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Microsoft DMCA takedown requests targeting OpenOffice

frank ly Silver badge

Could it be ....

.... that Microsoft see Open Office as a competitor to one of their own products and are trying to stifle it? One interesting aspect of this is that Open Office is free, so there is no company has its sales and therefore its profits affected - so no damages can be claimed.

Data protection bods Bocada list dog on senior management team

frank ly Silver badge

I can imagine

"The board and I had some differences about the direction of the company"

The board had noted her lack of interest in chasing squirrels or patrolling the perimeter of the premises, with no inclination to bark at strangers. She didn't even mark her office so how was anyone supposed to find her? It was felt that she was not a good fit with the company ethos.

Boffins harvest TV, mobile signals for BATTERY-FREE comms

frank ly Silver badge

Re: And is illegal in the UK

The near field of a transmitter contains stored energy that forms part of the operation of the transmitter and tapping into this certainly constitutes 'stealing'. When the radiated field has been 'launched' and you tap some power from it, you are not affecting the transmitter in any way. If you created a large enough signal shadow to affect people who wanted to receive the signal, I'm not sure what the legal situation would be.

Evernote hobbles third-party apps... but is it pulling a Twitter?

frank ly Silver badge

Evernote on Linux

The Evernote Windows application runs ok within WINE on Linux (MINT 13), in my simple and limited useage experience. The fonts are a bit rough but I haven't made an effort to improve them.

Does Gmail's tarted-up tab makeover bust anti-spam laws?

frank ly Silver badge

@Ad Fundum

Are you funded by the Ad industry?

Philips' smart lights left in the dark by dumb security

frank ly Silver badge

Getting the entire story

It would be interesting to talk with the actual designers/developers for this product and ask them what their initial ideas were, what time and budget pressures they were working under and what management/marketing interference they were subjected to. However, I'm sure that Phillips would fight tooth and nail to prevent that and would quietly threaten dismissal to anyone who spoke to the press.

Would any ACs like to give information?

DARPA calls Big Data boffins: Help us lock up everyone's privates

frank ly Silver badge

I watched "Oranges are not the only fruit"

Does this mean that I'm a closeted lesbian?

There she blows! Mid-October release date for Windows 8.1 sighted

frank ly Silver badge

@Spoonsinger Re: It's like a bad movie with no review showing in advance

"... telestial TV ..."

Is that like a joint venture between terrestrial and celestial TV? Oh, the rapture!

No distro diva drama here: Penguinista favourite Debian turns 20

frank ly Silver badge

It's a slippery slope down that rabbithole

" ...some disdain for the gateway distros .."

I've been snorting Mint for four months now but the thrill has worn off. I'm worried that I might move into trying Debian and then start installing from the CLI.

Violent Hamlet 'bard' by British Library Wi-Fi filters

frank ly Silver badge

@Pete 3 Re: Excellent re. Titus Andronicus

I believe that sort of fiction is now illegal in the UK, or is it just pictorial representation (for the moment)? I'm a bit worried that I downloaded Oedipus Rex, but that's freaky anyway so I suppose I deserve to have the book thrown at me.

ZTE to flog Firefox OS mobe worldwide via eBay

frank ly Silver badge

@Zola Re: Lackluster

If you want a weekend/party phone, there are lots of cheap unlocked ones to choose from on e-bay, especially if you're used to Android and don't want the hassle of learning how to use a new phone OS. I bought my first two Android phones on e-bay and they are both still working fine.

Mobe-slurping Wi-Fi SPY BINS banned from London's streets

frank ly Silver badge

If wishes were fishes

"...capabilities that could be developed and none of which are workable right now."

I bet they were working hard to develop those capabilities and working out how best to 'monetise' them.

Should UK tear Wi-Fi a new one at 5GHz? Speak your brains, says Ofcom

frank ly Silver badge

re. 5GHz and walls

I was thinking about putting a WiFi router or WiFi extender high up in the loft and using a directional antenna to spray the signal downwards. Is 5GHz easily stopped by plasterboard and cheap floorboards?

China has another go at rare earth dominance

frank ly Silver badge

Not learning from history?

From what little I know (by reading about it), I understand that the senior figures in the Chinese government are 'technocrats' and so you'd think that they'd do their research and understand what is likely to happen when a 'free market, capitalist' economy is unleashed onto a previously 'socialist' society. They have the recent example of the USSR to consider. They also have access to a hundred years of records of what happens in the traditionally capitalist societies of the West when politicians pass laws to modify people's economic behaviour.

So, is it because becoming a politician makes people stupid and arrogant, or is it only stupid and arrogant people who want to become politicians?

ULTIMATE cuppa contenders prepare to go mug-to-mug

frank ly Silver badge


"... plucked with golden tweezers ..."

The tweezers should be made of wood, from the root of an old tea bush. This reduces the stress on the young leaf when it is plucked. You really can taste the difference.

CANNIBAL CLOUD found devouring enterprise bit barns – report

frank ly Silver badge

Google can afford to think big

"... such pricey projects as harnessing the cooling power of the North Sea, or in some cases redirecting entire rivers."

Have Google revealed their 'payback' period for the initial costs of these projects and the ongoing annual savings?

I've always said that large date centres should be built in cold costal areas to use the sea for cooling; or even better to sell the waste heat to nearby industrial, commercial, residential, whatever consumers.

Facebook to get IN YOUR FACE with video ads

frank ly Silver badge

The benefits of ageing

" ..everyone on Facebook aged between 18 and 54."

I'm just outside the demographic - woohoo! Oh, ... I don't use Facebook .. I forgot about that.

'Hand of Thief' banking Trojan reaches for Linux – for only $2K

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Problem with this idea...

I downloaded a file called See-Nekid-Wimmin.deb and clicked on it and it seemed to install. It doesn't do anything when I run it so I suppose I need one of those obscure library packages to be installed as well.

Android approaches 80% smartphone share as Apple's iPhone grows old

frank ly Silver badge

Re: "... the cyclicality ..."

Oh ...... my .....god!

Apple can't dump Samsung, it needs those iPad displays – report

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Competition

BT had an effective monopoly in many places and some areas of functionality. Apple are free to buy display panels from a variety of different suppliers. Samsung are free to quote whatever prices and lead times they like.

Samsung rolls out first mass-produced 3D NAND flash memory chip

frank ly Silver badge

@swissrobin Re: re. photo of V-NAND package

"That's a development or presentation DIL (dual in line) package. The window allows you to "see" the die."

I was totally correct then (apart from exact terminology). I do remember UV EPROMs and sticking thick black tape on top after they'd been programmed, 'just in case'.

frank ly Silver badge

re. photo of V-NAND package

Why does it have a window on the top? I'm tempted to think that it's a 'prototype marketing' package to convince people that there really is some high-tech-stuff inside.

NO, ELEPHANTS, it's we DOLPHINS who NEVER FORGET our best pals

frank ly Silver badge


I wonder what the reaction would be if they played a recording of a long lost enemy's whistle. Then again, maybe dolphins are too intelligent and civilised to hold grudges.

Super-SVELTE BLUSH-PINK planet goes too far with star

frank ly Silver badge

@Phil Re: Hah something Science can't explain

You don't need proof if you have faith.

Leaked docs: SOD squad feeds NSA intelligence to drug enforcement plods

frank ly Silver badge

Re: It simply creeps me out

" ... that person ....will .."

I'm sure they already have. I can't know for sure because I don't have access to email/phone records of NSA staff.

Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Well thats cleared that up

You're getting messages from THRUSH? That really is paranoid, and also nicely retro.

Upgraded 3D printed rifle shoots 14 times before breaking

frank ly Silver badge

Looks like a very simple breech loader to me

See title

frank ly Silver badge

Re: If you want to build a gun

@Tom 35 - It's not actually a tamping rod; more of a barrel clearing device.

If you want to break the law by owning an unlicensed weapon, you might as well buy one from a reliable criminal armourer, someone who has a reputation to uphold and might even give a limited period guarentee.

frank ly Silver badge
Thumb Up

@Miniphis Re: Someone who has *no* failed to maintain his weapon.

Ha! You're obviously a real engineer.

The Old Reader drops Google refugee eviction plan

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Re: Remember if you cannot figure out what product the company provides..

If a 'simple' RSS reader started pushing adverts at me, I'd easily move to one that didn't. My subscriptions to The Independent, The Register, New Scientist, Dilbert, Girl Genius and xkcd won't cause me to become an international terrorist suspect (I'm making an assumtion here, of course) or any kind of 'person of interest'. If I did want to read 'dodgy' websites, I wouldn't do it via an RSS subscription.

The hammer falls: Feds propose drastic controls on Apple's iTunes Store

frank ly Silver badge

@MyBackDoor Re: He who pays the piper....

It does say an 'external monitor', i.e. not an employee of Apple. As soon as I'd posted my comment, I thought about adding a line that said, "That's what I'd do if I were the DoJ and I'm assuming the DoJ will be sensible and think about this in the same way." Maybe I've overated the DoJ thinking and forward ability?

frank ly Silver badge

Re: He who pays the piper....

The monitor will be employed by the DoJ and Apple will pay the DoJ the costs of the monitor's salary plus any reasonable expenses. Even if Apple convince the DoJ that the monitor is the spawn of Satan and useless at monitoring, that person will still have a job with the DoJ and will be replaced by another DoJ appointed monitor.

Big blue Avatar movie spawns THREE SEQUELS

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Translation

What in the name of Smaug did they do to you?! Do you have any pics?

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)

frank ly Silver badge

Re: I like XP apps, they run under wine just fine.

This old fellow has Linux Mint 13 MATE, personalised to look very similar to WinXP, pop out toolbars (LInux panels) and all (yes, it's a foolish and sentimental thing). MS Office 2000 and a couple of other things run fine under WINE, as you say. The great thing about MInt-MATE is that you can have genuinely separate workspaces, selectable on the system bar.

Who's who: 12th Doctor has been chosen, will meet you on Sunday night

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Peter Capaldi

How about: "Piss off you overgrown pepperpot. If you mess with me, I'll rip that stupid sink plunger off you and shove it so far up your arse that you really will need a doctor!"

It's about time we had a sweary doctor.

Apple files patent for iPhone enabled auto-adjustable auto interior

frank ly Silver badge

As I struggle and start to drown ......

.... I shout out and grab at any little piece of floating thing that I think will help to keep me above water. I put some of them in my pocket, saying, "This could help save me later."

MPs get secret squirrel dossier of 'lawyers, megabiz hiring hackers'

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Breaking news

The head of SOCA resigned today. It was revealed that his wife (a senior former Whitehall official) is the head lawyer at a major global security/investigations company; and that together they had recently set up a private business. None of this had been declared to the 'authorities' who he was supposed to be working for.

I find it amazing that nobody in the police, the security services or the government knew about this .............. Oh, wait a minute ....... we're a third world country aren't we?

Snowden's XKeyscore revelations challenged

frank ly Silver badge

@mutatedwombat Re: I agree with you, Combat Wombat. Also,

Never mind the family reunion. The rest of us want to know if you have 'special powers'.

Chubby-chasing sex trolls ran me offline, says fashion blogger

frank ly Silver badge

It's a sad world (in parts)

I'm not sure that many of these trolls are particularly driven by mysoginistic motives. If a young black man were to produce a similar fashion blog then I suspect that he'd get lots of racist insults and homophobic slurs from trolls; probably with some overlap from the trolls who posted to the Fat Aus woman.

The fact is that they are mainly sad pillocks who don't have anything approaching a 'life'. That raises the wider question of why they became like that and whether we can be bothered, as a society, to find the answers and correct the situation.

No fondleslabs please, says Microsoft as Office 365 hits Android

frank ly Silver badge

re. Redmond mouthpiece ...

Surely, you mean 'Microsoft spokesperson ...'

May the fourths be with you: Muso John Williams returns to Star Wars

frank ly Silver badge

re. "fourths and all"

Thank you for that link. I regard myself as musically 'dyslexic' but I do enjoy reading about musical theory. Try as I might, I can never 'hear' the music in my head and can't understand most of what I read. That doesn't bother me though; I'm just glad that other people can do it.

Ha ha, Osborne, these Gov 2.0 web wranglers have wiped out UK debt

frank ly Silver badge

Maybe, but Re: Think this is more cock up rather than conspiracy

Do any senior people actually check the results of their dictats/requests, or get someone who 'has a clue' to do a quick sanity test?

Silly question, I know - I'm on my way out.

German guardsmen growing mono-boobs from drilling with Nazi-era rifles

frank ly Silver badge

re Tits-n-Guns

Perhaps - 'Guns and Mammo'.

Oz defence department: We don't have a ban on Lenovo kit

frank ly Silver badge

A small backwoods company?

"We have not received word of any sort of a restriction of sales so we are not in a position to respond to this question, ..."

Can someone send them a copy of the Australian Financial Review from last weekend?

Plods probe death threat tweets to MP - but who will rid us of terrible trolls?

frank ly Silver badge

It makes you wonder

" Emails that regularly hit your correspondent's mailbox often start out abusive, before softening into an apology at the end. "

You have to wonder if they are aware that an e-mail can be fully edited at any time before it is sent.

Jurors start stretch in the cooler for Facebooking, Googling the accused

frank ly Silver badge

It gets better/worse

"... Davey denied the Facebook account was his, or that he even had a Facebook account,..."

" ...Davey eventually apologised for the comment ..."

Perjury as well. Another serious criminal offence.

Exposed: RSPCA drills into cops' databases, harvests private info

frank ly Silver badge

Ah, ....ACPO

As I understand it, ACPO are a private company set up by senior police officers to enable them to make lots of money from their experience and wide ranging contacts in government and the police. I don't mind them being paid to give their expert opinion and advice or to carry out expert audits etc. I'd do that if I had the relevant experience.

However, I wonder how it is that a private company, with no statutory authority, can take a copy of highly confidential and sensitive information and then sell it to another 'company' which has no statutory authority.

Who else are they selling this information to? Could it be those banks and financial institutions, involved in illegal information gathering, that SOCA have known about but refuse to identify. (SOCA, another group of senior and experienced police officers.) It all looks very cosy doesn't it?

Selfridges dreaming of a snot-themed Christmas

frank ly Silver badge

It's not Batman, it's Catman

The shape and position of the ears often confuses people.

Sony and Panasonic plan 300GB Blu-Ray replacement for 2015

frank ly Silver badge

" ... 300GB-worth of CGI wizardry ..."

I'd prefer about 4GB (or less) of interesting story, believable plot development and good acting. There are other things/skills they could try to deliver but they need to get the basics right first.

Microsoft to Google: Please remove us from internet

frank ly Silver badge

I would have taken the pages down ...

... and sent a written apology. Then, sit back and wait :)

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