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Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

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re. "... some sort of elite tasting team and bacon sarnies."

I'll work for free and I'll wash up afterwards. (I used to play Frontier Elite, I have good taste and I've eaten many bacon sarnies).

Malware-flingers can pwn your mobile with over-the-air updates

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Something similar happened to me

Sometime last year, an organisation called HTC pushed out a software change to my Incredible-S phone, codenamed 'ICS Update', which noticeably slowed it down and changed the GUI in way that made it confusing to use as well as reducing the battery life.

They did this by using 'social engineering' in conjunction with an entity called Google that fed stories to the press saying that ICS was smoother and faster and had efficiencies that improved battery life, even on older phones. You have to be careful and you can't trust anyone.

'Quantum fridge' gets close to absolute zero

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Operating conditions?

Am I right in assuming that this assembly is supposed to operate in a bath of liquid Helium, or similar arrangement? The figure of 700pW of (local?) cooling power is amazing when you consider the amount of heat that must flow into the copper block, even if it were immersed in very cold liquid Helium. Have I got this right?

Farewell, Reg: This hack is hanging up her Apple jacket

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Oh wow

You really do have a full apple jacket. Be careful not to make any hollow points at the WSJ ;)

Good luck :)

Chinese officials wring hands over Google's Android dominance

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Correction for modern times

"One of the main roles of government is to be paranoid _ABOUT_ its populace ..."

Brit comic-book-guy-vs-gangsters film goes straight to Xbox Live

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When the XBox comes in

"It's a great fit," Xbox Live product manager Pav Bhardwaj said. "The film is really well aligned with our audience."

How does he know this? Market research?

Tesco: Every little (effort to kill Amazon, Spotify) helps

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more Tesco digital stuff

Tescomobile (running over the O2 network) have some very good value SIM only deals, including some rolling monthly contracts which are useful if you don't like long term tie-ins. They seem to be embracing digital data in a big way.

Chinese search giant Baidu launches free AV

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Not long to go ...

I'm waiting for jake's thoughts on Chinese AV products and what their real purpose is.

Military-industrial patent troll demands BEEELLIONS from Cisco

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Re: Following the tried and true patent troll recipe

If Microsoft were hit for $200 million and Apple had to pay $368 million, why are they saying that Cisco should pay them 'only' $258 million if Cisco is the whale?

Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma

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Re: Bah, humbug

A small colour e-ink display should be easy enough to manufacture, maybe with a limited colour set. The relatively low number of pixels would give a reasonable frame refresh rate for information display. They might even be able to adequately display the moving second-hand of a clock so that you could have a continuous time indicator on your wrist. That would be quite an achievement.

4G operators move into new homes in the spectrum 'hood

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Re: and so will likely suffer more than the rest

I've got it. You're Eadon's brother and you're a 3fan with an irrational dislike of EE. It's to be expected that this sort of thing runs in families.

FoundationDB uncloaks ACID-compliant NoSQL beta

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Re: PR replaces journalism

I remember when Acme used to release jet-powered roller skates, exploding corn and similarly exciting products. They've just stopped innovating.

Japanese govt: Use operator-run app stores, not Google Play

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@AC 13:51 Re: Contacts

Well, excuse me for not going through all the possibilities. My phone contacts are not Google contacts or SIM contacts either and Android doesn't need access to them in order to sync. The two examples I gave are just the obvious ones for an Android phone especially for someone who seems to be new to Android. The OP made a statement about Android syncing, which I believe was incorrect. I explained something using two examples.

Stick to the point instead of taking cheap imaginary shots.

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Re: Google Play is a failure

I agree with you that it seems unreasonable (and maybe suspicious) that an app which had nothing to do with phone calls is able to read your phone state and the numbers you have called. The explanation I read was that the permissions are too coarse: e.g. a developer who needs to know if the phone is ringing (for incoming) so they can pause music play has to have access to 'Phone stuff' which is so coarse as to include all phone stuff, not just the elements they really need.

As for the forced Facebook thing on your phone, that is a deal between the phone maker or mobile provider who put it on there before you bought it. I don't have that crap on my phone (Nexus 4). I have other crap :)

"Android can't even sync without you giving all your contact information to Google. Sod that!"

You need to spend time in the deeper settings menus, where you can select which google services are synced and which are not. Note: If you're worried about syncing your Google contacts, Google already have your Google contacts (think about it). If it's the phone SIM based contacts you're worried about, then your statement is simply not correct and you need to learn more details about syncing information on Android phones.

WHY would survey-slingers give YOU a free $1,500 Google Glass?

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Re: A novel idea

If you're wearing Google Glass, nobody will hook up with you - unless, maybe, they're wearing Google Glass.

Huawei CEOs are 'migratory birds'

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Built in redundancy

This seems like a good idea, once the CEO team have had a few rotations to give and get experience. If the current CEO dies or goes obviously insane, they just push the body to one side and plug in a proven and acceptable replacement. No panic, no wondering if the new one is up to it - smooth transition.

Evernote joins the notably hackable club

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Re: Macs?

The attack and intrusion was against the Evernote servers, I figured that out from reading the article. So, unless Evernote have a warehouse full of networked Macs, running some kind of distributed server, then the intrusion was not due to a vulnerability in Macs.

Health pros: Alcohol is EVIL – raise its price, ban its ads

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More strange thinking

"... alcohol advertising should only be permitted in newspapers and other adult press."

Because children can't buy newspapers and wouldn't read one even if you gave them one. Eh?

Sergey Brin emasculated after HORROR smartphone disaster

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re. "...just look at the amount of money men now spend on hair gel."

Are you jealous because they still have hair to put gel on? I know I am. I used to be able to wear tight trousers and not look ridiculous - sighs.

Raspberry Pi-powered Tardis blasts off from 'Blighty's Baikonur'

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Just wondering -

- are there any laws/regulations/limitation on 'hobbyist' release of payload carrying balloons? e.g. payload size/mass limit or prohibited places where you can't release?

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal

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I've said it before -

"Broadcaster Sky ... told the City this morning that it planned to buy 02 and BE's home broadband, phone and fixed-line rental customers for £180m."

- We are regarded as farm animals, to be bought, sold, milked and rendered.

Cambridge boffins reveal prehistoric prawn monster

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Re: ... nervous system extended beyond the head.

If the 'body' is just a digestive tube with food processing and fat storage, then it doesn't need any kind of nervous system. Even a primitive heart could have evolved to beat at a constant rate. A chemical messaging and feedback-control system does a good job of controlling much of our 'modern' bodies with no awareness or nervous system control.

Google open sources very slow compression algorithm

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Re: Heh… Zopfli

It can't be called a .jar file (which is a shame), so I hope they call it a .zop file.

Baidu offers English-speaking devs chance to crack China

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interesting possibilities

"...“huge amounts” of free cloud storage, which can be passed onto users;..."

Does this mean I could set up a Dropbox-like service with public key encryption so that users could send secure private messages to each other and also store their personal and confidential information in a hosted Chinese cloud?

SHIELD Act proposed to make patent trolls pay

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Re: exuberant at recieving a lawyers bill

"... an exuberant amount of money ..."

It's the money that's exuberant. Money loves to be spent.

Big Blue touts superfast analogue-digital converter

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data rate explanation?

An 8-bit ADC performing a billion (10^9) conversions a second produces a data output stream of 8 Gb/s. How does this correspond to the claim that it would enable 100 Gb/s communications? Also, as mutatedwombat has said, 8-bit resolution is 'crap', for anything involving audio/video.

There may be some analogue processing on radio antennae signals that could be done in 8-bit digital, so can anyone comment on that?

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

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I feel a bit more relaxed now

"Music fans shouldn't have to worry that sites distributing music online are illegal and unethical. "

I've been worrying about this for a long time. Now they've shut down these bad sites, I can relax and happily download stuff from my usual site.

Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware

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Do your civic duty

" ...The cameras should bring in 100 million roubles ($3.2m) per month in speeding fines, ..."

Break the speed limit often, to assist the finances of your home town.

4G, quad-core, pah. Now connect the next billion bods to mobile web

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" ... 10 per cent of internet growth causes GDP to rise by 1.2 per cent ..."

Isn't this a case of confusing correlation with causality?

Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

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Valid tactics

Being 'heavily intoxicated' may be a very good way of gaining an advantage over the machines. Their internal assessment and prediction algorithms wouldn't be able to cope well with a drunken adversary.

"Dad, the machines are coming." "Ok son, take the whiskey bottle to your mother and bring me the crystal meth."

Larry Ellison buys airline

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You're all missing the point

A techno-plutocrat now has a private island. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Apple CEO Cook's investor-meeting reveal: 'Dog bites man'

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Re: Sideshow Bob..

I remember that episode :)

Judge bins Apple's plea to slash $368m FaceTime patent damages

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Re: Well About Time

Some things, and some people, can't be improved no matter how hard anyone tries.

Stop saying 'Cyber Pearl Harbor,' RSA boss pleads

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"... and the cost in terms of reputation that victims could face. "

Reputation is very important of course; especially for banks and major corporations who need our trust to operate. The reputations of banks and major corporations must be protected at all costs.

Google Chrome feature helps you silence noisy tabs

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it all depends on which premium

Tabs down the side has the advantage that it doesn't reduce 'precious' vertical space for a web page. But, that means the tabs are more likely to accordion into one another, since vertical space is at a premium.

Australian supercomputer to use geothermal cooling

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Re: Geothermal for cooling?

I was surprised to read about 'water-short Perth'. As you indicate, they have a vast and effectively unlimited supply of water nearby.

You've made an app for Android, iOS, Windows - what about the user interface?

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Re: First Direct

I remember when First Direct wrote to me telling me details of how to logon to their website to control and monitor my First Direct account. I immediately destroyed (by burning) all personal identity portions of those documents. Very soon after, the technical and national press carried stories about security breaches on a major banking website. Banking apps on an Android phone ........hmmmm.

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re. " ... junky dory ..."

I'm sure this is the opposite of what you meant, and I can understand how it happened. Thank you for accidentally coining a new expression. You may be forgotten one day, but 'junky dory' will live on :)

Mobile operators look to Firefox to beat back Google, Apple

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re. " ... the dumb pipes they really are ..."

Yep. The Post Office don't take a percentage of the value of cheques I post in the mail. My cable internet ISP don't take a percentage of the credit card and Paypal payments I make using the internet. They just shovel my data, which is what I pay them for. Why do the mobile operators think they can interfere and dip their fingers into any data transactions between me and a vendor?

Itsy-bitsy Wi-Fi brings pay-by-bonk to all

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Is that a bonking wallet in your pocket?

... or are you just pleased to buy stuff from me?

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

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Use 'Request Policy'

I recommend the use of the Request Policy plug-in for Firefox. It blocks all requests to third party websites and indicates that it is doing so. Then, you can temporarily or permanently lift the block for all requests to that site or only requests from the site you're using at that time. (It's easier to understand if you just use it and play with it.)

On many sites I use, there are an amazing number of third party sites that are blocked by Request Policy without my use of the originating site being affected at all. If an image is blocked, it shows the image box as greyed out with a little red flag in the middle that can be clicked to indicate the name of the site being blocked.

The first time you use it, there is the minor frustration of having to go through the list it presents and deciding which ones to allow, since many sites use third party sites to deliver required content. However, I feel it's worth it to avoid the shedload of crap and all the inevitable tracking stuff that will be there.

Quantum computer one step closer after ‘true’ quantum calculation

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Re: Reg: May I propose....

You lose additional points for misspelling 'Treknobabble'.

Official: Cloud computing invented by two technophobic old geezers

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Are those candle-holders for sale?

If so, you need to get them up to speed with data mining techniques, referencing all their previous sales and searching Google etc. for potential leads.

Official: More than 7 million Brits have NEVER accessed the interwebs

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" ...brief sessions on Google to find out the latest butterfly facts or something similar."

Ahhh, Painted Ladies and Red Admirals, phwoooar.

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'Ole Juul : Re: Not surprising, but nice to see some stats

Thank you for that well explained and thoughtful response.

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Re: Not surprising, but nice to see some stats

"... disabled people are often hooked on drugs ...."

Do you mean 'dependent on strong prescription medication', or do you mean 'addicted to illegal drugs'? If the latter then that is very worrying. If your 'local' experience is in fact common, then this is a tragedy.

Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter hipsters exposed in Zendesk data raid

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Familiarity -> Contempt -> Amusement

I've stopped being surprised by this sort of thing and the armchair indignation faded after a while. Now, I just smile and shake my head. Why, oh why ...... awwww, forget it, lol.

Over 100,000 sign White House petition for handset unlocking

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@Efros Re: Cut my ties

"Moved to a PAYG outfit who offer unlimited voice/text/data for $45 a month, you just have to pay full price for the phones. "

That isn't what I'd call Pay As You Go, here in the UK. That's what we call a SIM only contract. PAYG is when you buy and load credit onto your phone account which then gets reduced when you consume minutes/texts/data. I wonder why the difference in terminology?

Apple files 'iWatch' patent application

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Re: In Redmond Microsoft fire the photo copiers up.

I started reading without even looking at who wrote it. By the time I got to the end of the first short paragraph, I knew it was you. You have a certain style.

Obama's new cyber-security tactics finger corrupt staff, China

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A sleeping giant awakes

"These acts also diminish US export prospects around the globe and put American jobs at risk."

So, they're going to do something about that unpatriotic group of American companies that have their manufacturing done in China? I skim read it; have I understood this correctly?

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