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Smartphone industry is in 'recession'! Could it be possible we have *gasp* reached 'peak tech'?

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Re: "Just like the PC market"

"didn't increase prices and made PC bigger "

I thought my current phone at 5.5" was big, I look now and it's tinny. Almost everything is over 6"

US Republicans bash UK for tech tax plan

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Re: International norms

Evasion or avoidance?

You have to check the thickness of the brown envelop full of cash to know. Was that loop hole paid for in full or are they pulling a fast one.

Apple might be 'collateral damage' in US and China trade dust-up

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Re: Confused

I expect brown envelops stuffed with cash have a role in keeping them tariff-free.

With the 6T, OnePlus hopes to shed 'cheeky upstart' tag and launch assault on flagships

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such a deal

I can get a 128 GB 6 for only $50 more then a 6T but I get a free case.

But the 6 is already too big.

Motorola: Oops, phone busted? Grab a spudger and go get 'em, champ

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Re: I think my next phone will be a Motorola

But their software updates are crap. My G4+ is still waiting for android 8 they promised and security is April. The hardware is good for the price.

Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait

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Re: It's-a rubbish!

"which some folk state can be also over-ridden by MS. True, or not?"

I have a computer with the service disabled, and a script that will kill it if it tries to start. And yes I have seen that script pop up a few times, most often when you plug in a new device even a USB stick, or a mouse.

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Yes home users are great for testing anything domain related, large LANs, SharePoint integration...

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809

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Re: Regressions

But it's OK because the stock went up 10 cents.

Once more with feeling: Windows 10 October 2018 Update inches closer to relaunch

Tom 35 Silver badge

Sounds like

They released alpha quality code, and have reached maybe beta now. I have my computer updates paused for now. Not in a rush.

Stroppy Google runs rings round Brussels with Android remedy

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Re: Unbundling the app store would have been the right solution

" Samdroid and install generic Android on it."

Samsung already have their own app store. And a Samsung with generic Android is funny, they have more krud then any other phone. Even have their own assistant. They could remove the google stuff now and have a working phone. It would suck, but it would work.

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer

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Re: Fact checking

Maybe if these people didn't feel the need to collect billions in the first place. That money came from someplace.

Azure goes quiet, Huawei Canada ban urged, US Senators are after Google, and more

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Re: Five an a half months early...

The GOP don't care about "people worried about surveillance", they are upset about what happens when you do a google image search for idiot.

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream

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Re: Installing Windows 7 on Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

It's almost like they have to change 10 things every spring and fall. Things you can see, that marketing can post screen shots of.

Icahn to Dell investors: You can't touch this DVMT offer

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Stop calling he an investor, activist any kind

He is just a corporate raider. He will set you on fire if he can make a buck doing it.

The world will be a little better the day he kicks the bucket.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me tea... pigs-in-blankets-flavoured tea

Tom 35 Silver badge

I can see one purpose

If there is someone at the office that keeps stealing your tea.

Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Another reference to remember.

Will they do a microsoft and skip from 10 to 12?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Actually , no.

Or what ever the cable/phone company give them for 'free' with their internet.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: If it is not broken...

How long until we have WiFi 7.5bi?

US mobe owners will get presidential text message at 2:18 pm Eastern Time

Tom 35 Silver badge

I have very big hands.

Microsoft: OK, we have no phones, but look how much we love Android

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Re: 3 Words

Now you can have both on one phone. Do you add or multiply the evil?

Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)

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Re: Hello Welcome To Microsoft 'Onavo'

Timeline... seems to have fallen down the stairs and gotten disabled.

Microsoft resurfaces Surface kit alongside Windows 10 update

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Re: Going back to Thinkpad

"I suspect you may not be the target market then."

So the same market that has turned the Land Rover into something for an expedition to the local mall. Important people...

UK should set its own tax on tech giants if international deal isn't reached – Chancellor

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Re: What kind of conservatives want to tax everything?

It's working great for Trump... right?

While the UN laughed at Trump, hackers chortled at the UN's lousy web application security

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Re: 4,000 nuclear warheads

The child proof caps came out when I was a kid, mom used to get me to open them for her.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Stop mirroring the media

I hate shaggy dog stories.

Eat my shorts, watchdog tells every city mayor in the US – FCC approves $2bn 5G telco windfall

Tom 35 Silver badge

Is anyone surprised

FCC holds consult, puts trash bin under mail slot, wow everyone LOVES our plan.

Brexit campaigner AggregateIQ challenges UK's first GDPR notice

Tom 35 Silver badge

Who was paying for this I wonder?

I'm sure it was not their money paying for the ads.

I see an empty shell going bankrupt in the near future.

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit

Tom 35 Silver badge

Printer inovation

Is now ink DRM.

Oz government rushes its anti-crypto legislation into parliament

Tom 35 Silver badge

Do they have to block service in Australia

If it's a free service I would think just have a check box "Are you in Australia [ ]" If you check it, OK, Bye.

If you lie and say you don't live in Australia, well not my fault.

This reminds be of the days of 40 bit international versions of browsers with the download page for the better US version where you swear not to give it to China or other "bad" countries. That worked great.

Brits pay £490m extra for mobes they already own – Citizens Advice

Tom 35 Silver badge

We used to have that crap in Canada too

They had unadvertised BYOD plans, but they pushed the "free" phone. The CRTC cut max contracts to 2 years, required free phone unlocking, and split the phone payment from the service. You pay a "tab" each month for 2 years to pay for the phone, Once the 2 years is over the extra charge is gone.

FCC boss slams new Californian net neutrality law, brands it illegal

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Typical

" It gave too much power to those unaccountable to We The People."

So who has the power now? Comcast?

Not We The People, that's for sure.

It's been 5 years already, let's gawp at Microsoft and Nokia's bloodbath

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Conspiracy theory?

And look what MS did to Windows 8 to try and make phones and computers look the same.

Feel the shame: Email-scammed staffers aren't telling bosses about it

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Re: Plain text

I like knocking stuff off my desk too.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Wasting time

I had some scammer who registered a domain that looked like ours, had an older version of our email signature, and knew a few staff names. Sent me an email "from the boss" to wire $5,000 to "a supplier".

Replied back.... Done.

Then acted stupid for a whole series of back and forth. I BCC'ed my boss, he was laughing his arse off. Some of the scammers emails ended up in our employ manual.

It looks like tech-savvy drivers will have to lead connected car data purge

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Clear personal data ?

I think all cars have a clear data option, but on some you will never find it without a search or reading the manual. It will be something like settings -> advanced -> other -> more -> more -> data -> clear -> are you sure?

Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'

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Re: Infringing files

"Copyright no... trademark infringement instead.. yes."

No, I revived a notice for a 1.5k text file that happened to have a name close to a Madonna song. It's all bots and no one looks at the output.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Don't be silly

You need higher bandwidth for Netflix not downloading 8 MB .mp3 files.

Unpicking the Pixel puzzle: Why Google is struggling to impress

Tom 35 Silver badge

It's just too expensive for average people

They are for people with too much money. Add the pixel book to that too.

If I was buying a phone right now I think I'd be looking at something like a Nokia 6.1 or the 6.1+ if it comes to Canada.

Microsoft takes another whack at killing off Windows Phone 8.x

Tom 35 Silver badge

The best part

Is I don't have to worry about clicking on a story to find it's Andrew Orlowski trying to tell us how great it is.

Too bad about Nokia though.

Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early

Tom 35 Silver badge

Domain name expired

Automated notice ignored. My email ignored. Squatter pointing domain to a page of ads. You can guess the rest.

Shiver me timbers: Symantec spots activist investor Starboard side

Tom 35 Silver badge

Stop using the name they made up for themselves. It's not "activist investor" it's corporate raider. They are not investing, they are only after fast cash and don't care what they leave behind after they move on to the next target.

US Senate green-lights controversial anti-sex-trafficking law amid warnings of power grab

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Shame

"How do these laws help the legal sex worker?"

They don't. They may even be the real target of the law and the Think of the Children only added so they can call anyone opposed to the bill a pervert.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Welcome to the land of the escaped puritans.

"I always thought the Puritans left England because they were being unfairly persecuted."

No it was because they wanted to be the ones doing the persecution. You just have to look at the laws they had in the towns they setup in North America.

Tom 35 Silver badge

It is not even targeting trafficking, as it is about blocking prostitution. They just assume trafficking is a subset of prostitution. Or are they just targeting prostitution and using "think of the children" to push it through?

US voting systems: Full of holes, loaded with pop music, and 'hacked' by an 11-year-old

Tom 35 Silver badge

The GOP ran an investigation into voter fraud

Because they wanted to learn how to do it better.

Devon County Council techies: WE KNOW IT WASN'T YOU!

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I thought printing systems

Computers do what you say, not what you mean.

Time to party like it's 2005! Palm is coming BAAAA-ACK

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The mistake of a non compatible OS....

Well they did go to Windows Mobile first, I think that's what killed them. If they had gone to something like WebOS from the start...

Think tank calls for post-Brexit national ID cards: The kids have phones so what's the difference?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "If there are no ID cards no one can demand them,"

"My bullshit-o-meter hit the endstop"

Your lucky, mine burst into flames and fell over.

'Your computer has a virus' cold call con artists on the rise – Microsoft

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Re "putting the phone down is almost always the right thing to do."

I always consider it a challenge to get them to swear at me. For the ones with Indian accents telling them how disappointed their mothers must be after all the work of raising you only to get a cheap crook, works almost every time.

US drug cops snared crooks with pre-cracked BlackBerry mobes – and that's just the start

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Symptoms of misguided policies

Add for profit prisons. Drugs are easily the number one source of "customers" and they need to expend their jail utilization to boost profits. That's whey the GOP is so against pot legalization


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