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Operators look on in horror as Facebook takes mobe users Home

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Re: The Orange home screen on my phone (2011) was nice

Can't you Disable it in the Apps settings? I disabled it on my old HTC Incredible running ICS, which I think was the first version that lets you do this. I've also disabled notifications from the Google Play store, because they really are annoying.

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Re: The difference between Facebook and e.g. Vodafone 360

" ...their total inability to cooperate.."

From the article: "... operators were frightened of Nokia's dominance ....."

People who aren't trustworthy have difficuly in trusting other people.

Library ebooks must SELF-DESTRUCT if scribes want dosh - review

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Re: "...digital copies of books should "deteriorate"..."

I smell a buggy whip manufacturer. Change is bad (for us)!

Star Trek phaser sells for a STUNNING $231,000

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re. Kirk, left, and McCoy

I know it's a polite and sensible convention, but is there anybody here who would need that information?

Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD

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Re: Techology and Faith

" ...your Newtonian/Atheistic world view ......."

You're preaching to the converted. Most people here are non-Newtonian and some are very spooky. I myself hold a Quantum-Mechanical/Pantheistic universe view. If you want to make a point, you need to slide into one of those universes where Einstein etc didn't happen.

Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

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re. Maps and Routes

If they'd fly in a direct path then they'd be able to fly through 'better' air, and save fuel too, perhaps reducing global warming a bit in the process.

Facebook VOICE is what telco barons should fear - not a Zuckermobe

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telcos .... dumb bit carriers..

What else can they be? They carry customer voice, SMS and internet data and it's up to the customers what 'value' they place on the conversations and the data that is transferred - with the OTT players helping the customers independently of any telco input to the value-added process.

If the telcos want a slice of the pie, they will have to create a service or value-added 'thing' that customers are willing to pay for. They can of course block VOIP and whatever detectable activity they like, but if they do that then it will lead to a backlash and legislation against them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, have had years to create and develop their value-added 'thing' and are well established with enourmous user-bases. What could the telcos provide, even if they tried?

Parking ticket firm 'exposed private info' - ICO making enquiries

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Re: Website

That URL has a 'website unavailable' response at the moment; I wonder why? Does this even deserve the title of 'URL injection attack'; and which idiot(s) designed the website? It's name and shame time.

Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs

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Re: It's whether the degree is *hard* or *soft*

Eadon is still upset because none of those socialist girls on the Humanities degree courses wanted to practice their breeding techniques with him.

Spooky action at a distance is faster than light

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I _know_ that I don't understand quantum mechanics, so what does this imply for my entangled identical twin? (Everyone in our family says that we are spooky.)

Apple handed victory in Samsung text-selection patent case

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Let us not forget ....

... the humble highlighter marker. Apple just copied that, as everybody did. Motor car designers copied the idea of a wheel at each corner of a cart - etc.

NORKS closes South-Korea-run industrial enclave

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re. business boffin

I thought it was understood that the word 'boffin' could only be used to describe someone with extreme technical and scientific ability; someone who even other engineers and scientists had difficulty in following. Being a professor does not make one a boffin. Business and marketing, etc, people can't be boffins no matter how good they are. Yes, I'm a snob.

Facebook skins Android with Facebook Home

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Re: Sorry - already sold my soul to google

Facebook can sell you a refurbished soul - slightly tarnished, one careless owner.

Got a Sophos Web Protection box? Make sure it's up to date

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Shakes head

Is it actually possible to create an OS/app/device/appliance or website/etc that does not have security holes in it? You'd think that large corporations who specifically operate in the subject area would know what they are doing, .... but no. I'd have thought that all the potential security vulnerabilities would be known and understood by now?

RAF graduates first class of new groundbased 'pilots'

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Can you just say 'per ardua terram'? (It's 40 years since I wrangled latin grammar, after which I forgot most of it.)

Hate being stalked by Facebook? Why not try Google+ stalking

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Riiiiiigt ......

...., because I want every marketard in the world to know my Google identity and Gmail address.

Kiwi boffins bid up Earth-like planet prediction

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Re: Beelion is Oz

I thought UK was 'fash and chaps' and ZAR was 'fesh and cheps'. (I say 'fish and chips'.)

Australia to reveal tech giants' tax tricks

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@Jolyon Smith Re: One can only presume...

That was an amazing example of digging yourself into a hole. Remember, if you misuse an analogy then it will bite you.

Animal Liberation drone surveillance plan draws fire

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Bang! ...

It was coming right at me!

Amazon joins Dropbox clones, hints at cloud storage margins

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Re: A fool and his data

That's why you encrypt the important/personal files and use more than one cloud provider - and keep a copy on your PC and an external drive at home.

What I'd like to see is some kind of 'storage management' application that does this automagically for specified folders.

World's first petaflops super dumped on scrap heap

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Re: Paying to keep it running.

I've said it before but I'll say it again: Put large 'supercomputer' installations in cold northern cities where the waste heat can be sold on to provide heating for the surrounding buildings. That would reduce the running costs.

Some people will say, "But I don't want to go work in a cold northern city." Well, you don't have to because there's fibre optic comms and the internet.

(Flames: heat - useful and valuable)

Cricketer the face of in-car heads-up satnav

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re. 'yewie'

I realise this may seem pedantic, but I think it should be written as 'U-ie'.

Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix

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Orvell was his brother and had a good career as a stand-up comedian. Not many people know that.

Flash man: Headcount at my company is UP not DOWN

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Handbags at dawn? ....

.... on 1st April?

Second International Cat Video Festival coming to Oakland CA

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I have a bad feeling about this

"So far Dusty's owners claim he has stolen 213 dish towels, .......and other miscellaneous objects."

They need to check around the neighbourhood for reports of missing electronic devices, batteries, guns, ammunition, etc.

Jobs' first boss Nolan Bushnell: 'Steve was difficult but valuable'

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re. ".. radical things that resonate."

Sounds like a snappy title for a book.

WTF is... the Quantified Self?

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re. Sebastiaan ter Burg

Shouldn't that be Sebastiaan ter Borg?

Apple files patent for iPhone with wraparound display

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@Def Re: Is it just me?

" ... - if it weren't for those pesky buttons on the side."

With a touch sensitive surface, there would be no need for buttons. You'd just use swiping or whatever gestures in place of physical controls. For an audio connection, you'd have to use bluetooth (or similar) and it would use wireless charging. When turned off, it would appear to be a featureless black rectangular slab - very cool.

Wisconsin man cuffed over Koch-blocking DDoS attack

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You learn something new every day

I didn't know that Koch Industries was run by Anonymous.

Egyptian navy captures divers trying to cut undersea internet cables

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Cable location

Just north of the port of Alexandria, hmm. That sounds like a silly place to put an undersea cable in the first place.Why not lay it in a place where ships are not likely to drop anchor in an emergency or just because it seems sensible at the time?

Google Translate for Android adds offline translation option

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Re: Google Translate: An endless source of humour and embarasment

I realise it's not quite the same thing, but in English for the spoken use of 'there', 'they're' and 'their', the meaning can be determined by context. Do you find that context is any use at all for listening to Vietnamese and does it help Vietnamese people understand your mispronounciations?

Blighty's revolutionary Cold War teashop computer - and Nigella Lawson

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re. Minerva Road, Acton

In the mid '80s, Minerva Road in Acton was the location of an old established electronics company who's name I've forgotten. I know this because I went for an interview there. Also, in Acton, there was an outpost of Ferranti, before they imploded. Does anyone else remember this? (I hope so, otherwise I'm having false memory syndrome.)

Forget the invisibility cloak: Boffins invent INVISIBILITY FISHNETS

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I was puzzled (normal state) ...

.. as to how this could work to cloak a target from a microwave detector/imager. Then I followed the link to the paper, where it states that they used a dielectric rod as the 'target'. I have a feeling that it wouldn't work with a metal rod.

Swedish linguists nix new word after row with Google

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Thumb Up

Re: To the tune of "Oh Canada" (and with some artistic licence...)

Apology accepted!

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@Nicho re. 'google the un-googleable'

I think we should use the excellent Swedish word, 'ogooglebar' so the expression becomes 'google the ogooglebar'. This can be used to mean a futile search or effort, done with good but naive intentions.

e.g. "Larry, stop googling the ogooglebar and do something useful.", or, "Oh, poor Mary, she's always googling the ogooglebar."

Let's make a serious effort to use and spread this?

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@Ragequit Re: huh

"... try to stay hip ..."

I wish you wouldn't use slang in your comments dude.

After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real

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Re: Don't bring Lucy Meadows into this...

" ... those who have taken their lives because of media reporting."

What 'proof' do you have that those people took their life because of press involvement? If you say there is 'no proof' for one particular person, then you must know of 'proof' for the other people. Do tell us.

'End the commercial-in-confidence CROOKS' CHARTER', gov told

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You couldn't make it up

So, a lawyer employed by a government department used his legal magic to stop the goverment's own CIO from having a look at what was going on in the department?

You couldn't make it up, unless you were a scriptwriter for Yes Minister.

Google turns South African schools into White Spaces

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@Frankee Llonnygog Re: Google would be more successful here...

Too soon?

Mobile location data identifies individuals

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@Pat 11 Re: location markers

"They knew which cell towers they had connected to. The point is that the cell usage pattern is fairly unique, ..."

Only fairly unique? :)

It's not just the cell you are connected to that is used. Data from attempts to connect to other cells are also used and the resulting signal strength data can be used to triangulate your position. Using just the mobile data signal in my phone (i.e. not GPS and not WiFi) Google Maps can place me within a few streets of where I am. The mobile phone companies have access to much better quality data from their tower records, especially the local signal strength maps around those towers and so can triangulate your position with greater accuracy.

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location markers

If you know that a person was at a particular private home, followed by a particular place of work; then of course it is very easy to identify them. For most people, daily activities involve being at one place for a certain amount of time, followed by being at another place for some time, often with an unchanging route between the two places. I could have figured that out.

CERN re-opens 'Animal Shelter for Computer Mice'

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Re: Good one...

Why did you have to return the toner and office supplies? You just phone the supplier, tell them they were very stupid to send goods that had not been ordered and that they have 30 days to collect them before they get thrown away and that your handling and storage fee must be paid before collection.

Sony joins iWear face-off

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"...LG also hopes to attach itself both to eyeballs and to arms,..."

As a parasite or as a symbiote, or just a helpful friend?

Lightspeed variable say intellectuels français

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re. "...the permissivity of vacuum,..."

That would be 'permittivity' in English. It may be that 'permissivity' is the French word.

Nanowires boost photovoltaics sunlight capture by 15X

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Re: Not sure about this - a further thought

If the nanowire is comparable in size to the wavelength of the light, then it could be acting as a monopole antenna, thus delivering electrical energy to the substrate. In which case, the photovoltaic effect is being supplemented by a traditional/classic electromagnetic antenna, on a very small scale. So, the theoretical limit of photovoltaic efficiency would stand but the device would be a dual mode energy converter.

@JeffyPooh - Yes, those numbers need looking at and thinking about.

frank ly Silver badge

Not sure about this

"The light-concentrating effect occurs because the wavelength of the light traversing the nanowaires is smaller than the nanowires themselves, thus causing resonance of the light in and around the nanowires."

The wavelength of light is smaller than many structures you could mention, so this can't be the 'because', surely?

Is it because the wavelength is comparable to the thickness of the nanowires?

Branson, Berners-Lee, Google, £2m: LET'S SAVE THE WORLD

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Am I being cynical .....

.... or does anyone else think that the Terms & Conditions of entry will be that Google can use any ides that are presented? Maybe I'm wrong; maybe the T&C will say that the intellectual property of the entries will remain with the charity submitting them and that Google will not use the information or pass it on to any third party.

Nokia deflates Google's video codec thought bubble

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@AC 04:42 Re: @Trevor_Pott

" ... patents are specifically for the purpose of preventing certain kinds of competition"

That really is shallow thinking and shallow knowledge of history.

Google patent filing suggests Glass will be ULTIMATE REMOTE

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Patently obvious?

If Google are awarded this patent, will it mean that Apple can't do a similar thing with their 'wearable' personal iWatch device thing?

You have a portable, personal display device, with wireless network comms - you have other comms compatible devices nearby - they can communicate with each other -> This 'invention' is obvious. My Dell laser printer already tells me when it's low on paper or toner or whatever. It does it by an alert notification popup on my personal, portable laptop screen.

All I need to do is wear the laptop on a tray strapped from my shoulders and I'd be in violation of Google's patent.

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Re: This is awesome

How will you feel when your imaginary friends say that you're mad?

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