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Blame WWI, not Bin Laden, for NSA's post-9/11 intel suck

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why is any body surprised?

Because the big bosses were saying (even under oath at times) they absolutely didn't do that. Would never do that... OK, would stop doing that.

The Force of tax breaks brings Star Wars filming to Blighty

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Re: Meh

But they will not make any profit, so no Tax in the US anyway.

'CAPTAIN CYBORG': The wild-eyed prof behind 'machines have become human' claims

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Re: "he installed a chip in his arm"

If you pull his finger, the garage door opens.

Apple is KILLING OFF BONKING, cries mobe research dude

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Bank Bonking

My Canadian bank (TD) offers pay by bonk, but they use a sim, not the phone. So you have to be on one provider that they made a deal with.

I switched from that provider a few years ago when they got to be greedy bastards, so no interest in that. Even if they do support the pay by bonk in my phone I don't think I'd have much interest. Already have both a bank card and credit card that support pay by bonk. Think I have used them about 3 times.

Facial recognition tech convicts man in Chicago robbery case

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One arrest a year?

What are they really using it for?


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Re: Lets not forget who is to blame

No it was all running before 9/11 7/7 to protect us during the cold war. They have just subbed in al-qaeda to keep the budget money flowing after the cold war died.

And we get to see how well it all works for the stated purpose when they can't catch a couple amateurs, with pots and fireworks, even when given tips from their old cold war friends...

Has Google gone too far? Indie labels say it's crunch time for The New Economy

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Re: "Indie Labels"

I think it's kind of like how "No Name" is a Brand and registered trade mark for a food store in Canada.

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Euro judges: Copyright has NOT changed, you WON'T get sued for browsing the web

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an essential part of the technological process

Well you could turn off the browser cache and it would still work, just slow...


Don't try and tell me some troll will not try that at some point.

Gunmaker finds KILLER APP for Google Glass

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The dear are shooting back now? More sporting I guess.

Indie record labels to haul YouTube before the European Commission

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ban hammer

Did youtube ban them, or did some rights holder group that claims to own the exclusive German rights send a take down notice.

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Re: Old school here

"its not really YouTube directly but YouTube as a transport medium that is useful."

So just using YouTube as a free host. Could use one of the smaller competitors like Vimo just as well since your not counting on YouTube to find stuff. If your just posting your videos on your Facebook page for example.

It's not something Google has invented, not really and different then the big labels, iTunes, corporate Radio, Amazon...

Big guy steps on little guy.

Queen's Speech: Computer Misuse Act to be amended, tougher sentences planned

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New Computer misuse act penalties

- Forcing a company to spend money to secure their system by publicizing a hole in there systems. 10 years.

- Making someone important look bad by guessing their email password. 20 years.

- Forgetting a laptop full of unencrypted personal data on the train. A brand new laptop.

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Re: Shark Jumped!

"They're the things that used to be called family photo albums"

Department store catalogues?

'Inaccurate' media misleads public on European Court's Google ruling

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Not buying this "often-cited"

"As the ICO told us, the often-cited example of a former student who committed an indiscretion a decade ago, but who today finds it featured at the top of the Google’s search results, was what the ECJ had in mind."

Do they have an example of the often-cited example?

Something you did a decade ago is not going to pop to the top of the search results unless people are actively searching for it. Or the press have dug it up and reported on it.

I expect this will end up like DMCA take down requests in the US.

There are rules, there are appeals, but it's a pain in the ass so they just take down everything.

YOSEMITE GLAM: Apple unveils gussied up OS X

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So is Apple taking development cues from Google now?

"Safari with a streamlined interface and new Spotlight search options..."

Sounds like a yes to me.

US citizens want stricter CO2 regulations by two to one – Yale poll

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gigantic economics experiment known as cap and trade.

Not much of an experiment.

The trade part is just a scam to make the traders rich.

The caps generally end up a combination of arbitrary, political, protectionist.

Tom 35 Silver badge

US citizens want stricter CO2 regulations

But not the rich ones so screw you.

FAA: All systems GO for Virgin Galactic space plane to launch from US

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Re: Comparison with SpaceX

It's possible there will be some useful tech spin off from his development of the worlds highest roller-coaster.

Could a 'Zunewatch' be Microsoft's next hardware foray?

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Re: Zune still works for me

No, Plays for sure was the system before Zune for Microsoft partners selling music players.

MS screwed their partners by killing it and expecting everyone to switch to a Zune, but they switched to iPods or other non-MS MP3 players.

The Zune player hardware was not that bad, but the software was almost as shitty as the Sony software.

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Re: not-metro

No it will not have any fans. Other then JDX maybe.

Tom 35 Silver badge


I'm sure it will also use not-metro for it's UI. Since it works great for phones, tablets, laptops, multi-monitor workstations, and servers it's a natural for a watch!

Congressman pitches bill to disarm FCC in net neutrality warfare

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You say that as though it isn't the whole point.

That and most of the US/Canada ISPs also sell TV and Phone service.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The answer.... or at least what one US Citizen sees it...

So was it a fat brown envelope, or a job offer that has given him the idea for this new law?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's spread...

Bell Canada already block anything they don't like. They just need the bit where they can charge extra for some stuff.

Amazon turns screws on French publisher: Don't feel sorry for Hachette, it's just 'negotiation'

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Re: Other online book stores are available

You can thank DRM to a large extent.

Once you have a Kindle, and a few Kindle books you are locked in (Apple is trying to do exactly the same thing with iPads).

With a paper book people buy from Amazon because

- it's cheaper, or easier, or they have it in stock.

With an ebook people buy from Amazon because

- they have a kindle.

If there was a standard mp3* for books it would be different, people could just buy their books anyplace they wanted. But thanks to the publishers/authors insisting that they had to have DRM (that works for 5 minutes) now people who have a Kindle will buy your book from Amazon, or they will not buy your book. Publishers jumped onto the Kindle DRM bandwagon, now it's going to fast to get off.

*There is EPUB, that almost everything can read... except Kindle.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: it was a court, and a pretty comprehensive trashing it was, too.

If Amazon was doing something illegal go after them for it.

If they are just doing something you don't like, too bad.

In both cases that is not an excuse to setup an illegal price fixing scam because Amazon is evil.

Who do they think they are? Batman?

Using email? Text messages? Congrats, you're in the 'underbelly of dark social sharing'

Tom 35 Silver badge

They could even try something like the US health insurance companies who would give you a complex form to fill out. Take your money, and only check it if you make a claim.

What's that you have cancer? Oh dear it seems you missed one check box on page 7 of the forum so your insurance is invalid, here is your money back.

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they're buying Surface fondleslabs

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Re: blackberry playbook anyone?

Not counting all the people where I work who got a Surface for free...

I know WAY more people with a Playbook then a surface (but they all bought the Playbook for $99).

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Acer

That's why my Nexus is in the bag sitting next to me, and my Surface (original RT) is sitting at home being useless.

TrueCrypt turmoil latest: Bruce Schneier reveals what he'll use instead

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So fork it

Change the name, just like open office. Maybe call it BlueCrypt.

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst

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Re: Stuff it can't hope to deal with

"Car Jackers; it will politely stop and open the doors, its the safest option"

Great you have jacked a google car. Now what? Tell it where you want to go, or just wait for it to drop you off at the cop shop?

High court finds Newzbin's 'ops' man liable for copyright infringement

Tom 35 Silver badge

defraud film studios

What? Did he say he was going to give them 10% of the profits then fudge the books so there was no profits?

Oh wait, it seems that ok.

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS

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Re: Personally I think

You need to think some more.

All your examples are for new features, not safety fixes.

If you want a valid non-software example look at recalls. I had my 11 year old cars airbag and some wiring replaced for free do to a recall. That's FAR past the warranty. They can't just say, your cars is old, go buy a new one.

You've got Mail! But someone else is reading it in Outlook for Android

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Re: forgot to encrypt messages stored on Android SD cards

Maybe not the NSA. Might be handy for cops who pull you over for looking funny.

Microsoft Cortana EULA contains the Greatest Disclaimer of ALL TIME

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Re: Software ought to be goods

Lots of the stuff in EULA has no legal backing, they just hope you will not take them to court.

Authorities swoop on illicit Wolverhampton SPAM FARM

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Can we apply this to printed bollocks as well as electronic bollocks?

Different company, same story here. Used to call them and say I want to sign up for the super deluxe with extra bells service. When they finally get to checking and say it's not available in my area I'd tell them I wanted to be compensated for them wasting my time by sending me offers for stuff they can't deliver. That go them to take my name/address off the spam list.

Google tells indie labels to take its YouTube deal or face OBLIVION

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Re: Pitchfork time.

The reason independents exist is because the big labels have been screwing people with take it or leave it contracts for as long as published music existed. Now they are in effect signing up to a big label and are surprised that they are getting offered contracts they don't like.

If they can survive not signing with a big label, they should survive not signing with youtube.

If the big labels don't have to give people contracts they like why should the world be different for Youtube?

Bing's the thing in Microsoft's push for cheap Windows devices

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Re: So where are the Whiteknighting MicroSoft Shister-Team

"That they cannot do this is precisely my point: Google's current all or nothing licencing for Android apps prohibits OEMs from competing with Google."

Not true at all.

A friend has a Samsung phone from Bell Canada. For a lot of functions they have one Google app, one Samsung app, and a Bell app. They all do the same thing, you can't uninstall any of them without root. So OEMs and ISPs can compete. Most of that stuff is crap, it's why I bought a Nexus 4.

Unless you mean to say can't remove the google app and install some crap app that no one would use given a choice, but it gives the OEM a kickback.

The Internet of Things helps insurance firms reward, punish

Tom 35 Silver badge

Those days are long gone.

You can't just cut the wire on the sensor as it's needed for the black box to manage the engine moment to moment. The problem is the black box recording and transmitting info that is no longer needed by the car to be used as spy data.

Right now you can plug a box into your car so the insurance company can spy on you for a discount. How long before car companies build it in and charge the insurance companies a fee to access the data?

Cut the link? The data connection will be required for warranty, and be used for other stuff like live traffic data for the built in GPS, as well as things like map updates.

Root the back box?

How many people root their phones, almost no one will root there car, if it costs car companies money it will be banned.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: It's not so much the Internet of Things you have to be worried about...

I think it may hit even before then.

Sorry we can't sell you insurance as there is not enough data available.

If you don't have an activity tracker(s) you will be in the same class as people who have already had a heart attack and smashed their last three cars.

Facebook wants to LISTEN IN on the songs and vids playing in YOUR living room

Tom 35 Silver badge

Zuckerbergs loudly professed anti govt snooping stance either.

He doesn't like competition. That's his job!

TV body seeks attractive mobile operators for mutual action replays

Tom 35 Silver badge

Coming soon, 3D 4K on your phone. Sure to be a big hit this time.

In Japan they had phones that could pickup over the air TV, but that's no good as the phone company can't charge you extra for that.

The big cell phone companies in Canada have TV on your phone service, but you pay extra, AND you have to subscribe to their deluxe Pay TV service at home. So for example you need to have Rogers Cable TV + a Rogers Mobile phone, pulse the Phone add-on subscription if you don't want to eat your tiny data allowance.

The number one reason this will never take off is the companies involved are all greedy bastards.

PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!

Tom 35 Silver badge

So am I

I am one of the lucky people who get to test stuff on Windows 8.1, what ever they call the current version.

Once I kill as much of not-Metro as possible, it's not bad. But if they took not-Metro out back and put a bullet in it's head it would only be better.

One of the problems with Windows has always been the way settings seem to be scattered at random, Win8 made that twice as bad.

Don't much want IE, and now I have two of them.

Senate decides patent reform is just too much work, waves white flag

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: who are those companies?

against, you forgot the lawyers...

Windows Phone Live: Microsoft's plans for enterprise on mobile

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Enterprise functionallity

No, you need the Xbox and music stuff!

It will now be easier* for a WinPhone end user to setup exchange email then Android users.

* As long as you upgrade to the latest version of Exchange server running on Windows 2012R2 or switch to Office 365.

Microsoft’s 'FIRST NOKIA' arrives at £89

Tom 35 Silver badge

Wow, why didn't anyone think of that before!

the scene-stealing feature of the Windows Phone update, the voice assistant Cortana

So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Bull crap.

"the only vendor with a unified strategy across server, desktop, tablet and mobile,"

Yes, just what a want on my server, the interface for a 5" phone screen.

"and the only vendor to support the future of touch and gesture across all of those platforms."

The servers are locked away, I only touch them maybe once a week, and they don't even have a monitor connected to them unless I wheel over the terminal cart. WTF would I want with touch and gesture shit?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Face it. Nobody enters a shop and asks for a "Windows computer".

A few might ask if they have any without windows 8, most don't care, or don't think there is a choice.

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