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Solution found for climate change: Nuclear war

Tom 13

And the major volcanic eruption of equivalent magnitude within recorded history

doesn't backup the assertions of the paper. Of course it's only one data point. But that's the problem with all this climate change malarkey: too few reliable data points to come to real conclusions.

Tom 13

Didn't TSR release an RPG

based on that thesis?

Oh, and that would be "scientific projections on the effects of multiple nuclear explosions is pretty robust." Until you perform the experiment, it isn't science. And since we don't seem to have a spare planet earth laying about on which we could run the experiment, this is one time I would prefer to keep it at projections instead of science.

Tom 13

If you're running long enough for the sun to burn out, then yes

everything is finite. But breeder reactors solve the problem of limited fissionable materials. They operation is pretty well documented I believe.

Scientists crack spotless Sun mystery

Tom 13

Where is page 2?

You spent the whole first page setting up page 2. Where the help is it?!

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

Tom 13

That would be a slightly different rabbit hole in the warren.

If you own a legitimate trademark in an area but you haven't actively used it in commerce in the last year, somebody else can grab it away from you.

Tom 13

Pass the buttered popcorn, please.

This is going to get interesting. Bear with me for a moment for a hypothetical journey down the rabbit hole of US Law.

Let's assume for the moment that Apple wins its case that "App Store" could in fact be trademarked. In this event, MS can refile for the mark to be invalidated because Apple has failed to enforce their trademark, and they can cite the testimony from the case in which Apple wins the trademark as evidence. You see, under US law, trademarks (unlike patents) require you to defend them if you are aware of infringement. The most prominently recognized cases being apirin and allen wrenches which were once trademark names. But because their respective trademark owners did not defend them, they entered into common usage and became generic terms. With 30% of the references being to non-Apple app stores, the term has clearly entered common usage.

Tom 13

Or Apple

for that matter. And I don't care if we are talking computers, vinyl, or any of the subsequent replacements for vinyl.

Tom 13

Yeah, that's one of those cases

where I wish the judge had issued a summary judgment against MS as soon as it made the Windows trademark case in court. In point of fact, I would even more prefer the heads of the morons at our trademark office to be placed on the ends of pointy sticks which would then be placed at the entrance to the trademark office as a reminder to others that some stupidity comes at too high a price.

iPhone 'Death Grip' effect is real, plastic cases don't help

Tom 13

The key bit being

"...Apple's attitude to the problem with their high-end device where style has prevailed over best-practice RF engineering."

If Apple had owned up to it whether saying it was a design flaw or a design decision, the flameage would not have been as intense. Granted saying design flaw would probably have been more expensive as people would then have expected them to FIX the design and retrofit it to all the devices already sold, but it would have reduced flameage.

PlayStation hacker defiantly posts 'bible' following police raid

Tom 13

There have been several attempts to make companies write T&Cs in plain English

(on both sides of the moat) and all have failed miserably. It seems that where law-types are involved, English (British or American) IS a second language, and one they can't comprehend.

Tom 13

Lumping the development costs with the price of the manufacturing

IS the only way to do the accounting for the cost of the console and there is NOTHING disingenuous about doing so. While it is true that their business model is up to them, the ability to use your hardware as you see fit is quite another issue.

Now, what might be acceptable is for Sony to say if you use your PS3 for a Linux console, you can only use it for a Linux console, not both a Linux console and a PS3. But I do rather think that any system bought under the original license which said you could do both ought to continue being able to do both, and Sony ought NOT be able to change the license just by updating the firmware*. The concept of a contract has always implied some negotiations between both parties. Absent negotiations, there tend to be laws limiting the sorts of changes one unilaterally can make to the contract.

*This might be a licensing and tracking nightmare for Sony, but that's their problem, not their customers. Like selling a console below cost, it's part of the business model if they choose to undertake it.

Tom 13

Not a console geek, not sure exactly which post you are responding to,

downvotes on one of them are not necessarily related to the posting of facts. Both the "Xbox trolls" and "...original story, that guy must be a utter cretin,..." are downvote bait.

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself

Tom 13

Hell, give him the hemp and

he'll weave his own rope.

Tom 13

Nope. You wanted to prattle on about him when you thought he was a hero.

We get to prattle on about him now that he's plainly revealing him to be the wanker we said he was when you wanted to canonize him.

Google whacks link farms

Tom 13

Hate link farms, but there are certain

site aggregators I like. The trick is how to tell the difference between them.

Court OK's Assange Sweden extradition, given 7 days to appeal

Tom 13

And lost even more when you released the Lockerbie bomber

for reasons even more flimsy than the ones the Swedes are invoking to bring Assange back. And don't give me any of that sovereign region crap. Britain proper had to sign off on the release of a mass murder to return to a dictator who has actually done things worse than what you Brits routinely accuse us Americans of doing.

The Swedes passed their screwed up law to protect the Human Rights of Women. Live with it or raise an outcry against the inherent unfairness of the piece of shit law. But stop ragging on the US for protecting national interests instead of fixing what you screwed up in the first place.

Tom 13

And apparently your EAW doesn't require

that there be charges, only that he be, to use the current PC phrase in the US, "a person of interest."

You make the laws, you need to live by them.

Tom 13

Judges only get to look at the facts in front of them,

not the myriad of hypotheticals which could, depending on the phase of the moon and the position of Jupiter, come to pass. The fact at this time is that the US does not have an extradition request out for him.

Former Microsoft exec barred from taking job at Salesforce

Tom 13

Except that if he lives and works in Alabama,

the State's Right to Work Law takes precedence over the non-compete clause, because Washington state doesn't write the laws for Alabama. MS would lose hands down at local and Superior court. What happens at US District Court or SCOTUS? How the hell knows these days. Which is a fundamental problem in our justice system. Too many potentates dispensing opinions rather than dispensing opinions based on reason and the rules of law.

WikiLeaks' Assange 'very likely' to lose extradition fight

Tom 13

While I'm someone who thinks Assange needs to be removed from

the scene because he's a political idiot, I don't regard the charges from Sweden as being serious. The law is so badly written it is essentially grants an after the fact license to any woman to drain as much money as possible from a man she has slept with without so much as probable cause let alone beyond a reasonable doubt.

I'm only eating popcorn because its the sort of idiotic thing Assange and his ilk have backed in Sweden. Hoist by his own petard so to speak.

Tom 13

If it has been editted to remove exhonorating evidence

it IS fabricated. In point of fact, even here in the US of A where the court standards are much lower than they are in Old Blighty, that is called LIBEL or SLANDER depending on the exact means of defamation.

Tom 13

And some twits

need to learn the difference between trials and extraditions. He will be presume innocent in court, but that happens AFTER extradition.

Now what you all seem so worried about is that the US will extradite him from Sweden after he arrives there. Fear not, no one in the current administration is sufficiently competent to accomplish that.

Tom 13

Innocence is assumed in court,

never in the selection for prosecution.

Tom 13

I looked it up once upon a time, or saw a news report about.

Yes, the charges were legitimately dropped. But they have also legitimately been reinstated at the request of the original complaintant(s).

Yes, the charges are the patently stupid result of a patently stupid law. But that's the thing about electing people who make patently stupid laws; you're stuck having to uphold them after they are passed. And what happens when you hang around with people bent on exploiting those patently stupid laws for their own purposes.

Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'

Tom 13

Android sales have gone from 6.8 million to 67.2 million in a single year

according to the latest sales statistics (http://www.techspere.com/mobile/android-smartphone-sales-up-by-888-8). Sounds to me like that might be the real reason Larry is going after Google: They're eating his lunch in the expansion of the phone market. If he can just FUD up the water like Balmer does, maybe he figures he can get more protection money out of his mushrooms.

Tom 13

There is one big difference between Sco vs Novel and Oracle vs Google;

Google isn't a company that has been teetering on the edge of solvency like Novel was. Instead they practically have a license to print money. Which means the sue them until they can't afford it ploy isn't going to work at all.

I think I'd also be careful about suing a company that knows more about me than I do. That seems likely to hurt in the end.

Tom 13

Granted it's been ages since I touched code, and it was never real code only BASIC,

but at the time I was taught to group certain variables and consistently use them for types of things I was doing. So if I worked at Oracle and wrote a piece of code, and then I worked at Google and was asked to write a similar piece of code, I would be likely to hit the same variable names. After that there tends to be an orderly progression of variable declarations. Where commutative properties apply, did Oracle reorder for purposes of comparison?

Yes there might be actual copyright infringement. But it's not a slam dunk based on this single piece of evidence.

Kogan turns consumers into working capital

Tom 13

Funny thing is, it all use to work this way.

The idea of the deposit down was a major step forward for commerce in terms of balancing risk. Credit cards are just the most recent variation. Working purely on speculation is a big risk and tends to increase prices because you have to make up your speculative losses when you do make a successful sale.

Back when I was a young'in in the scouts, we did all of our chicken barbeque and sub sales the Kogan way. Sell tickets to people before the event. Price the tickets so we had a 50% profit. Take all of the money collected from the ticket sales, buy the raw supplies, and sell the chicken by the side of the road. Had to hold onto enough chicken to cover the ticket sales, but that was no big deal. We didn't speculate on the subs because they were assembled in a church kitchen and either picked up or delivered, so there was no option for opportunity sales.

Windows 7 service pack 1 set to lift off today

Tom 13

Just hit it because I was looking for some driver updates for a PC the

suits expect me to upgrade from XP to Win 7. Dell doesn't seem to have a driver set for it. The pre-configured image the network team put together installs mostly. Just doesn't install the PCI Serial Port and PCI Simple Communications Controller (normally a Dell System update). Download said it would only be a tad over 61M, but it is taking FOREVER to download.

Maybe they really should use torrent technology for the initial releases.

Tom 13

WGA is dead.

Long live Windows Activation!

Flash drives dangerously hard to purge of sensitive data

Tom 13

OK, I get that you are too lazy to read the article,

but aren't you at least reading the posts here? The issue is the redundancy the drive makers build into the SSD drives to ensure your 1T drive still has 1T of memory cells 10 years from now. With at least 4 times the data space as the "native" capacity and a controller in the SSD controlling which memory pieces are overwritten, there's no way for a software program to guarantee the data has been overwritten.

US scientists build laser-killing device

Tom 13

If that's the purpose, it fails miserably.

As the poster noted, his definition of coherence is frelled. I missed that because I already knew what it meant. In fact, I said to myself, "not exactly, but I suppose it is close enough for someone who is completely clueless and would get lost in the actual definition."

Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites

Tom 13

Re: "...why we aren’t' grabbing the pitchforks."

That's actually easy: because you and the rest of your type have been more interested in indoctrinating students than in teaching them actual critical thinking skills. If you taught them those skills, you'd be out on your ass faster than Steve Jobs twitters "Flash sucks."

Tom 13

Um, that only proves the British tyrants are pikers

who can only pull off a piddling 1,200 seizures, not the the Americans are following a just course of action.

Tom 13

And why exactly the short shrift

for the Second?

because that's the one that will enable us to carry the pitchforks when the time comes.

Tom 13

No they aren't. You obviously haven't been paying attention.

They told you the Constitution means exactly what THEY say it means, even if what THEY say it means contradicts what is clearly written in it. See the Kelso decison.

Tom 13

Right conclusion, wrong logic.

The number of sites is important because it makes it unmistakeably clear that the process puts everyone's liberty at risk. With a smaller number it could have been swept under the carpet, which still wouldn't have made it right, but then they might have gotten away with it.

Tom 13

Actually, the AC is right and you're wrong.

What you are describing is bog standard tyranny, not fascism. Fascism is what The Big 0 has been promoting for the last couple of years and what all of you Europeans have actually been living under for the last 40 or so: Government control of the major business decision making processes.

But you've fallen victim to the Internationalist communist propaganda that Fascism = Nazism and therefore can't differentiate between the two.

Obama in private confab with Jobs, Zuckerberg, Schmidt

Tom 13

For the first instance,

how would you know the difference?

Tom 13

And why exactly should they be taxed at 85%?

because those profits have already been taxed in their country of origin at more than 35%.

It would make more sense to lobby for a permanent reduction in the tax rate so all the money would come back in immediately, then continue to flow in on a yearly basis thereafter. And that would be in the best interests of their shareholders. Who happen to include me via various retirement account mutual funds.

Tom 13

Why is that an either/or situtation?

I figure he's doing all of the above, because he's just like them. Hell, they may even be getting tips from him on new ways to screw over customers.

Tom 13

If I read amanfrommars correctly,

(always a tricky task) you have the wrong she. But I think the she to whom he is referring is scheduled for a dinner in Afghanistan or Bahrain or somewhere like that.

Microsoft bans open source license trio from WinPhone

Tom 13

No, because I'm bad with remembering the wanker names,

but the guy who started it all, (not Linus) certainly did take a case to court and won. If he hadn't nobody would treat FOSS as legitimate. I consider him a wanker. I also consider Jobs, Ellison, Gates, and Ballmer to be wankers. Seems to go with Big IT CEO territory and yes, FOSS has their OS equivalents. All of which makes me hate the current state of US copyright law, which is the one place where all of this COULD be fixed.

Oracle gives 21 (new) reasons to uninstall Java

Tom 13

I've had thoughts similar to the ones you are criticizing from time to time.

It has nothing to do with Java per se, and more to do with the idiots writing (or to be more precise, NOT writing) the code I have to support in my daily job. Twits still haven't updated their code base to a SUPPORTED version of Java and I've now been here for a year and a half. And it doesn't play well with the other app that uses a supported version of Java, and yes, frequently people who need the first app also need the second.

The internet ate our homework

Tom 13

While the locals in Australia deserve a fair bit of criticism,

the Border collapse is entirely the fault of American management. And I say that as a US citizen.

If it was only the Australians that were causing the problem, only Australian stores would be closing. I think the root of the problem is that Borders forgot what Borders was supposed to be. They've done essentially the same thing here in The States that the author notes they did in Australia: didn't maintain their specialty niche, and didn't go full Big Box for discounting. Then they further muddied their market with DVD sales (music and telly), coffee shops, and pay internet services, while not engaging in internet book sales. Oh and throw in a bit of Kindle or Kindle-clone to boot. And all of their services were mediocre. That sort of thing may not cause problems in times of plenty, but when things get tight, those are the places that will get hit the hardest.

RoboCop statue fundraiser hits $50k

Tom 13

Actually, there's nothing better to be done in Detroit than

having a bunch of individuals raise and spend money as they choose to rather than sending it off to clueless buffoons in local government. A bit more of Detroit allowing private enterprise to thrive might have avoided the whole problem.

Tom 13

Reality check: Detroit is in the shape it is in,

precisely because too many twits took that attitude when spending other people's money.

Millennium bugs hit stock exchange

Tom 13

You are correct.

And the big hedge firms can gain or lose millions on a few ms of timing. It's a big issue for stock exchanges all over the place, and the narrower they can clip those margins, the better they serve the people who trade in the largest dollar volumes.

Tom 13

You get an up vote for the last tow lines,

not the four before them.

NO-SH*T CURE FOR BALDNESS discovered by accident

Tom 13

To hell with 15-20 years,

if they design it so a week of injections fixes you up for 1 year they'll be packing them in the treatment rooms.

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