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Horrific FLESH-EATING PLATYPUS once terrorised Australia

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Re: I dont need this so early in the morning..

"What cruel archetict of life has imagined such a vial and base thing?"

According to Terry Pratchett, it was created when a group of wizards, from the Unseen University, tried to draw/create a duck during the creation-time of the 4ecks continent. At that time, the act of drawing something actually created it. (The details are hazy in my mind.)

Playtime's over: Next NSA boss may be torn away from US cyber-war effort

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Reading between the lines

“If you try to break them up [NSA and US Cyber Command], what you have is two teams not working together. ..."

"Splitting the two organizations would result in fights over resources and command decisions, ..."

"This will of course create tensions ....."

So, the people available to take charge of these important organisations are not team players who's concerns are the efficient operation of vital national defense activities. They are immature and self serving psychopaths who are concerned only with their own status and the amount of money and power they can be seen to wield. Well, that's how I read it.

Secrets of Apple's mysterious Arizona sapphire factory: Our expert whispers all

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re, Alumina -> HPA

Given the market price difference between alumina and HPA, and the likely volumes, wouldn't it make sense for them to make their own HPA? They wouldn't need to make a 'profit' on this stage since their aim is to supply their own saphire crystal cutting operation. It might even make sense to buy up the HPA companies at an early stage to get the expertise in-house.

Cash-blackhole Twitter will shower itself in gold by 2015, investors told

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"... one of the companies I expect financial probity from (my bank, insurance company, pension fund, etc.) .."

Past idiocy is not a guide to future stupidity. Or is it?

New US Apple factory will make INVINCIBLE sapphire glass for SHINY iThings

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Re: Ditch the aluminium

I'm waiting for transparent aluminium.

Google Helpout live vids: Helping you help us help ourselves, says web giant

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What's the best way to do a Reverse Cowgirl?

On my way now, no need to push.

Big Beardie's watching: Alan Sugar robots spy on Tesco petrol queue

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Re: This of course complies with all the necessary consents and legislation:

I think it's tawdry and tacky and yucky, but I don't think it breaches DP requirements because it doesn't store any images of the 'target individual' or obtain any personal identifiable data. I may be wrong on that point, so please respond if I am. Even if I am wrong, what harm can it do to me if a machine makes a one-off decision that I'm male and over 50, then decides to show me a Viagra advert?

They could have hired a person to sit and look at their customers and then make a decision about what sex they were and what age range, but it's cheaper, overall, to develop this machinery.

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)

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While we're on this subject, what are these 'modem' things that are mentioned in several articles? Also, don't get me started on Itanium; it is NOT in the periodic table of elements.

Staying power: The small screen spans of the eleven Doctor Whos

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Re: Pardon the pedantry...

It's Doctor Who. It's always the same one. His appearance changes as a result of regeneration. Has this been forgotten?

'Only nuclear power can save humanity', say Global Warming high priests

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Re: Sigh...

"Global Warming is a scarecrow ..."

Some people say that Global Warming is a strawman. I think lots of confusion arises from this.

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'

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Roll your own Corporate Android?

At first thought (not a deep one I'll admit), it should be possible to take 'open source' Android and re-roll it so that a user has to logon to your-corporate.com instead of google.com and can only install apps by downloading them from the your-corporate apps site. These apps could be copies of trusted standard Google-Play apps, with appropriate agreements regarding payments for premium apps.

Funds flung at 9-inch fan-built Raspberry Pi monitor

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At about 0:45

" ... you can take it to the jams ..."

I like raspberry jam.

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm

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This is disturbing

From the online Oxford English dictionary - http://www.oxforddictionaries.com

1 (usually faggots) British a ball or roll of seasoned chopped liver, baked or fried.

2 (US fagot) a bundle of sticks bound together as fuel, a bundle of iron rods bound together for reheating, welding, and hammering into bars.

The entry in http://www.oed.com does not include 1. above.

I believe this is an example of an 'editor' making a personal and culturally biased judgement. Faggots were low grade wood used by poor people or low grade meat, mixed with herbs and spices to disguise it's nature, again used by poor people. The overall implication is something lowly, not worthy of consideration, so it's easy to understand how the word can be used as an insult term.

It's a long time since I bought, and enjoyed, a carton of 'Mr Brain's Faggots' from the freezer section of my local supermarket. I must go shopping soon :)

Note for visiting Americans: You must not use the word 'pardon' when in England. To do so implies that the person you are speaking to is a serious criminal who has been released from prison on a technicality. It is regarded as very offensive and can cause a violent reaction in most social settings.

Could Doctor Who really bump into human space dwellers?

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I think the important thing is to have a regular day(work/play) and night(sleep) cycle or people have all kinds of psychological and medical problems. This cycle has to be regular and close to 24 hours as well. What actual 'time' you want to call it would depend on how often you contact Earth and for what purpose.

Fiery bits of Euro satellite to rain down on Earth this weekend

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If a bit lands in my garden ....

... can I keep it?

Google barge erection hypegasm latest - What's in the box?

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Just wondering

"... where rich customers can carouse with Google staff."

Why would rich people want to do that?

BETHLEHEM-grade SUPERNOVA possible 'within 50 years'

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Re: No three & no kings

"Although the imaginary number ..."

I'm sure that '3' is a real number and also an integer, but it is a little bit odd.

UK.gov forks out £250k to rescue EROTIC novelists and pals from PIRATES

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Someone has to say it .....

" ...fights to keep erotic fiction, among other things, out of the hands of copyright pirates."

Aha, the plot for a series of 'bodice-ripper' novels.

Japanese boffins make a splash with bath-based touchscreen

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What about bath foam?

And ordinary soap bubbles ..... Just wondering.

Bucket? Check. Toilet plunger? Check. El Reg's 50 years of Doctor Who

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Re: Plumbing pedantry

'operative' is an adjective. The word you should use is 'operator'.

(Yes, I know the country is full of signs that say "Our cleaning operatives are working in this area... etc". They are all WRONG!)

TalkTalk to block nuisance calls with no help AT ALL from Huawei

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Re: I had a call from TalkTalk

Tesco mobile went through a phase of sending me text messages telling me how wonderful Tesco mobile are. I told them to stop and it took a few angry calls before they slowed down and did stop. Apparently, their marketing department ignore any customer request not to send 'promotional' texts, because they can.

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Re: Will they block themselves?

Is there a pre-filtering device that will sit between your phone and the wall socket, then pickup the call and quckly see if it is from a witheld number or from a list of numbers that you have provided it with, then end the call and not pass it on to your phone?

How about someone develops such a device using the popular Raspberry Pi, or similar, to do the work and provide a USB or network interface to control and monitor it from your computer.

You're more likely to get a job if you study 'social' sciences, say fuzzy-studies profs

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@ The Quiet One

" ... a worthless diploma from a former Polytechnic dump."

Again, you illustrate his point. Next round please.

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Re: says

Your example of the second law of thermodynamics would not be science by consensus; it would be science by diktat. Science by consensus is when things like climate change (or is it global warming?) and the safety of MMR vaccines are determined by newspapers and politicians after gauging public attitudes.

Do+ you+ use+ Google+? Seemingly+ you+ DO+

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@RISC OS Re: My fake google plus

I tried to add you but you said I wasn't cool enough. :(

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Re: I signed up for it once

One of my Google account names is so obviously fake that an idiot could spot it, but I've had no problems. So, what kind of people are we dealing with here? I'm quite happy with my 2 x 15GB of cloudy storage but not impressed by Google+.

Shy, bashful HUMPBACK DOLPHINS expose themselves to boffins

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Re: ok.

Theodore, we already know. There's no need to make it 'official'.

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Re: grammar nazi in action - furthermore ...

How do they know those dolphins had been swimming blithely, unless they observed them and differentiated them before they discovered them? This is all unsupported assumption.

Microsoft investors advised: Sack the guy searching for Ballmer replacement

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Why don't they put a job advert in the press?

It wouldn't cost much and they'd get lots of publicity.

HGST pops out 1TB ultraportable travelstar drive

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Just wondering

What's the difference between a 'factlette' and a 'factoid'?

IBM gives up fight to build CIA's $600m secret cloud, hands deal to Amazon

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"in light of the government's recent submissions emphasizing its need to move forward on the contract, IBM has withdrawn its motion." ->

The government told us that we'll have nothing but grief on all future tenders if we don't STFU now.

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service

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If they all told the truth, there would be no need for all this argument and legal action. Oh, ....I'm sorry ..... that was a stupid thing to say. We now live in a world where lying by politicians and corporations is standard and required practice.

Anonymity is the enemy of privacy, says RSA grand fromage

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An form of words worthy of a politician

“The European Union was built on its citizens' rights, including the right to privacy, a right the EU wishes to see exercised online, whereas the US view tends to be 'privacy is dead' .."

The USA was also built on its citizens rights and over a long time it has mutated into what it is now. What will the European Union mutate into after a few more decades, or less time than that?

DON'T BREW THAT CUPPA! Your kettle could be a SPAMBOT

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Re: Nonsense

Hey, stop being sensible and logical.

Fleet of driverless pods to take over Milton Keynes town centre

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A hundred of the wee pods

If they're automatic and only £2 to travel in them, they will be full of wee.

Mozilla goes where Google fears to tread with geolocation service

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Big Brother

I don't understand this bit.

" ... as the combination of IP address and time of service usage can uniquely identify users."

I'm puzzled as to how this would work or give any additional risk to my privacy. Website operators already know that live in Mytown in England and use VM as an ISP, but that's as far as it goes, I think. When I'm away from home, they know I'm somebody who uses the O2 network but they don't know that I'm the same one who lives in Mytown, unless I don't clear my cookies.

Can anyone propose a 'scenario' that explains the additional risk to my privacy; one that doesn't involve VM or O2 giving out information about me. (I assume they don't do that for anyone except the police and security services.)

Big Content says Pirates of the Caribbean do their worst in Australia

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"A local market located ...."

I like that.

(The one with the pocket guide to etymology in the pocket.)

Google rivals GAGGED from exposing ad giant's EU search peace offering

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All we are Binging .... is give Yahoo a chance.

(The one with the Google powered phone and fondleslab in the pockets.)

Everything's going to be all white: Google Nexus 5 mobe expected Friday

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Re: From a Nexus 4 owner

Get a nice colour matched flip case (on e-bay). That's the first thing I do with every smartphone I've had.

I'll be keeping my Nexus 4 for at least another year since it does all I need/want it to do and more. At about Christmas time or just after, second hand Nexus 4 prices in e-bay should be tempting to many.

LG G Flex: A new cheeky curvy mobe with a 'SELF-HEALING' bottom

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Re: Flex is the wrong name

With the advertising slogan, 'Get Bent!'

I am a recovering Superwoman wannabee

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It's the first Google Image you get if you search for 'superwoman' (with the results filter set to: nerdgasm)

Intel on Europe: The Internet of Things could SAVE US ALL

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What's the annual profit of a typical park?

Apple bats away WiLAN cellular data patents sueball

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What about the ones that gave in?

Is there any difference between Apple's use of wireless tech used in mobile devices and the other companies' use of it? If not, then they can consider backing out of the licensing deals because "we were bamboozled by slimy lawyers". Or, maybe I misunderstand how the real world works.

Oz racehorse shod with 3D-printed titanium hoofwear

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Re: Neigh sayers

Faye-B-lous punning there. Well done, here's your hat too.

Long time ago? Galaxy far, far away? You ain't seen nothing yet

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Re: Just curious

The figure of about 14 billion years is the generally accepted age of the universe. The size is a different thing.

I get puzzled by how the expansion of the universe affects the distance and time taken for that light to reach us. Thirteen billion years ago, the light from that galaxy was produced and started a journey outwards from its source. So, we must now be 13 billion light years away from where that galaxy used to be. But that galaxy was moving away from our present location (and everything else) at the time. So, the cold dead embers of that galaxy must be further away than 13 billion light years by now. So how big is the universe?

HP CEO Whitman: We've built the PC that GOD wants

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Re: Futility

See icon

Microsoft boffins test rival 'Google Glass' geek goggles, say insiders

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Re: Another SciFi sighting

That pizza company is amazing, in an admirable but scary way.

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The nosepad stalks .....

.... they need to be twisted through 90 degrees. Or does someone already have a patent on that more comfortable arrangement?

ICANN approves Arabic, Russian and Chinese global domain spaces

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The language of the Internet is universal and is the language of TC/IP protocols and the like. This is universally understood by the equipment that forms the internet. What us puny humans actually send over the internet is a minor consideration.

BBC to spaff £18 MILLION of licence fee cash... on BIG DATA

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A wonderful idea ....

... because the BBC have such a good track record with new and long term 'high technology' projects.

DMI, Socrates, ..... maybe some that we didn't hear about.

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