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Cybercrooks slide fingers into TELLIES+FRIDGES, spam splurge ensues

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Just try

Getting a patch for last years model TV/Fridge/whatever when everything is "smart".

Audiophiles: These Wi-Fi speakers have a stereo drift of less than 25μs – good enough for you?

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The "The Best of David Hasselhoff" was not me!...

Actually all of them are items that have loads of "funny reviews" on Amazon.com.

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Don't forget the Denon interconnect cable for your router.


Even 'Your computer has a virus' cold-call gits are migrating off XP

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Re: @scub

Not a chance. They are scam artists and clearly know what they are doing. No different then pick pockets that also take pride in their skill.

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"You know, your mother must be so disappointed in you"

That's all it takes most of the time. It is almost sure to cause the Indian call center jerk to explode with 4 letter words.

If one of them calls to tell me my tablet has a problem I think I'll tell him it's a suppository...

Nokia Lumia update spreads Black death

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Motion Focus

Wow, not only is the bike going so fast that the background is smeared but the people walking are too, one seems to be running backwards.

I hope they include something that's actually useful with the camera update.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front

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Re: if Google can show me what I need without me having to ...

There is a difference between a simple fact like the half-life of nickel-56 in the example above, or 22 centigrade to fahrenheit and something that might be complex, or contentious like naked short selling.

Google is great for the simple fact. Wikipedia is better for the more complex things, both are of limited use for contentious items. DuckDuckGo is a bit better at finding both sides as it will not try to guess what you want to see.

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April

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Horse Apples

"So many people are missing the point. Metro is there to provide a consistent interface across different devices, so you don't need to learn three different ways of doing things across three different platforms"

My phone has a 4" screen.

My tablet has a 7" screen.

They run the same version of Android and the software can adapt to make use of the larger screen on the tablet. MS could do this too, and they should do it.

My desktop has a full keyboard, a mouse, 2 screens, loads of storage and far more power. Why would I want to use the same UI as my phone? It's not useful in any way. Should they put peddles and hand brakes in cars so bike riders will not have to learn to drive?

Amazon, Hollywood, Samsung: PLEASE get excited about 4K telly

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DVI input

Just need a DVI to HDMI cable. It's the same signal except no sound over DVI, Should be cheap (if you avoid Monster and friends).

Something like this...


Tom 35 Silver badge

Coming soon...

4K, 3D, Smart TV.

Come on, everyone buy a new TV... please.

The stock market expects us to keep growing like we did when everyone was switching from CRT to HD.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: 4K Streaming?

I can get about 7.5 and I can't tell the difference between 720 or 1080 at that (some high action stuff looks better in 720). 4K I hope you have 30-40 mb/s, unlimited bandwidth, and a BIG TV.

FCC honcho: Shifting our crusty phone network to IP packets starts now

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Power supply

We just had a big ice storm here in Toronto, my power was off for 4 days.

My POT analog phone kept working.

My Cell lost signal after a day as the batteries in the local tower died.

People who had IP phones had no power for the modem/router/TA... Even some who had power lost service when a box up the street lost power.

I could get an IP phone over my existing internet service for half the price, but I'm not sure I want such a fragile service.

No more syncing feeling with file portability service Younity

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On the subway?

“younity is about being able to spontaneously access any file you have at any time, without planning ahead.”

Is it going to copy everything to some server in the cloud* or do you have to have your computer turned on to access stuff?

*So EVERYTHING on your computer is now available to NSA types, not just the stuff you put in your dropbox.

Linksys's über-hackable WRT wireless router REBORN with 802.11ac

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Re: Bollox, I hate Belkin

I'm still using a WRT54GS. If this thing listed for $100 (and sold for $70-80 on line) I might consider it. At $300 Belkin can use it as a suppository.

Dusty old supernova could reveal answer to life, the universe and EVERYTHING

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No, just need a real big carpet.

How to kill trolls and influence Apple people: A patent solution

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"Of course there's nothing wrong with the idea of Patent Assertion Entities at all."

There is a big difference between a University or other inventor setting up or hiring someone to manage their patents, and selling the patent to a troll. If you could not sell a patent only license it that will kill the worst of the trolls dead.

But that has as much chance of happening as shorter copyright lengths in the US.

NSA refuses to deny spying on members of Congress

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Easy answer

"Members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all U.S. persons,"

So that would be zip.

I expect they have a list, starting with anyone who might vote to cut the NSA budget.

Google gearing up for 4K video frenzy at CES

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For a TV of normal size 4k is over kill. It's just the next attempt to get everyone to buy a new TV again.

1080p/i cable TV and streaming video tends to be compressed to hell now, so I can't see getting much better with 4k (and I expect the cable companies would use the extra compression to add more channels not go 4k).

Add that there is no BluRay disc format with enough bandwidth to give you proper quality and 4k TV can join 3D TV and "Smart" TV.

But a 27-30" 4k monitor for my desktop would be nice.

HP: We're axing 29,000 workers? Add another 5,000 to that

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: While

I think she will buy another company to run into the ground before she leaves.

LG to bring Palm's webOS BACK FROM THE DEAD in TVs next week – report

Tom 35 Silver badge

They want to own it all

"Why buy something when they could have just joined in on something else?"

They would not have full control of everything. The problem is they are likely going to end up like Windows RT with 100% of nothing, or WinPhone with 100% of bugger all.

The other thing it's not going to do is get people to buy a new TV every 3 years like they do with cell phones.

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.5: The Sinclair Sovereign

Tom 35 Silver badge


I bought one when they first came out, lasted me through high school and university.

I did something I have not seen since. It calculated to 13 digits and displayed 10. So if you try...

10 / 3 = * 3 = you got 10 not 9.9999999999

HTC: Shipping Android updates is harder than you think – here's why

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This is the difference between Apple and Android

"Then it's time for the handset makers to start working with the mobile operators, folding in any modifications that they may require and tacking on their custom apps and services."

Other then a few top sellers the carriers just don't care. Is upgrading the phones people already have on contract going to make them more money today?

Since we are not HTC's customer, they are more interested in what the mobile operators want.

I currently use a Nexus 4 and will never buy another phone from a mobile operator. They can stuff their custom apps and services!

World+dog: Network level filters block LEGIT sex ed sites. Ofcom: Meh

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'something must be done' brigade

Don't forget that if the politicians can get a universal filter, and blame the public for it.

No we didn't want to censor the internet, but the public demanded it.

Now where is that list of stuff I don't like that Google refused to remove...

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Anonymisers defeat the filter so this is legit

There are lots of things that can be used the same way. Translation sites, wayback machine...

Are you going to block a site about brest feeding babies? or cancer info site? If they want moms to tell them what to block, what mom gets to pick? Is it going to be a vote?

The filters are very blunt tools.

Windows Phone app developers: These games are made for you

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known as XP?

XP? How did that get past marketing?

I think they should change the name... I think H8 would be a good choice.

Tube be or not tube be: Apple’s CYLINDRICAL Mac Pro is out tomorrow

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Re: How long before...

Apple make a round iPad. Maybe bring back the round mouse too.

Australia rebukes Apple for 'false or misleading representations'

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: They didn't go far enough

The cover looks like a not bad match for iOS7... rest is kind of bland though.

Drawers full of different chargers? The IEC has a one-plug-to-rule-them-all

Tom 35 Silver badge

Forget Apple

They are not going to play ball any more then they do with phones. As long as almost every one else uses the new standard it's worth having.

The only problem I see is the range of power required between a 11" ultrabook, and a 17" gaming laptop. The ultrabook buyer is not going to want a jumbo 90 watt supply.

UK payday loaners cop MEGA £175K fine for 'misleading' SMS spam

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: wtf?

He runs a payday loan shark outfit. What more do you need to know to figure out what kind of individuals you are dealing with.

Facebook to BLAST the web with AUTO-PLAYING VIDEO ads

Tom 35 Silver badge

But they can't be switched off, either.

I expect any of the ad blockers, or "click to play" plugins will be able to switch it off.

I removed the android app quite some time ago.

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Censorship is alive and well in Britian

My guess translation sites, as they can be used like a proxy.

Google tells EFF: Android 4.3's privacy tool was a MISTAKE, we've yanked it

Tom 35 Silver badge

The info is there

But only one app at a time, no list of apps with location access like you had with app ops.

They killed the access in 4.4 but people found a way to get back in, 4.4.2 killed it.

I want it back.

Apple fanbois warned: No, Cupertino HASN'T built a Bitcoin mining function into Macs

Tom 35 Silver badge

Is it compatable

with waterproof iPhones?

Bring it on, stream biz Aereo tells TV barons – see you in Supreme Court

Tom 35 Silver badge

retransmission fee.

Since it's not being used they way they said it would be used, they should just scrap the retransmission fee.

Fisher-Price in hot seat: iPad bouncy chair lets APPLE BABYSIT tots – parents

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Could be worse

Actually that might be the only good application for not-metro I've seen to date.

Microsoft: Here, we'll make it easy for you Gmail lot. Meet our Outlook.com movers

Tom 35 Silver badge


A tool to turn stake into kraft dinner.

I KNOW how to SAVE Microsoft. Give Windows 8 away for FREE – analyst

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not going to give it away for free

More likely to come out with Windows 365.

Buy a new computer and get a one year subscription free. Don't renew on time and your computer will only go to the MS website where you can give them more money.

No more rush to release a new version just to get upgrade money.

MPs: Ancient UK Border Force systems let gangsters into country

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: here we go again

And private jets without inconveniencing important people too? Sounds like a bargain.

Malware+pr0n surge follows police op to kill illicit streaming sites

Tom 35 Silver badge

Ha ha, good one.

"a formal ‘prevention and deterrent’ process began to encourage infringing websites to engage with the police, to correct their behaviour and to begin to operate legitimately. "

So how did that go then?

Since most of the type of site they talk about work because they offer content to the world, and stuff that is not available at all from the Hollywood types...

UK.gov declares digital success as PR, food shops redefined as 'tech' businesses

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Just more spin...

If adding your company will make the government look better, then yes your digital.

US Supreme Court to preside over software patents case

Tom 35 Silver badge

Not holding breath

Fat brown envelops will pass under desks.

New law will have loophole big enough to fit the state of Texas inside.

When the lights went out: My 'leccy-induced, bog floor crawling HORROR

Tom 35 Silver badge

Lights out in the washroom

Sounds unsafe to me.

The washroom where I work has a couple of LED lights that stay on (also have battery backup) when the main lights go off, only 2-3 watts. Not enough to read by but enough to see what you are doing.

Having all the lights go out sounds like something the BOFH would think up.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Welcome to the pretty countryside

" I hope trees aren't felled specifically for this purpose"

Some of it is the result of clear cut. They just cut down everything, chip anything that's not useful.

Microsoft 'cautiously optimistic' about Christmas sales

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: MS's business plan:


2. is Give it a UI for a 4" phone then everyone will want to buy our phones and tablets too.

Tom 35 Silver badge

@ Gerhard Mack

Yes I figured it was something like that.

Tom 35 Silver badge

People will buy 8.1 because it came with the computer, much like the box* that came with it. It's not because they picked Win8 (or liked the colour of the box). If they had a choice I expect a large number would buy it with windows 7.

"IDC report showing Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone" I smell fudge cooking...

* If you have a cat, the box may have more value.

Unite: HP 'addicted to culture of job cuts' as axe raised again

Tom 35 Silver badge

returns maximum value to shareholders

There is your problem right there a lot of the time.

Oh look your stock is under valued, I made a leveraged buy now you should strip the assets and give me the cash so I can piss off and find another company to rape.

This shareholders thing is a load of crap, what happened to investors?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Infinite cuts

The HP management have solved that problem. They just buy another company*, drive it into the ground, more to cut*.

* and give themselves a bonus.

Desperate MS flaunts UNDEAD SPLAT TALLY to pep Xbox One fans

Tom 35 Silver badge

Spy box

Do MS really keep track of every dead zombie? How much other stuff are they tracking?

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