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Beak explodes at Samsung's evidence leak in Apple patent spat

Tom 13

Re: Evidence

Redneck 'Merking here.

First, only the defendant is required to be appraised of the prosecutor's arguments so as to prepare a defense against them.

Second, since Apple introduced the excluded evidence as part of their presentation, defense is permitted rebuttal without having aired said rebuttal previously.

I think were I a foreigner being abused by Judge Koh the way Samsung is, I'd work hard to embarrass the hell out of her too.

Dropbox blames staffer's password reuse for spam flood breach

Tom 13

Re: Plain

If the breach involves a moron who is re-using private passwords for company passwords, encryption isn't likely to help because he's also 95% likely to have the unencrypted password stored in the same locker with a non-descriptive title like "password for customer database".

Ocean-seeding experiment re-ignites geo-engineering debate

Tom 13

Re: Why don't you offer to treat my gout with arsenic, next?

Because that's patently ridiculous!

Everybody knows you treat gout with leeches, not arsenic.

Tom 13

Re: Holiday in Bali

You're getting repeatedly downvoted because it's blindingly obvious that you are the ass and since like most leftists, you've had your mind cast in steel reinforced concrete, there's no putting you straight.

There's exactly one person who has the right to determine whether or not Chris Miller should be allowed to take a vacation in Bali: Chris Miller.

Apple wins EU-wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ban

Tom 13

Re: If that's the case, then community design registration should be taken out and shot.

Yes, they should, right alongside their close cousins. Patents for real engineering work, that improve the mechanical or electrical function of the device fine. Trademarks so you can be (reasonably) assured the device is from the manufacturer you think you are purchasing it from fine. But all this look and feel monopoly crap has to die, and the sooner the better.

Tom 13

@Chris 19

No, if the only difference in the tablets and their functionality vis a vie the slide to unlock "patent" is the size, the only thing we have confirmed is our suspicion that the judges are making this up as they go along. Which in turn means nobody's property, intellectual or otherwise, is reasonably secure from random seizure.

US Justice Dept rejects criticisms of ebook settlements

Tom 13

Re: Apple sat down with these companies and set the prices

Apple NEVER discussed prices. In point of fact, that was the whole reason behind their adoption of the agency model: they had no idea what the appropriate price was. What they said was: you sell it to us at whatever you think is the appropriate price, we'll put x% markup on it, and sell it for that, but in exchange you guarantee you won't turn around and use our money to sell the same product to one of our competitors at a lower price.

Now, you may object to that, but it seems fair to me. The fact that all the other competitors chose to use the same markup might be an issue, but other companies should still be able to compete on other points.

Spy Hunter

Tom 13

I dropped many a quarter in Spy Hunter

and got good enough to drive on the ice. Yes it was more slick and you pretty much couldn't take even one bump from the armor plated car. But by that time I was usually well stocked with weapons and the slick ice affected them just as much as it affected me. Oil was always my fave, although I liked to have a few missiles for the pesky chopper. The boats were your escape hatch. If you ran low on oil you ran to the boats: no more switchblade to deal with, and now the oil was flames, which were guaranteed to wipe out the other boats. I never really cared for the smoke, although I would use if I got jammed up badly on the road.

Facebook's Zuckerberg awarded privacy patent

Tom 13

No, like Zuckerman you missed out on the most important

the one that nobody seems to have a handle on, and the one users want most:

Share with a selected group of my friends on this social medium.

I get that many of my FB friends don't give damn what Zynga game I'm playing this week. Likewise, I usually don't give a rat's ass what they had for dinner last night. I'd actually be quite happy not to spam them with alerts by setting something in MY privacy settings. But neither FB nor Zynga have any interest in providing that functionality.

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?

Tom 13

Re: Why not print out the photographs and put them in an album?

Because prints and film decay. Some of it more quickly than others. Part of why Lucas put so much work into restoring the Star Wars films was because he discovered how badly the originals decayed when he went to re-release them. The stuff we have from the golden era of Hollywood is mostly because of a quirk in copyright law at the time. In order to copyright a film, they had to print books of b&w copies of the three color reels. From the books they were able to recreate the color masters and then re-print the films without loss of color quality.

If you want to maintain your family pictures, you're going to have to store them on what is effectively living medium: whatever your current storage device of choice is, and move them each time the media changes. You can bridge one or maybe two significant technology changes, but once you get beyond that it starts to become problematic. Most people these days wouldn't be able to transfer data from an MFM hard drive to a SATA drive.

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought

Tom 13

Re: Eh ?

Well, this paper moves the error bars far enough so that it is possible the CO2 is going up before the melting starts, even though the data points are still after the warming occurs.

Tom 13

Re: Two things are worthyof note.

In the long term, everybody dies.

Tom 13

Re: Relax...

The 3 core thingy is more illusionist distraction. The heart of the research is still the computer model they feel is more accurate than those previously used.

Greenland melt surprises NASA Earth-watchers

Tom 13

Re: Not a surprise then

And despite their statements, if it happens again next year, or any or each of the next five years, it shouldn't be surprising either. It's only if it continues unabated that it is a surprise, and even then we do have to remember that once upon a time, Greenland was actually not frozen. It just happens to have been for the last couple hundred years, which is but the blink of an eye on a geological time scale.

Time for Victoria to adapt, says Climate Commission

Tom 13

Re: Do not argue

I think you meant "posh" or maybe "tosh" but certainly not "smart".

Tom 13

Re: ..be supplied without adverse consequences for the rest of the system.

Let's be clear that the system you are discussing is the ELECTRICAL system, not the environment. IIRC part of the hidden hypocrisy of the environuts is that the manufacture of solar panels requires the use of a whole lot of chemicals that are much worse on the environment that the CO2 is alleged to be. And that's before you start dealing with the political implications of the countries from which you have to obtain those chemicals.

And of that is assuming your solar panels can actually run your AC.

Skype: Nearly half of adults don't install software updates

Tom 13

Re: Ultimately I would really like to see verified and tested updates in Windows Updates

They've been casting about for a new cash cow because the old one is starting to get worn out. Maybe it could work as their new one. I mean, I've had the same thought from time to time. A known repository of tested updates certified by MS would be a godsend IF MS can be trusted to maintain it fairly. And that would be where reality comes crashing down around the pipe dream. MS have done too many "partners" wrong in the past for anyone to trust them with that sort of depository - even the users and techs who might benefit from it.

Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review

Tom 13

Re: Another Vista?

Actually, I smell 98ME. Vista at least had some early adopters and sustained hype. This one's not even out the door and we're talking about GARTNER of all companies coming out and saying it's crap for the desktop. Something so bad even GARTNER admits its crap should never make it past the alpha-test marketing group.

Tom 13

@Stuart Castle: I'd give a gazillion upvotes for this one statement if I could:

Essentially Microsoft need to stop with this idea of one size fits all for UIs.. It doesn't work.

Now If only we could get it through the thick skulls over at MS....

Tom 13

Re: The solution is to make it "the most familiar UI"

Let me fix that for you:

MS have concluded the solution is to make it "the most familiar UI"

The real solution is to write a fracking mobile OS that works independently of the OS you know so well. Putting a new GUI on a polished turd isn't going to make the turd any more palatable.

Tom 13

Re: Gartner has a great knack

Yeah, we all know that. But the point is, the PHBs who make the money decisions listen to them. So when Garner agrees with us, it's a serious problem for MS. Which is sort of the point of the article, even if he was long winded about it.

Tom 13

Re: 75% or so of ALL PC sales over the last few years have been laptops

Well, Duh! again:

Laptops are 75% of all sales for the last few years because in addition to having a 20-30% premium over desktops, they also last at most 3 years whereas your desktop is expected to last 3-5. Give me a count of the number of devices in service at your standard enterprise and you'll see a completely different story. And that's what we're focused on here: enterprise.

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

Tom 13

Re: A Very British Coup

Isn't "bugger it up" redundant as soon as you say "remake"?

I mean, ok, BSG has gotten rave reviews as a remake, but isn't it the exception that proves the rule?

Tom 13

Now you have me feeling sorry for you lot again.

I mean, if you think our crap is good compared to your shows, it really must suck to be you.

I'd say part of the BBCs problem with worldwide is that the bulk of profits are probably in DVD/Blueray, and being a bloated government type agency if spirit if not point of law, they don't seem to respond well to foreign sensibilities (sort of like US car manufacturers). I know it would put a fair dent in my pocket if they'd release the old (Baker et al) Doctor Who episodes in comparably priced season sets, but there's no way I'm coughing up $25 +tax for the episode set of one adventure and purchase the whole run.

BIG BOOBS banished from Linux kernel

Tom 13

Could they maybe change the code so it comes up in pink?

I understand that everyone these days knows that when it is in pink, it means we want to protect it, and every year there's this big walk thing about protecting the boobies and millions of women support it.

Climategate cops: We'll NEVER solve email leak hack riddle

Tom 13
Black Helicopters

So given their statement that means

they found the bloke wat did it. And immediately realized that if they actually exposed who s/he was and how closely s/he was connected to the actual research, we would be able to infer that s/he hadn't actually corrupted or forged the files on transmit as was alleged by the CRU-types. Furthermore, such information if made public might just collapse the whole pig trough at CRU. So, it was best not to talk about it and claim that while they abhor the actions of the hackers, they do have to admit they were a clever bunch and they can't be found.

Iran: If the Madi cyber-strike was us it would've been another Stuxnet

Tom 13

Re: "But it does look like a campaign which requires large investment or financial backing"

Both "broad based" and "spear phishing" but with limited regional distribution being run by botnets herders? That doesn't strike me as the right psychological profile. State-run or State-linked sounds more like the right psychology.

Given the prevalence of Stuxnet and Flame in the area and that Madi isn't using it, I'd guess the relationship with whatever state is linked to the the hackers is tenuous. If it was closely linked to the state I'd expect them to have had samples of those viruses and be working with them.

Samsung SMACKDOWN: US appeals court keeps ban on Galaxy Tab

Tom 13

You are. This isn't a case of American courts prefering American companies.

You'll need to note the case is originating in California, or as we here in the States call it, the land of fruits and nuts. It was upheld by a Circuit Court that only hears cases in the land of fruits and nuts as well. If Samsung appeals it, it will be to the 9th Circuit which is the most overturned court below SCOTUS of all the #th Circuit Courts in the US.

Also, note my post above about how improper the decision is. Both Koh and the judges on the circuit court to which it was appealed should be impeached and disbarred.

Tom 13

Re: Let me get this straight...

Whatever the merits of the case, the US Courts have imposed a retail death sentence on Samsung BEFORE the case is heard. This is MOST objectionable in a system that is SUPPOSED to assume innocence.

If the concern is that allowing Samsung to continue to do something which is later found to be illegal and they therefore improperly profit from same, a less intrusive remedy would be to impound Samsung's profits from the sale of the Galaxy until such time as the case is decided. If the case goes to Apple, the impounded profits go with it in addition to any other penalties, if it goes to Samsung, they get their profits back.

Tom 13

Don't BE stupid when accusing someone else of being stupid.

The US Patent Office only enforces the rules as handed down by the US Congress. It's the Congress critters that is stupid, not the USPTO. Until blame is firmly placed on the correct perpetrators, the issue will not be fixed.

Washington State to allow voter registration via Facebook

Tom 13

Re: Now all my friends can register - Tom 13

You really need to lay off the Progressive Kool-Aid. I happen to be a local precinct chairman in a State (well actually a left coast People's Republic) with a Motor Voter law and as a result am VERY familiar with what an EPIC level of FAIL it is. And I've been proudly voting GOP since about the time of Reagan.

Tom 13

Re: Now all my friends can register

Declaring the move to the new state to get your drivers license won't do anything about your name being on the registration rolls. Part of the reason for the mass push to clean up the voter rolls is because newspapers have reported on people who are voting in multiple states because they have addresses in both locations.

And it's not just live people or fake FB people, just today we have reports of 1,000 dead people on the polls in MD with 9,000 challengeable irregularities: (http://washingtonexaminer.com/md.-group-challenges-1000-voter-registrations/article/2502539). Down in Florida where less than 2000 votes decided the agressively disputed Bush-Gore election, they report 180,000 bad registrations (http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/1290701).

FB only exacerbates the problem, but the choice is not unexpected on the left coast.

Microsoft hires former Hillary Clinton adviser as top strategist

Tom 13

Well, he certainly knows how to put lipstick on a pig,

but so far the only lip-sticked pig I think he's been able to sell is himself.

Compare the Market loses .XXX smut-squat appeal

Tom 13

WTF?!?! The UK let them trademark that phrase?

I thought your legal system was a bit more advanced than ours on this point.

Hubble spots ancient spiral galaxy that SHOULD NOT EXIST

Tom 13


It shouldn't even exist, but there it is. Now all we have to do is figure out HTF it does.

This is the way real science works.

FBI investigates ZTE cover-up allegations

Tom 13

Re: ZTE flouted United States laws?

It's not foreign companies per se. It's actually any company that hasn't ponied up their quarterly protectio-, I mean campaign donations. And since foreign corps aren't allowed to make campaign donations that means they are all subject to normal prosecution.

Tom 13

No, even in the first case

if the client admits to having committed the crime, as an officer of the court the attorney is required to report it. What happens is if Mr. A murdered Mr. B, he hires the attorney and tells him he wants to plead Not Guilty. So long as Mr. A does not admit to it, the attorney is obligated to defend him, and any discussions they have about the case are protected.

Unless of course you have a court-appointed lawyer and the state has decided you have to hang in order to prevent a race riot, in which case, any excuse to get you out of defending the client is acceptable.

Hacktivists lift emails, passwords from oil biz in support of Greenpeace

Tom 13


Nah, just make it an all metal cage and add some 'letric juice.

Nearly 2 MILLION US Facebook users quit social network

Tom 13

Re: ...and the bubble starts to deflate

Too late. Zuckerberger Meisterberger already got his money out. Bitch!

PayPal is bleeding market share and it's all eBay's fault

Tom 13

Re: de facto bank

Bank, schmank. If the average punter can't be assured of his cash flow in a timely manner because the arbitration and/or legal process takes too long, he bags the service. It doesn't matter what they call themselves. And it doesn't matter how cool, hip, or trendy the back-end tech wonkery behind it is.

As far as I've been able to tell, Paypal's sole raison de tre was to allow kiddies who can't be issued credit cards a way to pay for online purchases. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc. and their various subsidiaries work for just about everybody else.

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts

Tom 13

Re: So what does American spelling of LASER stand for then

Or his 'Merkin friendz could just be aware of how eazily he iz irritated by our spellingz, zo they just keep telling him it'z spelled with a 'z' instead of the 's' we all actually uze.

Yes, you can be sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

Tom 13

Re: sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

I'd say the question of whether or not there was a crime is particularly relevant to the story, court decision not withstanding: Should venting in a public forum be a firing offense?

Yeah, the previous poster is a hoser and obviously wasn't asking the question from a reasonable mindset, but the question itself is, I think, legitimate.

Tom 13

Re: sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

Gotta disagree with you on this one Em. People need a place to blow off steam. Unless it is evident from the thread that there was an actual danger to the patients, they shouldn't get the boot for this. IT people do it all the time, hell, we've even got websites dedicated to them.

Fukushima powerplant owner forced to cough teleconference vids

Tom 13

Re: "a triumph for nuke power"

We don't stick it back in the ground because clueless gits like you yell and scream and hold their breath every time we get close to opening a facility to do so.

Ditto on nukes being safe and cheap. It's possible, but shrooms like you won't let it happen.

US county named 'area of outstanding natural stupidity'

Tom 13

Re: 'merkin here to explain some things

1) No, he didn't he shredded the Constitution. Congress passed it as a penalty, not a tax, so it had to be read as such, regardless of what Attorney General "Fast and Furious" Eric Holder asked.

2) Spot on.

3) Good, but not far enough. Even in a big city where police are more numerous, they are still minutes away when seconds count.

4) Seattle is deep, kooky, blue. And unfortunately, big enough to carry the rest of the state with it. As a resident of The People's Republic of MD, I feel for you.

Tom 13

Re: The last tale...

Yes, because that's worked so well in inner city Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angelos, DC, Detroit, ...

Tom 13

Re: The last tale...

Guns near schools were not uncommon until recently. The most frequent instances were when high school students who were old enough to drive brought their guns on their pickup trucks because they planned to do a bit of hunting after school. It wasn't a problem back then, so it seems to be our population that has changed, not the inherent danger of the guns themselves.

Tom 13

Re: the main reason is pollution.

No, the real reason is that egomaniacs with God-complexes are sure they know better than the rest of us what is good for us and are damned well going to make sure it happens. Pollution is just the convenient excuse they are using today.

Tom 13

@Dave 126: Your fake statistics were thoroughly debunked

more than a decade ago. In fact, it's what lead John Lott to write his book: "More Guns, Less Crime." He looked at the study to which you refer and was horrified at the shabby statistical work. Being of the opinion that the conclusion was right, he set about to put the rigorous statistical foundation he thought it deserved. Only, when he was done with his study, the results turned out rather differently than he thought they would.

Tom 13

Re: Poor understanding of grammar

Oddly enough, history reports that when people thought it wasn't an issue to have guns lying around the place, we had fewer of these incidents than we do now that we have a hoplophobic majority.

Oh, and SCOTUS has declared your reading of the second amendment to be in error.

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