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The great $45m bank cyber-heist: Seven New Yorkers cuffed

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Re: "shot dead at his house while playing dominoes"

Many retail outlets now have small portable card readers that have a wireless link to the shop's server, especially if the staff have to walk around to customers. ( My dentist's reception desk also has one of these, maybe because it's more convenient that a cabled reader or a fixed one.)

In a restaurant, the staff would present you with the bill and the reader, put your card in the reader for you and ask you to enter the amount on the reader keyboard, press Enter, then your PIN and press Enter; hinting that a tip added to the amount would be most welcome. The card never leaves your sight.

If they have a payment desk, it's the same process but the card reader is fixed to an adjustable stand of some kind. Many people, especially in large groups dining out, prefer to leave cash on the table as a tip, knowing that that staff are more likely to get it if it lands in their hands directly.

Boffins' invisible magnetic ring pieces: Next-gen mobe emitters

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Star Trek - tractor beam - amiable old man ?.....

It's Khan!!

Yes! It's the NFC phone-bonk doorbell app AT LAST

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(stop laughing at the back)

I'm not laughing, I'm crying.

TARDIS materialises in Sydney

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" ... Dr Who homewares, a range of crockery and other kitchen kit."

That's it. It's jumped the flying shark.

Don't bake your Raspberry Pi - now you can WATER COOL it

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Re: Neat, but why not just add a heatsink?

I think Piro means a passive heat sink, not an active pumped fluid one. Even better, maybe, get a dead laptop and take that wicking fluid heat pipe thing out of it and adapt it to the Pi CPU.

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Benedict Cumberpatch may be good, but ......

..... he's not a patch on Benedict Cumberbatch.

NORKS powers down whole towns to find pirates

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A clever alternative would be to swap it for a DVD player that is permanently loaded with a DVD containing copies of the beloved leader's TV appearences; thus 'proving' that you are a loyal citizen.

Plans for fully 3D-printed gun go online next week

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Re: Pathetic Journalism

"Liberals wouldn't ...."

I thought you said the author is a left winger? You need to learn more about this subject - maybe you're a liberal.

10-day stubble: Men's 'socio-sexual attributes' at their best

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Re: Curious to know...

In my experience, it's about the 10 day mark that is the most ticklish and irritating. Maybe the judgement of 10 days growth as most attractive is because the women can figure out they are looking at a man who can tolerate adversity and irritation well?

Impoverished net user slams 'disgusting' quid-a-day hack

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@Amonynous Re: Here be a FLAME

I don't think my horse is particularly high.

My point wasn't about grammatical niceties; it was about Eadon's use of the ship analogy to argue against the use of he/she for a person.

I know that 'sex' refers to biological characteristics - hence my point that a ship does not have an inherent sex. No inanimate object has an inherent sex, bacteria and various other life forms do not have have an inherent sex. People do have an inhernet sex, hence our use of different genders with certain words.

The use of 'gender' to refer to social/cultural differences is an affectation used by academics who don't want people to giggle when they talk about their work.

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Re: Here be a FLAME

"When talking about a ship, you don't say, "There he/she sails".

No you don't, because a ship being an inanimate object does not have an inherent sex and it is only by convention and general cultural agreement that ships are given the feminine pronoun.

You could make an equivalent 'convention' argument about people of unknown sex being given the masculine pronoun (in fact, you did), but the situation with people is totally different as are the cultural and social arguments for/against this convention. So, please don't use that analogy.

Dunkin' Donuts temps S Korea with ultrasonic tags

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Breakfast Dining ???

Are they incapable of pouring out cornflakes and milk for themselves in the morning, or making porridge in less than 5 minutes in the microwave?

Japan's XP migration solution: Remove network cable

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Fixes and stuff ....

"This will mean an end to free security patches and fixes for knackered code – exposing organisations to a host of potential info-security risks."

The end to fixes, in itself, will not expose organisations to security risks, because they are already exposed and have been exposed for the past ten years. Fixes are used to, er .....fix things.

There is lots of office/admin work that does not need internet connectivity so why don't they organise their internal structure so that all the XP machines are on a network devoted to internal work? I used to work for a company that had two networks - one was totally internal and was used for product develoment, documentation, internal e-mail, no possibility of connection to the outside world ..............

I'll stop there - you all know this. Somebody needs to tell the Japanese prefecture about all this.

Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

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I could hear the irony ....

and see the twisted smile when the author wrote that comment. It's interesting how people see/hear things in different ways.

Is it me or did cloud marketing suddenly get really weird?

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re. Bootnote

I've had an idea for a jewel encrusted wireless mouse that can be worn around the neck as a stylish pendant. Fund me via Kickstarter to get an early limited edition with your initials inlaid using sapphire (for men) or rose quartz (for women).

'Facebook, Twitter, Google: Ad companies masquerading as tech ones'

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If Google is a media company masquerading as a tech company .....

.... then why don't WPP develop and build their own search engine etc. and cut out the Google-man? Could it be that they don't have the ability, because they are not a tech company?

Samsung to block mobile app store in Iran as sanctions bite

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Sidestepping Sanctions

They'll have to learn how to sideload apps. It's not difficult.

Virgin Media: SO SORRY we fined your dead dad £10 for unpaid bill

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@insanity Re: When my mother died

" ... your debts as well as your assets make up your estate, and that is all inherited by your next of kin."

Your statement implies that debts are inherited - they are not. Any creditor can make a claim against the estate of a deceased person but the claim is against the estate, not the person who inherits the estate. If your mother/father dies, with zero formal/recorded assets and debts of £500 (lets say), then you, the child of the deceased, do not owe the creditors anything.

That exact situation happened to me, when my mother died and I just ignored all the letters that had been sent to her (at her old address) and forwarded to me. There is nothing the creditors can do.

If my mother had died with £1000 in the bank, then I would have been morally and legally obliged to pay the debts before keeping the remainder for myself. I did consider writing to the solicitors and debt collection agency, and gas/electric companies, and Virgin Media, and the local council, and the water board.........., but I knew they would then have my home address and would send their crap through the mail to me. So I just ignored them and had a lot less work to do.

Japanese Feds urge ISPs to support Tor ban plan

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Using Japanese logic.

" ... arrested four suspects who turned out to be victims ..... – and even managed to extract false confessions."

Some Japanese police are incompetent and corrupt - therefore all Japanese police should be banned.

How much will Google pay to bring fiber to Provo, Utah? Try $1

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Re: Wow, screw Google

If you want to buy my car, you should be forced to pay every penny that I've spent on it over the past ten years. Hey, it still works.

Notebook makers turn to Android in face of Windows woes

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Re: WTF?

Android does have multi-tasking software. I can swap between running apps with two finger taps. I can be downloading a torrent while typing a comment and listening to the music player (I'm listening to music as I type this on my Android tablet.) What it doesn't have (on phones and tablets) is enough screen space to make muti-window a sensible or easily usable facility. I know that the latest Samsung (?) tablets have split screen display capability but it would probably be a bit of a queeze to use them.

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Re: Killer app not an issue

"Android is more suited to touch than to mouse and keyboard."

No. Smartphones and tablets are more suited to touch than mouse and keyboard, because they don't have mice and keyboards. However, if you connect a mouse and keyboard to an Android tablet, it works fine with them. They are just simple input devices.

(Sent from my Asus Transformer tablet - the one with a docking keyboard that runs on Android- with an old mouse plugged into the USB port - it works fine.)

Chinese firm deluged with applications for e-smut appraising job

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The Web 2.0 method .....

I'd do it for free and work long hours. I'd finance the operation by selling advertising on a daily blog containing examples of my work and my 'stream of conciousness' thoughts on the subject.

Oh, .... wait a minute.

Google shakes up US utility with green power tariff

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Re: Farm it out

What would be the capitalistic way of doing this?

Boffins build ant-sized battery, claim it's tough enough to start a car

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... a power density of 7.4mW cm−2 μm−1 ....

That may be its delivery capability, but what is its storage density in mWh compared to other battery technologies?

Ofcom fines TalkTalk AGAIN - a whopping £750k over 'abandoned calls' gaffe

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A bit more detail?

So, if their client tells them to break the regulations, they do? Isn't that like telling a professional driver to break the speed limit or overload his vehicle?

Manual override: Raspberry Pi beginners' books

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Re: Haynes manual - sample code

That sounds like the sort of thing that should be hosted on a website. Does the book recommend any? That and user forums of course.

T-Mobile UK ordered into humiliating Full Monty strip

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Re: Blocking access to Remote SMTP servers?

Do 'professional' spammers know about this? Or do they use the cheaper connectivity services?

Office 365 - what's in it for you? Speak your brains

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Re: Dear AdBlock

I just turned off AdBlock to see what you were talking about. OMG! It's just like family, you don't appreciate it until it's not there.

Google erects tech specs tech specs, APIs hit the decks

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Re: Sounds a bit expensive

I'm waiting for the carved-from-gold-block, diamond encrusted ones. You know it will happen.

Alternatively, if someone could make some imitation 'Glass', then I could wear them so that people leave me alone. If anyone does start to bother or bore me, I could adopt a startled look and say, "Korea just launched a nuclear missile; I'm going home and suggest you do too."

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Re: I solemnly promise

" ... ploughing fields with a hand held furrow or something?"

Close, but no harvest for you.

Entangled matter the next big thing in qubits

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Practical application...

Is it possible to change the spin state of one of the trapped atoms and have that spin state 'teleported' over the the other atom? How are the atoms made to be entangled in the first place?

Do the photons used to 'read' the state of the atoms have to be entangled with each other, with each atom, or both?

I hope that one of the resident deep-physics commentards can shed photons on this for us.

Dell tried gobbling doomed Brit IT giant 2e2 for £350m, say insiders

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Did they have Jerry Yang as a consultant?

Just wondering :)

Kobo strikes new match against Kindle: The Aura HD e-reader

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Re: Hi, I'm Eadon...

I don't know who cares. Why ask me?

Alibaba comes again with Android-unfriendly mobile OS

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There's always a way

"Finding a major handset maker which isn’t signed up to OHA (in China or elsewhere around the world) is virtually impossible, ..."

They should have asked Apple to help.

Xen hypervisor leaps into Linux Foundation

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Re: Linux Foundation

I thought you'd previously said that the time of Linux on the desktop was here and had been for a while?

XP isn't defunct, it's just neglected and will soon be abandoned but it will still work. I'd love to run XP (in a sandbox) but will Microsoft sell licenses for it in the future?

My year of Linux on the Laptop is here since I took the plunge last week and now have Linux Mint13 running. I'm impressed with it but I've had problems that need mildly advanced technical abilities to solve. I've been trawling the forums with good results and have noticed that there is fragmentation, between distros, of internal management and organisation. The end result is that a solution that works on one distro needs to be modified to work on another distro. From what I've seen, Linux is not suitable for the average domestic consumer/user.

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Thumb Up

They've learned the lessons of cloud computing. It's redundancy in case one of the words fails.

Twitter buys music firm We Are Hunted, preps soundtrack for 200m twits

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I love the smell of BS in the morning

"there's no question that Twitter and music go together"

FAA: 'No, you CAN'T hijack a plane with an Android app'

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We must listen to experts

" ....using only a desktop computer." the agency wrote, making something of a muddle of the facts."

If they can't be bothered to get simple reporting right, what makes anyone think they got the rest of it right?

The history of electronic/computer security is a history of people saying, "As a recognised authority in this field, I/we can tell you that this can not happen and the system is secure."

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools

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Re: Are you sure you don't want a nice new Win 8 build ?

Same happened to me with XP on my old latop. I've installed Linux Mint 13 on it and I'm very happy with it so far after five days. It can do everything my shiny new Windows 7 laptop can do, including running my favourite Windows applications (in WINE, obviously). This is the first time I've used Linux and I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get going and customise. There have been problems and shortfalls but they may be caused by the fact that the laptop is now 8 years old and has a dead battery.

I'll get used to it and when I'm fully satisfied and confident, then I'll install Linux on my shiny new laptop and not bother with future versions of Windows.

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Re: Not the only problem with recent patches

Windows has done this for years. I've had folder view settings randomly change on an individial basis. At the moment, Windows 7 keeps taking icons off my system tray and I have to go into the options to set them back to 'Show Icon and Notifications' .

It keeps you alert and stops you getting complacent.

'North Korea Has Launched a Missile' tweet sent by mistake

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Modern Media Management

If they only drew attention to it by apologising for it 20 minutes later, people can't pay much attention to their Twitter feed. They need to get a 'celebrity' on-board.

Want to know if that hottie has HIV? Put their blood in the DVD player

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Home Use ??

I suspect that the preparation of a blood sample, spreading it on the DVD and maybe fixing or drying it would be a skilled task, not suitable for home use. I'd like to see more details of how it works in terms of the signal from the scanning laser and how it is interpreted.

Chinese boffins predict iPad-sized supercomputers

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Classical vs Quantum Hall Effect

The Hall Effect was observed and explained by Edwin Hall about 130 years ago as you say. This is the 'classical' phenomenen that is easily explicable and can be demonstrated with modern school or even home equipment if you're a techie.

The Quantum Hall Effect was predicted in the 1970's and not observed until a few years later. It is much more difficult to explain and observe. It's actually a 'quantum aspect' of the Hall Effect.

Google tool lets you share data from BEYOND the GRAVE

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Death Watch Google

See title

Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE

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Re: The English don't know where they are.

You may not be in the geographic or geometric 'middle'; but maybe they mean the social or spiritual or population density middle?

Google brings in blue-chip VC firms for 'Glass Collective'

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I know their names

You didn't give their names under the picture but I can tell you who they are:

One of Three, Two of Three and Three of Three.

Inuit all along: Pirate Bay flees Sweden for Greenland

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Pirate Bay is one hydra of many

Virgin Media, my cable ISP, do block Pirate Bay as I notice if I look at the tracker tab during my regular TV show download sessions. That doesn't matter though since there are usually at least four or more other trackers available, often with thousands of seeds/peers. The hydra's heads have lots of little heads, it's amazing and quite inspiring to watch.

I think the concentration on Pirate Bay is just sound bite politics from government and other organisations that want to be seen to be doing something without actually achieving anything that has a real effect.

French spies do a Barbara Streisand over secret nuke radio base

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@Ross K Re: It Wasn't That Long Ago...

I worked on the development team for the first UK civilian ANPR camera installation at the Dartford Tunnel toll lanes in the late '70s. I also occupied an on-site portakabin for a week as we did the setup and initial field tests. Stationary vehicles with IR spotlights shining on them give good images and the location of the numberplate is easy to find.

You can bet the security services had developed earlier ANPR systems for sensitive areas since military image processing (target acquisition and tracking) was starting to build up in the late '70s.

Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

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Re: on the map in the El Reg article is the most direct path.

Oh no - I forgot the joke icon again :(

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