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The Pirate Bay changes domain again … TWICE!

frank ly Silver badge

The life aquatic

" Briefly adrift, the site resurfaced ..."

You could have got some submarine references in there too.

How much did NSA pay to put a backdoor in RSA crypto? Try $10m – report

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@Fill Re: A different era?

I recommed _this_ lock/key system, which I developed, for you to use in your worldwided premises protection system. You have doubts and questions? I'm so convinced that I'll give you $10 million to use it. Oh, I see that you are now convinced that it's the best choice.

Euro satellite to count a billion stars, find origin of Milky Way

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A pedant writes ...

"Each time, it will plot the position of the sun and its key physical properties, ..."

I thought a star wasn't a 'sun' unless it had planet(s) in orbit?

Wait, that's no moon 21.5-inch monitor, it's an all-in-one LG Chromebase PC

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On the other hand

"... the first all-in-one PC to run Chrome OS, complete with a built-in widescreen LCD display."

I'd say it's an LCD display with a built in PC.

Sky rapped over PREMATURE SEXY CONDOM ad

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I agree. Those Andrex adverts disgust me, no matter what time they are shown.

Why UK.gov's £1.2bn fibre broadband rollout is a bumbling FLOP

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Re: Imagine the chaos

Not really. They'd forget to order the ingredients, or order the wrong ones. That would be ok because they'd have forgotten to send out invitations. Many people would have heard that there was going to be a piss up one day, but they'd have heard that rumour for ages and so would ignore it. The CAMRA newsletter would be full of stories similar to this one and comments similar to yours.

South Korean to spaff £290 MEEELLION on 5G land grab

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Re: Consistency?

The number of 'e's in 'meelion is dependent on how much surprise/amazement the writer/speaker wishes to convey. The use of capitals for emphasis in writing is well known.

James Bond's 'shaken not stirred': Down to trembling boozer's hands, claim boffins

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I'm waiting for a character update ....

... to a green and teetotal Bond who sips expensive mineral water and shoots lead-free bullets.

GCHQ spooks told: Break Huawei's grip on 'The Cell'

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Every activity should have an oversight board

"An oversight board staffed by GCHQ spooks, Whitehall civil servants and a a senior member of the National Security Secretariat will closely examine Huawei's activities."

In this way, we will know, to the nearest penny, how much they spend on snacks and drinks, how far they travel to work and how much time they spend on visits to the toilet. Thanks to GCHQ involvement, any attempt to phone or e-mail contacts in China will be detected.

That Google ARM love-in: They want it for their own s*** and they don't want Bing having it

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Re: Regarding The Picture Of Facebook's 'Cold Storage' Arrays

I feel the same way about digtal radios being used for listening to that trashy modern pop music.

Apple iWatch due in October 2014, to wirelessly charge from one metre away – report

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Re: Just add crystals for healing


It's effectively a tuned transformer with a large (and variable) air gap between primary and secondary. The idea is to improve the power transfer efficiency compared to a non-tuned gapped transformer; though it would be nowhere near as efficient as plugging a power cable in. For such small levels of power and bearing in mind the application, that isn't really a consideration.

Cassini spots MEGA-METHANE SEAS on the north pole of Titan

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Re: Let me be the first to say...

Methane is odorless.

Coat: because nobody likes a party pooper.

Meet NASA's Valkyrie: A silky busty robo superhero that'll save your life

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If it's going that way .....

(NSFW!) Search for 'Sorayama' on Google Images (NSFW!)

I like the robot rhino but I'd admire it from a safe distance.

Hey Linux newbie: If you've never had a taste, try perfect Petra ... mmm, smells like Mint 16

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The big wrinkle is still there

I read that Mint 17 will be the LTS version. I'm on MINT 13(maya) MATE but I tried Petra MATE in a VM and it still has problems when you try to use to side panels. If you have a left and a right panel, in MATE, then they get overlayed and messed about, so I settled on having just a left panel in my Maya installs.

This flaw shows up identically in all four, different PC/laptops I've tried it on. XFCE does not have this problem for some reason, but MATE has better facilities for my purposes so I use it.

Petra MATE does not show that problem but has a different problem, again associated with left/right panels and their contents. It looks like they fixed one problem and created another. What I find worrying is that I, a Linux noob and not a code-head, found these glaring problems within a short time of installing and trying to use the OS. Is there any substantial GUI testing done?

e-Reader feeling empty? Top it up at El Reg's book shop

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Re: snivel!

"we the under-pub'ed need love too."

I can get you a good deal on merkins.

Linux Voice journos hit crowdfunding target

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@Fruminous Bandersnatch Re: Linux

Bob has been reading the LGBT licence by mistake. It's his late night surfing habits - a bad time to concentrate.

Snapchat seeks to muzzle 'third founder' leaks in lawsuit over who invented it

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Mirror symmetry

Facebook situation in the mirror?

Googlers devise DeViSE: A thing-recognising FRANKENBRAIN

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I for one am happy about this

"... distinguishing between categories like dogs, cats, and lawnmowers, ..."

This is a vital skill in the modern world.

OMG, Andrex KILLED the PUPPY! Not quilty, exclaim bog roll boys

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Just wondering

I know puppy fur is particularly soft and I'm wondering if it's suitably absorbent. I've wondered about that ever since I saw Father Jack wipe his nose on a puppy.

FreeBSD abandoning hardware randomness

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Re: "You could make a random number generator"

Thank you for those examples! I hope they haven't been awarded patents because the entire thing is 'obvious to anyone skilled in the art' and I'm not even particularly skilled in that area.

frank ly Silver badge

With a little bit of integrated circuitry and a noise diode, you could make a random number generator that fitted into a small package with a USB interface, like a USB memory stick or maybe a little bigger. It could have open source drivers that not only read the number but gave it a random 'scrambler' kick every time there was a disk access or whatever. It would be personal and totally unpredictable.

Telstra tries to hose down “network management snooping” story

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Under what circumstances .....

" For instance, we are required to hold billing data for up to six years to meet out obligations under the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code."

What telco (or other utility) customer has ever had an argument about a bill that is more than a few months old?

How UK air traffic control system was caught asleep on the job

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Re: Scary

The thing about the fall-back card stytem and military control is that they are for emergencies. All the systems are fail-safe in that they do control airspace safely. It's just that the military and card scribbling/pushing can't handle anything like the normal volume of traffic required. Also, nowadays especially, large and rich companies lose a lot of money if civilain ATC falls over, hence the political pressure being brought to bear.

To fel with you! There's an NSA spook in my World of Warcraft

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They are going to go flat out to recruit patriotic volunteers.

"Are you involved in criminal/terrorist activities?" - "No Sir!" - "OK, you are now an NSA deputy. Stay in touch"

UK.gov declares digital success as PR, food shops redefined as 'tech' businesses

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Do we lead the world at massaging statistics?

There can't be a happy ending with this.

Google lets users slurp own Gmail, Calendar data

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I'll make a GMail content and calendar data backup on my Google Drive. It's all so convenient and integrated.

Digital GIANTS in BLOODY battle to put your EYEBALLS in a JAR

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@ Pete 2 Re: Wither telly?

"... once their competitor corporation discovered they could screw up the commercial business model by giving away for free ..."

ITV's 'competitor corporation' (the BBC, I assume) were giving it away for 'free' for years before ITV existed. How does that affect your point?

OHM MY GOD! Move over graphene, here comes '100% PERFECT' stanene

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Re: Resistance is futile

If the energy stored in the capacitors could be recycled somehow, instead of being dumped/wasted during a state change, that might be of benefit. It would need a big increase in associated circuitry but it might be worth it for super-high density high speed circuits.

They're back: The coffin-punting naked Polish calendar girls

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That first picture

How long did she have to wait for the ripples to calm down. I said 'ripples' !

Drone expert: Amazon's hypetastic delivery scheme a pie in the sky

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Re: Cynical - me?

" You see cynics understand the cost of everything and the value of nothing."

I wish I'd said that.

Solar enthusiasts rays idea of 'leccy farms on MOON, drones

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That picture

That's no moon, it's a Death Star!

Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi

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Maybe broadcast special offers of 50% off . Many possibilities for 'practical jokes'.

REVEALED: How YOU PAY extra for iPHONES - even if you DON'T HAVE ONE

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Is that why the mobile provider websites ask you to specify if you want a standard or iPhone SIM when you choose tariffs for a SIM only deal? (There is also a Blackberry SIM option). My assumption was that the iPhone (and maybe Blackberry) used a different type of SIM card?

RIP Comet ISON: ???-2013. We hardly knew ye

frank ly Silver badge

I like to think that it's waiting ...

... to make a special Christmas appearance in the eastern sky.

Why a plain packaging U-turn from UK.gov could cost £3bn a year

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" In my youth as an appreciate ..."

I'm sure you appreciated the experience.


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Google: YouTube fights off HUGE ASCII PHALLUS MENACE

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Re: Get rid of crappy google+

"The stuff they make themselves (wave, video, etc) is generally a pile of shite."

iGoogle and Google Reader were fantastic. I've no idea how their borg collective hive-mind works.

Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google

frank ly Silver badge

The response (in my dreams)

Just before Christmas, an advert appears on prime-time TV, peak viewing hours:

An office desk, with a laptop on it, running Windows, Larry Page and Tim Cook walk on-scene from opposite sides and both look at the laptop. They look at each other and say, "Windows!". They both turn to the camera and say, "It's a pile of shit." (The end).

DVLA declares J14 HAD on BU14 SHT and SL14 AGS

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I once saw the famous PEN 15 on a car in the late 70's. I can't even remember what car it was on. Is that still around/allowed? (You have to ask questions about the character of someone who wants that on their car.)

Telcos can be forced to turn copyright cop, block websites – EU law man

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"... workarounds to such bans are a few clicks away online."

I would assume that the majority of casual downloaders (in the general public) wouldn't be able to find them easily. I have difficulty finding them and I regard myself as fairly savvy in this area. Do the ISPs keep any record of how many 'blocks' they initiate?

NSA spied on 'radicalisers' porn surfing so as to discredit them, reveals Snowden

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Sauce for the goose .....

It's quite right that any hypocrisy or double standards of public figures and major 'players' should be exposed in this way. So, can the NSA please release details of the internet habits of all senior western politicians, since I believe we have a right to know. They do work for us you know and I'd have serious doubts if any employee of mine was involved in unsavoury online activities.

How STEVE JOBS saved Apple's bacon with an outstretched ARM

frank ly Silver badge

@Bladeforce Re: Another example of how..

Are you saying that Microsoft used strongARM tactics?

IDC's explicit snapshot: Everyone who's anyone in object storage: In 3D

frank ly Silver badge

re. 3D

I tried wearing the bi-coloured plastic glasses but I couldn't see any 3D effect. Am I doing it wrong?

We flew our man Jack Clark into Facebook's desert data tomb. This is what he saw

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Expansion

Maybe they run a RAID-1 type arrangement with another rack, far away, as a mirror. Or something like that.

'MacGyver' geezer makes 'SHOTGUN, GRENADE' from airport shop tat

frank ly Silver badge

He should have used Pringles tubes

They're traditional, for a good reason.

Reg man inhales the smooth, non-cancerous, taste of USB nicotine

frank ly Silver badge

Re: @Steven Smoke on the water vapour

If you're interested and in the UK, I recommend that you look at Vapeland and Liberty-Flights. If you do a Google search for e-cigs, e-cigarettes, etc. then you'll find loads of links and you'll easily be able to tell which are 'tabloid' type sites and which are the serious forum type of site.

My personal recommendation is that you start with the plastic-ciggie ones from Asda and learn how to take the end cap off the cartridges for refilling (hint - use a short stubby screw and a pair of pliers). Get 24mg strength e-juice and dilute it with glycerine, from the high street chemist, to knock it down to about 18mg strength, or whatever. Use a syringe or a needle capped plastic bottle to inject the e-juice down the side of the casing. I use a strong 'pipe' flavour mixed with caramel flavour - it's all personal taste and experimentation.

If you get fed up with the regular recharging and refilling with plastic ciggies, splash out on a twin-pack of eGo-T style of systems from Vapeland. They supply e-juice as well, as do many internet based sites.

I have no connection with any supplier of e-cigs, etc. This is all my personal experience and opinion.

frank ly Silver badge

Re: @Steven Smoke on the water vapour

The trading standards authority is only concerned with advertisments directed at the general public (and the quality of delivered items compared to stated quality, etc). E-cig adverts don't make any statement about the composition of the vapour and are careful to state that e-cigs are a substitute for smoking tobacco and that they contain nicotine and that if you don't use nicotine then you should not use e-cigs - all good stuff and no problem.

When I first started with e-cigs, last year, I did a lot of 'internet research' on them and I found that the 'serious' websites, usually run by the suppliers of e-juice and e-cig components, had very good explanations of how they worked and what they produced.

However, the tabloid press types of websites stated that the e-cigs produced mainly water vapour. This was repeated all over the internet on these types of sites. I've no idea why this is and I was amazed that the UK NHS website made exactly the same incorrect statement. It may be that at an early stage, somebody did say that it was 'like inhaling water vapour' (which it isn't) but I have no idea how this 'meme' started.

frank ly Silver badge

@Steven Re: Smoke on the water vapour

The pale grey clouds produced by e-cigs are not water vapour. They are a 'fog' of glycerine and propylene glycol. (Visible steam from a kettle is a fog of water). For some reason, a longish time ago, somebody on the internet stated that the e-cig stuff was mainly water vapour, which is obviously incorrect by any rational analysis. If you read internet articles about e-cigs you will find that exact same statement repeated all over the place, with very similar wording - it's an internet meme, or lazy journalism, call it what you will.

I am not making any statements about the health aspects of e-cigs. I am simply stating what should be obvious after any rational analysis.

Note: if you did heat glycerine and propylene glycol up so much that it 'transmorgified', it would probably produce something very nasty indeed.

frank ly Silver badge

Smoke on the water vapour

"Instead of smoke, the vapour is nearly all water vapour,..."

This statement is repeated on every website article I've seen and also in the UK NHS website articles.

How can it be that a mixture of glycerine and propylene glycol, when heated, produces water vapour??

The answer is that it doesn't, it produces glycerine and propylene glycol vapour. I am amazed that the false statement about 'water vapour' has been repeated all over the internet. (There is a small amount of water added to the mixture to make it easier to flow when filling and for wick wetting.)

Note: I use the Ego-T and the plastic ciggy models and I've figured out how to refill the cartidges that you can buy cheaply in Asda. I mix my own e-juice and prefer the plastic ciggy for the 'natural' feel, but they don't last anywhere near as long as an Ego-T on a full charge and a full tank.

Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS

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re. "(the politically acceptable phrase is "turnkey", by the way):"

The obvious phrase is "turkey".

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