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Western consumption helping to kill off species

Tom 13

@Zombie Womble: Re Eleven

You forgot the five to perform the peer review, and the six to format and grammar edit the paper.

Are you a hot BABE in heels and a short skirt? SCIENCE is for YOU

Tom 13

Re: Bet they fall back on the smarmy bollix of "no such thing as bad publicity"

You forgot my favorite:

By making an ad that provoked such a reaction, they got more free publicity for the ad because of how many news stations/blogs ran the vid, thus extending the value of your advertising dollar.

Hackers publish payday loan emails after failing to levy 'idiot tax'

Tom 13

Re: Hackers?

The Reg reporter didn't say they hacked the system. He reported they claim to be a hacker group. He also reported they siphoned the info from an unsecured page that was referenced by the robots.txt file.

I don't see any problem with this. In fact I actually like it. It lets the reader decide whether or not the group is what they claim to be without the reporter coloring that decision one way or the other.

Stonehenge WASN'T built by ALIENS - Boffins' shock claim

Tom 13

I'm calling the real bollocks!

't wert no unifcation hippie yippy thing. 't were the Doc that saved us again from an alien menace. And the BBC documented it all for us years ago in Stones of Blood.

Thanks again Mr. Baker!

Posner to Apple, Motorola: 'And don’t come back'

Tom 13

Re: I would like to see the plaintiff and respondent paying the bill.

Can we bill both of them for the full cost of the trial? Please? Pretty Please?

No one watches TV, Nielsen, and you know it

Tom 13

Re: Everyone watches tv .. the problem is with fake stats !

Our household actually was selected as a Nielsen house quite some time ago. No DVRs at the time, but we had VCRs attached to every tv in the house. No books to fill out, no written surveys, just a phone line back to Nielsen HQ that reported the data: what the channel was, whether it was TV or VCR. The only way for us to manipulate the stats was to watch a program. I was actually pretty happy about it, because the shows we tend to watch were always getting canceled. Unfortunately we moved, and when we moved, the reporting equipment didn't go with us to the new place. Nielsen was very strict with their rules for the survey and since we were no longer in the region they were sampling, we were removed from the survey.

Tom 13

And even if you do remember a particular commercial because it was cute or well done,

does the Suzy's Lemonade commercial actually help the vendor when you can't recall what product, let alone brand, it was actually intended to pitch?

Study fingers humans for ocean heat rise

Tom 13

@Norman123: The problem with your flavor of denialists

is that you are still in denial about the most fundamentally basic fact of carbon emission: when they erupt volcanoes erupt they emit vastly greater amounts of CO2 in a single day than mankind has in his accumulated history by a factor of about 100. IF the changes you claim are driven by CO2 were in fact driven by CO2 to the extent you claim, we should see huge temperature spikes in the weather patterns. We don't. Full Stop.

Tom 13

Re: Unknown unknowns = faith (not science)

If you don't have a deterministic mechanism which matches the data without the use of extraneous epi-cycles, the CO2 claim is just as much faith and not science as the accusation you make.

Particularly when some of your subsequent "facts" are wrong. The Warmists specifically and explicitly exclude possible solar affects from their models, assuming solar output is constant.

Tom 13

Re: most severe of circumstances - like Holocaust denial.

To understand why some of us skeptics react so vehemently against the word, accept that what you just wrote is philosophically true, then accept that the AWG Warmists believe "deniers" is philosophically correct, and work backwards.

Yeah, not a pretty place. And not somewhere you want to be to hold a rational conversation. And certainly not a place where Science is likely to be able to penetrate.

Tom 13

Re: memory

You're right, it wasn't a peer reviewed journal I was reading at age 12. It was Ranger Rick magazine, put out by environmentalists to influence children into awareness so they could be good future stewards of our planet. That would be the same environmentalists who have taken control of climatology and now intentionally skew the science. Because they love quoting Bill Murray when they get into these arguments instead of doing what real scientists do: deal with the rational questions and objections being raised by their peers.

Tom 13

Re: memory

Obviously you're being a "professional scientist" is in no way helping correct for your selective memory.

I remember them quite clearly, because at that particular point in time I was a very impressionable young lad who took whatever was written in the books and magazines my parents gave me as the gospel truth. That memory is therefore firm etched in my brain, right along side of DDT killing the California Condors. Mainly because I had no idea how much "professional scientists" might lie about something if there was a paycheck attached to it.

Tomb Raider dev denies Croft rape scene

Tom 13

Re: is the cheap, crude, default plot option of a bad writer.

Not necessarily. It could be the start to a well developed and well done, but very dark game. And if so, it ought to be released under another name.

But I concur that in the current franchise your characterization if spot on.

Tom 13

Re: It's an adult game

Because given past versions of the game, the "Mature" ratings tag on the game is clearly a marketing technique to sell it to teenagers.

Tom 13

Re: err...

It's not mass murder when they only people you've killed were all bad. Even Jamie Lee Curtis understood that.

Tom 13

Re: The generic genre piece, sequels, franchises and blatant copies of recent successes.

And oddly enough, exactly the sorts of things that are likely to cause the project to fail, because except in rare cases those are things that make me less inclined to buy the game. In the rare cases that I have (MOO, Civ) completely revamping the game into something new and sticking the old title on it is guaranteed to cheese me off.

Tom 13

Re: he's angry

Oh noes! They made him angry! Nobody likes him when he's angry!

Oops, wrong show.

Tom 13

Re: Disgusted.

Never played the game myself but I have seen the movies and I think I've watched someone play it a few times (not a twitch gamer myself). Given those portrayals I think I'll agree with Dana on the wankerism call. Not sure I'd call it an attack on strong women. That implies forethought and malice and I think this one is more along the lines of mindless and feckless. Still a problem, but a somewhat different solution.

May 2012 was second warmest on record. The warmest? 2010

Tom 13

Re: Caveat

No, this being the US government, it is required. Too many reports get released to Big! Important! Progressive! Agenda! Headlines!, only to be quietly revised in the opposite direction later. Last time I checked that had been the case for the last 42 Dept of Labor reports on employment. And yes, it is possible to flip a fair coin and wind up 102,410,241 consecutive heads, but when it happens you usually check the coin to make sure it is fair.

Tom 13

Re: For those who need reminding...

Can we quote you on that the next time someone mentions the coldest winter on record during a CO2 debate?

Thought not.

As for me, I'm sticking with what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

'Scientists' seek to set world social, economic, tech policy at Rio+20

Tom 13

Re: are you incapable of intelligent thought?

I think he does display intelligence. He clearly understands the parable about casting pearls before swine.

Tom 13

Re: You also need

You don't actually have to tax unions higher. There are two less intrusive fixes:

1) Legally force unions to separate their bargaining expenses from their advocacy expenses.

2) Allow people to freely leave unions as well as joining them.

And if you have a shop where the employer uses the union contract regardless of whether or not you are in the union, the people who have left the union are only required to pay the union for those expenses directly attributed to bargaining.

Of course, you do have to be prepared for the riots the unions will cause when you do this. Just look at Wisconsin where those were the real issues the unions had with Walkers reforms.

Tom 13

@Kuugutsu Re: solutions

Oh there is at least one solution. Just not one socialist Europe is willing to accept: your masses are wrong, and Maggie and Ronnie were right. But hey, it's not like we have a Roman history example or anything.

'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks

Tom 13

Re: Sure

Absolutely! Nuke 'em till they glow then shoot them in the dark.

Tom 13

Re: 12 pounder cannon

While it is true that the 12 pounder cannon provides superior clearing capabilities, it is neither sufficiently mobile, nor does it have sufficient reload speed to be useful in an SZA (Sustained Zombie Assult). For maximum survivability the semi-automatic shot gun equipped with an ammo drum just can't be beat.

Tom 13

Re: You talk of using a shotgun.

So sorry, we keep forgetting you Brits had your gun rights castrated so long ago.

This side of the pond unless you are using a double-barrel you pretty much have to ADD a plug to meet the shot limit for duck season. And banana clip and drums are available if you want to avail yourself of the appropriate Zombie fighting armaments.

Tom 13

Re: You are dead come Z-Day

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo, Double tapping with a single shot to increase your defensive rate of fire!

Tom 13

It is well documented that the dead vote mostly in Chicago and NYC

which makes them Democrats.

Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

Tom 13

Re: stop the Columbine school massacre

The school was designated a gun free zone, sort of like Chicago, NY, and DC try to do. And yeah, that was a problem. There were at least two teachers there who are licenses for concealed carry, but because it was a gun free zone, had to leave their handguns locked in their cars where they were useless.

Tom 13

Re: how about this?

You need to keep up on your reading. That's the other professor who was removed for falsifying data to support his thesis. Not an easy thing to do once you have tenure, but once he was exposed it was that or lose accreditation for the uni.

Tom 13

@James Micallef: You need to go revist the actual data

The author of the study you are quoting was found guilty of falsifying his data and lost his professorship years ago. The true statistics are that people with guns protect not only themselves, but their gun-less neighbors as well, and by a far greater numbers than even the crime stats show.

Tom 13

Re: Gun ownership.

The facts contradict your opinon:


You'll note he has the connector to the current data sets on his web page, but accidental injuries total are about half of what the number of murders is. When you further restrict it to accidental death, there's just no comparison.

Tom 13

Re: Gun ownership.

Right. That is why SE DC, with the tightest gun control laws in the US, use to be the best place to go to buy fully automatic weapons in an open air market.

Hoplophobes have been hawking your malarkey for ages. But when the US citizens get to vote, and vote in favor of better access to guns, crime rates go down.

Tom 13

Re: Gun ownership.

And real data analysis backs up Figgus's back of the envelop calculation:


Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker

Tom 13

Re: Not this developer

Well then you'd better start paying up. I understand it happened back in '94.


New ID leak from Global Payments

Tom 13

Re: recidivism?

IF you can find someone who was hacked and has correctly rectified the problem I think that would be the best option. Problem is in the correctly rectified bit, and knowing it. I don't trust the 'haven't publicized that they've been hacked' list is equal to the 'haven't been hacked yet list.' I knew a guy who wound up with a compromised bank account. As near as he was able to figure, it was hacked from the bank side. Spent about six months with the bank trying to "fix the problem" before they finally issued him a new account and debit card. Full value for everything and no reports to the police because they didn't want to get a bad rep. Moderately well known local chain on our side of the pond. Yeah, it was pre- Disclosure laws, but given what they were willing to do then, I'm not sure I trust them to follow it now.

So you're probably stuck picking one from the 'haven't publicized that they were hacked list' anyway.

Foreign Office commercial chief: Suppliers, don't be liars

Tom 13

Re: "Suppliers, don't be liars"

Moreover, if there are to be no liars in the deal, it is best to start with yourself. If you don't understand that regardless of how much you WANT to be viewed as a single customer, the reality that you are actually 120,000 different customers will get in the way.

All of Europe's data in US servers? We're OK with that - EC bod

Tom 13

Wowsers. She needs to stay away from those Amsterdam bars until AFTER she gives the interview.

I mean, I one them thar crazy 'Mericans, and in her place I wouldn't trust us with your data. Even if we set the Patriot Act aside, you never no when some idiot President or aide thereof is going to go blabbing protected information.

10m years ago there was less CO2 - but the Earth was warmer

Tom 13
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Re: personal rant soapbox for Page-haters?

About 3 minutes after his first article went up. Because yes, when you know how to hit pretenders hard in the intellectual solar plexus, that's how they react. And yes, Lewis is that good at it. Go Lewis!

Tom 13

Re: missed the IPCC reports

Given that vulcanism actually isn't constant, that would seem to be a major source of error. Particularly given that most volcanic eruptions dump more CO2 than the combined industrial output of the last 150 years.

And as an amateur astronomer, I have real problems with that Solar TSI thingie being constant. Particularly since its variance seems to closely correspond to the sorts of variance we see in temperatures over the last 150 years.

But the biggest problem for me is the claim that when we know we only have real data for 150 years, we somehow know exactly what these x0,000 and x00,000 year cycles are.

Oh, and don't bother me with IPCC reports that quote activists with no science backgrounds as authoritative scientists.

Tom 13

Re: news reporters to offer an unbiased opinion,

"Unbiased opinion" not unlike the Warmist hockey stick, is a fairy tale told to children. I prefer authors be upfront about their biases, which Lewis does in spades. He wants full reporting of all the facts, even the ones that are inconvenient to those who want to destroy economies in order to reduce CO2 production by a negligible amount all in the name of saving planet Earth, better known as Gaia.

Tom 13

Re: Yea right

While I agree with most of your post, don't acquit Lewis of not having a position which he is vigorously advances, because he does. I just happen to share his opinion that the warmist drivel is bunk and we need to keep shoving the stuff that exposes it as such in their faces until they finally admit they are the real deniers of science. Doing it with a Nature article is just that much sweeter.

US Navy buys Linux to guide drone fleet

Tom 13
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Re: we should already being such headlines.

No you wouldn't. Breaking Linux like that would require State Sponsored Malware Teams with programmers of the highest caliber. And they'd be doing their damnedest to make sure the viruses stayed hidden until they needed them.

Tom 13

@The BigYin: Hey!

I'll have you know the M-16 is a fine weapon for varmit shooting. Of course if you live in Ole Blighty, you might not have any 4 legged varmits left to shoot.

Tom 13


Do you think we should tell him weather reports were a closely guarded military secret in WWII because of their military use?

Tom 13

Re: sharks

Thats "frickin lasers" to you bud!

Icon, cause you can do that if you've got enough sharks with frinkin lasers pointed at the same point.

Tom 13

@John A Blackley

I forget, is 'bankster cabal' the current code word for 'the Jooose!' or does he actually have to mention them explicitly for 1st place tinfoil hat award?

Americans stand against UN internet-tax plan

Tom 13

No real mystery actually.

The Big 0 is in so much trouble he needs any boogie man he can. Best of all one that is completely false so he can beat on it to show what a great leader he is.

Where you run into trouble is that we crazy 'Merkins, having dealt with you fracking Europeans and Brits for so long, no longer care what you SAY, we care what you do. And with your economies all headed to the crapper even faster than ours, you're ripe for implementing some sort of VAT tax on telecom after establishing the pay for origination principle in law solely as means of propping up your yes, socialist economies.

Deal with it.

Brit judge orders Facebook to rip masks from anonymous cowards

Tom 13

Re: I don't know why...

Okay. Yeah, that's a big omission. Game changer really. Since it moves my previous hypothetical from "she's a paedo" accusation to her being FRAMED as a paedo. And why I said you are OWED your day in court even though I'd boil convicted perps in oil.

Tom 13

Re: Anonymous posting

If I accused you of being a paedo here on El Reg, even as an AC, I think you'd feel a bit differently about that. Especially if you happened to live in Britain. I take it from some of the stories posted here, it's one of their last shooting offenses, and the cops aren't too particular about making sure the trial comes first. And while I'm all for boiling the paedos in oil AFTER the conviction, I believe very strongly that you are OWED your day in court first.

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