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Microsoft v Google judge could shape the world in new patent punchup

Tom 13

Re: Shurely Shome mishtake

If that one component is the key to keeping the 747 in the air or saves the airlines $20 million a year in fuel costs, damn straight it's worth more than $2 per piece.

What happened to comics for kids? Hell, what happened to COMICS?

Tom 13

Re: Engaging comic-book-guy mode....

The Direct Market movement wasn't entirely bad. I started collecting shortly before it started. At that point it was a good thing. You paid a bit more for the comic, but there was an upgrade in the paper quality and hence the color. Initially they used only their really good writers, artists, colorists and letterers to produce well written series. Yes Dark Knight was one of them. And I got the Marvel war chronicle whose name I have now forgotten. And I followed Crisis on Infinite Earths with baited breath even as I cursed the real world foolishness it was to destroy the ability to move characters elsewhere when someone wanted to re-imagine them without disturbing a known brand that might continue to be profitable. Some of the 4 issue miniseries had really good stories with really cool art: Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and the one that is still my favorite (there was one 3 month waiting period for an issue, but when we got it we immediately understood why) Green Arrow (a number of pages in nothing but colored pencils including an absolutely gorgeous two-page spread).

But you're right. They jumped the shark by moving to make Direct their primary channel instead of a highly profitable but secondary channel to the primary. I could collect the occasional Crisis series, but not several of them at the same time. Eventually real world bills and debts over took me and I stopped collecting all together. They would have been better off keeping it to a small number of series with me continuing to pick up my monthly copies of Batman, Detective Comics, and Brave and the Bold with a smattering of Spiderman thrown in as well.

Ah, those were the days.

Did hackers uncover Petraeus' saucy affair webmails before FBI?

Tom 13

It's not just the before the hearing angle that us 'Merkins are questioning,

it's also the after election angle. I mean, the whole thing couldn't have been more perfectly timed if it had been planned that way....

Tom 13

Re: using webmail for semi secret communications

I'd buy the book promo angle except the weak password was stored months before the story broke and was only just now publicly disclosed. Frankly I would have thought a general and especially the head of the CIA would know enough to have more than 8 letters in a password.

I thought a similar thing about the affair until the "other" woman turned up. I could maybe see a wife agreeing to let her husband admit to an affair to get out of office, but finding a woman to play the part of the "other" woman was a bit beyond the pale. And then the FBI investigation turned up.

Tom 13

Re: I really hate this

While that might be true if you're an Arab potentate whose position in society is established by bloodline, it isn't true in much of the rest of the world (France excluded of course, but even they have rules for such things). It is particularly problematic when you are head of a spy agency and the very act of doing something ordinarily tagged with the phrase 'illicit'.

Samsung turns screws on Apple, hikes A6 processor price 20%

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Re: Amazon have been linked to sniffing round TI

Now there's an angle that makes some sense. Amazon has a low margin profile, so the fab is a better fit with their margin profile, plus fits their total supply chain model.

Tom 13

Re: I wonder..

If TI is leaving that part of the chip fab business, it isn't worth Apple competing in. Besides, it wouldn't fit their margin profile.

Tom 13

Re: Wonder how much that price hike brought in?

I'd think it would need to be at least double that. They'll have to pay taxes to get the money into the US before they can pay the fine.

Judge drops TV ad-block block: So how will anyone pay for TV now?

Tom 13

Re: logistically it's nonsense and a decision we might all live to regret.

Too late. Ads stopped being relevant to most people with the advent of the remote control which included a mute button. DVRs were merely the coffin nails. The only ads people watch these days are the ones that are at least as entertaining as the shows.

Get over it.

Malaysia protests rare earth processing plant

Tom 13

Re: why is the company not building it in Australia?


In Australia they'd have to pay real wages as well as still having the unions and the progressives yammering endlessly about the filthy rich making too much off the backs of the poor.

Apple removes apology-hiding JavaScript from UK website

Tom 13

Re: have the Clerk of the court do the web design

I like it!

And give the clerk one of those ancient Teach yourself HTML 3.0 Guides so he knows how to design it. And since he won't have proper time to do all the ADA compliance testing, for the landing page he goes straight to the high contrast and large letter design for the visually impaired. Single click through link at the bottom of the page redirects to the normal website. And he gets to make it the worldwide corporate landing page.

HP warns consumers: Don't downgrade Win8 PCs to Win7

Tom 13

Re: HP would just make some branding tweaks to it

No, companies as big as HP often rewrite part of the code because of a proprietary tweak elsewhere. If you don't get the driver from them the prime can't help you.

Biggest offender there use to be IBM, but they've left the hardware biz. I don't remember the name of it anymore, but they had a weird sound card modem combination. Even though they were separate pieces, if you yanked the modem card to upgrade to a faster one it would fail. You had to reinstall the old modem, manually uninstall the driver, then remove the card before the next boot. Then you could upgrade the modem.

Tom 13

Re: None of them serve any valid purpose on a business machine.

The article isn't about business machines.

And while consumer machines are also greatly improved with less bloatware, not being able to find and download the correct driver for your system is a huge problem if you're trying to work back.

Tom 13

Re: Not sure if the same will be true for W8->W7

Initially, no.

Give it about 6 months and try again.

Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really

Tom 13

Re: many other registered designs and trademarks that are just as insane

1. Learn the difference between patents and trademarks. It's important. Trademarks MUST be defended or they can be invalidated. Patents don't have to be until you want to, so patents can be trolled.

2. Yes, they do. Windows most vociferously, and Apple for their company name (both PC manufacturer and record company). At least Intel got beaten down when they tried on the 486.

Obama win may mean NASA 'nauts to Deep Space as soon as 2021

Tom 13

Re: Forget about sending people

People don't dream about following robots into space. They dream about following human explorers and settling new frontiers.

That said, it ain't happening. Too much debt, too much regulation, too much government, much too close to the collapse of civilization for comfort.

Tom 13

Re: Damn those poor people

But it's not even going there, just lining the wallets of fat cats. Not all of the 47% are poor. In fact the most troubling ones can purchase elections.

Tom 13

Re: Who knows what the debt will be in 2021.

I do! I do!

There won't be any. Only not for good reasons. There won't be any because given the rate of debt increase and the outcome of the last election, by 2016 we're going to be wishing we had it as good as Greece does now. By the middle of 2017 the government will collapse including banking and all records for debts. By 2018 the race riots will be fully enflamed, and by 2021 we'll be back to hunting with clubs and bows and arrows.

Tom 13

@solidsoup Re: your exploration plan

I expect that by the time we get to step 4 we'll have a whole new plan because of what we learn in 1 through 3 plus advances in tech that happen while doing them. But I like it better than most of what we've done in the past.

Tom 13

You really need to stop smoking that shit.

I don't even think it's legal in Holland.

Not a chance in hell The Liar in Chief was ever going to do anything more than dangle that in front of you and get you salivating.

Patent troll sues just about the whole tech biz over 4 years

Tom 13

Re: but the prisons are overcrowded as it is.

I believe more than one comedian has suggested the bottom of the ocean as a good start. Perhaps instead of laughing at it we should take it seriously.

Tom 13

Re: Better to just toss a couple million at them

If you're a small company, yes. If you're Google that might be quicker, but in the long run I think they'd be better fighting, winning, counter-suing for fees and defamation, and publicizing it along the way. Which they could easily do. Yes, it might cost them more than the couple mill to settle this suit until they get their money back (or they could opt to leave the last part off and write it off as cost of business), but the next time a troll comes along they'll think twice before suing Google, 'cause losing will hurt in a very public way. And that reduces their chances of trolling others. Eventually we might get back to a decent balance between the need to reward innovative thinkers and the public good.

I, for one, would like to welcome our Android overlord

Tom 13

Re: Proper graphs please!

He's got a link to a live graph. It doesn't come better than that.

Google's Brin: Elected officials should quit political parties

Tom 13

Re: What he really is saying is..

No he's quite sure Google sponsored the winner. But like the WOPR, he's starting to wonder if it was a winning move.

Tom 13

Re: Not too many people are THAT dedicated to politics

Spoken like someone who has never even met an apparatchik. I have in my own political party at the very lowest level. They are, because at that level they pretty much don't get paid. It doesn't work any better as you move up. Sure you can draw a salary at some point, but you're still doing more work than the average allegedly money-grubbing executive ladder climber. By the time you're running for office, you're running a campaign that consumes 10 to 20 times your annual salary (or more) just to be elected. Rank and file get $174,000/yr while the Speaker of the House tops out at $223,500/yr. Some of those races cost upwards of $5 million to an individual candidate. The President makes $400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance. I can't find total numbers for the campaigns, but the numbers for the quarters ending in Sept 2012 were on the order of $170 million per campaign.

Excluding insider trading (which isn't illegal for Congress critters) Politicians make their money after they get out of office when they go on speaking tours, get sweet lobbying assignments, and/or write books.

Tom 13

Re: Career (and term limits)

Term limits are worse than the current problem. Setting aside the significant issue of the revolving lobbyist-elected official door (which in and of itself is enough to invalidate the idea), some expertise in handling issues is required. Sending someone into office for a mere 2 years isn't enough to build that sort of expertise. That means it gets pawned off to someone in a position to stay where they are for more than 2 years but with ZERO accountability to the people.

Tom 13

@Pete H: Your post reads like a French War plan

Brilliant title that actually nails the problem and then off the rails into irrelevancy almost before the first sentence is complete. The problem is the press and how corrupt it has become. Not for money, but for ideological purposes. Stalin set out to subvert the West by infiltrating our media with operatives and by and large he succeeded. And while those people are now by and large dead, their acolytes have taken over. The US press is self-admittedly more than 90% Democrat, and they shilled for Liar in Chief for the last 5 years. They've covered up the Benghazi scandal, covered up his racist priest, and papered over his annihilation of the middle class. Fox News isn't right-wing, it's what use to pass for middle of the road. They do their best to tell the story straight and let viewers decide what the implications are. That so many leftists deride it as extreme right-wing only shows how whacked out they really are.

And most people DO vote for a set of policies and on the basis of what a particular candidate says. What they forget is that once inside the Beltway, those personal policies get subsumed into group think. So an allegedly pro-life Democrat advances the death industry because its a sacred cow of the ruling elites of his party.

Ohio voting machines have 'backdoor', lawsuit claims

Tom 13

Re: don't connect to internet

Tell you what. You leave your PC alone with me overnight and then you can use it tomorrow to count the votes. You can put tamper evident tape all the ports you want to. Then you hold your elections, and me and my buds will put a fiver each on the outcome.

Any takers?

If not, you aren't addressing the root problem on voting.

And yes, my personal preference is for the scantron ballots, neither chads nor mechanical devices nor PCs welcome.

Tom 13

@Frumious Bandersnatch

Without commenting on the specific security of electronic systems and/or their paper trails, there is a much more deep rooted problem in the American voting system: multiple vote fraud. Tea Party attempts to require IDs at polling locations is an attempt to address the problem, but even at that one doomed to failure because it can't prevent multiple registration across districts and states and abuse via absentee ballots.

Until we do it like they did it in Iraq and Afghanistan (purple thumbs) we won't know it was only one voter per elector.

US election: New Jersey email voting plan 'best of bad bunch'

Tom 13

Re: Fine, you can be pedantic about it.

It is as pedantic a point as a 'Merkin calling the Queen "Mrs. Prime Minister".

Apple's anti-Googorola patent lawsuit tossed by US court

Tom 13

Doh! Should have been

"now they have the same problem they had before."

Tom 13

Re: When you think what Apple is good at

Apple have never been good at anything. Jobs and Wozniak were good at product development. When Woz left, they lost a bit of heft, but Jobs was able to carry on. When Jobs left the first time the company nearly went under. Jobs brought them back from the brink, but not they have the same problem they had before. Only this time, Jobs isn't available to save them. Given that, even $100 billion probably isn't enough to keep them going. Sooner or later some corporate raider will say to others: "Apple isn't making anything new, revenue and profits are going down; maybe the best option is to buy them, distribute the cash to the share holders, and dump the loser." And if all those really are true, shareholders would be foolish not to follow the raider's lead.

Tom 13

Re: Is it just me?

Not every direction. I've been applauding it when it has happened. They only get bitchslapped when one of their lawyers is arrogant enough to offend the presiding judge. If they offend the other lawyer or even the law they mostly get away with it. A couple of British judges being the notable exception to them generally getting away with it.

EMC offers a somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof array

Tom 13

Somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof?

Really? I read that Sandy itself was around 1000 miles wide. That means EMC will need to double that twice more before you start to TOUCH on Sandy-proof. So I'd say not even somewhat more.

Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript

Tom 13

Re: don't think Google would be any better.

Concur that it isn't relevant, but I expect Google would do better. They do have the minimalist download rule thingy for their home page. Other than that, yeah, they'd hide it too.

Tom 13

Re: Given TheReg stories were quoted in the last hearing

I think that will just be salt in the wound. I expect the judge has his own people watching because of previous behavior. Judges may be lenient if you're just a child rapist, but if you ignore their direct orders... Let's just say that is some up with which they will not put.

Tom 13

Re: they are acting like they feel they are above the law.

As a crazy right-wing 'Merkin, I wholeheartedly concur and wish you luck.

FTC shuts down five US robocall operations

Tom 13

Re: just take too long

and you'd think with the gummint needing more and more money, this would be a fine source of additional revenue when you charge them under RICO...

Apple enables 'Superstorm Sandy' donations in iTunes Store

Tom 13

Re: That's big of them

While they may share part of the name with The Big Apple, it isn't their homeland, that would be California, or as the rest of us call it, The Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Tom 13

Re: that's all very well but ...

Like the Salvation Army, which actually showed up in New Orleans with bulldozers and work crews when neither FEMA nor the Red Cross where anywhere to be found.


Russia launches internet blacklist to protect the kiddies

Tom 13

Re: Russia's backslide into dictatorship is a sad thing to see

Russia's backslide was not and is not a forgone conclusion.

But fixing it will require a lot of people rethinking their prejudices, and so far they have shown little inclination to do so. It is the tolerance of socialist policies in our own countries, and particularly the moral equivalence exhibited by too many poster here at El Reg which has allowed it to happen. A return to the policies and attitudes of Ronnie Regan and Maggie Thatcher could reverse the slide.

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it

Tom 13

Re: No sense

Crazy right-wing 'Merkin here who frequently gets verbally lynched for comments expressing those sentiments.

The Brits got this one right and I fully support them. If as other posters have noted he happened to be speaking/ruling for the whole EU community at the time: BONUS!

Tom 13

Re: That's what's called a legal and PR Ooops!

Apple must have hired a Hollywood PR flack. You know, the kind who think the only bad PR is no PR...

Tom 13

Re: Courts are busy places...

Simples, this is Apple's last chance to get it right. If they screw it up again:

1. Find them in Contempt of Court.

2. As part of that Contempt of Court finding, they must pay Samsung's legal fees (if they aren't already required to do so), and any costs to the court for any appeals taken after this last directive including but not limited to, paperwork costs, court recorder, bailiff, and presiding judge salaries.

3. Interest on said costs to be calculated at standard American Credit Card rates, beginning 24 hours after this order was issued.

Tom 13

Re: if you ever find yourself in the state of NY

Dittos from Maryland. I'll even see if I can make sure it is one that is supposed to be served warm if you like.

And I'm not a beer drinker.

Lab mice drown in their THOUSANDS as Hurricane Sandy fills NYU basement

Tom 13

Re: Maybe ,,,,

Yes, but I expect the storms washed the sewers clean of any strange glowing green ooze.

Tom 13

@Muscleguy: I think that was a very, very, very bad joke.

So bad he couldn't be arsed to put his name on it and use a better icon.

Tom 13

Re: will have destroyed the embryos too.

Everybody knows you don't keep your tape backups is the primary work facility. If they lost their frozen embryos that means they're still damnable fools.

US gov advised to SUE GOOGLE by FTC over patent trade wars

Tom 13

Re: Don't they look into the consequences of their decisions?

Unfortunately in the US, the quality of the judge you get is like the a roulette wheel, only with all the colors from the over-sized box from Crayola.

Some judges will look at the law and the consequences of their decisions, other on how they feel on that particular day.

'This is Apple. It will take them 2 weeks to alter their website, will it?'

Tom 13

Congratulations sirs on a fine bonfire!

While I realize it is customary to bring marshmallows to such an occasion, for this one I brought along a basket of a well known fruit instead...

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