero power while you are reading as only page turns require power. If you add text to speech it's going to be using power all the time.

The more full featured units like the Kindle Keyboard 3G includes sound. Can play audio books, and has Text to Speech included. It costs $159. I think they had a wifi version too for about $120 but I don't see it right now.

So what you are saying is 290 million Americans can't buy a $69 kindle because it will not meet the needs of 10 million Americans, even though there is a model(s) available that will do what you want. It costs more, because it can do more. And it's a tiny fraction of the price of that Jaws program you talked about ( $895 for the standard version).

I'd say it's you that should STFU.

Manning's max sentence cut, may only spend up to 90 years in the cooler

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I hope so

I expect he is going to smell real bad after 90 years (age 116 if they count from now)...

This is like "We have reduced your sentence from life + 40 years, to only life +10 years. He must be thrilled.

Tax dodging? It's harder to do - and rarer - than you think

Tom 35 Silver badge

and rarer - than you think

Not really. I know they are rare as they are setup to only work for the top few percent. If just anyone could use them it would hardly be a loophole.

Apple patents laser, incandescent projector for laptops, smartphones

Tom 35 Silver badge

I know...

The iWatch will contain a holographic projector...

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope

Tom 35 Silver badge

Failed guess I think

It looks like some one at Apple thought incandescent was still the way to go. Draw up a few block diagrams and file for a patient. They talk about LED too. So are they going to fire a sue ball at Casio who have an actual working LED/Laser projector for sale (for a couple of years)?

"other embodiments are possible that do not utilize a screen, such as holographic projection equipment."

Oh look, Apple have developed a holographic projector. They just need to add another box to their block diagram and label it Holographic Emitter.

Xerox copier flaw changes numbers in scanned docs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @ Tom 35 - @ unitron - I must have blinked and missed it.

That's totally different. Same for any recent versions of photoshop.

It's just not going to copy a banknote, it's not going to copy it and change it to read "in dog we trust"...

Or copy your passport and change your name to Carmen Sandiego.

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's a work group printer

Why would a copier have a setting that should be called "please screw up my copies" at all, and why do you think it's OK because one "thick:" user selected it (maybe so they could print two copies of a 500 page document double sided), and maybe others came along used the copier without knowing how it was set, or even knowing it has a "please screw up my copies" setting.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: @ unitron - I must have blinked and missed it.

It should still have no idea what you are copying, not try and guess what you wanted.

They could have even more fun and add a spelling checker.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: There's all sorts of image processing going on in there

Our copier had a "make Whheeeee noise" button. A big green one... service guy came the next day...

I can just guess what would happen if we lost out on a RFC because the copier had changed a 6 to an 8.

Report: NSA spying deals billion dollar knockout to US cloud prospects

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Solution

"declassify more information about the NSA spying programs"

Not enough. As long as secret gag orders exist they can say anything they want, and no one can trust anything they say.

- They would have to declare all existing gag orders void.

- Only allow gag orders for a fixed time for a specified investigation. After that time it's public. No exceptions.

- And the one that will never happen, it has to apply to EVERYONE, not just people in the US. Not the current "your not a US citizen and your on the wrong side of the gate at the airport so you have no rights".

Not going to happen.

Expect some more leaks.

Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: People hate monopolists.

With Apple, you have one choice, buy another Apple or all your aps are gone. You have a choice of the expensive latest model, or the old model.

With Android you have to buy another Android but it can be Samsung, LG, Sony... you have a lot more choice when it's time to upgrade.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Smart meters may actually lead to remote control

In Toronto they have something called Peak Saver. In exchange for a small bribe you let the power company (Toronto Hydro) install a device to control some high energy using devices (Central AC, Electric water heater, Pool pumps). They can then turn off your devices to reduce the peak power draw and save them money.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Disproportionate

They bought an iPhone because their BMW came with a built in iPhone doc.

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data

Tom 35 Silver badge


"Yes, but only to those who read it, I'm safe. ;)"

But you have to watch out for second hand Mail, you can be exposed in an elevator, the train, even around here!

Apple will swap fanbois' killer phoney phone chargers for legit adapters

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: A good opportunity to sell stock at cost and look big'n'caring

No technical difference but...

Since the apple part is more expensive, and even the licensed 3rd party are more expensive due to the apple tax on the connector they can charge more for a fake apple adaptor then the same unit with a micro usb. They always bootleg the expensive handbag, not the cheap one.

Arrr! Comcast working on new tech to nudge PIRATES to go straight

Tom 35 Silver badge

VHS worked in any VHS tape player.

Not true.

In Canada 99% of TVs can't play PAL. VHS players can't play PAL. If I wanted to watch a PAL VHS tape I would have to buy an expensive VHS player that could convert PAL to NTSC (not all that well). I can play a Japanese VHS but the black level is off because they use NTSC-J.

My fist DVD player was a DVD-Rom drive. It was region free 5 minutes after I installed it. It can play PAL just fine too (First set top was region free too, but still could not play PAL).

I only have a handful of PAL DVDs like the BBC's The Day of the Triffids series (1981) that was shown on TV here once, but never released on R1 DVD so I bought it from Amazon.co.uk (it was released later, I can buy it now for $37.29 from Amazon.com).

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's a great idea, and it could work

It could work for stuff that's actually available.

but what if they are downloading it because...

- It just aired on TV but they missed it.

- It's out of print and a copy on EBay sells for $175 on VHS.

- It's a foreign film that is only available edited and dubbed. But was released uncut with English subtitles in another country.

- It's Song of the South.

- An Olympic event that the US lost.

- A TV show from "back home".

- An insane Japanese game show.

Or are they just going to ignore anything that they can't sell you, or get a cut on a referral.

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Thank god for the war on Terror

Stop saying pressure cooker. AAAArghh! ... I've said it ...

the knights who were formally Ni

Paid-for stuff likely to triumph over free – shock report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Mega corps

You have a big company that owns content producers/owners, TV stations, cable companies, ISPs, home phone, cell phone... They want to sell you everything, bonus for getting you to buy stuff you don't need.

First we get bundles on cable. Want to watch football? You also get pool, darts, marbles.

They don't like real OTT stuff like Netflix. They don't get a cut. So time for a two pronged approach.

- Offer their own fake OTT packages (just another subscription that looks like Netflix), offer unlimited not in the cap traffic as part of the price.

- Have ISP cap traffic, manage traffic, black mail OTT providers to try and get a cut.

Gov: Smart TV bods must protect users from smut-riddled badness

Tom 35 Silver badge

Unregulated content

It's terrible, people can watch "stuff we don't like" on their TVs and they don't even have to sign up to our I'm a pervert list!

Maria Miller: But how is this possible? We have our new 100% effective "stuff we don't like" filter don't we?

The TV apps drill right through the filter, we can't even tell what they are watching! We could block the app but it would be unpopular, we have to do something!

Maria Miller: Ok, you go stir up the rabble, I'll start talking about needed regulation and we will get this sorted out just like the ISPs.

Upgraded 3D printed rifle shoots 14 times before breaking

Tom 35 Silver badge

If you want to build a gun

See zip gun. I expect I could make something just as (not) effective from the junk I have on hand using basic hand tools in a lot less time then it takes to print that plastic "gun". It would not look much like a gun I expect so it would not be as good for scarring fools.

"3D printed rifle"

It's not a rifle as there is no way there is any "rifling" in that thing. More like a musket (even needs a tamping rod).

This attempt to make 3D printed guns out to be a big thing seems to be one part Shit Disturber and one part forget about AR15s, crap plastic one shot guns (way more useless then the zip guns that have been around for years) are what you need to ban.

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: PC World...

I expect it's something like...

Run ads, put a surface on display, get a big discount on the MS stuff you actually want to stock.

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