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UK investor throws £14.8m at firm that makes UNFORGEABLE 2-cent labels

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Cheap tag and cheap reader ......

.... means easy to obtain and easy to monitor in detail in a small electronics lab. Then the forger can carefully determine the required charateristics of a genuine tag. The interesting part of the article is where the reader also writes data to the memory of the tag. That part could take some figuring out.

Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG

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@John Savard Re: Twas ever thus

I did a recognised apprenticeship at the same time as a thin-sandwich degree course, obtaining a first class honours degree. How do I fit in to your terribly restricted little world?

Finns, roamers, Nokia: So long, and thanks for all the phones

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Re: 6310i

I have two. They pick up a signal just about anywhere.

'Unreliable, shambolic' ... a top CompSci prof slams Serco's UK crim tag tech

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Lessons never learned

The people who create/implement/operate a system or process are not the people you should trust to tell you if it is working properly.

Panasonic whips out MONSTER fondleslab for serious S&M sessions

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Re: S&M

I'll wait for the M&S version - cheap and bland but does the job.

BT doles out measly 2GB to customers in Dropbox-alike BT Cloud

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I've got 16GB of cloud storage .....

... in the form of a memory stick plugged into the little FTP server (NSLU2) that is connected to my home router. I worry about whether it could withstand a sustained brute force attack :)

New! Yahoo! logo! shows! Marissa! Meyer's! personal! touch!

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"I'm not a pro, but I know enough to be dangerous"

That is often the problem and may be her epitaph.

Fancy some BEER ON TOAST? Italy invents spreadable booze

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Re: This is new?

The last time I (accidentally) drank the lees from home made beer, I manufactured my own very spreadable product about twelve hours later.

Reports: NSA has compromised most internet encryption

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Re: Ah well...

Maybe if you invented your own 'private language'; I'm thinking of the Navajo code-talkers of WW2 here. Then again, language is a form of encoding of meaning, so can encryption breaking techniques be used to translate an unknown language into your own language?

Tor traffic torrent: It ain't the Syrians, it's the BOTS

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Whoever could it be?

Maybe someone who's trying to establish the IP address and location of 4000 relays of a Tor network? Or, maybe someone who's applying for funding to fight the menace of increasing Tor traffic? Oh, the possibilities.

Boffinry breakthrough OF THE DECADE: Teens 'influenced' by friends

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@Graham Marsden Re: @frankl ly - Time for some social engineering

I may have tried to get too much concentrated goodness into it.

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Time for some social engineering

Flood Facebook with pics of neatly dressed, well scrubbed teens reading books while helping elderly people to cross the road.

'Peeping while you're sleeping' NSA parody T-shirt ban BACKFIRES

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Re: The "Streisand Effect"

"But my goal of learning something new each day has been accomplished, thanks to El-Reg!!"

That's the main reason I read this site, and the comments of course.

Canon climbs atop Facebook with over-the-top pic wrangler

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re. energy drinks

I'm waiting for replies from combat wombat and mutated wombat.

Microsoft's $7.1bn Nokia gobble: Why you should expect the unexpected

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How the heck?

"... 8,500 Lumia and Asha phone patents ..."

How on earth can you get 8,500 patents from developing two smartphones.

South Carolina couple cop cuffing for shed shag

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Re: Not exactly flashing

Indeed. I'd claim 'reasonable expectaton of privacy'. The cops had to make a deliberate effort to find them so it's their own fault for seeing what they saw.

ICANN destroys Google's dotless domain dream

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re. Refused domains include .AFRICA and .GCC.

Did they give reasons why? Would/did they also refuse ASIA, EUROPE, ...etc? Has anyone applied for ATLANTIS?

World+dog left counting costs: Still can't bury corpse of titsup Brit IT giant 2e2

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Re: The latest progress report filed at Companies House today revealed that JP Associates (JPA),

There's no way they would have taken the job on unless they had guarentees that they would be paid for their work.

Brit music body BPI lobbies hard for 'UK file-sharers database'

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Re: The solution is simple...

I've got some readily available technology - a little piece of masking tape; it's simple.

China confirms plans for first Moon visit later this year

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@Chris G Re: The year is 2050 re. Lox/methane

I was hoping you'd finish your post with a 'cow jumping over the moon' reference.

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Re: I honestly do not care who does it...

I just wish they'd do an international effort, which would result in more resources being available for any effort. I can imagine engineers and scientists working together on a project of this nature but I doubt that political interference would be far away though. Woud the ISS or the LHC be a good model for joint projects of this nature?

Tencent offers 10TB of free cloud storage for all

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Re: All your phone are belong to us

If that aspect bothers you, buy a second phone on e-bay and run it purely for data transfers between the cloud storage and the phone and/or your local LAN storage. You don't even need to have a SIM card in it if you limit yourself to WiFi connections.

China: Forget running water, bumpkins. Have some lovely broadband

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Economies of scale

"...gathering all of its cable players into a single company with 200 million connections ..."

I wonder if this will result in lower prices to the domestic consumer?

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer

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+1 for 'Innovagineer'

See title.

Selfie twerks its way into the dictionary

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Re: Selfie, Girl Crush, Twerk

When I was a teenager, there wasn't a web to post teenage photos on. Kids nowadays eh?

Eggheads turn Motorola feature phone into CITYWIDE GSM jammer

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Re: Shame its' not very portable

Strip the case, display, buttons and individual batteries from the phones. Replace the laptop with a custom ARM powered board; etc :)

Boffins' keyboard ELECTROCUTES Facebook addicts

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Must ... say ....it .....

Let's talk about the meaning of the word 'injure'.

frank ly Silver badge

Must ... say ....it .....

It doesn't electrocute them. It gives them a small electric shock.

Top 10 Steve Ballmer quotes: '%#&@!!' and so much more

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I realise this is totally childish, but ....

.... would it be possible to modify the GPL, etc, so that Microsoft was not allowed to use the code?

Holiday HELL: Pourquoi, monsieur, why is there no merdique Wi-Fi here?

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re. switching off the cable modem

If you switch off your cable modem for a long time, you risk having a new IP address when you switch it on again. I use my consistent IP address for convenient access to my little home FTP server. It's very useful for saving those 'irreplaceable' holiday photographs, etc.

Google testing 'Helpouts' video support service

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I know how to make the perfect bacon sandwich ....

... if anyone is interested.

Workers at world's largest – and most remote – telescope go on strike

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@AC 03:22

"Should have found .."

Shirley, you meant to type 'should of ..'

'Congressional watchdog' reports patent trolling rising fast

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Re: why is this unexpected ?

I think shelf-stacker or floor sweeper for a six month trial period, at first, so that your basically good idea doesn't ruin any corner stores or small engineering companies.

Battery-free e-ink screen grabs screenshots from smartphones

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Re: Secondary Smartphone Screen

I do use my Android for a shopping list (among other uses) by using a note-widget on the lock screen. This would save me the trouble of having to turn it on then off again every time my short term memory failed me (often). You could also use it for a map (if high enough resolution) for quick reference during a car journey.

Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA

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How about strapping a micro-SD card to a homing pigeon's leg?

It sounds like a fun thing to do, regardless of effiency or reliability.

New use for old iPhones: Watch your house get robbed in REAL-TIME

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Re: CCTV warning notices

A family friend had small CCTV cameras monitoring his large gardens and home. He tells me that the police advised him to angle the cameras so that they did not show anything happening on the public road or on the neighbour's property. As far as I know, he hasn't placed any notices. I assume that you don't need notices on private property? What about at the front door, where unknown callers can be reasonably expected to be (postman, meter readers, insurance salesmen, etc)?

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It would be cheaper .....

..... to sell your old iThing and buy a second-hand Android device. This company needs to develop the application for Android to give a much bigger potential market.

India's subidised student tablet lands in US schools

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Re: Just like OLPC

..... and access to a good library and GOOD TEACHERS.

Microsoft fights Google for kids' attention with ad-free Bing for Schools

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'A typical lesson plan for maths students...'

If a supplier of tablet computers builds a few more devices than it can sell, and doesn't sell as many as it wants to, after spending more on the advertising budget than it recieves in revenues; then by how much can it discout the initial retail price before the situation becomes totally embarassing?

Mystery of Guardian mobos and graphics cards which 'held Snowden files'

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Re: The Guardian had a chance to ....

"Stating he was refused a lawyer, he wasn't, he refused the lawyer."

According to an article in The Independent today, his solicitor says that he went to see him and was prevented from going to the room where he was being held, until the final hour of his captivity. So, two versions here - your version and the version of the solicitor who actually went to see him. Who do you think I believe? The article also says that it was never explained to him who was actually interrogating him and that he wasn't allowed to take any notes during his interrogation.

3D printers stroke LOHAN's shapely midriff

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re. .. 'hewn'

It's not being hewn, it's being precision laser sintered - 'plintered'.

Climate change made sea levels fall in 2010 and 2011

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Will that water stay in Australia?

I assume much of that rain soaked into the ground or topped up lakes and reservoirs, if it is still resulting in a reduction in sea-level. Will it stay in the ground and maybe benefit farming or will it evaporate eventually?

iWatch rumours grow as Apple hires Nike fitness guru Jay Blahnik

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An obvious choice

"... a coiffured head of blonde hair, a glowing complexion .."

He's their golden boy; or possibly champagne.

'BLING BLING, BLING BLING' 'Hello, yes, my iPhone is made of GOLD'

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@Steve Davies 3 Re: More lipstick on a pig. 6310i battery

You can get them for less than £4 on e-bay. I got the high capacity ones about 4 years ago, still going strong.

Nokia 6310i - great phone. I have a Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 - great phone.

Windows NT: Remember Microsoft's almost perfect 20-year-old?

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Re: Ah, good old NT

So, there is a good use for 'hidden' files.

Microsoft announces execution date for failed QR code-killer

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Re: Shame, but inevitable

If you want funky looking patterns, do a Google Image search for "QR code art". I'm amazed and pleased that they seem to work fine.

Kiwi jetpack gets all-clear for manned tests

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Just wondering....

"... users could drop into an ordinary service station for a top-up. "

Would it be legal to do that in NZ? Or other places?

Google proposes eye-tracking ad-tracking

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Re: Eye predict

If Google were willing to reward me in some way, I'd be happy to spend my free time gazing at lingerie adverts. In fact, if they outlined the ads with a distinctive marker of some kind, I'd be happy to gaze at any advert. Can I patent that idea?

Google Glass is high fashion in September Vogue magazine

frank ly Silver badge

I always thought that Google Glass ....

would be in vogue one day.

So fondleable Windows 8 didn't work out so well: Why not try it IN 3D?

frank ly Silver badge

@Kubla Cant re.

I assume it monitors keypresses, since that's what happens when you type.

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