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Foxconn: Our hiring freeze has nothing to do with iPhone 5

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Between the lines

"Due to an unprecedented rate of return of employees following the Chinese New Year holiday compared to years past, ...."

Translation: We were amazed when so many came back to us after we allowed them to leave the factory. The economy must be bad out there.

Yahoo! 'OPTIMISES'! website! for! fondleslabs! AND Facebook!

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Dante was an amateur

"Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles."

It's the Yahoo! circle of hell!

Oklahoma cops rake ashes of 'spontaneous combustion' victim

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Further, the hands, feet and head are generally not closely covered by material that makes a good wick.

A good question would be: have there been cases of apparent SHC where the victim had well defined, uncovered areas of their body that did not suffer serious burning, or had a different kind of burn pattern to covered areas? e.g. bare forearms or bare lower legs?

How private biz can link YOU to 'anonymised' medical data

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All your data monetised for us

It's not just the NHS. When my mother died, after winding up her affairs I had her mail redirected to my address for six months. Soon after, I got a letter addressed to her at my address, from SpecSavers (high street optician). Note: this was not redirected mail from the Post Office - SpecSavers had her name with my address.

I phoned SpecSavers and got put through to their IT deartment (eventually) and was told that the Post Office redirection database was available to 'selected companies'. The IT man told me he would remove her details from the SpecSavers database.

So, if you have an abusive spouse or a stalker and they work for SpecSavers (and other companies who've paid the Post Office I assume), there's no point in moving to try to get away from them - unless you're careful not to use the Post Office redirection service.

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER

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Can you set up a VM, with virtualised hardware that has _all_ characteristics under your control - i.e. hard disk ID number etc.?

If so, you can effectively carry the same 'PC' around with you for many years, running on different host systems. There is a 'soft' ID number on a hard drive that is created when it is formatted, which is a 'random' number based on the date and time during the formatting process. There is a small utility that will change this for you, which can be useful for some types of activity. As I understand it, there is an internal ID number of a HD that cannot be changed. So, can VMs deal with this situation?

Forget Dropbox, here's Drobo-box: Small-biz array meets Barracuda cloud

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Cloudy confusion

I'm always interested in 5GB of free cloud storage, but it seems this is only for people who buy a Drobo 5N box, which is understandable.

Also, there is another cloud storage business called Copycloud which had me on the wrong track initially. I suppose there's a small limit on the number of obvious names for cloud/storage/file-copy companies.

If you do a Google search on Barracuda Networks, there are some interesting things that other people say about them.

From stage to stream: The unseen tech at the BRIT Awards 2013

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I remember fitting many triax connectors to triax cables for a 1553B test rig in the late '80s. Ahhh, those were the days. I wouldn't want to do it again, that's for sure.

Survey: Bosses are DESPERATE and GAGGING for Linux skills

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Re: Help a fella out

I am nothing if not helpful.

BBC: Monster cargo ship delivers '863 million tins of baked beans'

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@ukgnome Re: 70's Maths question of the day

We're all wondering: How do you know how many beans there are in a can? Furthermore, what size of can and what brand?

Mobe networks bag UK 4G for a steal - £1bn shy of Osborne's £3.5bn

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2G for me

I've set my phone to use 2G networks only, with a noticeable improvement in battery life. Try it, live slowly.

MIT boffin teases space-station probe's DARK MATTER DISCOVERY

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re. " ...mythical string physics,..."

String theorists, the Microsoft of the physics world. They're holding us back!

Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge

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Just wondering

Does your iPad boot instantly, or does it return from sleep instantly? There is a difference.

Tesco dials 999 after Clubcard vouchers are 'nicked' online

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re. Tesco passwords

When I renewed my contract with TescoMobile (a simple matter), they sent me an email thanking me for renewing and 'helpfully' telling me what my e-mail address and TescoMobile user password were. As you say, stored in plain text on their servers.

However, the one capitalised letter in my password was shown as lower case. This might have been security by obscurity or it may be that they do case stripping when they accept the password.

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE

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Re: When bubbles collide!

"Let's talk about angles on pins instead."

How many angles can subtend on the head of a pin? That would be a trigonometrical matter.

VMTurbo 'invisible hand' control freak grabs more virty servers

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Wheel - turn - full circle

Does this mean that to save budgets, people will be organising work into overnight batch jobs?

Iceland thinks long and hard over extreme smut web ban law

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Re. interior minister Ögmundur Jónasson,

I hope his nickname is Oggy. I'd love to hear people shouting for him across a crowded room.

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Re: Parental Responsibility

I tend to agree with you in principle Mike, however ...... Consider if 'legal' pornography was in plain simply labelled packages at about two feet off the floor on newsagent's shelves. It's legal, it's not 'on show' to affect innocent minds. You need to pay for it so it can't be casually browsed. So, what's the harm? After all, it's up to parents to stop their children being exposed to this.

Phone-bonker Bump tells desktop users: We swing both ways now

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@h3 Re: Airdroid.

On second thoughts, it was probably 72Mb/s .... I just remember the 72M part.

I was using my Asus Transformer tablet as a WiFi hotspot with my Nexus 4 WiFi connected to it. I used Airdroid on the Nexus 4 and the browser on the Asus tablet (easier than using a browser on a phone). The phone and tablet were a few inches away from each other. The 72M[B-b]/s figure was the one that caught my eye and it was wobbling around a bit but stayed there for a while. I transferred an 80MB file. It was very fast compared to FTP transfer via the domestic router.

This was direct WiFi between two adjacent devices. No router and no internet based host to slow things down.

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Re: Airdroid.

Oh yes. I transfer files between my phone and tablet using Airdroid and a direct WiFi connection. It just works, at about 72MB/s peak.

Brace for MORE ZOMBIE ATTACK ALERT pranks, warns security bod

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".... an alert controller box from Monroe Electronics had been abused ..."

Has it been offered counselling?

Singaporean men in naked web cam extortion scam

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"... what our fecking results rocket!"

It should be "watch our..." Your use of vulgarity is also noted. Report to the Deputy Head at break.

Obama says patent trolls 'extort money', pledges reform

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@Ronald J RileyRe: Grammar

"Socializing software inventions will ..."

What does that mean? e.g. 'Yesterday morning, I socialised four software inventions. Now they can talk and make friends with people.' Is that the sort of thing you mean?

Civilization peaks: BEER-dispensing arcade game created

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@eldel Re: Some hints for beer

"Hi thee south for about 450 miles, find the Stone brewery. "

Starting from where? Why not tell us the destination in the first place? Have you been drinking?

Roast entrepreneur: Mmm, tastes Just Like Chicken

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After I've read ¡Bong!, everything else makes sense

It's wonderful and does explain a lot.

Reg readers scuffle over the ultimate cuppa

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@Lee D

You don't understand the importance of ritual. It's the personal talisman branch of sympathetic magic and it really does make a difference. Ask any dedicated tea drinker.

Kiwi cops to buy 6,500 iPhones, 3,900 iPads

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@Lance 3 re. " ... the closet donut shop ...."

There's a joke in there somewhere.

iOS 6.x hack allows personal data export, free calls

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You're suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Go and install Linux on an old laptop and you'll be fine.

Microsoft exec: No 'Plan B' despite mobile stumbles

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They should have gone with Android

They could have made their own curated and moderated app store and made all the icons larger and square to fill the grid.

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey

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I'm starting to like him

Really, I look forward to reading his posts. We should keep him as a pet. Outside in a kennel of course.

Irony alert: Pirate Bay accuses anti-piracy group of illegal copying

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re. Pirate Bay ship

I always thought they'd copied the Blue Peter badge. (I had one, many years ago.)

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil

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It takes 8 years ...!

... to get a trademark application approved in one country?! That's ridiculous. The Brazilian government must be running on molasses.

Ask Google this impossible question, get web filth as a reward

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@Annihilator Re: There are multiple complex roots

A quick check will show that +/- sqrt(2).i doesn't give -4 if raised to the 4th power.

The other two roots are (-1+i) and (-1-i). If you draw them on the complex plane, the symmetry is obvious (which is how I figured it out).

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Re: Fixed?

-4^(1/4) is the 4th root of -4, which is not -1.4142.... The 2nd (square) root of -4 is 2j (where j is the square root of -1)

I'll leave the 4th root to your imagination and a bit more calculator fondling if you're in the mood.

Forget wireless power for phones - Korea's doing it for buses

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Wet blanket time

"...embed charging into the M25 and you could be sure of everyone in London getting a couple of hours charging daily."

Not everyone in London drives around the M25, or even drives a car. Who is going to pay for the massive infrastructure costs and associated installation disruption costs; and how will the cost be recovered?

What is the running energy efficiency of this system compared to parked charging of electric vehicles and what is the energy cost of the installation?

I'm a cynical and miserable old git and I ask awkward questions, but they must be asked and answered. I have a feeling that the answers will not be satisfactory.

Boffins make bio-chip breakthrough

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re. "Messy collection of data aside, ..."

You're not thinking this through. Combine this breakthrough with DNA from electric eels and fireflies, then the bacterial sensors will be able to send data via bluetooth or by encoded flashes as they lay steaming in the pan.

The possibilities are endless and potentially very entertaining (your sense of humour may vary).

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

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Re: Apps store

> Someone suggested tome that "bad English" .....

Was it a weighty tome? A learned tome? Pedantic minds kneed to now.

Perky smartphone figures can't stop droop of worldwide mobe sales

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Buyers are getting full?

“Tough economic conditions, shifting consumer preferences and intense market competition weakened the worldwide mobile phone market this year,"

I don't understand how 'intense market competition' could weaken sales.

Eventually, perhaps soon, everybody who wants a feature/smart phone will have one and then the market will be limited to upgrades and replacements - until the 'next big must have thing' comes along.

It would be interesting to see figures for sales of second hand mobile phones, from eBay etc. to gauge the total number of people buying phones.

Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

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Re: 1984

Stop slouching over your keyboard JamesC! Sit up straight and at least try to look interested.

Is social networking good for anything more than cat pics?

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Re: I see what your problems is

I'll try to remember the password for my LinkedIn account and see if anyone's been looking at my profile.

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I see what your problems is

"LinkedIn offers a feature ... that lets me see who has viewed my profile. I check it once or twice a day ..."

There it is.

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

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@HMB Re: Android Honeymoon Over

The Nexus 4 doesn't have the 'old' Android browser, it has Chrome baked in. You're right in that the old browser had very nice reflow.

Every 'upgrade' I've seen; Froyo -> Gingerbread -> ICS -> JB, has removed useful functionality from the device.

The Froyo -> Gingerbread update removed the ability to have local/private calendar events.

Gingerbread -> ICS did something that pissed me off but I worked around it and have forgotten what it was.

The ICS -> JB update removed the ability of the OS to recognise phone numbers in text and html files and then feed them to the dialler when you touched them. That pissed me off because it meant that my local 'telephone and e-mail directory' didn't work anymore. I've moved to Colornote which has built in phone number recognition and active links between notes.

Also, in JB, the Google Play Services now form a key part of data synchronisaton and _must_ be active, as I found out when I disabled it. The reason I disabled it was to stop it pushing crap music and old books onto my phone. Eventually I found out how to dig deep into the Chrome synchronisation settings to stop it doing that.

I won't be accepting the latest 'upgrade' until it's been out for at least a few weeks and I've read the comments and discussions on the serious techie forums.

Every change of this nature is geared towards removing the user's ability to have local storage and privacy, away from Google's oversight and control. I'm getting pissed off with Google and disenchanted with Android, but I suppose that I'm not really part of their target market.

DropBox seeks to woo IT admins with team data controls

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Drop Dropbox for Box

Box have recently upgraded my 5GB freebie personal account to 50GB. I asked them if this was a promotion that would expire and they told me that it's permanent. The Box PC sync application was also made available to me (it was previously paying clients only, I think) and I can choose which folders and sub-folders are synced to my PC.

As might be expected, they have apps for Android etc. and I use the third-party Folder Sync (paid version) to synchronise one of my Box folders to an Android folder.

I've no idea how well they perform compared to Dropbox or if their T&Cs are 'good', but for personal use they are worth looking at.

New cunning linguist computer has got ancient tongues licked

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Can it work the other way round?

If it 'knows' the processes and patterns by which spoken language changes, can that process be applied to modern English (compared with older and ancient forms) in order to predict how it will be spoken in, say, 300 years time?

I realise that the modern world has a massive level of cultural exchange and pressure for language change than any previous natural process. It would be interesting to try it though.

3 million Freesat receivers now out there, and boxes to get YouTube

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A cave dweller writes:

"...Brits average six viewing devices per household, including PVRs, TVs and set-top boxes, ..."

I ought to get out of my cave more and learn about this stuff. I haven't watched television for six years; not since I packed the tv away when I did a major redecoration of the living room and never got round to unpacking it.

(iPlayer on my laptop gets used about once a fortnight when I'm bored and desperate for diversion.) Have I missed much?

Shocked jocks' O2 calls crossed with Brummies, now everyone's cross

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Re: Nothing like a bit of institutional racism is there?

It's a lot easier to say than "people of Scottish origin, ancestry, residence, nationality, dialect or accent".

US company aims patent-gun at Australia’s e-health system

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One offs are different?

Disregarding the validity of the patents, which has been well commented on already, I thought that patent protection only applied to people or organisations who were producing an infringing item/system for general sale.

e.g. If I had the ability and resources, I could produce an exact copy of an iPad and use it for my personal use with no legal redress from Apple. (I'm not considering the trademark aspects here, just the patents, though my reasoning also applies too the trademark.) As long as it's for my personal use and I don't try to sell it.

Similarly, I can ask someone else to produce an exact copy of an iPad for my personal use and that would also be ok, provided that I had specifically asked them to do that and that did not make a habit of doing this for lots of people.

If the Australian government (or any individual) specifically asks for one specific computer system to be built to its own requirements, in terms of characteristics and methods, then it doesn't matter if any patents cover that system because it is not being built/sold for general sale.

IANAL so can a legal beagle please comment?

Apple said to develop curved glass iWatch with Foxconn

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How would you calibrate it?

Review: HP Spectre XT TouchSmart

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re. Gloss screen

Sighs. I suppose you could stick a matte screen protector on it, as I do with my phones. Apart from the 'speckle' finish on bright areas they work well and you get used to the 'speckle'. (For a 15" screen, putting it on without getting several particles of dust under it would be an exercise in hope and swearing.)

Illicit phone rings in Sri Lankan inmate's back crack

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Re: charging

I've been thinking about four or five galvanised steel buckets, filled with urine, with copper foil suspended in them, connected in series as a battery. Would this work? Have I thought of the correct materials?

Note: This is a serious engineering problem, so no sniggering and no off-colour jokes please.

AT LEAST two-thirds mobile traffic will be video by 2017 - Cisco report

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@Ace Rimmer Re: Data cap anyone?

I asked about the FUP on the One Plan (which allows tethering) in a Three shop and was told that it's 100GB a month. The guy told me that if you pump more than 3GB a day for 3 consecutive days, then they send you a polite warning e-mail (I could live with that). I forgot to ask if the FUP figure was printed in the contract or Ts&Cs.

Note that the SIM only One Plan is a rolling one month contract so they could easily pull and replace Ts&Cs.

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