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MasterCard beds Everything Everywhere for exclusive pay-by-bonk

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Re: frank ly

I don't pay a monthly fee because of card I have and the way I use it (why would I want a Monthly Card for long term online and Google/Paypal use?!) and I don't use it for cash.

I use it as I said I did. This was a response to the person who didn't want a link to their bank account (for obvious reasons). Linking to an existing credit card would have other bad outcomes in case of fraud or CC details being compromised. Linking to a prepaid credit card, such as this one, could be another option so this would be a good solution.

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Re: Luddite

Virgin Money prepaid card, available in Visa or Mastercard flavours. Load it up with a certain amount and even you can't spend more than that on a blind drunk spree. Use it in retail readers and for online use.

I use mine for online purchases and have it linked for Google market payments and Paypal. Check your transactions and balance on their website then top-up via a phone call to your bank when it runs low.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet review

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"There’s also an audio recording option so you can record what’s being said at a meeting, .."

There's a good reason why a meeting has a nominated secretary. It's to prevent the 'umm's and 'ahh's and muttered swearwords and rash promises, (withdrawn after a minutes thought) from being recorded anywhere.

I'd be keeping quiet and offering to 'get back to you later with an e-mail' if audio recording was used in a meeting I attended.

Google gets hands on 'glove-cam' patent

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Re: In other news

"Officials of YouTube didn't say twat ...", but many other people did after a few seconds of viewing.

China Mobile to roll-out 16GB MEGA-cloud platform

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Re: To be fair...

They developed their own standard so that they wouldn't need to pay license fees to western tech companies and so that domestic manufacturers wouldn't have competition from western tech companies and so could grow a massive domestic market share quickly and easily. That sounds very sensible to me, if not in the best long term interests of their captive customers. Then again, when did a big comms company care about its customers?

Ten... all-in-one inkjet photo printers

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Re: Really miss my Kodak dye sublimation printer

Have you tried eBay or an internet search for the various after-market suppliers and cartridge refurbishers? Everything to do with colour print consumables seems to have a supplier for refurbished or alternative items.

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@Fuzz & The Serpent Re: differences

Can you tell me which offline photo printing service you use please? I tried using Boots (who subbed out to another service) two years ago and I was not impressed by the incorrect hue rendering on most of my close-up pics of flowers.

(Such as pale green becoming pale yellow, strong yellows having a definite orange tint, etc). I did tick the box that said 'no auto-correction'.

I have a fantastic close-up of a bumble bee feeding on the edge of a sunflower and the only way I've got reasonable colour rendition is to print it on my cheapo Dell laser colour printer (which has other photo-quality deficiencies).

Mr Bank Manager, help yourself to my smartphone contents

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Re: Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind ...

"...booming homeopathy market as evidence that homeopathic water is magic."

Actually, this is good evidence of a particular form of magic called 'headology'. (ref. Granny Weatherwax)

Security biz U-turns on Gauss, Flame joint cyberspy hub claim

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Trust No One!

"... so innocent mistakes along these lines are more or less inevitable in the absence of better communication among security firms. "

Perhaps if the security firms set up a shared community bulletin board where could post details of their activities....oh, wait a minute.

"... but this was a system set up by the Russian lab, which had asked DNS providers to redirect data sent from the two software nasties so as to examine their network traffic."

By what authority can Kaspersky ask DNS providers to redirect internet data to their own location in order to analyse it? If I'm working on developing a geographically distributed industrial control and monitoring system, of a novel and hopefully profitable nature, can I trust the DNS providers to not divert my data to Kaspersky, or anyone else so that they can analyse it and copy my techniques?

Boffins confirm sunspot-weather link

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Correlation and Causation?

Are there any theories about why low sunspot activity should cause cold weather in Europe (or affect it anywhere else)?

Angry Sunfish in piscene boss battles

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I'm wondering ......

"This experiment makes some very specific predictions about what's a good configuration and what's not a good configuration, ..."

It would be interesting if the optimal configuration/behaviour, that they found in their experiments, was not the one that was already exhibited by prey groups in the wild. (Since prey groups have had millions of years to refine their technique.)

How would you go about teaching a shoal of sardines to change their behaviour? Would it be morally right to do so?

Reagan slams webmail providers for liberal bias

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Re: Oh That Guy

At least yours is off the cocaine and tobacco and onto the more socially acceptable alcohol. Oh,......wait a minute.

Red hot chilli peppers floor Bristol shoplifter

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Just wondering .....

"... who was found to be carrying another four peppers, "crack cocaine and a small amount of heroin", plus a clarinet he'd pinched from another shop.

Is is wrong of me to have burst out laughing when I read that?

OFT makes special exemption for bumpkins' wayleave charges

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Common sense says ....

"After all, the land they plow up to put cables down is going to be worthless as a result, as you can't farm it ...."

I'm sure they have the sense to bury cables, etc. deep enough to be safe from agricultural ploughing, so the landowner can plough and plant crops on the land.

Also, ......yes, I'd take the money and spend it on something I can change my mind about at a later date.

Sony pushes patent for interactive TV ads

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"...filed in 2009 and was only made public this week"

I thought that if a patent was filed then it was automatically public knowledge (if anybody could be bothered to look for it).

Nokia, Samsung and pals team up to map malls, stations

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"The Chocolate Factory uses WiFi for its indoor maps."

Do the owners/operators of these WiFi units (routers or repeaters, I assume) know that they are being used to provide this Google service and have they given assurances that they will not be moved or their operation modified?

For large public buildings, the owners would probably be very happy to install cheap Wi-Fi units to help in this function and ensure they are not modified without informing service operators.

REVEALED: Everything Everywhere new 4G logo ... a SNAIL?

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Re: nuff said

Do they salt the stored hashes of user passwords? Anonymous will probably test that....oh, it's you.

China to probe black holes, search for aliens

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" ...at a cost of over 700 million yuan (£69.3m)."

That sounds quite cheap - or have I become desensitised to big-science project costs?

Nikon snaps first Android-based camera crown

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" ...16Mp CMOS sensor with backside illumination ..."

Did we use up all the good jokes the last time this technology was mentioned in an article?

Curiosity preps for first Martian road trip

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"... hydrogen on Mars is an indicator of water."

Not hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, etc?

Everything Everywhere flogs 4G hand-me-downs to Three

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It's a numbers game

"... a "forth player", for which we can read "Three", is guaranteed to come out of the auction .."

Are we sure that Three will come forth?

Sex rating Facebook page publishers jailed

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Re: I do wonder

"How would you feel if it happened to you?" is a useful test, but it requires intelligent imagination and empathy; which doesn't really apply to the people who make those sort of public comments about others.

In the real world, these people would be punched in the mouth or kicked in the nuts on a regular basis, but in the virtual world they are free to post as they wish.

News Ltd's Australian chief demands copyright overhaul

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@Tim Re: Some thoughts for Mr Williams

The herd do not get to decide where they are grazed or when they are milked.

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@Sean Re: Tell him to go fuck himself.

You started off fine, then ....

"...the current account you have with your bank ...... It's a piece of digital property you own precisely because those IP laws exist .......Without them, there's no basis for electronic banking systems...."

The principles and laws regarding ownership of money and the record keeping of that ownership have been practiced for thousands of years. It's called 'accountancy', as practiced by banks, which have been around, in various forms, for thousands of years. This has nothing to do with copyright or IP laws.

"Except, of course, that without copyright, there's no legal impediment to just counterfeiting as much cash as you need, is there?"

Yes there is, due to very old laws against ....... counterfeiting.

"If you don't have a better alternative to Intellectual Property laws, you're part of the problem, not the solution."

If you don't have a better understanding of Intellectual Property laws and their relationship to reality and existing laws and economic/social processes ...............

Facebook sued by Chinese firm over Timeline

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" ...allowing users to display videos and images in chronological order."

That is the most original and inspired idea I've ever heard of. (I don't get out much).

Facebook facepalm: US judge tosses out 'sponsored stories' deal

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@localzuk Re: @Andy S Non-FB user question

Yes, as I indicated in parentheses at the end of the second para.

However, I think that both parties have to 'be aware and cognisant' of the form and value of the 'consideration'. You can't expect the 'average user' to be fully aware of the cost of running FB, so they can't be bound by legally binding contractual terms if they act against the T&Cs. Also, if it was a contract in law, either party could sue the other for breach of contract, and I don't think this can happen.

It needs a lawyer or a court to determine all this.

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@Andy S Re: Non-FB user question

You used the word 'contract', which may not be correct for FB terms and conditions.

In UK law, a contract requires some recognised form of payment to take place (or 'consideration' as it is called in law.) Since FB users have not paid or been paid by FB, there is no contract between them. (Having said that, it may be arguable that FB's actions in running the site cost them time and money and so this is the 'consideration'.)

I think the T&Cs can be regarded as license conditions. Whether these license conditions are enforceable is a matter for lawyers.

Vulture Central logo pops up in prehistoric France

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Is nothing new?

" ...alongside the ibex and izards ...."

They had alternative stand-up comedians in those days too?

SMSZombie wraps self in nudie pics, slips into 500,000 Android devices

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Re: Dodgy pics

Many of them are artistic and tastefully posed. You just need to spend time looking for them.

And they're free! :)

PLT chair: UK Radio Society is 'living in a dream world'

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A pedant gets grumpy

" ...Chair of the committee defining the standard refutes that, ..."

Am I the only one who is annoyed by seeing the word 'refute' used to actually mean 'deny' or 'disagrees with'?

"...and in many homes the wiring is sufficiently shielded that no interference is generated ..."

Really? I must be living in an old-standard house, as is everybody I know. Where can I find samples of shielded domestic mains power cable?

Exposing China's vast underground economy

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Re: Real name policies

Somewhere out there, is a man called Frank Ly, who doesn't know that I'm using his name to conceal my true identity.

NASA picks the target for Curiosity's first road trip

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Re: What? NASA is into self-harm now?

They are scale replica 'Alien' eggs, as practice for when it finds the nest (which is its secret mission).

eBay invites mystic wrath over ban on spells, potions and lotions

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Public announcement from eBay:

They got better!

Olympics TV HQ future: Catwalk beauties elbowed out by IT bods

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Re: Use of waste heat?

Getting away from secondary school physics/thermodynamics for the moment; I'd really like to know, from someone who has experience in this area.

If I was consuming 55MW of electricity and producing 55MW of waste heat, situated in a built-up area with neighbouring commercial/industrial buildings, I'd be looking for ways to sell it to my neighbours as a baseload heating supply.

With large power consuming data centres being built around the world, I'd have thought that this consideration would be uppermost in the minds of the owners/operators/designers; if not for 'save the planet' reasons then for simple running cost reasons.

Is it a good/workable idea or am I being idealistic?

frank ly Silver badge

Use of waste heat?

55MW (or whatever) of electrical power going into the centre will mean that 55MW of heat will have to be extracted from it. Will this be dumped into the air (or nearby river) or have they considered selling waste heat for use in neighbouring buildings and homes?

What are the economics and technical challenges of doing this? Is it cheaper to just dump it?

British boffin builds cool maser after argument with wife

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Re: Applications?

For weapons use, I think that microwaves have a problem with beam spreading over quite short distances due to the relatively large wavelength.

Someone who knows about this will probably pass further comment soon.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control review

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Re: I'm far from being a native speaker

Wikipedia has many excellent articles on the details of the English language. Such as this one:


If English is not your first language, these articles can be difficult to follow since they are very detailed and technical.

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@Tony Smith

The first paragraph (especially the last sentence) made me feel depressed and resentful towards you.

I'm not complaining, just explaining.

Scientists find safer way to store hydrogen

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True Cost/Efficiency

Unless someone finds a huge natural supply of hydrogen gas (unlikely), then hydrogen for use in vehicle engines can only be an intermediate energy store that is manufactured using electricity. As such, it seems to be a convoluted way of getting grid electrical energy to the drive of a vehicle, compared to using batteries.

Does anyone know about the relative comparisons for hydrogen manufacture, distribution, storage and use in vehicles; compared to the battery charging alternative? The main meaningful comparison would be the energy finally delivered to the vehicle for a given unit of grid electricity used. Another important comparison would be the costs of the entire supply and storage processes.

Technical and performance considerations for the vehicle would be less important since the entire reason for developing these alternative power sources is to reduce the use of fossil fuels. It's already been shown that the 'average car' can run quite well and fairly conveniently using hydrogen or batteries.

New MPEG format paves the way for UHDTV

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@AC 11:28 Re: Rights and Licenses

Well done with the childish insult. I'm sure it made you feel good in some strange way.

I don't mind paying for things I choose to use. (I've paid for seven MS Windows OS licenses so far over the years, even though I have the ability to bypass that payment process). This choice of codec is being mandated by an international authority, which is a different situation. Whatever the cost is, I'll still end up paying for it since I'll be an end-consumer of the products that are distributed using it.

frank ly Silver badge

@AC 07:50 Re: Rights and Licenses

"... willing to invest 10's of thousands of man hours for the good of the world ..."

Have you heard of FOSS, Linux, Ogg Vorbis?

" ... GlaxoSmithKiline decide to give their cure for the common cold away for free."

Not the right analogy. How about:-

'WHO, UN, NHS, Medicare, etc; mandate that the only cure for the common cold that may be prescribed is that produced by GlaxoSmithKline.'

Note: Analogies usually fall over if you push them too far and this one is no exception.

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Re: Rights and Licenses

This leads to the question of who is/are the lucky companie/s that own the patents on this mathematical process? Will the people who pushed this through for acceptance and those who accepted it find that their Christmas presents are large and expensive for the next few years.

Oh my goodness, I am so cynical.

Judge begs Apple, Samsung to get a room, or trial will end in tears

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It's "Judge Koh" to you.......

... and to everybody else too.

Three extends data use with Sim-only tariff tweak

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If you get a cheaper (£12.90 a month, say) plan with AYCE data, do they throttle the speed if you go above the stated 1GB limit? Is tethering allowed?

At the moment, I'm with Tesco Mobile for £12.50 a month 1 year SIM-only contract (1GB, 750 minutes, 5000 texts) which is due for renewal in December and has out-of-bundle charges. TM T&C do not allow tethering but their customer rep. told me that they don't bother monitoring it because of the excess data charges. I find tethering to be very useful when I visit family members who don't have an internet connection.

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow

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Re: MUCH worse than WindowsME.

"... and it's nowhere near as good as the Windows7 experience."

For me, the Windows 7 experience on my new laptop was nowhere near as good as the XP-Pro experience on my old laptop. Having said that, for the past year the XP-Pro experience consists of getting 'essential' updates every time I turn my old laptop on. It's now running far slower than it used to, which makes me very suspicious.

I'm now developing the 'skill' of using my Asus Transformer Pad (which has its own problems) for as much as I possibly can and am seriously considering using my old XP laptop to install and learn how to use Linux.

DVD plus nano-rods equals security, density: researchers

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I may be wrong but here goes ......

Thinking about it briefly (very briefly), this will give you the ability to encode successive bits of data with different polarisation, the discrete sequence of the polarisation direction (in 3D) which is known to the creator but not to any unauthorised person who tries to read it. However, there will be a finite and limited set of possible polarisations otherwise an authorised recipient would not have the equipment to read it. It's like being presented with a box containing a bit of data then being told that there are in fact, say, 100 sub-boxes (determined by the polarisation direction) so which sub-box do you want?

Isn't this actually high density steganography? Or am I splitting hairs?

Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first

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This made me wonder ....

" The word prediction is uncannily prescient in part thanks to the app’s ability to peruse your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail scribblings and learn from them."

Am I paranoid or are the alarm bells in my mind reasonable?

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android tablet review

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@Neill Re: @AC 10:25 I have a TF300

Thank you Neill, but I've figured out a method. I transfer a folder of pics over WiFi to the SD card, then use the Settings menu to remove and then remount the SD card. This works well and it only has to rebuild the thumbnails that it doesn't already have, so it's not slow.

frank ly Silver badge

@AC 10:25 Re: I have a TF300

Yes, that's because you are mounting a new storage device, which is then scanned to see if there are any image files on it. I use Wi-Fi to transfer files between devices (no messing about with pulling cards out, modern way of doing things, etc).

In this case the Gallery app doesn't know about it and there is no way to tell it, "look in here", unless you do a full restart. It's the same with my Wildfire and Desire phones and my old Advent tablet. It's an Android thing.

As for the Transformer Pad slide show, it takes a *special* kind of developer to show images in reverse alphanumerical order :)

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