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SEC staffers slammed for serious security snafus

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A simple way to ensure security ....

If you must take a laptop (for notetaking, e-mail, websurfing, etc), take a brand new one, or one with a brand new hard drive, set up with minimum needs and only communicate from a disposable webmail address to other disposable webmail addresses. Scrub the hard drive after you've taken any needed .txt files off it.

Apple-v-Samsung $1bn iPhone fine: 'Jury foreman was biased'

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How long before ....

.... a drama-documentary is made, based on all this (and more to come)?

I could put together a rough and generic script, have it registered with the appropriate organisations, then sit back and wait to sue anybody who makes a successful product.

US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

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Re: Not that readily

You should try getting them via mail order from internet based suppliers. A rainbow of choices is out there.

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

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Re: And your point is?

"... you only have to offer your code to the people who end up with the end product of your derivative work, which is probably just you."

As far as my understanding goes, (please correct me or give other opinions if you can), this also extends to in-house corporate use. If a company decides to use Linux, or any GPL software, for purely in-house use as part of its internal operations (e.g. process monitoring/control, networking, e-mail, etc), and they develop clever modifications and add-ons; then that corporation does not have to make their new source code available. In asking their employees to operate the clever machines and systems they have developed, they are not actually 'distributing' the code (as specified in the GPL license), they are simply making tools for employees to use.

There are some people who argue against corporate use of GPL code by saying, " .. if we develop anything useful and clever, we have to give it away to the rest of the world, according to the license." I believe this is not true. They also say, " .. at least with Microsoft, we'll get years of product support." Hahaha.

ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin

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They can't handle change, or anything new.

Bald? Looking old before your time? Don't panic, but you might DIE

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Oh dear,

I'd better contact a solicitor and start making my will.

President Obama declares VICTORY over JUSTIN BIEBER

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re. sex doll likeness

I'd feel secretly flattered, but go to court in a huff and demand a percentage of sales to compensate for my hurt feelings.

Apple tries to add Galaxy Note, Jelly Bean to patent slapfest

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Cruel and unusual punishment?

If I were Judge Koh, I'd ask to be excused, because one trial already with Apple and Samsung is more than anybody should have to experience during their career.

Snake-fondling blonde nude punts Polish coffins

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Re: Elvens Afety

You're getting confused between 'risky' and 'risqué, which is perfectly understandable in this situation.

I'm not an expert, but if you run your eyes along the sinuous and slender body of the python, you will notice the gently undulating curves of its slender body, which may indicate that it has been regularly fed in the recent past, to make it calm and languid.

Prudential cops £50k ICO slap for giving customer's life savings away

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"The insurance firm also said that it would be improving staff training and updating its processes."

I think that staff replacement is called for. No amount of training can cure stupidity and complacency. (I don't mean the front-end people who took the complaint reports, I mean the managers who make the decisions.)

Kyocera boffins make on-screen buttons feel real

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@Craig Re: Moor accurate tiepin ...

Yes, there is, but I'm not telling you where.

NASA snaps revealing pix of visiting near-Earth asteroid

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"...1.6 kilometer girth ..."

It's not the girth, it's the radar cross sectional size, which is roughly the diameter of a very roughly spherical object.

Ohio voting machines have 'backdoor', lawsuit claims

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Re: US Civics 101

Thank you for that cogent explanation David. The only point I'd make is in respect of point 1); if UK voters were voting for a *European president*, it would seem reasonable to expect the Germans (etc) to have a say in the mechanics of the UK voting process. In such an election, then as a UK citizen, I'd be concerned about reports of flaws in the German voting process.

China tries for 2012 WORLD cluster compo DOMINATION

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Re: Footnote

Was that 2nd April (UK convention) or February 4th (US convention), or 4th February or April 2nd ?

Firm-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's tax dodge profit shift? Totally legit

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"the one we're not allowed to talk about"

WTF is this pussyfooting around for? When individuals are investigated for 'wrongdoing', their names are splashed all over the papers and they get doorsteped by reporters. Why are the big corporations cosseted in this way?

Mystery robot-bringing UFOs sighted by Indian troops on Tibet border

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Wet blanket time:

The Tibetan statue was _not_ of extraterrestrial origin. The material it was made from was.

Classic game 'Elite' returns … on Kickstarter

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Will you be able to take on assassination contracts?

You never forget your first assassination :)

(Note: I only accepted contracts on politicians and Mafia bosses; I have principles.)

Apple to ditch Intel – report

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Re: @ M Gale

I feel that you have an outdated and quite biased view of us Rolls Royce owners. I shall enquire of my butler if he encounters many people like you on his weekly shopping expeditions.

Facebook Phone rumours are back: And probably true this time

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call it the FaceFone from now on

Just an idea; it's easier to remember than TIFKAM and others.

Verizon staff arrested for stealing customer's nude pics

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Up to a point

I used to develop my own colour slides, because it was an interesting techie thing to do (stereoscopic views using two small viewers stuck together; try it, it works). Once you start printing, that's a big step up. You're right in that it's not 'rocket science', but I'd suggest that it's beyond the immediate capabilities and interest of the majority of people.

Asteroid belts could be key to finding intelligent life

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Re: Pay attention to the axis of time...

They are not saying that life started on the asteroids. They are saying that a stable planetary/asteroid system is required and that the stability is linked to the history of how asteroid quantity and distribution was affected by the planets in a system.

Elephant which speaks: Rare. One which speaks Korean: Even Rarer

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Re: Yes and No

In that case, I'd suggest:

"As the last remaining members of the order Proboscidea ... the elephantidae can use their sizeable larynx ..."

frank ly Silver badge
IT Angle

Is it Hadoop?

First thing I thought of.

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Souse versus scrapple

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It's a long time since I had one of Mr Brain's Faggots in my mouth. (I'd better stop now.)

Virgin offers unlimited action on the cheap

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From Virgin Media T&Cs

"For customers on the Big Data & Texts tariff excessive use over 10GB of data per calendar month will result in their maximum bandwidth being restricted to 3G speeds (384kbit/s) on our network between midday and midnight."

That's not bad actually. Tethering not allowed, as to be expected.

I'm wondering, if I tether my Asus Transformer (running Android) will they notice the difference from my Android phone?

Facebook trial: Tell everyone where you are, have a Wi-Fi peanut

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'Check In' on Facebook, .....

.... open up new browser tab, surf for free?

Sony Xperia T Android smartphone review

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" .. but it lacks Jelly Bean ..."

Can anyone tell me what improvements would be noticeable if an Android phone was upgraded to Jelly Bean from ICS?

When my HTC Incredible went from Gingerbread to ICS, all I noticed was some changes in the UI and definite sluggishness in some operations. I'm very wary of updating the software on working systems that I'm used to.

Analyst slams Apple innovation FAIL

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Re: Simply becuase

I've got an Asus Transformer and I have it docked all the time, using the keyboard and a USB mouse. The tablet thing is fine for e-books and videos but a bit heavy for long term use in the hand/s.

Reaching over the keyboard to touch the screen feels weird and awkward when I can use the mouse from my hand's 'natural rest position'.

Felix Baumgartner sadly turns out to be blinkered FOOL

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Re: Bit harsh

Possibly. He certainly ain't Spartacus.

Uh-oh! Kim Dotcom is back with a brand new Megaupload site

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Re: Far enough the USA were Tards

"He was also moving money about in an attempt to not pay taxes."

Google, Vodaphone, Starbucks, .......etc. It's what legitimate organisations do :)


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" ... it wasn't the network packet flow itself that was encouraging sexual behaviour in the youngsters, but rather that the phone acted as a tool to enable the behaviour."

What an incredible insight.

El Reg acquires wildly dangerous laser cannon (with lightsabre option)

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Is it waterproof?

And is there an ornamental pond nearby with some large Koi in it? Start small and work your way up.

FaceTime now on patent troll list

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Re: Seriously???

Many years ago, I got a fax from the USA delivered to the fax machine where I worked in the UK. I wonder how that happened?

Sandy takes out NYC colo facility

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Re: wow...

I'm sure 'lessons have been learned' so that this will never happen again.

Japanese toilet can save penalty kicks

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Re: Motion analyser?

There is a high-tech Japanese toilet that does medical analysis on the 'motion'. They are becoming more and more capable as time goes by. I for one welcome ....etc.

Publishing giants borg into Random Penguin ... But can it see off Amazon?

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Re: +1 for Random Penguin

It would be a great name for an Ubuntu release, even if it's not the standard structure; but they can't use it now :(

LARGEST BELCH EVER SEEN devastates gassy GIANT Saturn

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" ..the (odourless) gas ethylene."

According to Wikipedia, it has a faint sweet and musky odour. Maybe that is at normal earth temperatures though and it has no odour at 220 K. Has this been tested on a human subject?

Amazon ships Kindle Fire HD, Paperwhite to Brits

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@Andrew and Alan Re: More details needed

I got a Kobo Glo this lunchtime. I have about 75% mobi and 25% epub on my existing (badly organised) collection, usually read using a laptop based reader. So, I'll be organising my collection and converting mobi to epub using Calibre. I've found that some of my epub books cannot have the line spacing/fonts/margins adjusted and will freeze the device if you play around with the adjustment controls.

The way to deal with this is to reconvert them in Calibre with the Look and Feel -> Filter Style Information -> Fonts/Margins checkboxes ticked. This gives you a 'fresh' epub file that can have adjustments made to it, no problem. I'm sure there are all sorts of other practical details that I have yet to learn.

In general, the review sites, even the 'technical' ones, are useless for practical details of real life use of e-book readers; which is why the El Reg commentard community is so useful :)

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Re: More details needed

More research is what I did .....

"Amazon restricts you to only reading books that you download via its own shop. You can squeeze .pdf or Word files onto the Kindle by email, but the popular .epub file format used by many websites and public libraries is not supported."

Looks like the Kobo Glo then.

frank ly Silver badge

More details needed

At £109, the basic model is £9 more than the Kobo Glo (from WH Smith), but the Glo has WiFi .......the Glo doesn't support mobi ........ you can't turn the Paperwhite illumination off ....... Christmas is coming..... need to do more research ......etc.

Fujitsu assigns team of women to design PC for women

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Re: Petticoat 5 - Got it!

BBC TV: Look Around You - Series 2 - Episode 5 - 'Computers'. Yes, it's funny as was the entire series.

"At the moment, there's only one program available for it, and that's a lipstick colour chart."

I have all the episodes on my media library. Well worth obtaining.

Wonder why you live longer than a chimp? Thank your MOTHER IN LAW

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Old women are useful

A theory I read, many years ago, is that the purpose of the menopause is to protect older women becoming pregnant because it is dangerous for them. Leading on from this, from the point of view of success of an organised society, it is vital to have a store of community knowledge - when to plant crops, what herbs are poisonous and which ones have antiseptic properties, etc.

Older, non child bearing women were the ideal repository for this knowledge and the mechanism for sharing it and passing it on; since they don't have the tendency (as old men did) to get killed while out hunting and fighting. The other advantage of older non child bearing women is that they do not represent a threat to younger women since the menfolk can't get them pregnant, hence they can move around a community freely, dispensing advice and useful gossip (or discussion if you prefer). Old men who try to wander round visiting young women for a chat are viewed with suspicion by everybody of course.

This is all old and ancient history and we modern humans are far more advanced and rational nowadays.

How to get your bust in good shape

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Re: I have to ask

I'm sure there's a joke about a Trojan in there.

How Bodyform's farting 'CEO' became a viral sensation

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Have you thought about patenting that novel and inventive process? (Drop the pneumatic tubes and say 'information pathway'). Give it a few years and you could clean up by patent trolling the social networks.

Facebook donates cash seized from spammers to cyber CSI lab

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What happened here?

How can Facebook 'seize' money and then decide to 'donate' it to someone? If I know my neighbour is a drug dealer, can I break into his house, 'seize' any cash I find and then donate it to a drug abuse charity?

I thought that legal authorities have to become involved.

Publicity Stunt of the Week: Ten bizarre phone insurance claims

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Re: I followed that link to the past excuses.

The roof of the car is a convenient place to put small things when you're sorting out your possessions in preparation for a journey. I once lost a packet of cigarettes and a lighter that way.

frank ly Silver badge

@Michael re. 1.

The cow sat down and some idiot had dropped their mobile phone at that exact place in the field.

Gaping network port with easy-to-guess password? You ARE the 79%

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Shouldn't be difficult to block

About a year ago, my router logs showed a spate of 'sniffing' on the ports of my domestic FTP server; coming from IP addresses listed as being in China. The FTP server username and password are _not_ the equipment default values.

After a couple of days, the sniffing stopped - nothing to see here, move along; I suppose.

US patent office prepares to kill off Apple's bounce-back patent

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@Phil Re: This should never have been a problem

The patent is part of the evidence of the case brought against the defendant. The defendant surely has the right to question and attempt to disprove the truth or validity of any evidence against them? No?

In a criminal case (notionally far more serious than commercial actions) the defendant can have evidence rejected if it was obtained using faulty procedures (e.g statements made to police officers in the back of a police car with no legal representative present).

So in a commercial case, why shouldn't the defendant be able to question the validity of a patent?

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