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BBC lied to Parliament about doomed £100m IT monster, thunder MPs

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Re: Simple (cheaper) solution?

That's the easy part. Organising, controlling and delivering the content is a very big job.

Thanks, NSA: Amazon sales of Orwell's 1984 rise 9,500%

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An Orwellian situation?

I have an e-book copy of 1984. I didn't buy it, I downloaded it from a 'well known' website hosted in Australia, where 1984 is legally out of copyright. I was in the UK when I downloaded it. Have I broken the 'law'? What the Gutenberg.net.au is going on here?

Google inflates BigQuery AaaS

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Does anybody call it 'Big AaaS Query?

I'll start doing that.

1-in-10 e-tomes 'are self-published'... most are 'rubbish' says book ed

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Can anyone explain ...

... the difference between "unutterable rubbish" and "utter rubbish"?

Chewbacca held up by TSA stormtroopers for having light sabre

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Have you seen what a light sabre can do?!

They were right to pull him in for checks and questioning.

US judge revives lawsuit vs Baidu and China

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They missed a chance.

The Chinese Premier was on US soil recently. They could have had him arrested and imprisoned, pending due process and legal costs.

Linus Torvalds threatens verbal assault on developers' pets

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If he does something really bad, we can call him 'Torvoldermort'

See title.

Tim Cook: Android version fragmentation is 'terrible for developers'

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@AC 05:32 Re: RIght...

"You bore me - along with anyone else who prefers factual analysis to simple-minded snottiness."

I prefer factual analysis over simple-minded snottiness. So you would find me boring?

Cisco and iRobot build videoconferencing robot for remote workers

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"AVA enables freedom of movement ...."

Can it climb stairs? Perhaps with a suitable attachment it could press lift buttons?

NSA PRISM-gate: Relax, GCHQ spooks 'keep us safe', says Cameron

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@Matt Bryant Re: Nothing to fear?

If I remember correctly, it was Michael Hestletine, who when a Minister, signed a document that stated it was ok to withold evidence that would prove the innocence of some company directors accused of supplying 'weapons parts' to Saddam Hussein. The supply of those parts had been carried out with the full knowledge of the UK security services, after the directors had raised their concerns about the contract with them.

His reason for signing the document was, "A senior civil servant told me that I had to sign it."

So, will Ministers act with probity, morality and good intentions?

Microsoft borks botnet takedown in Citadel snafu

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More information and detail needed?

Microsoft and the FBI took control of many domains. Were these all .com/.us/(.org?) domains and thus under the responsibility of US authorities? If so, they have the legal right to do that, subject to judicial oversight, I hope.

Were any non-US controlled domains involved? If so, did thay have the agreement of the foreign registries involved?

Had the Swiss organisation sinkholed domains under the control of the US or any non-Swiss registrars? If so, by what process? What is the relationship between the Swiss organisation anf the Swiss legal authorities?

How easy would it be for me to sinkhole your domain, wherever you may live and it may be hosted?

I'm sure someone will say that I ought to be grateful that MS and the FBI etc are taking a stand against 'financial terrorism' and stop asking awkward questions.

Waving an Eye-of-Sauron pulsating mock cock? Stop immediately

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As soon as I saw the picture .....

.... I started thinking about doing inventive (and probably silly) things with a pink Marigold(tm) glove.

Facebook's first data center DRENCHED by ACTUAL CLOUD

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I thought they'd have used heat exchangers

But no, they draw in outside air. I assume they filter it for dust but that won't stop water vapour. Maybe now, they'll have humidity sensors and do some calculatons to give warnings, etc.

Apple unveils hints of Monday's new-product announcements

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"... grist ....tea leaves and dove's entrails ..."

You're making a meal of it Rik.

Boffins develop 'practically free' sulphur-powered batteries

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Re: You spell it sulphur, I spell it ...

"sulphur" ..... "polysulfide" .... hmmm.

Mind control hat makes quadcopter do what brain says

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Re: And as for the rest of it?

Given that remote flying of a helicopter will probably lead to some buttock clenching moments; perhaps there is a clue there for the simple insertion of some kind of sensor, at least to detect 'danger! danger!' and take appropriate action.

Leaks point to new mystery Macs 'with Jony Ive's fingerprints on'

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" ..super clear sexting ..... squeak and grunt ..."

That's quite an assumption there. Or does the author have first hand experience?

Boffins build gesture recognition using WiFi

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Re: Spying

I tried wearing some of those. They're very good for getting rid of any annoying skin conditions.

Steelie Neelie: Crack down on wicked ISPs so we can Skype

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Why indeed

You have a choice, to read El Reg or not, or just dip into and scan those articles which might interest you.

When an EU Commissioner pushes through laws and regulations, you can't 'dip in' and only obey those which appeal to you.

Unemployed? Ugly? Ugh, no thanks, says fitties-only job website

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Re: Poll

I'd say he looks like a dumb football jock who is past his best and struggling to make his way in the world.

(Note: In this case, it really is ok to judge a person on their physical appearance.)

How Microsoft shattered Gnome's unity with Windows 95

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@Don Jefe Re: To be fair to MS... @Eadon

You can put useful icons and STUFF on your system panel (taskbar). You'll figure it out. Just right click everything and see what gets offered. Try 'em all!

Kinky? You're mentally healthier than 'vanilla' bonkers

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@Bill Neal Re: It's not the stuff you do

You should start slowly, with a sympathetic and experienced partner.

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"..more open to new experiences.."

Just try getting my Mistress to wear a cute little frilly nightie. Brick wall.

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.

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That would prove that recent Americans were a trading people who imported lots of stuff - surely?

Minty fresh Linux: Olivia hits the virtual shelves

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Re: mint is really doing things no linux has done before

In the past two months, I've installed Linux Mint 13 (Maya - MATE) on my very old laptop, my new laptop, my Eee netbook and my old Desktop (with old twin head Nvidia Quadro graphics card). Until then, I was a total Linux virgin but it went well ....... except for the things that didn't.

The pop-out side panels were great, just like the XP pop-out menu bars, except that after you logoff and restart, the icons (and the separator bars especially) decide to migrate to a different positon, sometimes. If you use the non-expanded option on the right hand panel, it decides to get into bed with and overlay the left hand panel on next start-up.

The updates, which every sensible person accepts, kill the Nidia Quadro twin head card. The forums have lots of amazingly complicated advice about how to get the card working, but I finally figured out that the best way is to do a fresh install and block any update called 'nouvaux' or 'Nvidia'.

The Caja file manager locks up, falls over and eats CPU time and memory if you ask it to copy too many files, especially over a network. This is mentioned on the official forum, and gets the response, "Caja works fine on my computer". I solved this by finding out about Nautilus and installing then using it. (Caja is an 'improved' version of Nautilus but I fail to see how it could be.)

If you try to set VLC as the preferred application for video files, where VLC is offered as an option, it still uses Banshee to play video. The way round this is to select Custom and then specify VLC as the Custom command. This applies to other user preference settings as well.

You can't copy a file from a network location onto the desktop. You have to copy to a local drive first then copy from local drive to the desktop.

Thunderbird does not work properly on Mint 13, I won't go into details. It might be Thunderbird's fault, it might be Mint's fault. These problems are common across all my four installations (except the twin head video one).

I'm very impressed by the structure and principles of Linux, because I'm the sort of person who has the time and ability to find out about it and do 'experiments'. I'm impressed by the way the Linux devotees spend time and effort to improve the arcane and occult aspects of file systems and all sorts of esoteric stuff.

I'm not impressed by the way the 'small' but obvious problems seem to be ignored in favour of doing lots of 'cool and cutting edge' things.

'Normal people', who are used to Windows 7, etc, will not be impressed and will think it is clunky and amateurish and definitely not ready for the desktop.

Edit: I nearly forgot:- The amazing adventures of getting drivers for printers, etc. It's a challenge but I got my Dell laser printer and my old Epson scanner working fine, eventually. I am bloody minded enough to slog through that but not many people would be.

Fedora's Schrödinger's Cat Linux gives coders claws for thought

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Re: So...

It died before it could tell anyone. Or did it?

A Bluetooth door lock that puts the kettle on? NOW we're in the future

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"..control your kettle, lights, etc"

Call me old fashioned, but I'd prefer to make those decisions and actions myself.

Hey, O2 punters: Kiss goodbye to 4 MEELLION* Openzone hotspots

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Oh, the pain

A quick press of the power button to activate the screen, then a quick touch of the WiFi toggle widget on the lock screen, then a quick press of the power button to deactivate the screen - what a chore.

Never mind your little brother - happy 10th birthday, H.264

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MPEG-3, .mp3 ?

Are audio .mp3 files related to some aspect of the MPEG-3 standard? I have a vague memory or reading that they are. Lately, I've seen audio .mp4 files and am wondering how much better/different they are.

Fancy some mobile filth? New logo tells you when not to bother

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I'm thinking of a circle, with a line through it........ behind/under the line is a stylised representation of ......hmmm.

Russians draw liquid blood from frozen woolly mammoth

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Re: On the California Channel Islands...

Its relative.

(The one with a mammoth fur collar.)

Google whips the sheet off new Gmail interface

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Re: They've reinvented the portal!

I remember it well :( At least they've stopped putting e-mails in the Priority Inbox, which meant I had to look in the Inbox, then the Priority Inbox to see if I had any new e-mails.

Now beaming live from Pyongyang: NORKSCASTS!

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Re: Here's an idea..

'Eastern' capitalism seems to have done well in Japan (and other places) and now China, in terms of letting technology flourish. I'm not sure if it's a form of imported 'western' capitalism or just letting people do what they want to do.

Can you give examples of where technology development (not copying) has done at least fairly well away from capitalist systems?

Wonder substance pulses QUADRILLION lasers per second

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Re: Hold on!

I'm sure that someone called 'Yag' would know a lot about lasing.

First 'adult' app for Google Glass planned 'within days'

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"While they may crack the whip ..."

I'm working on an app which includes that sort of thing.

Boffins' brilliant plan: CONCRETE COMPUTERS

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An Idea

If a set of identical, general purpose computing elements/blocks could be made from cement (with a filler material to give strength), then some form of interconnect studs on the top, with matching receptacles on the base could be formed into each block to give a structural and data/power interconnect. Using these, a larger unit could be simply assembled from smaller units. Just an idea......

Forget the word 'cyberwar' says Marcus Ranum

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He sounds like a very sensible man,

so he will be mostly ignored :(

Google releases Glass' roots, warns it may turn specs to bricks

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So, ...

... people who root with Glass factories might throw bricks?

Herschel Space Observatory spots galaxies merging

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They were young and beautiful .....

..... and we enjoyed watching them dance. Then they got married and settled down. Does boredom increase along with entropy?

The bunker at the end of the world - in Essex

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Just wondering...

What kind of run-off water stains concrete blue?

James Bond inspires US bill to require smart guns for all

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Re: Oh S*&t!

We need a bigger budget for the magic fairy development project. It's obvious.

Soylent Corporation prepares to DEFEAT FOOD

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Re: Not the perfect food..

If the bowls contain petunias, they could be improbable but not imagined.

(The intestines do need something to grip and push, it's what they do among other things. As I understand it, you can have all kinds of problems if this is not satisfied.)

Computer use irrelevant to education outcomes, says US study

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Re: As a testimonial ... and a touch of perspective.

"... a small measure of how time works."

That's postgraduate-level physics!

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON

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Re: OMG that video narrator, just awful

When Armageddon happens, I want her to be the one announcing it. I want to die in my sleep.

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Re: NASA computers...

I now have an image in my mind, of a rampant spaniel doing a stink. It will take time to fade away.

Congress asks Google to explain Glass privacy policies

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Should be simple; or should it?

Doesn't the law already cover the use of concealed cameras and microphones? (except that Google Glass is a slightly disguised camera/microphone).

Dark blue side of the Force used to quell Star Wars nerd clash

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An Alan Partridge moment

Ahhhh ..... nerdyboys.

Rolls-Royce climbs aboard Bloodhound SUPERSONIC car

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re. proverbial brown stuff off a shovel

I'm sure this was never mentioned in Proverbs. I think Aesop made reference to it, so perhaps it should be 'fabulous brown stuff ..."

Google pools cloud storage

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Nice :)

With Insync free Linux beta and my two gmail accounts, I now have 30GB of synchronised cloud storage.

China: Online predator or hapless host?

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Re: Whatever.

Is your blocking based on the source IP address of incoming packets?

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