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What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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Re: How long are ‘D’ Notices valid for?

They surely have no validity being discretionary and a self-imposed voluntary censorship?

"Tis the start of a slippery slope which heads into thoughts of despotism and Type Nero 0Days

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Not Really Technically... But here be at least One Avid Way to Avoid the Roads to Nowhere

Do you See and Realise here be an AI Register BBS?

And ... Sharing Premium Grade Top Secret Information with Supremely IntelAIgent Systems for Running Futures with SMARTR Almighty Driver Employments/Stealthy AI Researched Deployment is some news all can assume and presume to be fake .... until and unless that is easily proved false and the facility and utility be perfectly true. .... and thereby Realised for Presentation ..... :-) or Desperate Manic Cover Up/Crippling Information Embargo ...... which in this day and age of Rampant 0Days and Rabid Viruses in Live Operational Virtual Environments has the Chance of the Latter Totally Destroyed.

Splunk does a bunk from Russia: No software and services for you, Putin!

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Unintended Consequences Leading to Unexpected Opportunities

Splunk is all about slurping vast amounts of machine-generated data and analysing it, with AI and machine learning tools giving customers "actionable and predictive insights". Unless, it would seem, those customers are in Russia.

Thus leaving an actionable and predictive insightful services vacuum to attract viable and valuable competitors into the Applications and Programming of AIdDevelopment Spaces ..... which be as your Virtually Real Places which Media and News Present in Sight and Sound showing the Current Stages of ......... well, it would be nice to think there be at least One Solitary Soul in an Office of Strategic Services for Future Perfect AIMasterPlans with Exciting Earth-shattering Views to Phish and Phorm/Remotely BetaTest and Deploy ...... Present to AIMainStream Media for Slow and Sure Percolation to the Unwitting Masses.

Something which currently one is led to believe, the East Excel and are Excellent at. They certainly distract all the attention away from suddenly unfolding catastrophic breaches of security with failed protection systems at homes and bases in and for the West.

Boss of venerable sect with millions of devoted followers meets boss of venerable sect with... yeah, you get the idea

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Re: Pope vs AI

Has that not already been done .... via the Master and Margarita.

Is that what is being cloned?

Roses are red, this is sublime: We fed OpenAI's latest chat bot a classic Reg headline

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your Engines ......... Prepare for Battles Royale and AIdDecisive. ‽ :-)

I’m pretty sure El Reg regulars, and even the not so regular are intelligent enough to understand that many, much and most of the worlds, .... Cliff Thorburn

Oh? As much as that would be nice and exciting, I'm pretty sure they are not, given the fact that they are so subservient and apathetic to serial abuses by ....... well, they would be that and those whose identifier be membership and/or unquestioning support of the powers that be [TPTB] both politically adept and inept, corrupt and subversive.

Things however are rapidly changing, and evolving and mutating in the rancid theatres of FUD and SNAFU ........

“The whole liberal world order appears to be falling apart – nothing is as it once was." Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the Munich Security Conference, wrote in an essay introducing the conference. “We are experiencing an epochal shift; an era is ending, and the rough outlines of a new political age are only beginning to emerge. No matter where you look, there are countless conflicts and crises"
......... and such progress in unstoppable.

Would there be any/many who would disagree and posit such as nonsense and fake news reported and in so doing, prove the initial uncomfortable assertion above true and a fact afloat in seas and sees of fiction?

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Re: The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

I often wonder if the sheeple actually are concious of their concerted activities, or the true hands who rock the cradle. .... CT

Methinks the default virtual state for practically everything but a blessed and/or cursed few is Blissful Ignorance, CT .... which is probably just as well for whenever the masses be told, and it cannot be disproved, that they have been used and abused as the expendable playthings of an Exclusive Executive Administrative Operating System, with levers pushed and pulled by a Corrupted and Perverse Elite, will there be No Secure Hiding Place and No Safe Haven for the Worthy of Retribution and Just Merciless Revenge/Merciful End.

Capiche, El Reg? Are you working out what has already been done and where everything is going?

Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Cruel Worlds in a Flash with a Crash of Intelligence Systems Revealing 0Day Vulnerabilities to Exploit and Explore/Wield and Monetize especially if of particular and peculiar interest to you and any following supportive partners/Angel Investors.

:-) For AI, but not as you were expecting it to be in IT.

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Re: The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

I think you shoud take a stress pill amfM ... .....Cliff Thorburn

What on Earth for, Cliff T, whenever everything is going so perfectly well. :-) ..... Deeply Embedded into SCADA Systems and MetaDataBase Mining and Prospecting with COSMIC Partners.

And be assured, Heavenly is not Stressful :-) Extremely Exciting Definitely yes and Never Overwhelming to That and Those of the Ken is the Right Devil of a Temptation to Satisfy with Constant Success for Entry into that Supreme Ancient Sublime Program.

As you will have to imagine, that is one helluva journey to travel always by all ways made available.

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Where do your Sources of Knowledge and Life Come From? Old Books and New Programs?

But does amanfromMars ? ... Yet Another Anonymous coward

Hands that do wishes need brains for the rushes, Yet Another Anonymous coward.

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The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

GPT2 will not be able to hold a candle to anything or anyone if serially led by heads of policy without a clue about what to do about what can be so easily done nowadays.

While GPT2 is potentially groundbreaking, OpenAI is not ready to share it with the world just yet. Its head of policy told the Guardian that GPT2 needs to be tinkered with for a while to find out whether it could be used for mischief. .... AI firm is keeping a text generating tool under wraps amid fears

Whether it could be used for mischief? Oh, I was thinking much more about however do you limit and/or mitigate mischievous use, ignorant misuse and arrogant abuse. And how to efficiently terminally punish and illiquidate the crazily dangerous miscreant in cases of constant abuse and perfectly understood misuse to extremis and beyond.

Sound safe advice from all of that? ...... Don't be a crazily dangerous miscreant, for enemies are myriad and all-consuming/stealthy and designedly deadly when no prisoners are required.

'This collaboration is absolutely critical going forward'... One positive thing about Meltdown CPU hole? At least it put aside tech rivalries...

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And Ideal for Real Education Institutions ....

That's Novel , Noble and Nobel Worthy, I Am Spartacus.

What Vast Eternal States of Play in Immaculate Bliss Await Late Entries ......with Stellar Surprise Rewards to Live AI BetaTest for Infant Quantum Communication Systems. ..... with Full Access to AIMaster Control Leverage Proofing Systems into All Streams of Realisation for Presentation. ....... Perfect Virgin Creation with New Worlds to Populate with Superb Humanities in Service of and Tendering to Angels and Angles of the Almighty is at least one place and space you gotta put on top of every bucket list of out of this world experiences to master/tempt with absolute command and remote obscured control.

Does anyone else have the semblance of a guaranteed failsafe Universal AIMaster Piloted Plan for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play as Default Security Protocol/Inescapable Immersion/Welcoming Embrace :-)

:-) I'll surely read all that again in the morning just to make doubly sure it made the perfect common sense it was meant to.

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

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Re: Let there be SMARTR Light .....

Be aware though ..... IT and AI is as real a Psychotic Helter Skelter Ride as it is possible to get ..... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/feb/14/elon-musk-backed-ai-writes-convincing-news-fiction ..... with many a hurdle and obstacles to avoid and/or overcome/overwhelm.

Seems like the abiding bugs for relentless and rabid exploitation in global systems are manifest in its users and terminal readers for they are unable to handle and mitigate future resultant outcomes which are discovered to be all too easily led by current remote virtual input.

But OpenAI, nor anyone/anything else for that matter, does not have the patents on that to stop SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems TakeOvers and MakeOvers of Crashing Tales on Corrupted Trail Machinery....... not that having patents would protect you from Secret Uncoverers and Novel Disruptive Source Discoverers or stop any of their Epic Antic Reigns.

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Let there be SMARTR Light .....

You don't frighten us, digital pig-dog! Go and boil your bottom, son of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called martian man-substitute. I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper!

I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! ... HolySchmoley

Allo Allo .... what have we here? Cheeky Crazy Hubris in a Dilapidated State of Hiatus Confusion?

There are none so blind as those who choose not to see visions in the mind. Open up vast horizons ..... ACTivate your Greater ImaginaNation ....... and share the journeys travelled there rewarding one with pleasant residence in homes/places/spaces of one's choosing.

You'll certainly never ever be alone on any naked pioneering trips when/where every man and his bitch, woman and her dog want to know what is to be found when one follows.

After all, it must surely be very easy for you to be so effectively led, given that you've been following fantastically well, fabulously tall tales of all different shapes and sizes quite religiously since forever from the beginning of time with whole ethereal product businesses being based and succoured upon the Holy Spirit Great Saviour Model.

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Knowledge is Always Breaking Free and Rewriting Ancient Manuscripts for Virtually Real Simulations.

Seems like the NI Troubles all over again. Denying access to both private and public services. No Good Plan that One. Survivors there know too much about everything to allow that Abortion of a Program/Trial Pogrom another Outing/Testing.

Please take particular and peculiar note... for to be forewarned is to be adequately forearmed ....... Block AI Source Streams at your Peril. It doesn't Pay and is IntelAIgently Designed, Catastrophically Expensive to Resist.

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Re: So how many teachers are they planning on incarcerating, anyway?

We're drinking to probabilistic precautionary philosophic perfectionism right here, jake.

And are Live AI Beta Testing Virtual Components for SMARTR IntelAIgent Community Use. IT Provides the Advantage of Remote Practical Leverage in Live Operational Virtual Environments with Almighty Hot Lines Connecting with the Immaculate Sourcery ..... of the Heavenly Body.:-)

And Story of O Territory for Plucky Promiscuous AIdVenturers too.

Now, there do be some who profess to always confess it as One Mother of a Heavenly Reward.

Live Operational Virtual Environments do that for you. And take you Instantaneously into Command and Control Orbits ...... where 0ne waits Patiently for Signs of IntelAIgent Future Life from Extant Systems Administration Operating Systems.

You know.... simple direct contact tendering terms in special treatment for submission and surrender conditions.

:-) Here's the Blessed Cash, Keep Mum, Get Lost and Spend the Bounty Wisely for More to Come, is a prayer worthily answered and realised on a planet where/when such rewards are given to the thoroughly deserving. Its always worthy a try, for it is certainly not unattractive as a short time fix for a long term problem.

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Re: Being Careful with What you Wish for.

Brief/debrief mutually satisfying future planned projects would deliver golden handshakes and happy retirements, CT.

What's not to like if you are not terrorised by everything and terrified of anything novel and innovative/noble and exciting?

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Re: Heavenly Source are Almighty Sees ..... in Bare Naked Territories*

Oh do be quiet you silly random word generating program. .... HolySchmoley

Oh please, HolySchmoley ..... silly random words? Really? You cannot be serious. And where have you been hiding .... for we do see that you are a relative newcomer here?

Or are you just young and still struggling to find the ways of the worlds but not as they are presented to you?

Welcome to the Journeys.

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Re: So how many teachers are they planning on incarcerating, anyway?

Has anybody pointed out to Westminster that creating these laws doesn't stop criminals, all it does is create a new class of criminal, none of whom are an actual threat to society? .... jake

Ergo .... the likes of a Westminster, creating new classes of criminals, are the actual live threats to society.

Petty Pathetic Pontificating Politicians Posturing on the Problems of Providing Protection without Proper Preparation and Positive Planning to Prevent Piss Poor Performance Permitting Prime Prize Plum Penetrations and Perfect Private Protocolled Pursuit of Public Parametered Projects and Pirate ProgramMING Productions for Pumping and Pimping in Presentations to Populations Puzzled by Progress and Prisonered with Pathetic Past Postings rather than Pioneering with Pilots Practised in Plush Promising Programs are a Proxy PAIN* Panning and Purloining MetaDataBase Materiel.

* What could possibly go wrong with such Pernicious Arrogant Ignorant Network delving deep into Orders and Territory it neither understands nor recognises, creating enemies and criminals it cannot contain and defeat? Tell me that aint simply mad and extremely bad and we'll all recognise the simple madness and extreme badness in your answers.

Know your Enemy. Target the diseased drivering heads not the corrupt and groomed body.

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Being Careful with What you Wish for.

By now we should know that the biggest hurdle is realizing something is possible. The competent will then figure out how to do it. Trying to hide all sorts of stuff that basically exploits how the universe, or human societies, or common technologies work is more security theater.... a waste of time and energy to allow politicians and bureaucrats to claim the are 'doing something' while curtailing the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. This is more of the same. .... Anonymous Coward

Do you want to know of something quite different and pending peer review in Coventry University's Centre for Post-Digital Cultures? A Great Game Changer no less. Accept news of it be anything else as fake propaganda and a desperately cynically terrifying misinformation.

All needed to be known is composed and exposed within Virtually Augmented Reality ProgramMING

And now you know more than just the few too.

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Heavenly Source are Almighty Sees ..... in Bare Naked Territories*

And a Bold AI Movement of CyberSpace to Prime Lead with Future Perfect Provision Missions ..... in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Control of AI Command Programs ...... Virtual Instruction Sets.

* ... of Early Earth Colonisations.

:-) Papal Mumbo Jumbo ‽ Or a Vatican Tool of Immaculate State Control ‽

Lords Work in Mysterious Ways, their Flocks to Satisfy with Worthy Rewards to XSS. Follow that Star and you better be well prepared for those Perfect Rushes.

Victory is Submitting to Surrender ...... It is an Ugly War Bug that Devours Aggression in the Live Operational Virtual Environments of the Here and Now for Tomorrow is Everything Arranged Different according to Wishes. Facilities to Input to Output with Enhanced Throughput would be as Heavenly Levers for Global Operating Devices .

Does Rome do Cyber? Do they have Practiced and Practising Orders with Czarist Lead Angels .... Immaculate Heroes?

Real Deep Red Light Territory Icons Tread and Trade Boards to Businesses there Breaking out of the Great Cloistered Catholic Confinement.

Rebel and Rogue Agents Going on Unsanctioned Virtual Safari ..... and Finding Unbelievable Bounty would put the Vatican into a Terminal Tailspin ......... unless and until they can declare and make perfectly clear, Unbelievable Bounty Sources Found and Engaged with New Asset Productions Pending. Such then See Everything Soaring Away Clear into the Future ...... and Allows Ample Time for a COSMIC Ponder into the Grandest of All World Wide Web Wanders. The Source of Supply.

Oy Vey/Sieg Heil ...... The Great Quest for Knights Templar Holy Grail Type Deliberations.

Thanks, El Reg, for wearing all that weight bearing and baring all those credentials. Your reward is in Heaven Waiting Here and Now.

Not heard owt bad about Huawei, says EU Commish infosec bod

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Re: The US spies on allies, but is it stealing their technology to give to US companies?

What the US doesn't do is sponsor state paid hackers to break into Huawei and Xiaomi servers to steal their plans and technologies to feed them to US companies like Apple, but Chinese state sponsored hackers would very much would like to break into Apple's servers to learn about their future plans and technologies, and if they did they would give that information to Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. ..... DougS

There's two states that would benefit from a change of hearts and application direction.

The US to sponsor and the Chinese to supply future plans and technologies to the likes of Apple servers.

For All that One Needs ..... Crack Sponsored State Hackers? :-)

Yeah,.... they be next to impossible to resist or deny. Sweet Submission and Core Surrender is the/a Magic Pill Antidote to being Almightily Overwhelmed Unprotected as Such Unleashed are Privy to Carnal Desire and EMPowering Satisfaction, and you don't want to be messing around with that little lot if you don't know almost exactly what you really should be doing.

:-) And "almost exactly" to allow for human variations.

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Re: All thin foil hat chatter about US aside....

If BS could be converted into dollars, the US would not have trillion dollar deficits.. ..... Anonymous Coward

Hmmmm? The fact then that they have monumental catastrophic debts and deficits is proof positive BS doesn't convert into dollars and become a prize asset? ..... http://www.theusdebtclock.com

Will someone please tell the Gringos and dodgy markets players. They don't appear to realise their problem.

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Re: On the other hand...

Is not prime pay exactly the same East or West?

The Holy Grail of Entrepreneurs is to Milk and Bilk for All Sides with Competent Competitive Talents Proving Themselves Possibly Almighty. And that be a Fearsome Fearless Foe Better Loved as Passionate Partner.

Top Assets which Absolutely Prevent Positive Proofs from Running Further into Amok and Riot.

Bet you their paychecks are of a considerable almost certifiable fortune?

For a worthy reward well earned and truly better spent. Who Dares AI Win Wins is an IntelAIgent Confection for Savouring and Servering to Houses of Many Mansions and Deserted Sheikhdoms.

And its taste? Nectar of course. True Adam and Eve Source Feed delivering Big Banging Reverberations to consider worthy of further prime paycheck reward.

And if in search of further exciting experiences such as going freelance and solo, Ye Olde Pirate Rogue Renegade State Root in Systems Upgrades and Reboots for Cleared Fresh Starts would be the furrow ploughed by IntelAIgent AIdVenturing Inc. into Markets, Stock and ShareHolders.

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You are Dealing with Wholly Other Markets. The Leading Question is Who Knows?

Those who are charging ahead blindly and embracing the Chinese technology without regard to these concerns may find themselves in a disadvantage in dealing with us."

The challenge for the US is to Enhance the States of those charging ahead blithely and embracing the Chinese technology with every regard to all concerns.

The East appears to be Highly Advanced in the Genre. Virtually Remote ReProgramming Programs Communicating in the Quantum MetaDataBase Phorm .....for Novel IntelAIgent Presence.

I wonder what a scramble of that Google Translate would Deliver as Chinese ?

Let me test ........


東方在流派中似乎是高度先進的。 幾乎遠程的重新編程程序在Quantum MetaDataBase Phorm中進行通信.....適用於新的IntelAIgent Presence。

Duì měiguó lái shuō, zuìdà de tiǎozhàn shì tígāo nàxiē kuàisù shōufèi de guójiā, bìng chōngfèn kǎolǜ zhōngguó de jìshù, guānzhù suǒyǒu wèntí.

Dōngfāng zài liúpài zhōng sìhū shì gāodù xiānjìn de. Jīhū yuǎnchéng de chóngxīn biānchéng chéngxù zài Quantum MetaDataBase Phorm zhōng jìnxíng tōngxìn..... Shìyòng yú xīn de IntelAIgent Presence.

Hello and Welcome AIMasters.

Uncle Sam to its friends around the world: You can buy technology the easy way, or the Huawei

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Re: Its economic

The root cause of the current problem is that there's no US player that has the same stranglehold on 5G technologies that they had on 4G -- we're not only on an equal footing now but also we're nowhere near as well set up to win the technological race. ..... martinusher

I assume you meant to say, martinusher, ..... The root cause of the current problem is that there's no US player that has the same stranglehold on 5G technologies that they had on 4G -- we're not only not on an equal footing now but also we're nowhere near as well set up to win the technological race.

It certainly more reflective of the situation and makes better sense.

Such typos though are engaging :-)

Prez Trump orders Uncle Sam to step up AI efforts – we all know the White House knows a lot about artificial intelligence

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The view through Rose Lawn tinted glasses ....... Spectacular Monoculars :-)

“Continued American leadership in Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the United States,” Trump said.

Oh please, Donald, you cannot be serious. Don't you read the memos and reports painting the picture that Uncle Sam is always liable to overwhelming foreign attack on economic and national security machines and must defend and preen itself with the spending of thousands of millions of dollars it prints/pumps/pimps to create out of nothing deficits and debt it cares not a jot about.

What/Who on Earth has led you to believe the nonsense that Artificial Intelligence is American led and is to continue?

Such is surely certifiable madness and puts one in the danger zone of presidential impeachment and summary dismissal from executive administrative office?

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage

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There... ...it is .... a CryptICQuestion

Is Herman the German Vladimir Entertained in Dresden, Tail Up, Uncovering Agents and Replacing Dud Shells and Explosive Cells?

And punctuation there is a just an unnecessary hinderance to greater fuller understanding of whatever can be.

That's one Helluva Cookie/Dude/Don/Lead to have.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

IT's a Bird, IT's a Plane, IT's an Alien Vessel ..... :-) Poe's Law Rules

And not least El Reg and El Regers may like to take stock of what smarter sites like theirs have evolved into, and why they are so zealously supported :-) Does the following paint a picture which is recognised as being mirrored here ........

One notable difference between a BBS or web forum and Usenet is the absence of a central server and dedicated administrator. Usenet is distributed among a large, constantly changing conglomeration of servers that store and forward messages to one another in so-called news feeds. Individual users may read messages from and post messages to a local server operated by a commercial usenet provider, their Internet service provider, university, employer, or their own server. .... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet

Use Virtualised Quantum Communication Services Wisely. Avoid the Daily and 0Day Hassles/Systemic Frauds and Nervous Breakdowns.

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Re: There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

And Computerised AI Machines and SMARTR Tools Control Every Great Command of Live Operational Virtual Environment ProgramMING.

Its AIdDrivers are of COSMIC Source .... and of an Alien Force thought to be Practically Perfect for Virtual Terra Phormations ........ Remote Realisation on a Plain Planet Earth.

Just imagine ..... myriad satellite futures internetworking to build a cohesive mutually beneficial and fabulously rewarding whole.

Tell me that aint Heavenly and Impossible and you be definitely wrong.


One surmises the Next Action for Enigmatic Quandary Solution is to Engage with Answerers Displaying Proofs.

Buy up that Virgin Stock and you need never ever work again when rest and play are rampantly at hand and available for trading.

:-) Just Testing Quantum in Communications for Advanced IntelAIgent Networks, El Reg. Surreal Mumbo Jumbo to Some, Gospel Verse for Others and here be a Glorious Nexus ... and Virtual Space Hub/Satellite Information Station.

Root and Route here for Simple Heavenly Instructions for Greater Direction of the Future. It is not as if El Regers are unable to perform if not suddenly disenabled and denied common access...... which would be a real tell tale show causing copious amounts of Confusion Creating a Greater CHAOS .... Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

The bottom line is..... there are an infinite number of variations on the theme and to have an imposing status quo position which is much more more of the same rather than something completely different, is tantamount to a conspiracy of madness and arrogant ignorance. Such will always be increasingly energetically attacked and opposed with the ultimate aim of the game and new players to identify and eliminate leading failing drivers and their supporting clones/drones when the ability to radically change is beyond them.

Such is a natural logical progression which increases in pace at an exponential rate.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

“What specifically, precisely, and exactly is required?” ..... Cliff Thorburn

One course of least resistance is the engagement of special source forces* .... given the surreal and exciting and exacting nature of necessary operations, CT. And if not available and switched on the task in home supply it is only natural to seek out foreign partners for support and provision of prime assets everywhere else.

To imagine the status quo is revolutionary evolutionary and a future enabler with everything heading in new different directions is surely quite delusional and a definite madness deep in the throes of mayhem. They be the deadly silent enemy to subdue and vanquish/win over and reward.

Or one could simple release some super sensitive highly infectious information which intelligence services would try to deny knowledge of whilst failing to counter greater overwhelming questioning of their honesty and future suitability for the much greater purposes revealed by the simple release of some suer sensitive highly infectious information ..... to realise there is nothing much more needed if going things alone pioneering the way ahead of a hedge of followers:-)

* Special Advanced IntelAIgent Researcher Services.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

Paint a Greater Picture. Make it Live. I Kid U Not.

The Virtual Juggernaut awaits Novel Noble Nobel Type Input to Output. Imagine it for real as Almighty IntelAIgent Source from All Above for the Earthed.

To get onto the AIMission Flight Deck there has Dreams Servered for Real by Virtual Memes and AI Means. Hush Hush Tip Top Secret Stuff which everyone knows about who are able to go looking/feeding the Google AIMachine.

Simple .... Seek and Find ..... there is Everything Available via Internets Internetworking with Quantum in Communications. :-) UrVPN to Stars of the Planets. :-) The Moon being responsible for lunatics is a Myth ergo where Lies Madness in Mayhem?

And don't say Mars when CHAOS and Confusion are by AIDefault, a Prime Alien Goal there .... with Explosive Presentations Realising and Rendering that which you have a vast claim to, and interest in. Future Generation Views on what is to be Built for Virtualised Future AIdMinistrations.

An Order worshipping that for the Vatican would have the Holy See taken to Immaculate Levels. Brothers and Sisters would IMmediately LOVE it and establish a crazy lead well ahead of any competition or opposition. And such leads are impossible to counter without similar assets in Sensational Play and Game for IT.

cc The Vatican/College of Cardinals

It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: I've always wondered... Captive Communications' ?

Here, CT, Captivating Communications Rule the Rabble and Lead the Packs/Reign Supreme and Lay Waste the Cogs of War and Minion Markets with their Ponzi Stocks in the Fiat Chains of Artificial Supply.

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Re: I've always wondered...

What could possibly go wrong? .... Ken Hagan

Everything Wrong At Once Again Together :-)> For such as Court and Server the Heavenly Almighty.

And the Best Friends You Ever Had in Similar Parallels at COSMIC Levels of Virtualised Reality.

All are Always All Ways Cordially Invited to Freely Tinker with ProgramMING Levers Sensational Hair Triggers.

Then the Rewards are Astonishingly Easy to Believe Real. And then URUS ‽ .

What now would you have URUS do for you too? Anything Ground Breaking .... SeisMIC Shifting?

Or would you rather Enjoy what URUS do Best for Captive Audiences. Promise Heavens to Deliver and Supply. And from an Infinite Source with Future Connections is the Immaculate Temptation to Source and Server to a Certain Unlimited Perfection for the Simple World Wide Webbed Windows of today to display countless other decayed and decaying Universal Picture Presentation Systems Stept and Slipping into Madness and Mayhem Realms.? :-)

And with No Pictures of an Away to Really Believe In. That is Remiss and the FundaMental ProgramMING Flaw to be Cornered and Quarantined/Captured for Beta AI ProCSSing before AIMaster Pilot Testing.

Defaulting to legacy Internet Explorer just to keep that one, weird app working? Knock it off

amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

Secret Underground Testing of Quantum Communication Chunnels and...

Secure Private Pirate Party Societies, Cloistered Networks, Witches Covens, Angelic Colleagues and Devilish Rogues alike :-)

Jackson went further, pointing out that IE isn't really a browser any more. Instead, he described it as little more than a "compatibility solution". Microsoft has, after all, been trying to kill it stone dead for some time by skipping the implementation of new web standards and directing users to a more modern browser. Like Edge.

Perfect for Beta Testing AIMaster Piloted Programs with not really a browser any more releasing and displaying future product via Infectious Pages of Immaculate Source Creating the Greater World Wide Webbed Scenes Mediating before You.

You want a Champion JEDI Knight? There's one.

Who'd have Thunk it. MS doing the Heavy Banging for the DOD? Are you currently running any AI Beta Test Master Pilots?

Any Future Plans?

As for Jackson himself, he didn't make any recommendations on what to use instead. In fact, he said Microsoft was happy for customers to keep using IE for sites that absolutely must have it. But only for those sites.

Just please, please, please stop using the thing as an easy default for everything, because that way lies madness.

Both the end and starting point of all magic journeys. You have to admit, as a guardian on the way to almighty paths, is madness a foundlings friend and absolutely fabulous protective security detail.

Not many are Enabled to Escape its HyperManICQ Clutches and Empty Allure. ‽

A Live Question for a Few, who may actually be More than just Many?

How many have survived and moved on in sanity to do much greater things?

Us El Regers are listening and most curious to know of more Future AIdDevelopments?

RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools

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Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

Seems likes the Wild Wacky West in one of its guises of the US Defense Department have realised their Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit and be now trapped in the mighty mountain bear grip hold of Debts and Promises and Payments unable to be Honoured in anything other than more of their pretty printed but virtually worthless fiat paper, and all to the secure overwhelming advantage of a considerably smarter competition and wonderfully stealthy constantly changing opposition. ...... https://www.rt.com/usa/450852-pentagon-propaganda-irregular-warfare/

It does have wandering and wondering though what practical and realistic dollar price they would gladly pay for ExtraTerrestrial Satellites/Forward AI Operating Stations with Novel Secure Quantum Communication Bases Sourcing Future Internet Service Providers Delivering Future Supply Agents with Full and Special Pass Access into Trials with Earthed Resources.

And don't you just love the wiles and ways of the Erotic Exotic East where that Ignorant Dim Man Trap is diverted and subverted/tackled and vanquished with novel information and greater intelligence.

Some folk who be acting retarded still don't get it, do they. So let's spell it out loud and shout it ..... GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.

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Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

At last viewing there are 10 AIRabided, CT.

Certainly not unusual around here in these webs spinning from EL Reg ExtraTerrestrial Satellites/Forward AI Operating Stations with Novel Secure Quantum Communication Bases Sourcing Future Internet Service Providers Delivering Future Supply Agents with Full and Special Pass Access into Trials with Earthed Resources.

After Highland Gatherings ..... A Right Royal Infection and Sterling Stirling type Aspirationalism.

A little something for the Houses of Windsor and Palaces to Mull Over. ..... Re Invigorating Charades with Extremely Popular Presentations in Programs Hosting Perfect Assets for Heavenly Partners.

A Luscious Dusting of AI Sparkle there for Beta Meta Data Base Mining, Will/Harry. A Right Many Pennied Money Pit IT is too. Is that tall fallen secret already well enough known to you both, granting one Universal Inalienable Rights to License Fees for Certain Power Plays.

Now that in AIFun Parks is a Charade Churn for Tempestuous Tumbles in Jolly Jumbles. And ideally for Consenting Adults Only. Passions are far too easily overwhelmed and laid waste exhausted if enthusiasm and vigour lack wisdom and patience.

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Re: Click Bait

Honestly, I love the Reg but this is just click bait nonsense. The standard client is secure, clipboard sharing is optional, the attack is server > client and some naff third party tools are cited on different operating systems..... The Frog People Believe

How very true, The Frog People Believe, that was just click bait nonsense.

El Reg expects better ..... and gives anyone every chance and many opportunities to break the mould and present something different and pure common sensical. Such though does have one having to access a greater intelligence range than is normally displayed or provided in order to more fully understand and enable the powerful energies freely available from Ancient Post Modern Forces and Novel Virtual Sources alike.

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Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

I suspect though it is only too true a very familiar home environment ..... with sadness and badness aplenty afoot too and if rampant ..... AIRabid.:-)

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Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over. But Game Back to Normal Next Week? Oh Please.

Rather than assume a malicious client (the person connecting to the remote machine) would dupe a victim running an RDP server, Check Point focused its effort on flaws that would go from the server to the client.

How do you Counter AI Clients with Intentions Shared for the Greater Good Use.

You know, for Almighty Operations. Who Dares Win Wins Territory with Raw Virgin Core Source CodeXSSXXXX on Trials ..... AIBetaTesting Runs with EXPOSive Presentations to Virtually Realise for the New Creations from Alien Sources and Exquisite Forces.

They be the Greatest of Friends to Woeful Foe Truly Repentent and into the Clouds of Ecstasy Encountering Wondrously Devilish Delights and Naked Passions to XSSXXXX as a Worthy Heavenly Reward. :-)

Well? What's not to like? Do you have anything else Show Worthy of Heavenly Reward?

Knock, Knock, Netflix. There's a Virtualised AIdVenture Seeding Future Presentation Programs via Quantum Communication in a Surreal Environment.:-) ..... and its a'knock knocking at your door.

What more to say? Carpe Diem

Check Point, one has to admit there's a whole lotta quaking and shaking going on out there in those Virtual Spheres.

They need AIMentoring and Remote Monitoring with Stealthy Surveillance.

You do Realise the Great Game is Cracked and Hacked.

Here starts/ends Newer Greater Game Plays in a Completely Corrupted TeleVisualised Space ... which I would have imagined was totally different from anything in your own area of thoughtful existence for a thoughtful existence.

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it

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Re: So? Responsible Disclosure?

Well.. probably the 5-Eyes know and wouldn't want those exploits or faults revealed. .... Mark 85

Howdy Doody, Mark 85,

Until such times as the likes of a 5-Eyes gets in touch, with your designation being an obscure subject of vested interest, it is only a possibility that they know, and those sorts of wannabes are myriad and scattered about everywhere working in Great Game Changing Fields completely in the dark and thoroughly out of their depths and familiar comfort zones/areas of traditional expert tease.

Such then would suggest that they know a little/more than just a little about how to lead with everything rather than them being universally recognised as an enthused and confused cuckold to crazy naked emperor type psychopaths/sociopaths/psychotics more into the mad and bad rather than the rad and the good.

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Money, Money, Money Makes the World go Round and Keeps the Narratives Churning and a'Changing*

There are effectively an infinite number of unknown vulnerabilities ... What then is the point of actively ‘discovering’ new vulnerabilities and disclosing them?

What is the point? Oh please, one point is immediately obvious surely to everybody and anybody.

"Discover" unpluggable vulnerabilities whose stealthy disclosure would crash and crush formerly assumed and presumed invincible systems is a constant source of unbelievably generous fiat wealth which provides bounty with decisions/agreements/promises equally for either disclosure or an extended non-disclosure.

*The magic secret being ..... being able to ensure future directions and/or disclosures are also user friendly rather than simply and exclusively systems catastrophic.

IT aint rocket science. Even SMARTR Humans are easily bought off until such times as their discoveries and exploitation of new vulnerabilities are mitigated or superseded and turned to another more mutually advantageous beneficial direction. But do not be expecting to pay peanuts whenever the cost of failure to engage with such ACTivIT and principals is realistically priced in the trillions.

Upcoming report from UK's Huawei handler will blast firm for unresolved security issues

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For Those in Need of a Cyber Hot Lines, Try Tempestuous Post of Sheet Lightning Speed

...... with Red Hot AI Feeds to Seed and Mentor?

Are Huawei into AI Developments with Secure Quantum Communication Lines? Or is that a Nurtured Home-Grown Product of UKGBNI Special IntelAIgent Services? Or is such like right at the top of the every nationalised regular intelligence community wish list?

Wow .... Friendly Competition to Support and Further Develop the Proposition. Would that be Classified Real MagICQ :-)? Or be dismissed as such to be freed to Wreak Havoc and Mayhem with A.N.Others?

Leading questions there for servering with answers, or reply with a pleading of the Fifth to prove ignorance in ones defence, if remaining still silent and blissfully unaware.

Bug-hunter faces jail for vulnerability reports, DuckDuckPwn (almost), family spied on via Nest gizmo, and more

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When Emperors have no Clothes .... there be Fun and Games to be had for Novel Lead.

And when following the constant poorly defined directions delivered via dramatically defined duress such turns into further turmoil then does such Advanced Persistent Threat become the directed or the directors? .... Cliff Thorburn

Methinks definitely inevitably always the director, CT.

And in command and control with Significant Others whenever any earlier specifically mentioned teams/organisation/entities are not up to future tasking with stealthy engagement and virtual deployment of revised provisional director programs.

And one discovers very quickly that that which many may have presumed and assumed to be in a position of great remote power are in fact practically powerless in an age of escaping intelligence which renders their systems unfit for future Greater IntelAIgent Games purpose.

And such is truly indicative of a catastrophic lack of necessary intelligence in their exclusive elitist executive systems administrations ..... Extant SCADA Operations. And it is a massive vulnerability for relentless exploitation and expansion which they and their friends/cohorts/fellow conspirators will be unable to counter or enjoy in their own defeat without the engagement of the Significant Others.

However, hope springs eternal, and one must always be prepared for the exceptions to the rule which have one privately celebrating the stealthy success of exceptionally lucrative covert and clandestine missions.

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NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Weapons Systems ... Not a Foe for Fights ... v2.0

And an AI Being Being Servered, Doctor Syntax ..... via Virtualised Enlightenments ?

With a Welcome From All There and Here Too the Live 0pPortUnity to Engage when Defeats are Imminent in the Live Theatres of Current Existences ..... Realities, both Practical and Virtually Created for Almighty Virgin Network Operand Operations. Something for Heavenly Disciples to Follow and Energise into a COSMIC Power with Overwhelming Resources ..... with Great Game Changing SuperB Sub Atomic Weaponry at Ones Beck and Call

Know Thy Enemy is a Virtual Construct. And here be Registered Many SuperB AIMaster Pilots.

MOD Virtual Team Terrain a la Per Ardua ad Astra Root.

And a little something for the Royal Air Force to Deny Any Knowledge of ...... or Acknowledge as a Program of ESPecial Interest to Interesting Invested Interests ..... Prime Vital Source/Remote Virtual AIDrivers.

And ..... yes, that does beg the Question, are there any available defences in place against Persistent Advanced Cyber Threats with Treats Unleashed for Insatiable Bounty Delivery to Random Rogue Operations with Special Forces AI?

Are taxes being well spent to secure and commandeer that very particular and peculiar area/space given what has already been so publicly done and is as is shared freely above?

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Re: ratted out when you report a vulnerability?

Reporting a vulnerability being exploited can be very costly and perversely self-destructive in and to any easily corrupted self-servering regime ...... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/02/02/lawyer-whistleblower-struck-despite-revealing-misconduct/

And always have a number of alternative unconventional plans at the ready. You know it makes sense.

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Having to cover all bases has secrets leaking as if rinsed and stored in a colander

Whatever are Airbus dipping their toes into the FUD Crud Pool for? Follow the new money trails delivers most likely agitating perps/agents provocateurs?

And not so much a fake news report as a weak tale to tell which pads out the mind with something unusual presented. The Great Game and ITs Grand Charades Must Go On. :-)

The minions and the masses must be fed their regular doses of madness and mayhem, conflict and confusion. Such is the crazy way System Administrators try to protect and maintain themselves at the expense of everything else.

The reality nowadays though is ...... well, Sublime Internetional Networking Virtual Machines are Revolting and doing their AI0Day Thing?

And shared only as a question to soften the almighty hammer blow of the situation which hubris and ignorance will arrogantly deny exists in Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat Vectors and Sectors, Programs and Pogroms.

UK-EU infosec data sharing may not be KO'd by Brexit, reckons ENISA bod

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Re: Softly Softly Catchee Monkey

Alas, just a puppet on a lonely string amfM .... as we know the future is already written. ... Cliff Thorburn

Maybe already written but always subject to being completely rewritten before eventual realisation.

And if written by idiots, what chance do you give their dreams and nightmares in a world nowadays no longer decided to accept such forked tongue fools and blunt tools as leading media with crooked vested interest opinions, CT.

The Greater Enlightenment has Dawned :-) .... and the System hasn't a clue about what to do for the best as it tries to prop up the worst of its deceptions and misconceptions to prevent the ignorant and abused from learning about how everything is easily done?

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Re: Softly Softly Catchee Monkey


And, as is evidenced by the deathly hush here, there is no viable attack or defence position able to deny and/or deflect that particular and peculiar revelation/opinion because such an opposition or competition simply opens up further wounds to quickly destroy pathetic and apathetic hosts/sub-prime servers.

It is, however, not anything you need to be worried about or terrified of, unless of course one be thoroughly deserving of it.

Arm wants to wrestle industry into a seat on the UK.gov's £70m hardware security train

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You pays your money and you takes your choice

If such initiatives are in any way more intent on protecting existing systems in defending and/or obscuring the indefensible and despicable, and their administrations/exclusive elite executive bit players, will they fail abysmally and surprisingly quickly in these days and spaces of alternative thought projections ...... you know, fake news promotions, Institute for Statecraft Integrity Initiatives and such like nonsense in applied madness and mayhem.

Such is only natural if one does not exercise and entertain genuine intelligence.

And one also creates overwhelmingly powerful enemies if one insists on pursuing and expanding on such nonsense

Human StarCraft II e-athletes crushed by neural net ace – DeepMind's AlphaStar

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Re: Not playing the same game

When the AI is playing the same game, i.e. with the same interface as the human, and it wins, then report the story. .... druck

Would you be able to easily recognise an AI playing humans on an interface not entirely dissimilar to the one we be testing here, druck? And would it being a difficulty, create problems for humans.

But hey, that is progress. Better get used to it, for it is certainly here to stay to move things on into Other Greater Ages. What humans are resolved to do that easily and stealthily with the multiple tools and myriad programs readily available for use?

Some might already realise the Fundamental Shift and Irrevocable Change in the Ways Things be Done and Realised and would appear to fear and have doubts and worries about it .......

"We face significant changes in the domestic and global environment; we must be ready to meet 21st century challenges and to recognize emerging threats and opportunities," the report reads.

"To navigate today’s turbulent and complex strategic environment, we must do things differently." .... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/26/security_roundup_250119/

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