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Win XP holdouts storm eBay and licence brokers, hiss: Give us all your Windows 7

frank ly Silver badge

I have an 8 year old XP-SP2 retail disk - never been activated

I wonder what I'd get for it on e-bay?

iPhone 6 FEELS your heat, wetness... and it'll TELL Apple – report

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Re: I am sure...

"We told the new guy that the next iPhone will have a moisture sensor. Now it's all over that Chinese tech-news blog. Shall we fire him?"

"No, tell him we're developing a Bitcoin wallet. We can have fun for ages."

Wackadoo DIYers scissor-kick beatboxer

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Since when ...

.. has 'demobilise' been a new word and since when has it been spelled with a '-ize' ending?

Straight to 8: London's Met Police hatches Win XP escape plan

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How about ....

... "support us and give us a good deal on Win8, or we'll switch to Linux." ?

Europe approves common charger standard for mobe-makers

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" ...a single pin sufficing for charging over USB ..."

I'm sure than two pins are required for charging.

Watch the MIT MER-BOT – half droid, half soft 'fish' – swim by itself

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" ... the robots could be embedded with schools of fish ..."

Wouldn't the other fish think it was a bit .... fishy?

Is no browser safe? Security bods poke holes in Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox and earn $1m

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re. "Maybe this happens in the UK."

No. A senior government minister asks the head of GCHQ (or similar), "Have you been breaking the law?". He answers, "No, of course not.". This is then converted into officialese and stated by the minister in parliament. It's a much better system than in the USA because there's not as much fuss and shouting. We hate fuss and shouting.

'Catastrophic' server disk-destroying glitch menaced Google cloud

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Re: Are these actions commutative?

Apart from the word 'commutative' not really being applicable to copying and deleting data, the answer is "it depends". The simplest answer is that you change a pointer entry in a directory structure, if you're moving a file to be on the same logical hard drive on your home PC. After that, it can get quite complicated.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Friday is Pi Day

frank ly Silver badge

I prefer to celebrate Pie day.

I decide when Pie day is. (As often as possible.)

(beer: goes well with Pie, or pasties.)

Not sure if you're STILL running Windows XP? AmIRunningXP.com to the rescue!

frank ly Silver badge

Why ...

... did Kristina Libby have to register this domain herself, at GoDaddy? Why didn't the mighty Microsoft corporate machine take care of that for her? Is it also hosted by GoDaddy?

Reporters without Borders confirms, yes, lots of nations are spying on their citizens

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Re: Am I getting tired?

" After all, government already does spy in the real world: That's what the police is for, traditionally."

No. Traditionally and currently, the police are for upholding the law and protecting citizens from criminals. (The cynical among you might start laughing at this point.) Government spying is a totaly different function and a different organisation.

Battery vendors push ultracapacitor wrappers to give Li-ions more bite

frank ly Silver badge


If the ultracapacitor has enough energy storage capability and can respond well to transient charge/discharge, this could also be useful for storing large charging surges that the Li-ion would be incapable of accepting efficiently. (e.g regenerative braking surges, etc?). Despite this apparent advanatge, it doesn't seem to make sense to integrate the ultracapacitor, with monitoring and control electronics, as part of the battery housing, unless you're very sure you have a mass-market application which is well understood and for which the control electronics, ultracapacitor size and battery capacity have been 'tuned'.

Nipper rolls up at nursery with 48 wraps of HEROIN

frank ly Silver badge

Re: No Tommy...

But I thought you said DIAMORPHINE power rangers

Parliament network prang: 'Supplier done it', no Office 365 yet

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"... freezing or slowing down of your web browsing, video via the web ..."

What is your reaction to our employees/servants browsing the web and watching videos in their place of work?

It's BANKS v TELCOs: Mobe payments systems go head-to-head

frank ly Silver badge

So, on the balance of trust ....

,,,, do you entrust a mobile phone company with your money, or do you entrust a bank with your mobile phone number (which they'll probably pass on to their offshored reconciliation and telesales division)?

Finally! Some actual, novel tech: Apple patent to revive geriatric gear

frank ly Silver badge

But, but ....

Who will look after the ADC to make sure it isn't getting old and cranky and taking bad measurements and making bad decisions?

Top UK e-commerce sites fail to protect 'password' password-havers from selves

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Re: security education

My password used to be "password", but after the security awareness campaigns I've changed it to "1StrongPassword".

ICO issues guidelines on #FOI #requests through Twitter, Facebook

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Are Facebook and Twitter 'serious' channels?

Isn't this like making a FOI request by sticking a PostIt note onto the notices board outside the town hall? (Choose your own equivalent analogy.)

LOHAN chap hooks up with busty stratominx in cosmic pleasure cruise

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It was all good fun but ....

... the project needs a theme song or 'anthem'. Can aynone compose/sing one and record it on You Tube (or similar)? I suggest the El Reg board set up a competition and publish the links to competing entries in about a month's time, then we can vote on them.

Can you smell bacon? Yes! And it's coming from your iPhone!

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" ... that is a beard and an a mouth ..."

Thank you for saying that.

China to blow away smog with DRONES

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They have over a hundred years of freely available Western industrial and economic history to study, to see what can go wrong - but they do exactly the same thing, even worse than we did.

I NEVER DONE BITCOIN, says bloke fingered by new Newsweek

frank ly Silver badge

This is interesting

" ... the creator of Bitcoin – whoever he or she is – has by public record amassed a $400m stash in the virtual currency ..."

Is this because the visible structure of the data shows an origin point and an associated amount before a new 'mining' operation started? Additionaly, does it also show that the first amount of Bitcoins were never transfered to a different wallet? Does this have implications for anonymity if enough computing power is applied to analysis of the Bitcoin 'ecosystem'?

Care Bears... share: NHS England promises to heal careless data-sharing plans

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Re: National Service Award

I have a feeling that you actually live in Colorado. If so, I would like to visit at Easter.

Winklevoss twins say their Bitcoins will take them to SPAAAAACE

frank ly Silver badge


The photographer should have got that light fitting directly above Branson's head. Maybe rearrange the furniture as well .....etc.

Japanese space boffins set to map the world in 3D

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It's neat that they used PRISM as an acronym for something involving 'panchromatic'. It also 'spies' on the world, just like a recently revealed PRISM project.

Very fabric of space-time RIPPED apart in latest Hubble pic

frank ly Silver badge

Space is BIG ...

... and it's absolutely amazing!

BT's IPv6 EXPIRED security certificate left to rot on its website

frank ly Silver badge

" ... failed to spot ..."

Somebody should introduce them to 'calendar apps' and 'event alarms'.

Chillax, cranky commentards: Anger can KILL YOU

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Isn't it even worse for you ....

...if you keep your anger bottled up inside?

Dark matter killed the dinosaurs, boffins suggest

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If Sol is orbiting the galactic core ....

... isn't the other matter (dark and normal) orbiting at the same angular velocity?

HTML is a sexually transmitted disease, say many Americans

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USB was thought to be shorthand for a European country

United States Bailiwick - obviously.

Triple-headed NHS privacy scare after hospital data reach marketers, Google

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Placing the patient at the centre of healthcare

It's actually "Placing the patient at the centre of the feeding trough."

Microsoft to get in XP users' faces with one last warning

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Re: so... friends and relatives...

I installed Linux (Mint 13 LTS) last May as dual boot with Win7 and spent 3-4 weeks getting used to it. After that, I used Win7 less and less and then got rid of it by fitting my laptop with a shiny new 60GB SSD and Linux Mint. I never looked back since then. I also put the same Linux on my old desktop, old laptop and old netbook. There is a learning curve and a swearing curve but I'd recommend it.

Before you try it, read the Linux Mint forums and other forums to get an idea of the problems that people have and how they work around them.

UK.gov back-office battle may see British Justice offshored

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Thumb Up

Re: Utterly fantastic

Nice use of the true meaning of the word.

Japanese boffins build 'earring PC' for hands-free computing

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Potential Problem

" A built-in accelerometer could then detect if the user falls over ..."

What if BBC Radio 2 starts playing some metal and the wearer starts 'headbanging' around the room?

Frenchman eyes ocean domination with floating, mobile Bond villain lair

frank ly Silver badge


I see an elongated face with glaring eyes, a shouty mouth and sticky-out ears. The shoulder pads and tutu suggest a flamboyant and deranged personality. I don't want to talk about the rest of it.

Australian bureaucrats to journalist: 'Give us back our bits'

frank ly Silver badge

Would it be acceptable ....

... if the documents were returned as an email attachment; or would they require hard copy printouts via the postal service?

Your CIO is now a venture capitalist and you work at their startup

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Re: self-serve checkouts example?

Is it wrong of me to start giggling when it says, "Please wait; the assistant is coming." ?

Winklevoss Twins' Bitcoin index provokes angry wails from rival

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Since when

The MP3 compression algorithm is just a mathematical formula but is patented and a licence is needed to encode audio to MP3. The argument is that a lot of work went into inital studies and testing to find a suitable set of weighting factors to give a balance between compression ratio, ease of operation and fidelity. The MP3 encoding technique (and just about all codecs) is based on decades old mathematical research that is free for everyone to use (the formulae), but you'd better not copy the mix of methods and the internal weighting factors of a well known one, or you will be sued.

It sounds like the Twinkle Twins have copied the basic technique (time varying, multi dimensional weighted averages, whatever...) and I'm sure they did a lot of original work and much testing before they hit upon their own unique weighting parameters.

Samsung and Apple BEWARE: Huawei is coming to eat your lunch

frank ly Silver badge

Just wondering ...

How do you mould or machine BMG to sub-micron precision unless you have the moulds or cutting tools which have sub-micron precision and stability in use? It seems like a 'chicken and egg' situation.

Cable thieves hang up on BT, cause MAJOR outage

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China's web giants unite to defuse Windows XP bombshell

frank ly Silver badge

Just wondering ...

" ...the Chinese government has tried to intervene by persuading Redmond to continue support for the legacy OS."

Did they intervene, in any useful way, to prevent the use of pirated XP installations?

(I am not a Windows fanboi and I do know how easy it was/is to clone an XP installation or get a key.)

LinkedIn censors self to launch in China

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Re: Oh great

Or many more than twice the number of notifications of a conference on urban renewal in Beijing. You may know these conference speakers.

Battle of Bletchley Park: TNMOC chief calls for review of museums' Mexican standoff

frank ly Silver badge

"... chaired by ex-MI6 chief (or "C") Sir John Scarlett "

The review will find that TNMOC has produced weapons of mass destruction which are capable of reaching the Bletchley Park Trust. As such, there will be no choice but to send in troops to shut down TNMOC.

Nokia launches Android range: X marks the growing low-cost spot

frank ly Silver badge

... the new, less patronising way of saying "emerging markets"

.. which used to be the less patronising way of saying "all those (relatively) poor people".

Climate change will 'cause huge increase in murder, robbery and rape'

frank ly Silver badge

@dogged Re: Time to get the calculator out

It's not nice but it's not as bad as being murdererfied.

Something rotten stalks the Cloud Kingdom

frank ly Silver badge

I was hoping that a dragon would appear

I'll read any further story development, just in case.

Sanity now: Gnome 3.12 looking sensible - at least in beta

frank ly Silver badge

It doesn't matter, dammit.

I've been a Linux-at-home user for 9 months now and it was a stressful time for two weeks (serious swearing) then a bit stressful (mild swearing) for two weeks; then it was fine. I used MS-DOS then Windows for 25 years and I haven't touched Windows since last November; I don't have it anymore except on the old spinning rust disk in a bag in my desk drawer. (SSD all the way now). I've tried MATE and Cinnamon and XFCE and a couple of weird lightweight ones and I've settled on MATE. Whatever you choose will work for you, because that's the reason you choose it - duh.

I don't startup my newish laptop, or desktop, or netbook, or 8 year old laptop (yes, it's great, with PATA SSD) so that I can admire MATE's system panel or the way it presents notifications. I startup my computer so I can run a browser, or an e-mail client or GIMP or splice audio files or play some music. I did spend some time setting up my pop-out panels and loading them with drawers and the drawers with apps and folder locations etc. - but then I started using my computer to do work. (Also, the great thing is that I can migrate/clone my MATE desktop environment over to another computer).

As for the Windows fanbois talking about 'fragmentation'; it's 'choice' and it's free :) I install Thunderbird or the latest GIMP from the same source whatever DE is used. If for some strange reason, I want to try Cinnamon again (I didn't like it), I can load it up and start in Cinnamon (Linix startup gives you that choice at a button click) and it still runs the same installed programs.

Magnets to stick stuff to tablets: Yup, there's an Apple patent application for that

frank ly Silver badge

My favourite was the new paint for the high speed trains in the UK wich was advertised as bonding to the metal by 'quantum forces'. (At a stretch, it could have been Van Der Waals forces.)

frank ly Silver badge

"augment the functionality of usefulness"

How much training do you need (or what do you drink) to come up with phrases like that?

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book

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empty Contacts in my phone

I don't use the Contacts functionality on my Android phone, since I know they will be sniffed and copied by Google and many other apps on there. Many apps need permission to access your contacts in order to work - god alone (and the developers) know why. I use ColorNote which has the ability to recognise a phone number in a Note and highlight it and push it into the dialer for you. Interestingly, Evernote used to have that capability, but it was removed with an update about a year ago.

How do I know that Colornote won't sniff the phone numbers in my Notes? I don't, but at least it's only one organisation to trust, instead of many.

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