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Brit judge orders Facebook to rip masks from anonymous cowards

Tom 13

Re: Names etc

The same court order that force FB to cough up the names gets you a fresh one for the emailed to cough up the next set of data. The hope is that eventually you wind up with real information. Not sure how many shams you'd need to get through though. Or how much trouble it actually causes the miscreants.

Tom 13

Re: Facebook "real name culture" didn't do that women much good.

Oh, that will be successful and FB will have to cough up the email addresses. Whether or not that eventually gets you to the real perps is a whole other story.

Reading between the lines, I expect the woman was using her FB account to post comments on news or blog sites (seems to be the in thing now) and drew the comments there. If it were someone she actually 'friended' it would be a simple matter to 'unfriend' the perps. How applicable the laws will be when she finally gets to the culprits? No clue, but I'd be betting on the windmills not the perp walkers.

Facebook tears wraps off its own app store

Tom 13

If they would have had this when I had my personal smart phone,

perhaps I would have kept it. It was annoying that the one thing I wanted to do with FB on the train on the PDA was the one thing they didn't support: Zynga games.


Nah, it was still the crappy wireless service that made me turn it in, and the apps would have been useless without the service.

LinkedIn dials 911 on password mega-leak hackers

Tom 13

Re: Call me confused

People who care about keeping their private info private don't feel a lot of remorse for telling white lies on Facebook. Linked-In is supposed to be a career oriented website, including networking and looking for new jobs. White lies there are a bit more likely to get you into trouble, so the information is usually better. Of course if you aren't on Linked In, it's a bit like a Windows user worrying about a Mac virus.

MPAA sympathetic to returning legitimate Megaupload files

Tom 13

@Paul Crawford: Rule number 1

Defense attorneys lie. Especially in front of reporters. It's legal. They can even lie in court. So long as it isn't about a material fact and is phrased properly of course.

When in doubt about about whether a defense attorney is lying, refer to Rule #1.

Tom 13

Re: they have the data.

No they don't. They seized the servers, made the forensic copies, and returned the servers to their owners. The owners, who are not MegaUpload, expressed the desire to repurpose the servers because with their money impounded, MegaUpload are no longer able to maintain their contract. And by law, the police are only allowed to keep the information required for the trial. Also under the law, the police can't be held responsible for the loss of data or materials unless you can prove they were grossly negligent vis-a-vie the loss.

Yeah, it sucks if you're an innocent bystander caught in the mess.

Office 365 reaches for the sky with 80,000 seat FAA win

Tom 13

Re: moving to Google Apps for Government.

So you aren't on it yet then. We are and the platform sucks. Exchange has a far better calendar system. Basic mail services are okay, but it can't do any of the complicated stuff older non-Google systems could do like dynamically determined mail groups. And Google's insistence that labels are better than folders so you'll use them because we said so system only confuses the hell out of people who think in terms of file folders. And Mail and Calendar are the good parts compared to the rest of the apps.

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead

Tom 13

@Loyal Commenter: He had me going for a minute too.

Re-read his last paragraph. He's spelling out the inevitable logical requirements of the Malthusian argument so you can see just how ugly they are before he gets to his real point. Because no one who support individual liberty can in good conscious ask to have the government impose its religious views on the people.

Tom 13

Re: Population

If you are reading this article, odds are neither you nor your government are part of the problem. Odds are even greater that neither you nor your government are in ANY position to influence it. What is truly ironic is that the quickest way to get to where you claim you want to get goes through the two means people who post your kind of crap on message boards are least likely to support: 1) unfettered capitalism to release their stunted ability to provide for themselves and 2) the use of fossil fuels to get there. Because it isn't just access to birth control and medicine. There's a whole host of other changes that have to happen with the mind set and they only happen when people know they are individuals who can make decisions that affect their lives.

Tom 13

Re: Nicely written.

So then you'd be one them there mind-set-in-concrete Warmists like Rik.

Tom 13

Re: I am reminded...

I've had many an honest debate with religious people. Never had one with an anti-religious bigot. Probably because the religious people, even those who aren't following the one true God, actually believe honesty is a moral imperative for which there are eternal consequences rather than some hypothetical normative construct used to reach an end.

Tom 13

Re: propose a heavy tax on people with more than 2 children.

I've got a better idea. Put the tax on the holier than thou bigots who want to limit other people's freedom, and convert all those who are willing to kill those people into some Soylent to send to China.

Tom 13

Re: You've got two choices...

Malthus gave us that choice many billions of people ago. It was bullshit then and still is.

Tom 13

Re: we will never know whether it saved China

Yes, we will, and the answer is the cure is worse than the disease. The results of the Chinese policy are that because they want boys instead of girls for kids, they have a huge population imbalance that is growing larger. It WILL result in war somewhere. If we get lucky, it's a civil war and only kills Chinese with collateral economic affects on the rest of the world. More likely we all wind up involved in a land war in Asia. And everybody knows how that will turn out.

Tom 13

Re: I can understand no argument against doing more research

Then you are a moron. Try this on for size:

You have $1 million available to invest. You have the following choices to spend it on:

1) El Run Hibbard Climatology FUD that claims we'll destroy the human race in 100 years for $250,000

2) El Run Hibbard Killer space asteroids from Mars FUD that will destroy the planet in 100 years for $250,000.

3) El Run Ponzi's Solar research that will generate affordable electricity FUD for $250,000

4) El Run Sagan's Mars astronaut scheme for $250,000 dollars

5) El Run Gadzooks commercial orbital station scheme for $250,000

6) Las Betty Cumin breast cancer cure research for $250,000

7) El Heffner's little blue pill replacement research for $250,000

8) Juan Quixhoatie's new improved plan for Middle East peace for $250,00

9) Mr. Freeze's cold fusion research for $250,000

10) Bonn Hovie's Aids research that will cure the beastie for $250,000

11) Improved medical care for British citizens for $1,000,000

12) Total email spam elimination for $500,000

13) An actual workable replacement for AV software for $500,000

14) Finally deliver the Year of the Linux Desktop for $1,000,000

What do you fund? Yeah, that's right you never have enough money to fund everybody's fantasy, so when it is public money being spent you damn well better make sure there is a real, near-term payoff for it. Personally I'd fund 2, 5, and 13 but YMMV.

Tom 13

@James Micallef

Dammit! You let the cat out of the bag. It's more fun to toy with their alleged scientific reasoning when they can't find the big hole with the flashing neon lights saying "Here the hole! Here's the hole!"

Tom 13

Re: During the meanwhile ...

No the point of the article was to spread FUD and gin up research grants. It's obvious from one of their known false assumptions. Particularly galling since elsewhere in the article they use the means by which we know that assumption is false to gin up more fear.

Tom 13

Re: I take it you didn't bother to actually read the Nature article

Don't need to when one of the key driving factors is listed in this article and is demonstrably false. If you didn't spot it, you're either not smart enough to engage or already have your mind cast in re-enforced concrete against facts.

HTC locked out of Windows 8 tablet party

Tom 13

Re: HTC should just say

Yep, in business it's: Don't get mad get even.

And getting even means crushing them in the market place, then buying them and firing their board. OK, with MS the last bit is a little harder to actually execute, but it is still the aim.

Tom 13

My HTC smart phone was great.

It was the telecom vendor plan that was crap for me and caused me to turn it in. And that was the best plan available when I bought the phone...

Tom 13

Re: Cognitive Dissonance at elReg?

Different authors, different takes. Especially when quoting different marketing drones spewing different FUQ (Fear, Uncertainty, and Questions).

Flame gets suicide command

Tom 13

Re: I suppose this is the sort of thing you would do

Nah. The NY Slimes will confirm it were The Big 0 wot done it within a few weeks, so no need to trace it. It might cover a compromised system or maybe protect an agent who was used to deploy it, but the agent's chances are at best 50:50 given the current Administration record anyway.

Tom 13

Re: Why new suicide module?

No, we learn that it was rolled out before it was allegedly discovered. If the State Actor saw warnings of it being discovered in one of their security notifications lists, that info goes directly to the black ops team so they can clean up their mess.

Tom 13

Re: What is this "smallpox" of which you speak?

See: Twelve Monkeys

Why? Because now that everybody treats smallpox as if it is extinct it is the perfect weapon with which to unleash unlimited terror.

Tom 13

Re: And the virus authors would care for why...?

Because they are State actors and don't want their enemies to know WHICH systems were compromised. Duh!

Police called after Romney's email and Dropbox accounts cracked

Tom 13

Re: This had nothing to with Bain.

Same meme, different day. Still a flat out lie. I think if Romney were a Brit instead of a 'Merkin that would make both The Big 0 and Jeebus subject to public defamation suits. Particularly since it isn't overly difficult to confirm the real facts of the case.

Tom 13

@Jeebus: You really need to lay off the Kool Aid.

Romney didn't personally intervene to try to get the loan through the way The Big 0 did. In fact the loan was approved under his predecessor and Romney FOUGHT to end the loan program. But even at that, the loan was far smaller and paid back in full. After that we've got the fact that Konarka remained in business for 9 years after receiving the loan, while Solyndra barely pulled 2. Oh, and incidentally, that means Konarka went belly up while The Big 0 was in office pumping green-commie power and long after Romney was in any political office which could influenced the success of Konarka.


Tom 13

I think the more relevant fact about David Kernell would be

that he is the son of an elected Democrat (http://www.redstate.com/darin_h/2008/09/18/palin-hacker-son-of-democrat-lawmaker/), so he wasn't what you'd call a random impartial hacker.

Wanna lay odds this guy isn't either?

LinkedIn admits site hack, adds pinch of salt to passwords

Tom 13

Re: change it again unless you're sure the change now has added salt.

Salting is entirely a back end operation and has nothing to do with you changing your password.

Tom 13

Re: ...LinkedIn passwords get changed the users probably repeat the same pw on multiple sites.

Not me. It was actually a secure password randomly generated by a tool and unconnected to any other sites. Mostly because I was trying to use the site to do job searches so it needed to contain real data, and real data I protect much more aggressively than my run of the mill commenting passwords.

NASDAQ offers $40m to Facebook IPOcalypse investors

Tom 13

If I were caught up in this fiasco

I don't think I'd take the early $40m apology. I expect once the lawyers are fully involved in this the amounts will go much higher.

Of course, it is much better to not be caught up in this fiasco at all.

Tom 13

I imagine many of those trying to sell at 42

were small fish in the Facebook development team who were trying to cash out on their deferred earnings. So they didn't exactly buy them in the way you are implying. I'll grant them some leeway and say the exchange owes them.

If we're talking about Morgan Stanley, any of the other IPO partners, or speculators who got special deals to assist with the IPO, I'm with you.

Lawyer up on your way into the cloud

Tom 13

Re: Another idiot MBA is blinded by technobabble

Sorry, I've seen technically competent IT directors make the same sorts of choices. Usually because they didn't dig deep enough.

You also need to keep in mind that while you may regard what he said as a lot of techno-babble bullshit, those are real issues that IT Directors need to address for companies. An IT Director who can't successfully navigate those waters is as useless as a help desk tech who can't reset a password for a user.

Tom 13

Re: Lawyer up?

You're stuck with the fees either way, because if you ain't using them on your internal work, you run similar legal dangers. The cloud can be good or bad. Like everything else you have to evaluate for your particular needs. There's stuff I'd be willing to keep in the cloud, there's others I'm not. Granted, my "not" is closer to what you describe than the "not" for the talking heads in the article.

Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management

Tom 13

Re: bigger problems

If Facebook had been a fad, it would have been gone before I became aware of it. I actually expect the mobile market that is supposed to be eating their lunch as the more fad market. I gave it a go for a year and a half, then dumped it because I've got better things to do with $100+/month.

FB is here, it serves a purpose for millions of people even if you aren't one of them, and that in and of itself makes it likely to survive in some form. Their problem for the moment is working out the mechanics of monetizing it so the business remains sustainable. And even if they manage that, it isn't at all apparent they will make the sorts of money they were hyped to make.

Tom 13

Re: expectations of oblivious morons?

By making the IPO manager legally responsible for not being an oblivious moron. That is what Morgan Stanley was supposed to do.

In these socialist swamps, you won't find anyone more in favor of capitalism and capital markets than me, and even I smell something rotten at Morgan Stanley on this deal. They pushed the price to the high end of the offer range just days before the public offering tanked? Not buying it, especially since it seemed to be missing the required effort to make sure investors knew this was a HIGH, HIGH risk stock. Neither FB not Zynga have a proven business model. So while it is possible that at some point in the future they will be raking in the cash and we'll all be wishing we'd just coughed up the money to buy even a single share, it is equally possible you'll lose everything you invested in it. So far I haven't been willing to risk it. Maybe next week after the price falls a bit more, but likely not even then.

Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business

Tom 13

Re: Is business likely to want Win 8 anyway?

Business is the bread and butter of MS. Nobody else can really afford their fees. And the reason they've owned the home market for so long is because they went after the business base first. Then they went after the school base, and configured it pretty much like their business base. Anything that doesn't work for business will ultimately be an Epic Fail for MS. What I don't understand is why little old me can get that and all those people with the fancy degrees in those lofty decision making positions at MS don't.

Oracle verdict double plus good for Linux movement

Tom 13

While it is good news, it isn't over until the Fat Lady sings.

In this case I believe that would be Sonia Sotomayor. Although it might also be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision

Tom 13

Advertising and tracking is a double-edged sword.

The MS move is certainly a game changer. Whether for the better or the worse remains to be seen. No matter how much you hate advertising, it pays the bills for the internet. If it dries up as a source of revenue, and the MS move certainly moves it in that direction, something will need to replace it.

That being said, in this one instance I think MS correctly picked the moral option.

LucasArts unveils Star Wars game for grown-ups

Tom 13

Not really.

Back when Han shot first the sets were clean and sparse. And despite the arm on the floor, the bar fight was reasonably clean even by 70s standards, which were much cleaner than what we see these days - sort of what a friend once described to me as suburban white man graffiti. Even Empire wasn't gritty, just filmed mostly in dark shades but still clean.

The gritty crap was all CGI shite added when Lucas had the money to re-imagine the film. And don't get me started on the additional damage done by the Jabba the Hut scene. Sometimes great movies are great because of the constraints placed on them at the time they were made. In this case, Lucas focused much more on the story when he didn't have the money for the CGI.

Facebook stock plunge leaves tax-dodge Saverin WORSE off. Haa ha

Tom 13

Re: He can aways claim the difference back

You're correct about the tax event. But see my post toward the end of the article for a better legal tact on getting the tax bill reduced. Yes, it makes a shambles of everything, but given the shambles it already is, I don't see that it could make it a whole lot worse.

Tom 13

Re: More likely...America's bruised ego

Before we were tax dodgers we were the scum of the Empire and not worth keeping in your prisons. It was only AFTER we became successful that you wanted to tax us to death. And don't gimme any crap about low rates. The taxes had to be paid in hard coin which was pretty damn rare on this side of the pond at the time. So yeah, we threw off the leeches once before, maybe we can do it one more time. Cause with what's happening in Greece and Spain, looks to me like you're gonna need us to bail your sorry butts out again. Assuming of course that the commie in chief hasn't already hobbled our ability to do so.

Tom 13

Re: so far down the ladder you're always no more than two steps away

Yeah! There's no way a near bankrupt alcoholic could become a successful radio and tv talk show host and become a recognized leader of a grassroots movement to restore our country to greatness. So there!

/end sarc

Tom 13

@The Fuzzy Wotnot: I think the more pertinent bit

would be the "high risk" disclaimer that accompanies all IPOs. You're flat out told that if you can't afford to lose it all, stay the frack away.

Tom 13

Re: Watch the slide...

Except that Zuck and Company already cashed out with enough money to be comfortable for the rest of their lives even if the company DOES completely tank. Remember the key element in any confidence scheme is knowing when to walk away an leave another zucker holding the bag.

Tom 13
Black Helicopters

@Invidious Aardvark: Gold, silver, lead and non-hybrid seed corn

are the preferred assets, but anything tangible will do in a pinch. And always remember two things:

1. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

2. Paranoid schizophrenics outnumber their enemies at least two to one.

Tom 13

Re: the IRS has a pretty good idea of what those Facebook shares were worth then

They do now. I'm not so sure they'll be so sure after the dust settles from all the lawyers questioning whether the plods at Morgan Stanley should have been so sure they were sure. Sure is confusing isn't it?

Small banking Trojan poses major risk

Tom 13

As a 'Merkin I have yet to see true two factor authentication implemented

at any banks I deal with. Most of them ask you for a second code that is ostensibly "something you know" but if you are running a man-in-the-middle website attack, the computer sees it as just two passwords.

US officials confirm Stuxnet was a joint US-Israeli op

Tom 13

Re: democrats are ALWAYS soft on defense

Not always soft. Some are just plain incompetent, which is actually worse than being soft. That would include the current office holder and be a key reason I'm willing to believe this story from a leftist rag.

Tom 13

Re: If Iran had done this to the USA

If the US were going to "glowie" Iran, it would have been done way back in the beginning of the 1980s and we wouldn't have the mess in the Middle East that we do now.

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