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O2, GiffGaff network goes titsup for unlucky punters

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Re: Not surprised

If you want to end your contract, you tell them to end the contract. You don't enter into long discussions with them.

If they refuse to give you a PAC code, you make a formal complaint about them, enlisting your new provider for advice and support.

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Hmmmm ...

"I don't have any affiliation with giffgaff,..."

Am I right in assuming that you are the affiliate known as 'snapdragon69'?

Finnish boffins don tinfoil hats, admit Northern Lights are noisy

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@Steve Knox - Re: It's Complicated

I was concerned about the use of 'yet' followed by negative, since I believe that 'not yet' followed by a positive is more easily understood and is more natural. I should have made a better effort to express my thoughts on this matter and perhaps should also get out more.

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It's Complicated

From the article: "Cranks who claimed that the aurora borealis makes a noise when it lights up the Northern sky have been proven right by science."

(Does this mean that they are no longer 'cranks'?)

From the video: "It is yet scientifically unproven that this clap sound is related to aurora borealis"

(I think they mean 'not yet scientifically proven', but I'll let that pass).

So, what is it?

Being a skinny is much more unhealthy than being fat – new study

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Re: BMI is garbage

No,... Twice the waist measurement should be less than the height.

Magnetic cells put biologists in a spin

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Just a thought ....

Does this mean that I can go fishing for trout with a strong magnet?

Is the Higgs boson an imposter?

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Re: Nah... - Cooper Pairs

I thought the thing about Cooper pairs of electrons was that they were bound in a minimum energy configuration and so could not give up energy to the structure of the material through which they were travelling?

It may be that this is a macro-explanation of the quantum forces that bind them, in which case we need somebody else to chip in and clarify for us......

DARPA aiming for Mach-20 hypersonic rocketplane 'by 2016'

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Re: Rogue-nation head of state

A truly intelligent warhead delivery system would try for a soft glide landing in a remote, forested mountain region. Then it could spend the rest of its existence contemplating the seasons and admiring the trees that grow around it.

US networks: Political donations by text? Rlly nt a gud idea

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"... politicians are always answerable to those who fund them ..."

When some mega-corp plans to build a toxic metals recycling plant at the end of your street, just phone your local politician and remind him of the $200 donation you gave last year (with the implication that you won't be donating this year). Watch him get off his backside and start to fight the mega-corp.

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals

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'Dave 126 Re: Rule 2

If your device gets internally contaminated by tea/coffee/beer/curry sauce/sewage/urine/etc, then drying it out will leave a probably conductive and possibly corrosive residue. In these cases, I can imagine that washing it by soaking in clean agitated water would be the only (faint) hope of making it work again after careful drying.

I once ruined a laptop keyboard by spilling tea on it. I've saved a calculator (after spilling coffee on it) by washing it in soapy water, then rinsing in clean water, then drying it in the airing cupboard for a few days.

Welcome, friend, to Metroland

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Thank you for 'Metroland' Verity

That was a lovely start to my week.

Revealed at last: Universe's intergalactic dark matter skeleton

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Re: Noodly appendages

They are waveguides for a tachyon based communication and transport system. (The little green people who live in my garden shed told me that.)

Mozilla shoots down Thunderbird, hatches new release model

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Re: *It's done*

"... it seems almost redundant to store mail on a local PC - ..."

"I certainly don't have *any* email stored locally that old - except the important stuff."


You don't have to store it on your 'PC' if you use Thunderbird. You can store it on a USB stick, or a local network drive (with whatever backup regime you decide on). You could backup your local storage onto a GDrive or Skydrive or Dropbox or SugarSync; or all of them just to be safe :)

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@Trevor re. Lightning

As far as I can see (I may not have looked deep enough), Lightning only falls down on not being able to integrate with Google Tasks, if you want that. Given that there seem to be dozens of Android apps that integrate with google Tasks then I can't see why this should be so difficult.

I use Lightning as a 'laptop front end' to my Google Calendars since the Lightning UI is so much nicer that the Google web interface. Also, Lightning will interface with calendars on my home-based FTP server and a hosted FTP server that I use. All in all it's very flexible, except for the Task limitations.

I haven't tried the collaboration aspects so there may be some slip-ups that I haven't noticed.

Phone-raiding Trojan slips past Apple’s App Store censors

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Re: Could this be the reason

SMS spammers get their 'targets' from a variety of sources, including just making numbers up to see if they work. What you must not do is reply in any way, even to send 'STOP' back to them. If you do, then you will confirm that their spam has been read and they will multiply their efforts and also pass your number along to other spammers.

Door creaks and girl farts: computing in the real world

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Can you still get Spangles?

I haven't seen them for a long time (in the UK).

Samsung: World LOVES our chips 'n' mobes – expect a record quarter

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" ... stopped people ... , from buying new televisions

What stops me from buying a new television is that there's bugger all worth watching on it. Even if I get a DVD (by some means), I'm more interested in the quality of the story and the acting than any wizz-bang special effects and surround sound marvels.

China reveals new strategy of stockpiling rare earths

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What actually are the WTO rules/agreements?

I'd have thought that the WTO rules would specify equal treatment, in that China could not sell rare earths to (say) Germany on better terms that it did to America. Do the WTO rules say that if you have a mineral resource in your country, then you have to mine it and sell it to any foreign country that wants it?

Shuttleworth: Why Windows 8 made us ditch GPL Linux loader

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Re: I give it a month

"... switch/jumper on the hardware ..."

An excellent idea. Requires physical access to the hardware and a person who knows what they are doing. i.e. the sort of people who would want to install various flavours of another OS.

However: why would manufacturers do this if they can take the easy way out and do what Microsoft tell them to do?

My dad found the Higgs boson! Reminiscences of a CERN kid

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Re: Scotch?

Most Saturday nights, I have a scotch accent. I look forward to it.

Judge: Patent litigants behave like animals

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"... he uses a BlackBerry only because the court makes him."

I'm smiling because I imagine him using it as a gavel.

Mexican election loser and Anonymous say vote was 'fraudulent'

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If you wait a while,

Destiny, Symphony, Melody and Rhapsody will arrive and they'll tell you about Irony.

Can you judge a man by his Twitter followers?

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Re: 'Follow' that 'friend'

In answer to your question: Most likely not. We all have to deal with pointy haired fools and venal, scum sucking HR droids.

I was answering the author's question, "Is following someone on Twitter (or friending them on Facebook) an endorsement of that person? ".

I fully agree with the content and sentiment of the article. As you go through life, idiots throw turds at you and you need a good batting technique to deal with them.

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'Follow' that 'friend'

I think you're getting stuck on the assumed meaning of 'follow' and 'friend'.

Use of the word 'follow'/'follower' can be used to mean that someone leads you and you follow because you believe in their ideas and opinions; it is also perhaps the most common interpretation. This verb has been chosen by Twitter but the proper word would be 'monitor'. If you 'monitior' someone's tweets, that is a practical description and has no implications for your belief.

(Note: The police 'follow' criminals in a variety of ways; this does not mean that they share their ideals and admire or agree with them.)

Similar arguments can be applied to the use of 'friend' in Facebook.

Big Data megaslurp 'to save UK.gov £30 BILLION pa', raves thinktank

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"Politicians should use their own expectations of privacy ..."

No, they should use laws and published regulations. We have seen what running a country using politicians' expectations/morals/urges leads to: a big stinking mess.

Take a look at atom’s shadow

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Re: that's actually pretty cool for Australia’s :)

It's alright, he's a greengrocer.

RIM boss denies cratering Canucks are in 'a death spiral'

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Re: I think I know what RIM's problem is

I typed 'blackberry' into that seach engine and got a nice but slightly crazy old lady telling me how to make preserves. It was interesting and I watched her entire video series.

US federal boffins insist that mermaids DON'T exist

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Re: The Other Problem - It's obvious

In a Futurama episode (not well remembered), Fry's new mermaid wife said...

"I suppose I deposit my eggs under the pillow, then you squirt your sperm onto them, then we wait for our babies to hatch."

NHS trust spunks £67m on e-patient records, Twitter, Facebook

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My experience of NHS 'IT'

My local GP surgery asked if I would mind if my telephone contact number was used to send me reminders of appointments. I said, "Of course not, that's what it's for, to contact me (duh!)"

The following week, the day before my appointment, I arrived home in the evening to find three voicemail messages that had been left at roughly 10am, 2pm, 4pm.

Each message was three minutes long and each was identical: "If you are Mister Frank Ly, please press button 3 now. ", repeated continuously for three minutes. This was their outsourced patient appointment reminder system. It was obviously designd and run by people who had no idea how the real world works and how real people behave.

Needless to say. when I went for my appointment the next day, I told them to remove my contact number from their system and never to give my number to another organisation again. They seemed surprised that I was annoyed.

'Young people don't want to become like us', say IT pros

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Re: Oh no

Have you tried taking your clothes off and putting them back on again?

Web stat WTF: iOS beats Android 3 to 1, iOS and Android tied

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re. Schrödinger's analytics

Thank you for that gem Rik. I'll save it for future reference when I need a good put down.

YouView recommends radio hams' pet peeve

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@JP19 Re: Microwave Oven

With my old microwave oven, I noticed that my Wi-Fi speed dropped noticably when the oven was on. I suspect that this was not microwave radiation leaking out, but mains radiated interference from whatever crappy power supply module they used to drive the magnetron.

Sozzled Americans nagged by talking urinal cake

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How long will they last ....

before they are taken as souveniers? (Wear gloves and wash them in clean water.)

Google.eggfaced: Chocolate Factory spaffs cash in dot-word bungle

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It's The Muppet Show!

.. sort of.

ICANN’s archery contest misses its target

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Re: Pass the parcel

That's right not-Spartacus, it's the modern way :)

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re. making it complicated

Maybe there has to be an 'element of skill', otherwise it's an illegal lottery? (Just trying to think like a lawyer here - makes me feel dirty).

Stanford boosts century-old battery tech

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Re: Basic electronic theroy class:- week 1.

A capacitor is not a small battery/cell. They work on totally different principles and have very different operating characteristics.

Ethiopia: we are not jailing Skype users

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Just a minute ...

Apparently the law was put in place to "regulate cyber-related crimes and telecom-related frauds"

I thought that a sensible government would want to eradicate them, not regulate them...... ? Oh wait... it's a government.... yes, i understand now. (Thinks - UK- banking)

Darwin alarmed by six-legged mutant cane toad

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Four legs good, ....

.... six legs weird.

Half the team at the heart of the RBS disaster WERE in India

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re. 'deal'

So, RBS agreed to let the government pour money into them, provided the government didn't interfere with the future running of RBS? That doesn't sound like a 'deal' to me; it's sounds like a charitable donation.

The situation was probably more complicated than that, I'm sure.

Hotelier faces FTC data breach lawsuit

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Re: re: Why were they storing credit card data?

I thought they stored an authorisation code (from the credit card provider) that was time limited and unique. That way, only the hotel could steal from you (if they wanted to) and nobody else could.

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Why were they storing credit card data?

I thought that credit card data was exchanged with the credit card provider, via HTTPS, who then gave a linked authorisation code to the hotel (retailer).

Google orders spontaneous support for Parliamentary motion

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Re: Fair use

In terms of context it may be obvious and 'fair use' as you say. However, did you consider that Sooty (or the administrators of his estate) may object to his picture being used in an article in The Register?

Sooty had a clean and wholesome 'family' image and there are often obscene words in El Reg comments and many articles contain less than 'wholesome' humour. As such, this could tarnish and dilute Sooty's brand image and marketability. Just a cautionary thought.

'Inexperienced' RBS tech operative's blunder led to banking meltdown

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Re: CA added that RBS's technical issues were "highly unique to their environment".

I fully agree with your obvious point, but I think the correct word is 'absolute', not 'binary'. (Absolute: free from restriction/limitation/qualification)

UK regulators eye up Facebook's $1bn Instagram bid

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Re: Yes. that's all fine and well...

I've no bloody idea either but I was enjoying the little stroll you took us on. I enjoy amusingly surreal but disturbingly relevant analogies - please continue with your insightful analysis.

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I find this strange ....

The OFT is worried that an organisation which provides me (if i choose to use it) with a free service, has bought up another organisation that can provide me with a free service. What does this have to do with TRADE?

Boffins program peripheral visions for ultra TV immersion

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Immersiveness ... outpainting .....


Book-scented perfume gives eReaders whiff of authenticity

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I like the T-shirt ....

.... but you can't buy it on its own.

RBS IT cockup: This sort of thing can destroy a bank, normally

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Re: A shame....hmmm.....

It's nice to have it written down, for reference.

Blighty laid bare as historic aerial snaps archive goes online

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Re. Mystery Location

On the picture shown, is that a barrage balloon in the upper right corner?

I'm also surprised that the location hasn't been identified.

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