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Crispest image yet of Ultima Thule arrives on Earth, but grab a coffee while the rest downloads

Trev 2

Beam me up Scottie...?

Anyone else see a rough model of Starship Enterprise in the pic, possibly made out of clay which someone forgot to fire / harden? How far have our TV signals reached?

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

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OMG never using O2...oh hang on!

Chav version:

"OMG never using O2 again...oh I just signed a 600 month contract for my fancy overpriced iPhone X so I'll never use O2 again, after the year 2068!" ;)

Thought black holes were donut-shaped? It turns out they're more like deadly fountains

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Re: Interesting detail

These science bods need to change the way they describe things like "cold molecules" - can't imagine anything getting dragged into a blackhole is remotely cold!

Not sure about the other bit, but wouldn't be surprised if they are split into their component parts way beyond atoms? Really can't imagine many gas molecules surviving getting too close and still intact.

Teardown chaps strip away magic from Magic Leap's nerd goggles

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Re: Can't Replace the Battery. End of.

That's when you send it back for repair (at your expense), although guaranteed out of warranty and thus wait 2 months and pay out about half the cost of the device in the first place while they just rumage around in the basement to find an unsold one to send you...if they don't lose it.

Of course you could buy the shiny upgraded model as we'll offer you a 10% discount, and it'll only be 25% more than the cost of repair and it'll make our sales figures look good.

Not that this is in any way part of the evil plan of mega corp. :)

Hot US deal! IBM wins $83m from Groupon in e-commerce patent spat

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Didn't Amazon contest this?

Really surprised Amazon haven't contested this one especially the single click ordering patent unless it's simply cheaper not to bother. In the US at least it does seem a utility patent lasts 20 years which I think would be the type mentioned in this case. Can't find any mechanism by which it can be extended beyond that however except for the little bit of time it takes from filing to actual approval.

"A U.S. utility patent, explained above, is generally granted for 20 years from the date the patent application is filed; however, periodic fees are required to maintain the enforceability of the patent. A design patent is generally granted protection for 14 years measured from the date the design patent is granted."


Not sure however if Groupon is UK or US based, or maybe has a US operation?

AR upstart Magic Leap reveals majorly late tech specs' tech specs

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Magic Leap - more like magic mushrooms

Reading this, it sounds like there's less magic leap and more magic mushrooms being consumed if they actually believe their own hype. Either that or they are just waiting to hookup with the Scientologists and zip off to their magical universe riding on the back of a unicorn next to Tom Cruise.

Brit cloud slinger iomart goes TITSUP, knackers Virgin Trains, Parentpay

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They are using an identical tweet about the problem and they mention data centres in the same locations, so presumably they are the same company these days. I know Iomart went round buying up lots of hosting providers a few years ago, but don't know who bought who in this case.

On a side note, it's nice to see all the bumf from Easyspace about reliability including "Cross Connection to a number of Tier 1 carriers" - so it seems that didn't work too well. Suggests that maybe it's a config (aka upgrade just before Easter went badly wrong) issue rather than a hardware break?

EE fails to apologise for HUGE T-Mobile outage that hit Brits on Friday

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If this only affected T-Mobile connections, I wonder if there's a single fibre connecting that old network to the Orange one which is where the internet stuff now comes through? Would seem the only way to break only one lot of customers connections without the other...but is a total guess.

London teen charged over Spamhaus mega-DDoS attacks

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Re: Suitable punishment for him

Or even 56K modem with a rather dodgy phone line, then he'd have to listen to the annoying "boing boing" and cross fingers that it actually connected this time before mysteriously dropping after 20 mins...! :)

(I know only one of the 56K systems did the noises, but just make sure it's that one).

GM reveals how much you'll pay to turn your car into a rolling 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot

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Only use i can see for this is those tablets without 3G or 4G built in, but love to see just how much coverage you'd get in the UK trying to use 4G on the go. Leave house if lucky enough to have 4G and two miles down the road it drops to 3G, then 2 and rapidly Edge. Pretty sure some Peugeots have 3G built in, but you supply the sim card...prob preferable solution.

AOL Mail locks down email servers to deal with spam tsunami

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AOL probably don't have anyone forwarding mail from say x@domain.com to y@aol.com because in my experience it takes a single AOL end user two clicks of the "spam" button for the entire forwarding server IP to be dropped into a blackhole pretty much forever. Reading lots of forums over the years, this has been happening for many years.

If mailing lists are still getting through I am *very* amazed as their policy seems to be block everything, deny it's an AOL issue and then AOL subscriber will hopefully not be clued up enough to realise they're lying.

@AC regarding blocking AOL...did that years ago and no one seemed to notice. :)

Fiery bits of Euro satellite to rain down on Earth this weekend

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Couldn't they use the Apollo 13 re-entry problem?

Based purely on the film Apollo 13, couldn't they have changed the angle of re-entry by a degree or two just before it ran out of fuel, thus causing it to burn up in the atmosphere much quicker? OK, not entirely scientific, but re-entry angle does seem pretty critical.

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

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CDs fair enough, but not compatible with PS3 games?

I can get the lack of support for CD's and old TVs - fair enough.

But not being able to run PS3 games or use PS3 hardware (controllers etc) sounds like a massive backward step alienating all the users who bought the previous product and would be more likely to be PS4 games and controller customers IMO,

Put up your ... err ... hand for free vasectomy streamed online

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I want to know how long they think this op is going to take. In the UK there seems to be 2 versions:

1) Have it in hospital which requires a 4 - 6 hour wait around, some surgeon who was doing a varicose veins op 10 minutes before and might know where to cut.

2) Privately (via the NHS) when in and out in 20 mins and that includes 10 mins waiting to make sure you don't have any side effects from the antithetic afterwards. Luckily had this one and he did at least 20 that afternoon.

If the latter than this is going to be an awfully short programme. As for the first poster with the massive side effects - ouch, sounds like someone pulled the tubes way too hard!

Thongs of praise: Slip on Japan's skimpy mobe knickers

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Re: Missed marketing angle

Its only time before these get an USB connector of their own (assuming thats what's on the bottom of an iphone), and an app which makes Siri say naughty things to naughty Apple fanbois geeks everytime "she" dons a new outfit.

We're doomed...!

Hacked AP tweet claiming White House explosion causes Dow dip

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Proof of rise of the machines?

Personally I suspect this was a test by the machines to see if they could destroy humanity or at least the infrastructure and take over while we're trying to sort out the mess.

- Machine in Syria talks to machine at rouge login Twitter server and gains access to feeds.

- Rouge Twitter server sends out the tweet.

- Machines in Wall St. oblige by "doing as they're programmed" and sell, sell, sell.

- Finally the machines put everything back to normal again ready for the global version.

Of course this doesn't work against Mr & Mrs Jones sitting on their farm in Wales with pitchforks at the ready incase Skynet becomes self-aware so perhaps the machines will have to start playing "Thermonuclearwar" afterall....oh I forgot they tested that over Wales (or at least the sheep), it was called Chernobyl...!

Unless the AP password was "appassword"?

SWARMS of ZOMBIES unleashed on innocent bloggers

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Why Wordpress - it gives really easy PHP uploads

For login security, Limit Login Attempts plugin seems pretty good and you can lock people out for a long time with it. Not perfect when they're hitting from different IPs however. Still baffles me as to why the default doesn't include that.

One really dumb thing about WP is that you cant easily change the admin account name which was until recently also the default. Can't actually remember if you could select another name, but that's why so many have admin as a name. Either needs a plugin or database editing.

As for why hit Wordpress - going by a hack I saw a month ago it could work something like:

- Hack into the Wordpress admin account

- Go to plugins -> upload a PHP script pretending to be a plugin.

- While it's waiting to install the "plugin", it puts the PHP file in a public directory not /tmp!

- Said script is now available at example.com/blog/wp-uploads/evilscript.php from memory.

No messy FTP details required, just access to the WP blog admin account and you're sorted. The one I saw even upgraded itself as required so I'm sure any new ones will too.

Firm moves to trademark 'Python' name out from under the language

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Low Orbit Ion Cannon initiated by looks

Since the website linked is currently down, it seems the Low Orbit Ion Cannon has been initialised, all fancy flashing lights are flashing, the big red glowie thing is glowing....and oops.

From Viper point of view - "what you mean the data centre lines are all engaged" as the data centre team, sitting round at a weekend read this news on El Reg and decide to send all calls to /dev/null

Do feel for the Viper tech support bods who'll be fielding calls on Monday.

Oddly Python . co . uk doesn't even seem to be used.

Acer slashes book worth of brands by £76m

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Gateways were the most reliable

Would have happily kept buying Gateway 2000 machines and had a P75 running from approx 1995 until 2012 when it eventually died and wasn't worth trying to fix. Even had the original hard drive in it although the original monitor failed several years before.

Now had to deal with 5 ACER laptops and 1 desktop in the past 3 years and every single one of them has had major faults. Never had an ACER without a fault or known anyone who has one that not faulty.

- Mouse & trackpad mysteriously fail unless you take the power lead out (x2)

- Overheating problems on one with no obvious cause (fan running, no muck).

- Almost all of them developed problems with the power connector.

- Wi-Fi would go down on 3 of them while on power, but instantly work on battery.

- Desktop suddenly refused to work with the monitor, but worked with another...then switched.

- Desktop then just died and it was only a year old.

Other computers and laptop makes, basically few problems that aren't the run of the mill and all fixable. Btw, acer's make good frizbies! :)

Google pulls 'racist' Make Me Asian app

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Title is cancelled due to the snow...

I would guarantee that 90% of the complaints never saw the app by a simple set of assumptions:

1) The people who complained are almost certainly members of said pastor's church.

2) The followers of said church division and very likely to blindly follow his every word like sheep.

3) Being the sorts who follow like sheep, they'd never buy anything but an iPhone.

4) It wasn't released on a iPhone and thus they'd never have seen it.

Before this gets too downvoted, the assumptions are based on this being one of those marginal and very brainwashing American churches where the congregation just follow the pastor religiously regardless of stupidity just to boost his / her ego.

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users

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So far not looked at Skype to see if it has a typing chat system, but really don't like the idea as lots of people will want to video chat suddenly which will be an even bigger pain. At least with MSN you can go into away mode and don't have to cover the camera or pretend it's gone down when you need to nip out for 5 mins.

Alan Sugar's YouView loses brand judgment in court

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From what I've read on their site, this YourView system seems to be a vaguely specified internal system for their clients so would have to agree it's not likely to cause any serious confusion to the clients or the public, most of whom won't even see it. Presumably the only similarity is it involves in some way looking at a screen?

Whether that makes it legally right is another matter, although I really do wonder why if it's not public facing, they bothered to trademark YourView.

Reading between the lines on their site they also hinted that it was very integrated into everything they do, which I can't help but think means "we've got it as a header on web pages" and might just possibly be an angle to say to YouView later on - well if you pay us X we'll go through the huge hassle of changing the name in a few places and changing the logo. Perhaps I'm being too cynical?

Who is it that makes pots of cash from Apple and Facebook?

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Re: Profit -v- Revenue

Thats what I was thinking - either they're spending a fortune on R&D or they really need to look closer at where the money is vanishing to as the actual "cash at the end of the day" is hardly moving.

What happened to businesses that actually made some decent money from their sales? Does this not exist in the IT world anymore?

JK Rowling's adult novel arrives on ebook full of FAIL

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I do wonder if it was deliberate...

I am wondering if it was a deliberate way to partly defeat the pirates by releasing a broken version, that gets pirated immediately with the same broken files will be copied over and over, and then release the fixed one.

That way most people downloading an illegal version will find it doesn't work and some might go buy it instead?

Pushdo botnet's smokescreen traffic hits legitimate websites

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Ahhhh, so that's what the heck that strange URL was! Hit one of our very obscure and pretty much abandoned web sites a couple of weeks ago and sent bandwidth through the roof. Now going to the bit-bin, but how about sending all the traffic to apple.com - they can afford it.

Facebook sued by Chinese firm over Timeline

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But the difference is...

Timelines as in chronological type list details in a logical and ordered way which makes sense to 99.8% of the human population, even those not previously familiar with them.

Facebook Timeline which basically seems to be the "profile" page (as the frontpage and such hasn't really changed in concept), lists things in a totally random order mixed up around the page with no reference to any date system I've ever come across, and therefore isn't a chronological timeline.

Exactly what Facebook Timeline's purpose is however seems to be a total mystery, along with the equal mystery of why the heck anyone would want to lay prior claim to something resembling that mess...!?

Google taking orders for Kansas City gigabit fiber network

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Forget Kansas - bring it to the rest of us! :)

As mentioned Kansas is in the middle of Tornado Alley, thus wouldn't it make more sense to create the network somewhere that is a bit more stable?

Can't have the northern US due to snow and ice storms, the middle has tornadoes / earthquakes / or they shoot the engineers in Florida and further south they likely think the Internet is the work of satin, so there's only one place that this should be trialled - the UK.

Anyone at Google listening...? :)

UK.gov's IT catalogue Cloud Store knackered by login gremlin

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Is there a "down time" government quota?

Am wondering if there's an unofficial quota that states all government systems must have x% of downtime per year, so that the badly written systems look a little better compared to the good ones? Having a login glitch is an easy way to keep this quota...maybe.

Iranian nuke plants rocked in midnight 'heavy metal blast'

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Exactly "Not That Andrew" - not playing Justin Beeber kindof proves this was all an excuse!

Alternatively, maybe the Revolutionary Guard wanted to play AC/DC but needed a reason. Now they can borrow this "virus", run it each time they test the AV software and no one will be any the wiser?

Cumbria County Council: We'll sort our own ICT support, thanks

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I don't know about being more efficient. Having delt with them a few times before and after the changeover, things were very "council-ified", ie: took ages for anything to be done anywhere. Plus even in house, the depts still weren't co-ordinating properly, but that seems to be typical of councils.

Must try harder: Cumbria tells BT and Fujitsu to resubmit fibre plans

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Cumbria is fairly rural, but 80% of the coverage would mostly still be in the towns and Carlisle as most of the really rural houses are owned as holiday homes, so we can ignore those (yes I come from Cumbria).

The trouble is the towns seem to be very late in getting anything half decent Internet wise. It wasn't that long back that Keswick got ADSL well after most of the rest of the country and Kendal which is pretty big still doesn't have ADSL2.

Re. wireless - there was a company in Kendal offering it years ago, but the Lake District (in the middle of Cumbria) kindof gets in the way, along with making it hard enough to get a blinking mobile signal.

Oh and no, we're not in Scotland yet....or in Wales.

UK cookie law compliance takes effect today

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In essence all you seem to need to do currently is put up a privacy policy and state what cookies are used (including 3rd party ones) and tell people how to block cookies if they want. Or if you're more paranoid, then you could do like www.bt.com at the very bottom of their pages.

Beyond that it's pretty much a useless piece of legislation and £500,000 fines...yeah right!

Nokia dinged with shareholder lawsuit over poor Lumia sales

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Good hardware - really crap software

Probably the biggest problem with Nokia comes when they try to go beyond standard phones into the "smartphones" as the Lumia 710 has serious problems such as not being able to end a call if it lasts more than a couple of minutes - they did actually test the phone before release!? Still awaiting the fix being released to the UK.

By the sounds of things from the US, there are even bigger testing screwups in the Lumia 900 with more simple lack of testing for simple features.

Used to be good, but software is starting to seriously let them down.

Up to 390 TalkTalk jobs face axe as Northampton site shuttered

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They have staff in the UK...!? I'm guessing these people aren't on the call centres as all you ever get with them is India, who have obviously never been told how the UK phone system works including the little white box etc.

As for moving to Preston - yeah so if you get another job it'll pay £5K less a year, have worse conditions and it's in Preston. My advice to all those in Northampton is take the money and run, and then claim you were working in Outer Mongolia rather than for TalkTalk.

Nokia drops Lumia 900 price to $0 in response to bug outrage

Trev 2

Perhaps by the time they release the Nokia Lumia 5000 (following the 950, 1000, 1050...) they'll actually have tested it before release!?

- My g/f has the Lumia 610 which fails on the most basic of functions like "end call" and has to be turned off if the phone call was more than a few minutes long. Nokia took at least 2 months to work out the fix then released it in India with "other areas coming as demand dictates" - it still not being offered to UK punters!

- Then there's the 800 which has serious battery life problems for many and has the above bug too although seems less frequent on that one. Would think so for a phone that can cost £500.

- Finally we come to the 900 which just fails completely at being a phone for a "small number of users". If it was a genuine small number they'd not be giving refunds and $100 so publically.

Oddly they do make good phones, just not good smart phones and whoever runs the testing lab needs hanging by painful bits outside in the middle of a Finnish Winter.

Twitter open sources MySQL enhancements

Trev 2

I am kindof surprised they're still running on MySQL, but have to admit that MySQL vs Postgre...thingy isn't a contest of which is better but simply that one is much much easier to talk to your boss about than something which sounds slightly greek.

As for MySQL releasing code - good for PR, good for MySQL users (bigger ones) and maybe one day the changes will get introduced into the core of the database for the rest of us.

TripAdvisor chucks antitrust complaint on Google's pile

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I happened to be doing some test searches today on various travel themes (mostly UK based) and Tripadvisor was doing rather well despite having pages that break several of the Google webmaster guidelines.

Not too sure it's the best time for them to be throwing such complaints at Google else they might start looking more closely at the TA "no content" type pages and tweak the algo once more to put those pages where they should be in the results. Not good when you're as big as TA.

HP caught with SIX Windows 8 PC packages up its sleeve

Trev 2

Surely most 32 bit computers won't run Win 8?

I thought with Windows 7 they'd drawn a line with older computers so why not just draw another line to say we don't support 32 bit at all now? Would seem logical and helps their hardware partners move things along a bit too....for those nuts enough to want to upgrade for Win 8.

Not sure if this move would save money for MS, but if so then it's a nice bonus for the shareholders too.

Court claim slapped on bloke via Facebook in landmark case

Trev 2

Surely not that hard to find him via Nat Ins number?

Surely it should be possible with a little digging for the solicitors to find the person involved and give them the documents in the more standard way?

Debt collection agencies can trace people years later after they've moved several times, and councils can do it, so why not just employ one of them to find him? In an extreme case, couldn't they ask FB for the IP details and then contact his ISP (slightly more tricky with mobile internet)?

Pretty sure these would be much more reliable ways than assuming that someone accessing an FB account is the genuine person you're after and that critically they will even read their mail.

AOL sings soothing profit lullaby to nervous investors

Trev 2

Dialup still seems to exist quite a lot in the US

From what I've been told,dialup is still popular in regions of America where they have worse telecomes companies than BT at its worst. I guess its these people who AOL can tap into, although not sure why they'd want AOL.

What baffles me is why on earth anyone would buy 5% of the company when they know it's crap!? Is this some kindof tax writeoff?

eBuyer £1 sale fail: Customers vent fury... on Facebook

Trev 2

Biggest problem with it is that there are a lot of complaints on FB about people getting through the checkout, Ebuyer taking the card details etc. and then later on in the day getting an "out of stock" message cancelling the order.

Seems either their system doesn't bother to check stock levels at the time you finish the purchase or it doesn't lock the item as sold for say 2 minutes to allow the checkout process to work correctly.

Be interesting to see whether people get charged and then how long it takes to do refunds.

As for using them - not a hope as they've never managed to get an order to our office on time and returns for faulty items is (or was last time we used them) email only and takes ages.

Google adds default end-to-end encryption to search

Trev 2

What will be interesting is whether the search terms still appear in Google Analytics from these

searches. Can't imagine they're going to drop that info if they can help it.

But if they do include the info, and no other analytics type package can see it (due to not being connected into big G's database) then doesn't that steer them into hot water over stifling analytics competition?

Actually pretty sure if it comes via SSL the referrer isn't sent, thus seriously breaking most analytics systems?

OnStar backs down over GPS tracking of ex-customers

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Why need to collect anything?

There's plenty of systems out there like ones you can get in a Volvo for example which can phone the emergency services in a crash and give your co-ordinates, without needing to send the data anywhere else.

If it was one of those trackers which activate when the car is stolen I could understand it, but again why it needs to know all those details I don't know. Just location of the car is good enough. Glad it doesn't seem to exist in the UK.

Mystery data centre snag floors LiveJournal

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Clicked the status link and then link at bottom

Status page at least is hosted by "Warped Unlimited Web Hosting" who'll host your entire site for $5. This might explain a few things if they're also hosting the rest of LJ.

PC mountain accumulates in Blighty

Trev 2

Agree with AC - Acers are crap

Had 3 of them in the last year (one was a education funded one) and all 3 broke down, were non-upgradeable and slower than my much older Dell laptop. And that's when they were actually running and not crashing.

Also know a couple of other people who've got Acer's and they say the same thing with constant problems from day dot. Maybe the world is finally realising that Acer = total garbage.

MySpace sacks more

Trev 2

3 things that say it's not improved

1) The front page can't even line up so if they can't do it, how on earth are their users ever going to create less than horrible pages?

2) When you "browse" it comes back with 3000 people and that it would seem is the userbase. Not exactly looking good on the numbers front.

3) Best of all is the "Connect with facebook" on the frontpage. If ever there was a sign of defeat. :)

Google confirms US antitrust probe

Trev 2

Maybe they could use the supermarket idea for results

One slight difference between the supermarket version by Ivan Headache and Google results is that most readers view the results only one way, ie: top to bottom. With a supermarket, you can view the results / products from two different directions, ie: depending which end of the isle you come from.

With this in mind, perhaps Google needs to change the layout of it's results, so instead of scrolling downwards they maybe go sideways with say 3 results per line and on an average 1024768 screen, maybe 3 lines per screen.

That way more of the "products" get seen including of course their own, but no one can complain that the other products are hidden.

Not sure if this would work mind you from a UI point of view, but if it does how do you trademark an idea at the US patent office before Google reads this? :)

Google Instant Pages: Search sites rendered before you click

Trev 2

Won't skew web stats of Google Analytics...

I assume that it doesn't actually run the J/script during the rendering process and thus just downloads images, j/script etc. ready for the user? Would seem the most logical idea otherwise it'll end up slowing the browser.

If so then some web stats won't be skewed by this including Google Analytics as that's pretty much purely javascript and thus won't use any more Google resources. Any web stats on the server of course will be skewed - great!

Wonder if there'll be an opt out for web sites as really big sites like Amazon and of course Google themselves are going to get seriously slammed.

Barnsley clamps down on foul-mouthed fu*king locals

Trev 2

Who decides what's swearing?

Since pretty f***ing is pretty much an everyday word in some parts of Scotland then anyone coming down from Glasgow or Dundee and "swearing" in Barnsley might be a tad confused when they get slapped by a fine.

So who decides what is and isn't swearing? Are variations swearing such as "bi-aaatch" and Father Jack's famous "Fecking"?

If it's just when directed at someone in a hostile way, then don't the existing laws on public disorder offences and such cover it anyway thus removing the need to actually bother telling people that everyone in Barnsley apparently swears...?

Depressed Scottish file-sharing nurse gets 3 yrs probation

Trev 2

Can understand having 30,000....well...

Actually can't really understand having 30,000 songs without words, but why on earth did she need to file share them or is this more a case of not understanding that when you download them it also uploads for other people?

Were there 30,000 individual songs or just 30,000 uploads? Can imagine the same song getting uploaded countless times if people request it.

Something odd going on...


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