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Thank Freeview for UK 4G by mid-2013 - NOT the iPhone 5 nor EE

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"... the breakthrough is painted as a government victory ..."

Politicians claim credit for the efforts of other people. _That_ is to be expected.

China domain name land grab about to start

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In the future ....

"... addresses typed in the Latin alphabet will continue to reach sites using both .cn and .中国 addresses. "

It would for those Chinese organisations which take advantage of the privileged upgrade period and for those that take double registration in the future. There will come a time when Chinese organisations (and people) only register .中国 addresses; then the rest of the world will need familiarity with Chinese characters if they want to use the internet to explore and use those sites.

This will probably happen in other regions too, with Cyrillic and other scripts.

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent battle v Apple

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Re: To wit

I would draw your attention to many examples of observed and recorded prior art during the previous 13 billion years.

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"The iPhone 5 has the same accused functionality ..."

Seems to be accursed functionality.

Nominet mulls killing off the .co from .co.uk

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Why ...

... did they decide on .co.uk in the first place, instead of .uk?

JK Rowling's adult novel arrives on ebook full of FAIL

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re. "...but ebooks are classified differently because they are subjected to VAT."

No. Ebooks are subject to VAT because they are classified differently. (i.e not zero-rated)

AI game bot HUNTS DOWN ENEMIES, passes Turing Test

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But ....

.... did it lie about its score while chatting in a forum afterwards?

Tibetan STATUE found by 1930s NAZI expedition is of ALIEN ORIGIN

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@Grikath Re: photos?

I'm not sure _exactly_ what that figure is doing, but it was worth looking for the laugh I had out of it.

CPS grovels after leaking IDs of hundreds arrested during student riots

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Re: " ... a news site focusing on the law, IT and sex and sexuality."

That sounds like a cake made from mud, iron filings, flour and butter.

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"This all shows how the policing of protest is increasingly out of control."

It may be, but this actually shows the poor procedures and poor quality of management at the CPS.

Cops cuff Google exec over YouTube Brazilian whack vid

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Good idea. Also, on each site, they could have a link to a list of all titles that have been blocked by order of that nation's courts. Perhaps with some/many called 'Title Forbidden' if the title itself was deemed to be offensive by that nation's courts.

That way, people would know what their courts were preventing them from watching.

Carbon fiber MacBooks to appear soon?

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Re: But

And it does have rounded corners.

Skydiver sets date for 'supersonic' edge-of-space PLUNGE

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Oh wow!

I'm very happy that someone is doing this, and very happy that it's not me.

GiffGaff: We've got no iPhones, but here's how to cut down your SIM

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Re: Snipping

Internal calipers, micrometer, sandpaper, ....., check; all set.

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN

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Re: Sales Monkeys

You should have put a complaint mark on his nose (after a warning statement of course).

Info-flinging service Nokia Life gets webby, gains a plus

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Why not provide local language?

"... including China, Indonesia, and India. Life+ will be available in just those three, and only in English, ..."

Can many poor people in those countries read English? If you want to get people as future paying customers, I'd have thought a native language service would be the best way to get them to feel good about you.

NZ bloke gets eel stuck up jacksie

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Re: Nobody tell Noel Fielding about this.

sudo, yes, a very powerful way of doing it.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+ hands-on review

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re. multiple user profiles

" ...drag down from the top of the screen and tap a photo icon to activate one – allowing a tablet to be easily shared among family members."

I assume a profile/user password is required to protect kids from fifty shades of bad writing?

Google swims with the fishes

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Re: Quite useful

But I still can't find Atlantis. Maybe iOS6 maps has it?

NASA releases stunning image of our universe's distant past

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Re: Great image, but

My immediate reaction was to make a comment along those lines. However, ....

If you see a collection of family photographs, the oldest of which shows your great-grandfather as a newborn baby, would you say 'here is the youngest person in the collection'? It is a photo of the 'youngest person at the time'. Semantics ...Pendantics......

Brave copper single-handedly chases 'suspicious' Moon

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Re: Sheesh

To be fair, although Worcestershire is a rural area, the copper may have been a young townie. They often get confused in rural areas at night, when they see lots of stars in the sky and the moon shining through trees.

Samsung slams Apple patent jury, wants new trial in US

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Two questions

1: AFAIK, in the UK it is illegal for the jury to discuss their deliberations with anyone, even after the trial. Is this not the case in the USA?

2: People talk about the expense of lawyers, understandably. Are the lawyers and legal teams involved actually the long term employees of Apple and Samsung? (In which case the marginal costs are travel, accomodation, any court administration charges, etc.)

Mmmm, delicious new sugar batteries keep gadgets up all night

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"... a battery anode, which is the negative (-) terminal of the device."

I disagree; but I've had this argument before. That is all.

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

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When I read an article by Lewis ......

.... I have to use the dictionary more than with most writers here. Thank you for 'cynosure' Lewis. It's derived from the greek for "dog's tail".

Now, what is the greek-derived word for "dog's bollocks", or just "bollocks"?

Myspace mutates Windows 8 with new look

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Re: @frank ly

How do you think I feel? I just spent 30 minutes scrubbing myself in the shower. (The voices in my head can be too persuasive at times.)

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Yes, but

Maybe you have, but is your presence 'social'? Can people interact with you and express themselves in a multi-faceted and meaningful manner and develop their own paradigms of presence with shared visibility from 'your-space'?

If not, then I would suggest that..... er, ...... you're in a fortunate position.

Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs

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Why not make 'smaller' ones?

For me, 32GB would be enough for a boot drive (including all installed software) since I keep all my data on my home network. For taking my laptop 'on the road', I'd be happy to buy an external 128GB SSD drive.

The Register lands in Australia

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Re: A small problem .....

Guess what .... as I write, this article is not listed on the main page.

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A small problem .....

Congratulations and best wishes of course, but please note the following:

I've often picked up articles from your Australian correspondents via a headline on the RSS feed and later found that the article is not listed on your main front page. I hope that was a temporary situation and they will be fully incorporated into El Reg from now on.

Apple demands $707m more from Samsung

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I'm confused (often)

"any other product with a feature or features not more than colorably different from any of the infringing feature or features in any of the Infringing Products.”

I try to keep up, but this derivative of the word 'colour' has me stumped. Can anyone explain what it means?

I think I know what the entire sentence is trying to say.

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls

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Interesting point

Notice that the bin lifted into the air in a quite dramatic way. Perhaps the students could be set the task of explaining why that happened. It's supposed to be about learning isn't it?

Space shuttle to slip surly bonds of Earth one last time over California

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Re: British Spelling

Until you mentioned it, I never realised that. Thank you :)

Reg readers serve up bacon sarnie amuse-bouche

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re. Matt Hamilton picture

At first sight, I thought that was a grand piano with two white suited pianists playing a duet in the distance. I was pleased and quite excited by the thought of surreal/arty backdrops to all the sarnie shots. Then I had a closer look at it........

Senate hears Microsoft and HP avoided billions in US taxes

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Re: Tax law is too complex

" ...tax income received within the country and leave it to the managers to decide how best to ensure the remainder leaves them with a return."

Consider the gold smelting company that sells £1,000,000 of refined gold p.a after spending £500,000 on buying gold scrap (numbers for illustration only) and then has premises, staff and other operating costs. You think it's sensible to tax the income instead of the profit? I realise that's an extreme example but it illustrates why companies, that have structural and necessary costs, should be taxed on profits.

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Re: Tax law is too complex

"... paid $40 million in taxes on $2,507 million income ..."

Company taxes are paid on profits (and a few other things), not income, quite rightly. Large and 'skillful' companies with trans-national operations have developed methods to disguise their true costs and hence their true profits; this is the problem.

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Re: "But ethically, at least to this El Reg hack, the situation stinks."

"I do it on a personal level ..."

Do you, (can you), have your salary paid into a foreign bank account of a service company and then loan yourself money and pay interest to the foreign service company and then pay yourself foreign earned dividends on the profits the foreign service company makes?

If you could, that would be wonderful and you'd think that was perfectly ok. Why can't you and I do that?

China plots 2017 mission to plan MOON COLONY

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Re: Neil DeGrasse Tyson was right...

Why don't the major powers work together on space exploration if it's for the benefit and advancement of humanity? Or is it just nationalist dick waving along with military capability development?

I'm thinking about how international teams collaborate on disease and biological research and basic science. Then when it comes to getting to the moon, they go their own way. Is NASA helping the Chinese, with information about the lunar surface and their experience of orbital insertion and landing?

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Re: off topic

That would spoil your up/down ratio. What is your ratio by the way? And your monthly/annual average, and your seasonal variance? I've given you an upvote, so please remember to give me an upvote :)

iPhone queue ‘superficial and pretentious’ says queuing fangirl

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Happy shiny people all around

" ...it is pleasingly light, so much so that an Apple Store staffer joked it may be disconcertingly so."

He was then taken into a back room by two black shirted staff, for re-education and attitude adjustment.

Swiss railways ticked off at iOS clock knock-off

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That was my first thought too but the second hand may be the deciding factor. It is very distinctive and you can't make a logical argument for it based on function. I think the big blob on the end looks silly, but that's just personal opinion.

Deep, deep dive inside Intel's next-generation processor

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re. Skin Tones

Just wondering, what happens if you have a picture that includes pale skinned people AND dark skinned people (like in a production with talking heads, (or bed-action bodies), etc).? How does it know what a 'skin tone' really is?

Conflict-of-interest scandal could imperil Wikimedia charity status

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Re: Wikipedia madness

I can't find anything about 'Gell-Mann Amnesia' in Wikipedia. Are you sure this thing exists?

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Human Nature is what it is

If there is money to be made, in a way that is not obviously illegal, there is sure to be somebody who will take advantage of whatever position they have. The only good thing to come out of this seems to be that the Wikipedians are (at last?) waking up and smelling what's happening.

I'd be happy to rely on Wikipedia for cold dry facts, as written by engineers and scientists (and reviewed and pounced on by other engineers and scientists) , and I often use it to do simple research on technical subjects and medical conditions. Given that it can be edited by anybody, anything that has a whiff of PR (like promoting a tourist destination or investment opportunity) must be taken with a very large pinch of salt.

Google's Android celebrates fourth birthday

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I'll be out for Sunday lunch and a pint .....

... with my HTC Wildfire, HTC Incredible, Advent Vega and my Asus Transformer T300.

How hard is 3D printing?

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Thank you .....

... for an interesting and informative article. With an initial purchase cost of about $2000, it's not a bad price for serious hobbyist equipment and a very low price for any small company that could use such a capability.

Christmas is coming....... :)

Win8 tablets may cost MORE than iPads – AND LAPTOPS

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Re: Taichi

Apart from jokes about 'Tai Chi' and martial arts, note that it says " ... easy to share files between two users".

I think the selling point is that when you are using it as a laptop, your Tai Chi partner can sit on the other side of the desk and use the tablet screen. With headphones, you can play independent videos or perhaps play Battleships, etc. (I'm using my imagination here and it's getting weird.)

Smack your phones up, says Microsoft

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This patent is just whacking off

(see title)

Key evidence in Assange case dissolves

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Very strange

In these 'modern' times, especially in a modern country such as Sweden, how could anyone be so stupid as to submit fake evidence of this nature? As a separate point, how did it take so long for these DNA tests to be performed?

Hong Kong visitors get all-in-one guidebook and phone

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Re: Calls to mobiles

In the USA (and other places), for mobile calls, the called party pays (via a bill charge or from minutes allowance). In the UK (and other places) it's the calling party that pays.

Is there any particular reason for this, such as legal/cultural/traditional? As a Brit, it just feels 'wrong' to me that the called party should pay for an incoming call.

Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet

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So ......

... you did get a happy ending after all.

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