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Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?

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Re: Frothing...

I knew it - it IS a religion!


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"... we apply significant judgement ...."

It would be better if they applied sensible and honest judgement.

NSA justifies hacking world's digital communications

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I've started making my own shotguns for the same reason. I'm learning a lot about the strength of materials and all sorts of useful stuff.

Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII

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Thank you for using 'one' as a pronoun. One doesn't get to see it often nowadays, if at all.

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts

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"Just short of a criminal act"

So, it wasn't criminal act, was it? He closed down his organisation so that they couldn't force him to work for them as their secret snitch-bitch. The 'authorities' would love to make that illegal and are probably working on secret laws to give them that power.

'The land of the free'. Where is that place?

Samsung denies benchmark cheating, despite evidence

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@Steven Raith

So, at the weekend it reall will be a crap day. Enjoy!

Atomic clocks come to your wrist

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Re: Even if you needed that accuracy...

My first questioning thought was about the analogue display, but that is about resolution of the output, not accuracy. The point of the atomic clock is the long term accuracy. Having said that, I still think it's silly.

Steve Jobs AIRBRUSHED from history by APPLE months before his death

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It looks like ....

... the first stage of an evil plan to capture the heart/soul of a TARDIS.


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Just wondering .....

If I manage to forge a GCHQ IT security competence certificate (and associated records), does it automatically become valid because I've demonstrated competence in IT security?

The LSD guru, the 1980s pop-star and video games to reprogram your brain

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re. persian rugs

I'd like to see a link for this. Was one intended?

French data cops to Google: RIGHT, you had your chance. PUNISHMENT time

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Re: Are they splitting hairs?

" ... would have to be funded by subscription fees ...."

I wonder if anyone has done some kind of usage analysis of how people use Google services, what convenience and benefit the services give to the user and how much those services are actually worth to the average user. (Note: Watching cat videos does not have a high, if any, value to a sane user, no matter how much it costs to host the videos or deliver them.)

My use of free online newspapers means that I save enough money every month to pay for my cable internet connection, an easily calculated benefit. What does Google do for me (or Josephine Average) and how much _should_ I/we be willing to pay for it?

WET SPOT found on MARS: NASA rover says 'high percentage'

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Re: Lies and obfuscation!

'Laurence' perhaps? Needs more research.

Thorium and inefficient solar power? That's good enough for me

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Re: I think you'll find...

So called because dogs keep licking them, so they must be good.

Also, I think he might have meant 'dog's breakfast', i.e a mess.

15% of Americans still holding off from this newfangled interweb thing

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@Tim99 Re: It's all to hard for some people

Is the Linux user so scary that you don't want to write about his/her use of a computer and the internet?

Boris Johnson's ex-right-hand man's right hand lands johnson in web slip

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...he intentionally uploaded the frank pictures, ...

I categorically refute these allegations.

Boffins have constructed a new LIGHT SABRE. Their skills are complete

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As I understand it (if i can read properly, etc) ....

... the photons are not so much 'bound together' but are constrained to act in a certain way due to some fundamental requirement involving allowed energy levels in what is some kind of quantum solid (the ultra cold rubidium). The overall effect is that they have to hold hands inside the rubidium 'crystal' I think a similar thing happens with Cooper pairs of elecrons in a superconductor. Life is never simple is it?

'Bet Lynch' types BANNED from zoo for upsetting not-so-wildlife

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Maybe ....

... the animals are upset about the obvious ripoff of their IP and indigenous artwork.

Apple Maps directs drivers INTO path of ONCOMING PLANES

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Re: Thats strange...

It's an Airbus.

Elop's enlarged package claim was a cock-up, admits Nokia chairman

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Elop apparently negotiated a more lucrative golden goodbye

How on earth do you negotiate a goodbye payment? Unless you threaten to tell secrets or break legs? I'd really like to know because it might be useful to me in the future.

Fan whips out own pair of iPhone 32Cs, 'unlocks' mobe using breasticle

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Nipples are "like snowflakes",

Beautifully defined when they're cold, but ...... - I've lost my poetic inspiration now....

Highways Agency tracks Brits' every move by their mobes: THE TRUTH

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Knowing which house my phone is at each night is a very private issue.

Oracle sued over $33,000 bill for SaaS: STRIPPERS as a SERVICE

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I'm sure the regular short bursts of exercise are good for the staff.

RADIATION SNATCHED from leaky microwave ovens to power gadgets

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How about .....

... an outside thermometer/display in the form of a 2 inch square sheet that is stuck to the outside surface of the window and uses e-ink display that is updated every 15 minutes (or whatever). If the internal battery runs low then it can put up a 'please use the microwave' symbol.

Great Britain rebuilt - in Minecraft: Intern reveals 22-BEEELLION block map

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Re: I do like how...

"... Joseph Braybrook, used the Ordnance's OS OpenData products ..."

"To build the model, Braybrook and his supervisors at the Ordnance took ..."

I think the organisation itself and everybody involved deserves credit and admiration.

'Occupy' affiliate claims Intel bakes SECRET 3G radio into vPro CPUs

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Black Helicopters

From the linked article

"Frank from across the street is an alternative operating systems hobbyist ...."

Jim Stone has been spying on me! How do I disable the phantom power supply?

Lighting bods blind designophiles with LED-powered lounge lamps

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@Duncan Macdonald Re: I'd be happy with ...

Can't they fool the human eyes by using an array of Red, Blue, Green LEDs (in the right mixture) behind a diffusing screen? It wouldn't be a smooth spectrum but it's the visual effect that matters.

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Lamps 'R' Us

Available soon.

Douglas Adams was RIGHT! TINY ALIENS are invading Earth, say boffins

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Re: Diatoms, its full of diatoms!

It's a fragment of a babelfish. (I'm good at jumping to conclusions.)

First look: Apple iPhone 5S and 5C

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@AC 6:50 Re: Equally tiresome...

A Geiger counter? Yes please !!

TPG flashes cheeky 'down under' CAPTCHA

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Get your eyes tested

It says 'techim'.

Angry Brazilian whacks NASA to put a stop to ... er, the NSA

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Re: What next...?

I'm boycotting ASDA as part of my small protest.

London Underground cleaners to refuse fingerprint clock-on

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Does it compute some kind of 'hash' and compare it against a stored value, which was generated when the fingerprintee was first registered on the system?

Microsoft mocks Apple and new iPhones in vids it quickly pulls

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Opinions may differ

" ...a summary: two Apple employees interview ..."

I could be bothered to watch it. I saw two product developers presenting a summary of their efforts to two different senior staff in various weekly (?) meetings.

Then again, maybe it was a series of therapy sessions where the two developers try to explore the source of their discomfort.

Server hack heads up the stack for a new challenge

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Many thanks Tim and good luck with the new job

P.S. That picture should be subtitled 'Breaking Good'. (There may be some uncertainty about that.)

Torvalds: 'We're not doing Linux95 … for a few years, at least'

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re. "... forced to spend time rebuilding ..."

I assume this was as simple as formatting and then loading up a saved image onto a new SSD.

Lip-wobbling boffins: Eating Chinese food is like kissing a vibrator

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Re: Just don't try this at home....

If you've ever made a quick bathroom visit, but forgotten to wash your hands after preparing some chilli peppers, you'll know not to do that. I'll never do it again!

Outlook.com adds IMAP, OAuth

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Just wondering ......

Does the NSA get its own special OAuth token, just to make things a bit easier?

NASA: Humanity has finally reached into INTERSTELLAR SPACE

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re. "... beyond the black"

I think that should be 'to/into the black'. (Firefly reference.)

European Commission plans net neutrality push

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Here on the small island ....

Can 'our' UK government exercise any kind of opt-out on this. I'm sure the big players like Vodafone and VM would be look unfavourably on all this.

Dyson takes Samsung to court in UK over vacuum cleaner

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I'll ask my mum to show me how it's done. This basement is getting a bit dusty.

BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode

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@Aldous Re: The science behind Doctor Who?

The 'Titanic IN SPAAAAACCCEEEE' was a fully certified (for paying passengers) spaceship that had been built to resemble an old style ocean cruise liner. You need to pay more attention.

Startup claims 1W wireless charging at 10 metres

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Imagine a Starbucks with one of these in the ceiling

It would charge your phone (if it had the internal receiver kit) and keep your 'coffee' hot at the same time.

Intel uncloaks micro-microchip assault with Quark SoCs

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re Quark smaller than Atom

They should have released the Proton, Neutron, Electron family first.

Should Nominet ban .uk domains that use paedo and crim-friendly words?

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they are one step ahead ....

(Use Tor or a VPN) - www.hobby.uk.com

400 million Chinese people can't speak Chinese: Official

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Thinking about it ...

If you consider the size of France and Germany (as a European example) and their short distance apart, we don't express surprise that the people in those two regions/countries speak in different languages. Then consider the size of the regions of China and their geographical separation from each other.

Enterprise storage: A history of paper, rust and flash silicon

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"A 1TB USB stick fits in the palm of your hand"

Great, but it costs over $3,000 in US money; not mainstream yet :)

Peugeot 208 GTi: The original hot hatch makes a comeback

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Full marks for the speedometer arrangement.

For as long as I can remember, I've had cars where the steering wheel blocks my view of the speedo between about 65mph and 90mph; a critical range. I wish more car makers would take this into account.

Apart from that, I don't like badgery and I'd prefer black flashing instead of red.

IRON MAN MUSK: Elon reveals Tony Stark-style 3D design smarts

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Re: I call bullshit

" ... I can not come over ... management porno."

No matter how hard you tried?

China's corruption crackdown killing off Unix

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Switching from big iron to x86 virtualisation

What does that have to do with Unix??

Bristol boffins announce quantum cloud

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Re: Shurely shome mishtake?

Assuming that I follow what you are saying, would it be more correct to describe that as a 'measured/observed interaction in a Quantum Field'? Are you saying that photons are an intellectul construct of the observer? What does that imply for all the other force/field interaction particles, including the Higgs boson?

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