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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android tablet review

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Re: I have a TF300

So do I. I've had it for a week now and I often say "WTF!" as I try to use it. I'd be here for a long time if I tell you all the things I've noticed that are just plain 'wrong' with it; so here's just one:

Take some pics with your Android phone (or any camera) on a day out.- Transfer them to the SD card in your Transformer Pad. - The Gallery app can't find them. - There is no way to tell the Gallery app to look for them (I've tried refresh, it doesn't work). [WTF!]- You have to put them in a particular directory, then turn off the device, turn it on again and wait for it to search memory to find pictures, [WTF!] which it does eventually. Then you can see the pictures you tranfered to the Transformer Pad. -You decide you want a slide show, so you press 'play'. It does a slide show, starting with the LAST picture you took and ending with the first one [WTF!].

First, Google goggles - now the world gets self-censoring specs

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These could be dangerous if worn at the same time as beer goggles.

Does the product packaging carry a warning about that?

Oz regulator says crowdfunding must obey financial rules

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I'm thinking about .....

The Producers

IBM tells electrons to strictly come dancing in spintronics first

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I predict that ....

... within a year, this will be ready for commercial production within five years.

Hong Kong has fastest broadband on the planet

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re. "..price increases as the market matures and stabilises."

As a market matures and stabilises, the prices should, if anything, decrease as incumbents streamline their business and prune out ineficiencies.

Could it be that the incumbents used a lower than rational price to lure customers in, then have a captive herd for forced milking?

Hipster craft site bans sales of blood and skulls

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Re: Bodily fluids?

If it's dried, does the residue count? Am I over analysing this?

Moderate comments or face penalties: ACCC

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Oh yes ....

"Since I started drinking XYZ pale ale, the hair on my head has regrown and my sexual prowess has increased noticably. It's great, give it a try."

It didn't take long to type that and it's not defamatory or rude. :)

Privacy snafu as TOPLESS Mark Zuckerberg picture leaks online

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@moiety re. Either is good

But not both at the same time; please!

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

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Big Brother

"Engaging Citizens with Engaging Design"

Move along citizen. There's nothing useful for you here.

Microsoft: It's not Metro, it's Windows 8

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Re: Making a version number part of the name...

How about 'Maestro' or 'Princess'? (Obscure cultural and age-related reference.)

Fujitsu trials anti-phone fraudster tech

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Why is it common in Japan?

Are the police in Japan so corrupt that paying money to 'sort out' an arrrest is a well known way of dealing with it? If anyone phoned me (in the UK) with such a story, I'd call the police to report the incident.

Make life easier on campus with a simpler LAN

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re. "Trouble at t'mill"

It's "Trouble at ' mill". The missing word 'the' is not pronounced in any part and the final 't' in 'at' has a definite vocal stop followed by a brief pause in place of the missing word 'the'.

Microsoft and NYPD install big data crime-fighting system

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Re. Taxes would decrease

Have you heard of a thing called 'causality'?

Software disaster zone Knight Capital bags $400m lifeline

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Thumb Up

There but for the grace of God ....etc.

Just reading about this mind-bogglingly stupid act was so chilling and sphincter puckering that it was the equivalent of realising that I'd done something quite stupid myself.

I'd like to thank Knight Capital for raising my awareness.

Baidu bods arrested after deleting posts for dosh

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It's heartwarmimg ......

to see them embrace free-market capitalism. A need/desire arises - someone steps up to offer a service to deal with it.

US will fight ITU members for internet domination

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Re: oh, what a choice

If you have a sufficiently large number of monkeys managing the root DNS and assigning TLDs, then eventually they will produce a masterpiece of an internet.

Qubits turn into time travellers

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Practical applications ...

When will I be able to send a message back in time to warn myself not to buy shares in Facebook?

Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer

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@jake re. "Actually, that's cannon .."

Actually not. Cannons fire much larger loads and are so heavy that they have their own carriages.

Olympic athletes compete in RAYGUN SHOOTING for the first time

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Re: Why bother. " ...a precious poster ..."

I like that finger slip. (I assume it was a finger slip.)

Samsung: 'Apple's proto-iPhone Jony is a Sony phone phoney'

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and now for something almost similar .....


Hidden Grand Canyon-sized ICE-HOLE hastens Antarctic melt

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West Antarctica?

How was it decided which part of Antarctica would be called 'west'? I'd have thought that every part of the antarctic coast would be 'North Antarctica'.

Daily Mail group boss spoof tweeter fights to protect anonymity

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Ahhhhh, ......

... the Streisand effect.

Capita and pals get £500m for ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE call centre

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re. "possible veg seeds"

In such circumstances, it would be ironic if the 'possible veg' turned out to be Triffids.

The Higgs boson search continues ... into ANOTHER dimension

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Not yet confirmed:

"...questions about the spotted particle." , "...the spotted Higgs-like boson ..."

It is not certain that the spotted Higgs boson has been observed. It could be the lesser-spotted, the striped or the tufted boson. Further and more detailed observations and measurements are need.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review

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@AC 07:12 Re: Better put the kettle on

My HTC Incredible had the life force and the battery charge sucked out of it by the ICS update. I deeply regret doing it. If anybody is running Gingerbread on an HTC Incredible, I advise that you do not 'update' it. Apart from the sluggishness and the increased battery drain, you'll have to get used to some UI changes that are simply annoying.

Samsung flogs 10 million Galaxy S IIIs in 7 weeks

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" ... the secretive shininess secreter ..."

I now have a horrible mental image of an 'Alien' like creature popping wet and slippery iPhones out of its back end.

Dutch payment-by-bonkers bonk payments on the head

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I have a bad feeling about this.

Will these coupons and vouchers be delivered by SMS? Can you imagine the junk that will be delivered to your phone when Google/Visa et al have your phone number?

Austrians drool over 15th-century jub buckets

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@TeeCee Re: eagle winged helmet

My wife wears the helmet because she enjoys fighting. I prefer to stay at home doing gardening and decorating. She sometimes makes me walk around the house naked but I've no idea what that's about.

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... underpants "were considered a symbol of male dominance and power"

Am I the only one who finds this statement ridiculous?

A symbol of dominance and power is a steel warhelmet with eagle's wings sticking out of the side. It's a bloody big sword that everybody can see. It is not a scrap of linen that nobody sees until you take your clothes off and even then, a scrap of cloth with skidmarks and piss stains does not cut it as a powerful symbol.

The purpose of underpants is to support the male genitalia because riding a horse without adequate underwear takes you into a world of pain (as I know from personal experience). Also, doing any kind of physically arduous work (for a man) without suitable underwear leads to those 'oh-shit' moments when you wish you had worn something tighter and more supportive.

Has Ms Nutz considered why the men of those times did not wear bras? Could it be that they didn't have breasts? Could it be that women did not wear underpants because they did not have external genitalia? Maybe people were different in those days; I'm not an expert but I suppose she is.

Ocean-seeding experiment re-ignites geo-engineering debate

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Re: "Red oxide dust is not iron sulphate" ????

"The dust contains iron oxide." Yes, ferric oxide to be precise.

"The iron sulphate is more soluble ..." Yes, it's infinitely more soluble, since ferric oxide is not soluble in water. Also, it will be ferrous sulphate, that's the soluble one.( Ferric sulphate is not very soluble.)

"... iron is iron." Yes it is, but they are not adding iron to the water, they are adding ferrous ions, (and sulphate ions of course.) Are you saying that the exact form of the iron is not relevant? Doesn't it matter if it's a large lump of metal, a fine metal dust, chemically bound as ferric oxide, free ferrous ions,..... it doesn't matter because they all have the same effect?

Whatever, you seem to think that adding a small concentration (large amount spread over a very large area) of insoluble ferric oxide will have the same effect as adding a high concentration (small amount over a small area) of soluble ferrous sulphate. I wonder why they didn't use cheap and readily available 'red oxide dust' for this experiment instead of the more expensive ferrous sulphate? Maybe I need to think about this some more.

frank ly Silver badge

Re: They'd addressed this concern already, at least for this phase.

Red oxide dust is not iron sulphate (which was used in this experiment).

Firefox 14 encrypts Google search, but admen can still strip-search you

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Also ...

... Request Policy, Better Privacy and NoScript (of course).

Image Block and Flash Block are useful if you're tethered to a phone and worry about your data budget.

Acer EMEA boss: PC crash hit us like a coal mine GAS BLAST

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" ...we didn't have any canaries," he said.

Would the canaries have sent a Tweet to advise of stock build-up? Is this what he thinks?

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots

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Re: Think I'll be sticking with the 2010 versions ...

My MS Office 2000 installation CD still works and installs (on Win2KPro, XP and W7) with no need for online registration/activation. I don't understand all the fuss about newer versions.

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts

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Re: Practice reading and arithmetic

I see you're one of those numerate types with a technical background who understands how things work :)

Slash for cash: boozers' bladders primed for Olympic pee game

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Only if you've collapsed on the floor and are calling for an ambulance (or your partner/friend to come and take you home).

UK snoop system had 1,000 COCKUPS - including 2 duff cuffs

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"... it was the same unnamed CSP ..."

I hope that the two unfortunate people concerned (or their legal representatives) are able to find out the identities of the organisations concerned; so they can sue the arse off them.

Web crams down 7 MEEELLION more domain names

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So, ....

....I assume that you haven't applied to ICANN for .david

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

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"... selling at a loss to get their films/books/tv shows into the palm of our hands."

I wonder why someone like Sony hasn't done this? They could team up with an estalished (and non-competing) internet payments processor like Visa or Paypal and deliver content using an iPlayer-like app.

US sets up underground dark matter detector

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Re: self contradictory

When I use a word, .....

Fake sandwich shop's big fake Likes leave Facebook looking flaky

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Re: I hate FB Like buttons on none FB pages

I use the Request Policy add-on for Firefox. It stops all kinds of crap from being loaded - I recommend it.

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Re: 50 million has to be a wild underestimate.

I'm guessing that there really is a woman called Mercedes Patel. Now, people will suspect her.

US county named 'area of outstanding natural stupidity'

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Educating Kids About Gun Safety

To see a police officer giving school children a practical example of the potential danger of firearms:


Gambling site's 'no strings attached' offer had strings attached

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Re: Workaround?

No. "... they must have "wagered" that amount before those winnings could be withdrawn"

Simple isn't it?

Religious wars brewing in ICANN gTLD expansion

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Re: You missed the funniest one.

That's actually 'Internet Erotica for Everyone Everywhere'; a porno globo-corp that is poised to flood the internet with immoral filth. Jerry Peyton is on the ball with this one.

frank ly Silver badge

Perhaps ....

.... they are still trying to get their heads round it?

frank ly Silver badge

Re: "Do not even the tax collectors do ..."

There is a clearly implied lack of love for tax collectors in these teachings. Maybe it's a human nature thing.

Asteroid miners to strap 'scopes to new Virgin Galactic rocket

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Re: Surely?

That has to be offset against the amount of mass that has been (and will be) taken away from the earth via spacecraft and their contents. As I understand it, large amounts of matter (space dust, small meteors, etc) land on the earth on a yearly basis, so that has to be factored in as well.

I've no idea what the overall effect on the earth's orbit is, or would be; but someone will be along to tell us shortly.

UK.gov to clear way for Britain's first SPACEPORT

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@DJ 2 Re: UK is in the wrong place to have a space port.

If you fly west from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. won't even know about it; (they are to the east of the UK).

Also, if you fly out into the Atlantic, then turn around and fly back (heading east), you are flying with the spin of the earth.

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