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Obama: We're off to Mars

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3 is plenty

Why were they trying to jam 5 astronauts into a moon capsule? Every kilo makes a difference. If rocket engines have gotten only 30% more efficient then 30% more weight should only be added.

Also they should concentrate on making everything modular easy to assemble in orbit. Let the Astronauts travel in comfort.

Hentai malware publishes web history of marks online

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Never sign up

If you want to cross the line, be prepared to face professional criminals. Stick with free and nasty.

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies

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Kids these days

I saw an 10 or 11 year old girl on a tv program with pierced ears. What kind of a parent lets their daughter get pierced ears at that age.

I should feel sorry for the boys who have socialise and play with tarted up young girls. OTOH they're probably to busy texting to even look up notice each other. I wonder how I would have turned out if I'd grown up with a mobile phone (they were brick sized when I was a teenager)...

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

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In the old days...

10 years ago I would have loved it. But everything is gimped now. Either so they can sell you a slightly less gimped device in a year or to save on tech support calls. I'll wait till a chinese company makes a clone that you can put any software you want on it and also includes 3 USB3 plugs on it.

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies

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Why not rip your own?

Why not just pick up some from the bargain bin and rip them yourself. Call it a 'mix' drive. I'm little suspect as to the quality of digital content, how can something be smaller in size than a DVD and still be called high defintion?

Buffalo MicroStation 32GB external SSD

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RE: Stupid question

SD cards max out at 6 Megabytes a second. Class 4 means 4MB/s. Class 6 means 6MB/s. Compact Flash can be found faster, unfortunately it's unpopular because of the size.

Cartoon Law goes live

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Global conspiracy

Down in Oz the same legislation was recently introduced. It looks like we're headed towards a world government.

Your internet policy sucks, US tells Aussies

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Censoring the internet

Censoring the internet = bad

Secret blacklist = bad

Xrated movies being illegal to sell or distribute = bad

I could believe the world is a happy place where bunnies frolick and god fearing christians have pet lions... Unfortunately I'm surrounded by twits who believe the government should nanny every aspect of your life.

What a sign of a civilization no crime, no slipping over on puddles, dull spoons instead of nasty knives...

LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions

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Mammoth patent troll holder snags smartphone threat

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Same as tariffs

Lock down the market and don't compete with anyone.

If I had the time to write an operating system I couldn't, I'd spend most of the time trawling through patents.

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked

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Climate Change Nutters

I want to hear(see) all the research possible, otherwise you are letting the nutters dictate eco policy. Carbon trading is a joke compared investment in renewable energy.

Penalty for silent calling goes sky high

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2 Million fine

To anyone who gives their credit card number to these mongrels. For all you know they could be prisoner workers.

If they really have a good offer send me a fridge magnet.

Pirates of the Caribbean say 'narrr' to Bulgarian airbags

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A new standard in 3D movies perhaps?

Facebook stands up to UK.gov's cyberbullying

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Stranger Danger

I put the biggest blame on the schools. They obviously earn points by teaching kids to use the internet from an early age, but clearly net safety is of no importance.

You can't blame the internet for a lack of wisdom, it's usually a good idea to take a friend when you are meeting someone you don't know.

Tories go nuclear, promise to prop up carbon price

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Green Power

Get those (probably unemployed) greenies to get on a dynamo bike. Pay them for it with carbon credits. 100kg worth minus whatever they breathed out... should buy them their dime bag for the day.

Palm: revenues up, expectations down

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What did they end up doing with BeOS does anyone know?

Windows is so bloated for an OS that forgets its suppose to be an OS not an all in one deal.

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

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Not good enough

Computing is no longer the sole domain of the technically competent (aka geek), but surely we're not forgotten.

Let's see... old computer broken/too old.

Buy new computer and transfer operating system over.

Anyway, I'm fed up with them cosying up to Microsoft, just take your business elsewhere.

Net downloads cause 'millions of lost jobs'

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Sorry not available in your country

We'd still be paying $2000+ for a ho hum computer if it wasn't for competition from the more aggressive little computer shops.

There is no enthusiasm for digital downloads because they're making money already. Sorry, but there is no input from the consumer as to what they sell.

If you want to get their attention hit em in the hip pocket.

Sony Bloggie

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Re: Sony Quality

If they build it it Japan it is going to be top quality. Nowadays you won't find much difference among the big brands because they are all made in the same chinese factories.

NZ internet filter goes live - gov forgets to tell public

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It's convenient they all start filtering at the same time. So much for democratically electing your goverment. They appear to have a global agenda, doesn't matter which party you vote for.

Give them 2 years and they will be targeting all pornography, a nice China styled internet censorship.

Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm

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Decoder wheel/sheet with red cellophane

The decoder wheel must be just as good at slowing down pirates.

In the past I rarely pirated games because of the risk of viruses and malware, but now that a legal version is going to be crippled there is no reason for me not to pirate

Google says desktop PC is three years from 'irrelevance'

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Desktop computers will be...

Cheaper, smaller and more powerful.

Smart alecs will be...

Complaining about how limited their smartphone is.

HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 Blu-ray media player

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It's a joke that there are not more of these...

Considering it is upper middle class folks that have taken the first plunge into Blu-ray there isn't any top of the line system with HDD recorder. Except for Playstation 3. Sorry to say not all folks are tech savvy enough to set up there own system or rich enough to have someone install a much more expensive system.

I'm tech savvy enough to DIY, but I wanted to wait to see how much the 'boxes' were going to be. This one is impressive, I just hope they iron the bugs though.

Canonical betas Ubuntu music store

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Great news, can I get rid of itunes?

I really can't stand itunes. Hopefully this will be nice lean app where I can download music. A large hard drive should be filled with movies and music not bloatware.

Typing merely by thinking - plugless brainjack kit invented

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Don't let Microsoft gert hold of it...

Or your brain will crash frequently. Apple will delete all your pornography.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

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I second that widescreen is bad

Widescreen is great for 20inch+ desktop screen. But what were they thinking when they put them on laptops? Did they actually try hunching over looking at a 16:9 screen on laptop before they started putting them in every model?

Hollywood lawyers have another go at Aussie ISP

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Re: Alternatives

There is, but its a meager offering. You'll find most of them... "This download is not available in your country."

Australia is still a backwater when it comes to movie releases.

Oz censorship debate censored on Comms minister's website

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filtered from youTube

I've already been blocked from a youTube video. It's like someone deleted the good bits from a movie.

People will start fuming when they can't access videos or 'undesirable' websites. I hope they take get vocal before the gov institutes more of it's NWO religious order.

US must redesign killer hot dogs

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Stop eating so fast

I still occasionally choke on potato chips, not because of their design, because I try to eat them too quick.

Okay so I'll switch to hash brown or mash potato. I suggest hot dog lovers switch to sausages. Sausages actually use real meat cuts in them too btw.

Feds open school spycam probe

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Bad Monkey

So he was obviously a teenager looking at the keyword pictures... Lasagna? If that's what happened it is very offensive and the school should be punished severely. I have no idea why they would not compare this to breaking into a home a taking snaps.

US sorority girls in booze-fuelled orgy of violence

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Lewis is soo funny

... More alcohol fueled violence. Why do I get pacified when I'm drunk? They don't seemed to have pinned down why it affects people differently.

Westminster politicos told to grasp Vista nettle

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Just upgrade the browser

Just upgrade the browser. Problem solved, pay me my 30,000 in consultancy fees.

Aussie net censorship turning Chinese

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Must be exposed

This hogwash must be exposed. The goverment has no business going through you mail or spying on your viewing habits. Trying to hide under the 'protect the children' banner is a disgrace.

The only reason they would push this through is if they have some sinister plot afoot. Most likely an oppressive religous agenda.

Aussie anti-censor attacks strafe gov websites

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What happen to democracy?

Time for a lynching... or the modern electronic equivalent. Next time put the legislation to a @$%! election, ya anti-democrats.

Domain auction house wrestles with alleged shill

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It's common

I heard about a number of real estate auctions being investigated for this practice. Ebay used to have plenty of shills, I haven't seen any recently.

UK suffers videogame 2009 sales blow

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No games worth buying

I'm surprised they only dropped 6%. Games have become a production line of FPS and RTS focused on 2 minute multiplayer map play. Too risky to try something new or different. Better to rebadge the game they made last year.

Zoo man uses virtualisation to tame his server herd

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I don't agree

Dial- up is under 10%. Audio files are very small. If your budget is that slim you'll just have to go without.

AMD chief hails Intel-assisted 'transformation'

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Amd. Thanks to them a dual 3.00ghz processor costs $100 not $1000 bucks if intel was the only game in town.

They probably lost a lot of sales because people were choosing a laptop as their next computer instead of a desktop. They need to cover all bases.

French court says 'oui' on workplace smut

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Blood flow

How you suppose to get work done when your brain is bloodflow deprived? Although there are certain workplaces that litter their office with centrefold girls.

Mobile internet to eat world, apparently

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It reminds me of Wall E

People waiting for the bus are all punching away at their phones. Whilst one the bus or train people get the desire to call someone and engage them in a long conversation.

Not wanting to disturb my friends/family at every opportunity I surf youTube to pass the time. I can also check my yahoo mail and ebay. I'm sure I will also get to uploading youTube videos on the go as well.

I think the speculation is spot on, just give people a bit of time to adapt to the technology.

Nokia sets date for netbook UK debut

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What is the point of GPS on this thing? Are you suppose to stop every kilometre and pull the thing out?

Bendy flash memory raises prospect of flexible displays

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Put it on a t-shirt

Put it on a t-shirt and become a real teletubbie. Fix an antenna on your head to complete the look.

Police moot pop-up social network warnings

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Kid friendly internet

X-rated material is perfectly legal in the privacy of your own home, in western countries at least.

I could suggest that parents become tech savvy enough to police their own childrens computers. The biggest complaint by the parents is... they don't understand how that computer 'thingy' works. They then expect the government to sanitize the internet with tv like ratings restrictions. One big Net Nanny internet.

The internet is not a tv for keeping the kids entertained, it is a communications tool. If you want safety buy some cd-roms and let them play offline.

It's just some (insert expletive) politicians trying to score points with voters. Plus all politicians nowadays seem to have their own private agendas. Those religious types don't seem to understand that a most of the population is not interested in their sanitized world.

I'm offended by parents who take photos or video of their children/babies in the bath or public breastfeeding (in this day and age you don't just pull 'em out wherever you feel like it), but I can simply avert my eyes, change the channel or move to another location and the distress is removed.

Brainless reality tv also causes me distress can I have a warning that says, "Watching the following program may lower your IQ."

I don't have kids myself, but I have younger brothers and younger cousins so I got to see their morals develop thanks to the parents. Nurturing parents who spend time with their kids seem to make well balanced young adults.

The Great Aussie Firewall is dead: Long live the firewall

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The actual promise was

The actual promise was to create a free net nanny program to download, not ISP level filtering. Talk about sugar coating for parents.

I like the former PM (John Howard) he actually did wait till elections to introduce major policy. This current government has gone on a spending crusade of it's own choosing. They are into their education revolution and nationwide broadband while everything else goes wanting.

VW unveils slippery four-seat hybrid

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Mass times velocity

So in a head on collision is this thing going to go flying like a top compared to a heavier car? Or will the body disintegrate leaving the passenger cabin unscathed?

'Internet Age' means egalitarian 'hunter-gatherer' society

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@Gaius Not till farming

Actually you are thinking of chimpanzees and gorillas. It was until land ownership that status and kingship came into the picture. If you take a look at primitive hunter-gatherer tribes that were in existence still in the last 200 years... they have marriage customs and tribal law.

It's the modern age that is obsessed with having everything and bullying everyone weaker than you.

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

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They should change their name...

To Microshaft or Microshlock. Their programs since XP are absolutely outrageous. I still run XP and Office 2000. Does the job with no bugs.

I'm an old Commodore Amiga Fan that machine was a precision tool. If you watch the task manager in Windows you will see that it doesn't execute programs in sequence. It just switches back and forth randomly.

Watch the windows media player progress bar it can't keep in sequence with the music etc.

Shafted again I think.

Punters 'confuse' netbooks with notebooks

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The Leading Edge

You have to stay alert for latest tech goss, aight? Nerds go around playing chinese whispers, placing glasses on wooden doors... The old fashioned way to get information. Technophobes unfortunately can't see the forest for the trees. Behind us sweeps a large vortice trapping the 'slowies' in infinite loops. (I hope I didn't sound too cryptic).

Surveillance response 'inadequate', say Lords

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The (Good) Houses

Queensland (state of Australia) disbanded their upper house. They have been screwing the Qld economy ever since. Plus they no longer have true representation.

I know how anal-retentive the senate can be, but they also intercept bad laws. Worth every penny (and then some) I say.

Dinosaurs actually slimmer than we thought, say boffins

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So does make them High Octane?

Oil being composed of dead animals and assorted amoeba colonies (coral?) A useful gift nature (or does God run a Petroleum refinery?). lol


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