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Intel's Raspberry Pi rival Galileo can now run Windows

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Why?

No it should work great, like windows 7 on a netbook.

Apple analyst: fruity firm set to shift 75 million iPhones

Tom 35 Silver badge


So how much apple stock do RBC Capital Markets have?

Pump and dump for the big boys? All legal of course.

UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones

Tom 35 Silver badge

I think they will need a backdoor

I'm sure the cops will want a universal pin so they can investigate any evil people they see walking down the street. Maybe 8008 would be a good one.

Or they can just try 1234 as that will work for 80% of people.

This'll end well: US govt says car-to-car jibber-jabber will SAVE lives

Tom 35 Silver badge

The same asshats that

Modify their pickups to produce thick black smoke screens for fun, will be able to add a second button to send fake messages to cars behind in the smoke screen.

iPhone 6 flip tip slips in Aussie's clip: Apple's 'reversible USB' leaks

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Fake?

I have not seen the Tripp Lite cables before, but I see they have a load of them available now, and they do look just like the new amazing coming soon apple cable.

Tricked by satire? Get all your news from Facebook? You're in luck, dummy

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Rag tag

Would you have to stack them if you were making fun of a Fox news story?

The Return of BSOD: Does ANYONE trust Microsoft patches?

Tom 35 Silver badge


I have not seen one for Windows 8, but I expect it just says "something happened".

Yes, but what are your plans if a DRAGON attacks?

Tom 35 Silver badge

how many times it had paid for an exorcist, psychic or religious healer...

If I had reason to believe they were wasting money on that type of crap it would not be a strange question, just one they would not want to answer.

"many requests were also for information that was freely available on council websites"

On an unlinked page, with black text on black, locked with a password of BewareOfTheLeppard

Cargo truck crammed with garbage explodes IN SPAAAAACE

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The big problem up there

" going to be moving at much the same speed and general direction."

Expect some stuff is in a polar orbit, and some is equatorial orbit.

Something's phishy: More holiday scam spam flung at real hotel customers

Tom 35 Silver badge

Inside leak?

I once found someone in our office selling customer email addresses to a spammer, I only found him because he as really stupid. Someone at booking.com could be out to make a little extra cash on the side by selling info.

Rupert Murdoch says Google is worse than the NSA

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The NSA has users ?

And they don't sell them, they trade them with other spies. They want to collect the whole set.

You don't even get free email or cat videos how can you be a user?

Seven Apple Store staff cuffed in alleged $500k stolen iPhone scam bust

Tom 35 Silver badge

creative math

"The seven Cook & Co staffers worked at the Apple Store in Fort Lauderdale, and are accused of working with phone thieves to exchange 600 stolen mobes for legitimate handsets. Police estimate the alleged scam netted the gang's leaders more than US$500,000."

So 500,000 for 600 phones... or $833 each?

Or is this the "for every one we found we guess there are 20 more" type math?

Who needs hackers? 'Password1' opens a third of all biz doors

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Resets?

You can tell how long a sale person has worked for a company by the size of the number on the end of their password.

Detroit losing millions because it buys cheap batteries – report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "Best is cheapest"

Even if the battery was cheaper Lasts half as long, costs 1/3 the price. They also have to pay someone to go out and replace the battery, and I expect that costs more then the name brand battery.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Alkaline

I have seen an A cell a 1/3 A cell a 1/2 AA and an F cell (you can find 4 inside a 6V lantern battery). B cells exist but I've never seen one.


Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Free parking at a dead meter?

Same in Canada, people would stuff the slots with crap, then park for free so they went to broken meeter = no parking.

Top Gun display for your CAR: Heads-up fighter pilot tech

Tom 35 Silver badge

"You hear that? Pilots use it

But they use it to fly the plane, not send stupid tweets.

I expect this would be safer then the idiots who text and tweet now with their phones despite any laws.

But not as safe as people who keep their phones in their pocket when they drive.

Chrome update to raise alarms over deceptive download bundles

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Interesting

How about Adobe Reader, it keeps trying to install chrome and make it my default browser, they should totally block that!

Apple BANS 2 chemicals from iPhone, iPad final assembly line

Tom 35 Silver badge


Less hazardous yes, cheaper no.

They will do anything they think they can get away with for cheaper.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Stop using hazardous chemicals in the final production

Where they were not using them before.

Will continue to use them where they are using them.

In other news Apple has also stopped using Broccoli in the production of it's iThings.

ROAD TRIP! An FCC road trip – Leahy demands net neutrality debate across US

Tom 35 Silver badge

Wheeler is just going to do what his bosses tell him to do.

Dolby Atmos is coming home and it sounds amazing

Tom 35 Silver badge

Yes it's been done

"No doubt sound will get reprocessed to multiple channels too - if it hasn't been done already."

Yes it's been done. Yes it's been done to things that really don't need it. Like a DVD of old 40-50s cartoons with 5.1 sound.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: About time

"As soon as XBMC can decode Atmos I'm in (as long as I can hide the extra speakers behind the sofa)."

I expect they will add some stupid DRM to make your life difficult.

Anonymous threatens to name cop who shot dead unarmed Michael Brown

Tom 35 Silver badge

For a non-cop

They would notify the press that he was going to appear in court at 3pm so they would have lots of time to film him being lead into court handcuffed with a coat over his head and get it on the 6pm news.

CryptoLocker victims offered free key to unlock ransomed files

Tom 35 Silver badge

Didn't work

I got the key, but when I tried it I get the error "Unsuccessful loading key: RSA key format is not supported".

When I check their blog I find comments to the blog post say the tool returns an error: "Unsuccessful loading key: RSA key format is not supported" and a reply says that someone will be reaching out about the error shortly.


£100m DMI omnifail: BBC managers' emails trawled by employment tribunal

Tom 35 Silver badge

congratulations on your promotion to captain.

I have demoted my self to lifeboat operator so I'll be off...

Password manager LastPass goes titsup: Users locked out

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: I like the 1Password approach

If that's how Lastpass works why are people saying it's down? Unless it's responding with garbage that prevents it from using the local copy. There should only be a handful of people who changed the password on one device and then tried to use it on another device.

Yosemite Siri? Apple might plonk chatty assistant on your desktop - report

Tom 35 Silver badge

real OS

So good thing windows is not a real OS.


Chromebooks to break out of US schools: Netbook 2.0 comeback not just for children

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Cheap Windows PCs with Bing

For all the "average" users with XP.

Give them something different, such as "Windows 8" and they most certainly will have difficulty with "change".

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Cheap Windows PCs with Bing

"Why do you think it would not be able to join a domain?"

Because it's the cheap/home/basic version of windows so no joining a domain, and no global policy, it's been like that since XP. You need Pro or better to join a domain.

I expect they will let you upgrade to the pro version for a pile of cash, but that defeats the purpose.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Cheap Windows PCs with Bing

"and the Group Policy admin"

So you are saying you can join Windows 8.1 with Bing to a domain? Pull the other one.

Gartner's Special Report: Should you believe the hype?

Tom 35 Silver badge

No there is only a correlation

It needs more study but it appears that cat videos may be an automatic response to excessive bullshit posted to the net. along with Gartner it appears that Fox News, and most CEO speeches to share holders are linked to the problem.

In order to return the proper cat video balance to the web we need to work to reduce the amount of bullshit posted every day.

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner: Capital is top target for computer thieves, say police

Tom 35 Silver badge

London cops

Are all at parties or cracking down on bad websites?

Apple, Intel, Google told to stop being tightwads and pay out MORE in wage-fix settlement

Tom 35 Silver badge


They settle for some pocket change, admit no wrong doing, The lawyers take almost all of the cash.


Intruder alert: Cyber thugs are using steganography to slip in malware badness

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: The export Table from a Lurk sample

Yes, hidden inside the DLL file. How did the DLL file get on the computer? They make a point of telling us how the OLD version is spread, but then go on to tell us how the new version hides, and how it updates. Nothing about how it is spread.

Tom 35 Silver badge

So how do current versions get installed?

"Early versions of Lurk spread through an HTML iFrame on compromised websites that relied on a Flash-based exploit (CVE-2013-5330) in order to infect the computers of passing surfers."

How do current versions install? The stenography stuff is just for updates and commands after it's already installed.

eBay bans CD sales of metal band Burzum, citing offensive material

Tom 35 Silver badge

Can I complain?

I find Justin Bieber to be offensive, can you block all his stuff? He promotes the hatred of Canada all around the world. His loaded diaper pants are offensive to babies everywhere.

Beware WarKitteh, the connected cat that sniffs your Wi-Fi privates

Tom 35 Silver badge

Wide open?

The local cable monopoly Rogers uses crappy* cisco routers that provide both a secure(ish) and a wide open guest network that requires you to open a browser and enter a password to get any place. Of course that makes your traffic open to sniffing too.

*The two people I know that have them have to reboot them a few times a week.

Clock ticking for Surface 3 as Microsoft preps for globo-launch

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Surface

"the ability of the device to replace a tablet and a notebook in the corporate world actually demonstrates a saving to most businesses."

Most businesses that have a tablet to replace... so almost none.

Everyone's an IoT expert but now there's a certificate to prove it

Tom 35 Silver badge

I think they need a catchy name.

Come up with an acronym of IdIoT should work...

Simian selfie stupidity: Macaque snap sparks Wikipedia copyright row

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Ah, but you see

"Trying to take my own argument and swap it around, actually just puts you in an even worse position"

But I never said Wikipedia was right. I just said that playing with the photo didn't affect the copyright of the original photo at all. Your post is a classic straw man.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Who takes the picture?


So, under this particular law, the ape owns the copyright.

Unless Slater paid the ape (in Bananas?) to commission the photos.

Can a monkey own something? If no is there something in the law that gives the camera owner second dibs over the general public. If yes who is the monkey's agent?

Tom 35 Silver badge

Ah, but you see

So if I take your photos, and transfer the images to a computer, select the best ones, crop them appropriately choosing suitable proportions to frame the image, did any post-work on the photo to make it look its best, and then submitted it online to the world itself. Then they are mine now?

Sorry don't think so.

Tom 35 Silver badge

Monkies / apes can take photos

I remember a chimp on a national geographic special that used a polaroid camera to take photos. The chimp picked the subject, aimed the camera, and took the photo, then waited for it to develop. No different then teaching a child to take a photo.

Not the same as an automatic wildlife camera at all.

So clearly the copyright belongs to the ape.

Unless the law states that copyright can only be held by humans. Or the ape is property and like a slave all the apes property is the owners property.

I don't see anyway the copyright can belong to the owner of the camera.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Jolly good work.

I wonder just how much it costs to rent the City of London cops for a day?

Do you pay in cash, booze and parties, or free trips to "seminars" some place warm?

Do you need to be a member of a special club, or can anyone rent them?

Google's 'right to be forgotten': One rule for celebs, another for plebs

Tom 35 Silver badge

One rule for

"Beyond that, abstract consideration, however, our economic interest does not have a practical or direct impact.”"

This request came from a hotmail address. Reject.

This request came from a lawyer... might cost us money. Approved

This request came from a lawyer for a guy we don't like. Approved, make sure the press find out.

This request came from some ass that thinks their important. Approved, massively overblock.

Verizon to FCC: What ya looking at? Everyone throttles internet traffic

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: the fair way..

I disagree. As long as it's clear and predictable it's ok. At least if you have a choice. My cell provider gives me just what you call plain wrong.

I get 5 GB data, if I go over I might be throttled. But I will not have to pay extra.

The big three in Canada are still back in the days of small cap, stupid per MB charge if you go over.

What is plain wrong is saying they will throttle you based on unknown criteria so that they might as well say "if we feel like it".

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: "everybody does it"

But Mom, Billy did it too...

Google on Gmail child abuse trawl: We're NOT looking for other crimes

Tom 35 Silver badge


In Canada they have created a service to report the finding of child porn anonymously because reporting it to the police can result in them taking all your gear at best.

UK WhatsApp duo convicted of possessing extreme porn

Tom 35 Silver badge

Problems with laws like this

There is no defence. It's just do you have picture? Yes, guilty. Of course if your important they can decide that it's not in the public interest to proceed with charges.

I expect they were told that if they didn't plead guilty they were going to jail.

I expect they were doing something the cops didn't like, maybe taking part in a protest, or worse taking photos of cops breaking up a protest. Now they have nice two year conditional discharge so they better not do anything else important people don't like for the next while. It would be interesting to know what the unrelated matters were.

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