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Brits won't have to pay for thieves' enormous mobe bills any more

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Clarity?

I expect they sold a bunch of cheap plans with a "we can raise the price" in the contract. They plan to jack up the price so they don't want to agree unless it will only apply to new contracts.

On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns

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Re: Guns won't work, so let's look at alternatives...

Barrage balloons?

A flock of trained attack Ravens?

UK.gov's web filtering mission creep: Now it plans to block 'extremist' websites

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So in everyday language that will be...

Block stuff we don't like.

What you thought we put that system in just to block kiddy porn?

Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi

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Re: Excellent Article

"but they'd need to install your app"

It should not be hard to read someones ID code, say an over priced coffee shop.

Then setup your own beacon outside with "get a free drink, just show this code..."

Then you can annoy the phone user and the coffee shop. Kind of like the people who posted fake McDonald's coupons online a few years back.

Happy Thanksgiving, Apple. Now how about THREE more patent legal battles for dessert?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Get back under your bridge

"Apple has intended, and continues to intend, to induce patent infringement by its customers,"

So they think they can patent what the end user is doing?

Why a plain packaging U-turn from UK.gov could cost £3bn a year

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"Plain packaging legislation is reckoned to have lost the Australian Treasury A$1bn ($946m, £578m) in tax revenue in its first six months, according to a report commissioned by cigarette-makers by KPMG (PDF), as smokers turn to fake, untaxed brands."

So how is this about plain packaging and not about people buying untaxed cheaper cigarettes?

If they still had the fancy gold foil packages people would still buy the taxed ones?

"a report commissioned by cigarette-makers oh, never mind that explains it.

Looks like Google may ask you to PAY for YouTube music - report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Like the rest?

US only.

Later available in other places where you get 10% of the content for the same price (or more).

Lots of places only ever get "not available in your region" messages.

CIOs, IT chiefs: ARRGH! What do you MEAN, HR just bought 400 iPads and didn't tell us

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Re: Fools from Marketing?

You have forgotten the robotic cameras* with proprietary connectors, and a bunch of odd-ball adaptors, half of them now missing.

*that sort of almost work, sometimes. At least when you have the adaptors.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I don't want control

Yes, and I also have a cupboard full of brand new super duper laptops but you can't have one because I'm a big meanie.

Hello! Still here! Surface 2! Way better than iPad! says slightly desperate Microsoft

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Re: Own and use a Surface RT excellent laptop replacement

" it will do all the tasks of a portable laptop perfectly for 1/2 the price."

I think you have that backwards. For the price of a Surface, the keyboard, the SD card... you could buy a Very Nice laptop. If you want a small underpowered thing with a crappy keyboard you can get one for a lot less.

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Re: Microsoft to kill win RT?

They can't kill it off yet, they have to give the Nokia tablet a chance to fail first.

Will they outright kill it, or do more of a Zune and treat it like plant that no one remembered to water?

Tom 35 Silver badge

I have both + a netbook.

A Surface (original) and a Nexus 7.

I use the Surface to watch Netflix or to check my work email. I have used the office apps a few times but my Netbook blows it away. The surface with crappy keyboard is too top heavy and floppy to use well in a lap, you need a desk, then you only get one angle, and the keyboard is still crap.

As a tablet it's too big and heavy and there are next to nothing in the app store. On the go the Nexus 7 kicks it's ass.

So the surface ends up as a crappy laptop substitute, and OK Netflix screen, and a crappy tablet.

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat

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Re: WTF?

A boy of man who is seen as timid, effeminate, ineffectual.

Most often used by people who think they are rough, burly, tough.

City of London cops arrest 6 suspected to be Microsoft counterfeit ring

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Valuation

Being such a nice round number I expect it's much more likely that they just pulled it out of their ass.

Hooters, shooters and looters: Eidos’s Tomb Raider

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I had the original PC game

But it was so buggy that I gave it away. Stuff like walking into a wall and getting stuck half in the wall, could spin around but not move otherwise.

US Judge strikes out COMPUTER/HUMAN LOVE patent

Tom 35 Silver badge

Don't forget Old idea + Mobile device. Someone needs to shoot that stupid idea too.

Guess which major US telco ISN'T cracking down on premium SMS spam?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Funny thing there.

There are two text message scams in Canada. One shot where you text some number to vote for a fake TV show contest, or donate money to something, or subscriptions where you get suckered into signing up for something that repeats, like Fido used to run some like Joke of the Day where they would text you some lame joke every day and charge you 25 cents for each one.

Twitter fires up stronger, anti-snooping encryption for its millions of twits

Tom 35 Silver badge

Can't have the NSA just scooping stuff off the wire

Make them pay us for the data they want.

LG: You can stop hiding from your scary SPY TELLY quite soon now

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Impersonal personal information for no purposeful purpose

Marketing think you only need to change what you call something to make it ok.

An email blast is not spam, it's an email blast. And it's totally unfair when they put us on a black list for spamming because it was not spam, it was an email blast. (a real conversation with the head of marketing where I used to work).

Tom 35 Silver badge


Will all the TV's (anything else? BluRay players?) that do this get patched or only stuff less then a year old?

Will the next patch put it back?

Will the patch be easy to find and say what it fixes? Or will it say optional, might fix some stuff, beware of the Leopard.

MY EYES! Earth engulfed by BRIGHTEST EVER killer gamma-ray burst

Tom 35 Silver badge

"Well, if 3.7 billion is close, then I'd hate to contemplate what would happen if that nearby unstable monster Betelgeuse or similar were to collapse."

Maybe they already have...

Star Wars exec: These ARE THE DROIDS I was LOOKING FOR

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ghost in the movie ?

They can just go back and edit that out.

Tom 35 Silver badge

write a decent story

They will get the writing team on that right away. They will make sure it has something for everyone, and doesn't offend anyone. They just need to work Tinkerbell into the plot.

Macy's: Now with Apple's Minority Report ads system that TRACKS your iPHONE

Tom 35 Silver badge

I wonder if it can be spoofed

Oh look we have 467 customers in the sock department.

US Patent Office disputes crucial scroll-and-bounce Apple tech – Samsung demands patent trial halt

Tom 35 Silver badge

American-made television

We had a Westinghouse... it was crap.

I also seem to remember Sony having lots of Patents for TVs.

- Make crap TVs

- Ship production to Japan

- Sit on hands while Japan decides they don't need a middle man to take all the profit and improves their own brands.

- Act surprised when your sales go down the tube

- Sell brand to Chinese company.

Apple (designed in California ) is about three steps down that path. No one wants a small tablet, or a big phone for example. Sony and Samsung have smart watches (not that they are very useful) Apple has patents (most of them "slide to unlock" quality)..

Ruskie email provider Mail.ru chats up US market with My.com

Tom 35 Silver badge

Setting up shop in the US? Even less trusted then a .ru address.

Google WILL wriggle away from Euro probe... but THEN what?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Is it just me?

Why isn't what is "good enough" for Microsoft, good enough for Google?

Not valid.

When your buy a computer you Get IE (and Bing) you have to make a choice to pick something else, the Ballot makes it easy. Once you pick Firefox you have Firefox (and IE) and don't keep getting the others popping up asking if you want them now.

1. With this you have already made an active choice to switch to Google. It's not Bing that came with the computer.

2. They don't want a one time choice (add our bogus price search results to google). They want to be added, all of them, all the time, at the top. No Choice.

If Google was going to give me a choice I'd like a "never show me results from this domain again" feature.

I might actually think about logging on to Google if I could make sites like www.shopbot.ca, www.mysmartprice.com, and all the fake review sites go away.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Monopoly

"MS had no browser lock-in."

How do I uninstall IE? MS went to a lot of trouble to make sure I could not remove it.

How do I stop Outlook from opening links in IE even if by default browser is Firefox?

When I log onto a computer for the fist time at work I get IE and Bing.

No lock-in my ass.

Even if there was no lock-in it's still not comparable because they are not asking for a choice to let people switch from Google. They want to force Google to add their search results to the top. They want SEO forced on Google. They don't want the chance to replace Google with their product, they want to ride on Google's coat tails.

KILL SWITCH 'BLOCKED by cell operators' to pad PROFITS, thunders D.A.

Tom 35 Silver badge

How stupid are they?

"sponsoring legislation that would make tampering with phones so they didn't show up on the database an offense."

Oh dear, I just beat someone up and took their $600 phone and it's all for nothing... I can't tamper with the phone or I'll get in trouble.

Why don't they make not turning your self in to the police after committing a crime an offence too.

Salesforce boss Benioff foretells grim, unrelenting hyper-capitalist future

Tom 35 Silver badge


Right, that's IT: We'll encrypt INTERNAL traffic to thwart NSA - Yahoo

Tom 35 Silver badge

NSA gets no free access to our data centers

So they are upset that NSA and friends are tapping into their lines without paying...

As long as the secret court gag orders exist nothing you say is worth exciting electrons over.

Sonos and I: How home media playback just gets SO FRUSTRATING

Tom 35 Silver badge

Wireless - not.

"These are square tower enclosures, about six inches high"

A 6" tower? Making a mountain out of a mole hill I think.

My old CRT TV would let me disconnect the built in speakers, and plug in a decent pair of book shelf speakers. That was fine for watching TV. But the new LCD has only got a digital out so I need something more complex, have to turn on the receiver...

My TV room in my older house only has two power outlets. One behind the TV stand and the other on the other side of the room. So wireless speakers are out, I'll take speaker wire over extension cords any day.

Cocky Microsoft strokes soft tool in public for 3D printing on Windows 8.1

Tom 35 Silver badge

creating your own jewellry line of custom 3D-printed earrings.

Brightly coloured plastic jewellery, a perfect complement to the not-metro interface on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Wonder if they include DRM and plan to sell designs from the app store?

How to relieve Microsoft's Surface RT piles problem

Tom 35 Silver badge

although we're all going to have to get used to it

No we don't.

I'm on Windows 8.1 enterprise right now. There is no Microsoft account. Classic shell so I never see the crap not-metro screen, and hardly ever see the slightly less crap start screen. App store? I think it's in there someplace, don't care.

As for my Surface RT, Outlook is much better then the old mail app (not hard) for checking my work email, and the Netflex app works quite well. I would not pay money for one. If they unlocked the thing it would be a lot more useful but I'm not holding my breath...

Hackers steal 'FULL credit card details' of 376,000 people from Irish loyalty programme firm

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Mad

"How can they claim it was clever Criminals?"

By comparing them to company management should work.

Microsoft FAILS to encrypt data centre links despite NSA snooping

Tom 35 Silver badge

They same company

That rebuilt Skype so that they could intercept calls with ease by making everything pass through a server they own.

Makerbot vows to plonk a 3D printer in every one of Uncle Sam's schools

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "Instead of waiting for someone to create a product for you, you can create your own"

"its about the opportunities to spark their imagination."

The problem is that if they only have one in a school, there are not going to be a lot of opportunities to go round. It takes hours to pint one item so what percentage of the students get to have a go.

When I was in School we had one trampoline*. Half the class waited around for their 2 minute turn, the rest of us gave up and did something else (horizontal bar in my case).

* until "hay watch me do a double back flip dismount"

Tom 35 Silver badge

change the whole paradigm

Warning! Bull shit alert! Warning!

Is it all up for LANDFILL ANDROID? BEHOLD, the Moto G

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Oh, this looks nice

No LTE (like Nexus 4)

Networks: GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz); UMTS (850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz); CDMA (850/1900 MHz).

Publishers reject Google's revised offer to fix search biz in Europe

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Not a monopoly

Anyone using google has actively chosen to do so. When you first log onto Windows you get IE and Bing as your default. If you install Flash/Reader/Java without watching what you click on your going to get Ask.com. But I don't remember ever getting slammed onto Google.

If you want Google as your default you have to actively change your IE search to Google, or download a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Google is #1 despite MS trying to stuff Bing onto everyone's computer.

Personally I use duckduckgo most of the time, because I don't what anyone trying to decide what I should want.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Moaning publishers

So how often do these publishers send people to other publishers because their service is not as good as the competition?

Google refuse to pay you for linking to your stuff and providing you traffic? You threaten to block them if they don't pay and they send you instructions on how to setup a robot file? Want your cake and eat it too?

Clearly they should list your stuff at the top of all searches, and pay you for the privilege.

Personally I've been using Duckduckgo because Google is already too screwed up by people who think they know what I should be looking at.

New Internet Explorer chief is man behind Windows Phone reboot

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Good.

You can't install a different one so you are out of luck. No Firefox to make IE look bad and force an upgrade.

For windows I expect some useless UI changes like maybe the shortcut menu will become a full screen of giant "not-metro" like blocks, maybe even have it's own live tiles crap.

Facebook makes Adobe fans change their horrible, horrible passwords

Tom 35 Silver badge


I just received a "change your password" message from Adobe yesterday.

"As we announced on October 3, 2013, we recently discovered that an attacker illegally entered our network and may have obtained access to your Adobe ID and encrypted password. We currently have no indication that there has been unauthorized activity on your account."

So are they just getting around to sending password change notes now, or are people still walking in and grabbing data?

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder

Tom 35 Silver badge

Disabled not bricked... but

If blocking your online account renders the device you paid for useless you have a point.

If they decide you have broken some item on page 17* of the TOS they can kick you off your own hardware. Bad press might be your only protection (since I'm sure there is also a "can't sue us" in the TOS).

* That might have been added after you bought the xbox. Added with an update that you had to install if you want to keep playing your (rented) games.

Ding-dong! Bye bye Sunday lie-in, your Amazon package is HERE

Tom 35 Silver badge

I had Fridays off

My old job I had Friday off, worked Saturday or Sunday (my choice, as long as everything was done Monday morning). It was great as I could deal with government offices that were open M-F 9-5 (more like 10-4 most of them) shopping or the Bank without weekend hoards. Also service or deliveries where you must be home between 11am and 4pm (they show up at 5:40) type things.

GCHQ hijacked LinkedIn profiles to hack Belgian telecoms network – report

Tom 35 Silver badge

I expect they would just get a retroactive "get out of jail free" card like the US telephone companies caught providing mass intercept for the spies.

Netflix, YouTube video killed the BitTorrent star? Duo gobble web traffic

Tom 35 Silver badge

But the...

ISP is owned by a conglomerate that also owns TV stations and cable TV companies. They don't want you watching OTT stuff like Netflix, they want you to watch THEIR stuff. Pay THEM the monthly fee and keep you on cable TV with all the bundles of crap for big bucks. Down with Net Neutrality! Up with cable company profits.

Microsoft advertises Surface, Excel with maths mistake

Tom 35 Silver badge

Dive rentals

Maybe excel dropped this line as the surface can't get any lower?

Microsoft offers Google-esque multi-meddling options in Office Web Apps

Tom 35 Silver badge

includes find-and-replace in Word

What will they think of next?

The CURSE of WHO: WHY has there never been a decent videogame with the Doctor?

Tom 35 Silver badge

I don't think it's just a Dr Who thing

Most games from TV/Movies are junk. A quick hack to cash in on something while it's hot.

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