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iiNet to Senate committee: metadata retention an expensive joke

frank ly Silver badge

Re: $60M for a 20TB data centre?

It does say 'build and _secure_', so maybe it's a reinforced underground bunker with dual redundant power generation and underground storage tanks for a year of fuel?

Crashed NORKS drones discovered by South Korea

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Re: Auntie Bee has pictures of the drone

I thought you meant Sarah. My heart beat a little faster for a few seconds. (But, you meant 'Beeb'.)

Single chip photon source brings quantum comms closer

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As I understand it * ....

... you can't use entanglement to send information between two places instantaneously (in the sense of sending a bit stream representing the letter 'A', for example), but you can use it to send information between two places (at the speed of photons) in such a way that nobody can intercept or listen in to the data transfer without the end parties being aware that this is happening. Hence its potential for use in very secure data networks.

*From snippets of info I read or heard somewhere.

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

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Re: WHY because Why waste that old Hardware, its bad for Planet Earth.

@ Charlie Clark

If it's only 6 years old, can't you give it more memory?

frank ly Silver badge

Re: End of the road

Just as a matter of interest, two months ago I bought a Kingspec 32GB 2.5" IDE/PATA _SSD_ for my old laptop. It cost me £40 on e-bay from a Chinese supplier. It works fine, but I'm not sure for how long, and it's given a speedy and silent new lease of life to my 8 year old laptop.

Good idea with the virtual machine solution. As long as it's just network connections that are needed it should be simple to do.

Chinese patent app tries to own Wine on ARM

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They learned a lot from Apple

It would seem.

Researcher lights fire under Tesla security

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Botnet herders .....

....., rounding up and rustling Teslas.

Boeing, Cupertino to 'explore weaponisation of Apple technologies'

frank ly Silver badge

" ... bear fruit ..."

You could have said 'take wing".

CERN team uses GPUs to discover if antimatter falls up, not down

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Re: Errr, please describe the experimental setup...

I wonder if they will (or have) tried this with a beam of 'normal' hydrogen atoms for comparison.

Dropbox nukes bloke's file share in DMCA brouhaha – then admits it made a 'HASH OF IT'

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Re: Hope they're using a good hash

I'm sure that hash collisions are not "necessary". They may be possible/probable.

Don't touch my trunk! Intel is $740m lighter after Cloudera cash shot

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"The mammoth funding ..."

It's an elephant.

Facebook, you fools! Forget Oculus, you could have bought TRON-type headsets

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You can't adjust the focus by changing the screen contents. You'd need the appropriate changes to the buillt-in lenses to take account of your own prescription.

P.S. I just had a look at one of their You Tube videos:


Much of it is out of focus. I'm not sure if that is significant.

Silicon Valley wage collusion case will go to court

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Re: Sympathy? Pah!

Maybe they should outource the justice system to a country with a low wage but skilled workforce and put them on zero-hours contracts? That would get the costs down.

Dutch doctors replace woman's skull with 3D-printed plastic copy

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Amazing operation

It's a marvellous achievement and I'm wondering if the acrylic had any special surface treatment to make it more 'acceptable' to the reattached scalp or if it's just ordinary acrylic material.

Zuck: Web drones, not balloons (cough, cough Google) are way forward

frank ly Silver badge

Drones or balloons

You could have a drone with three/four small balloons attached along its fuselage. Has anyone tried this technique?

Microsoft: Let's be clear, WE won't read your email – but the cops will

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I'm slow to notice things

" ...we started using cloud email in the 1990s ..."

I thought the 'cloud' was a shiny and new thing.

Amazon Workspaces: A dish best served later

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anti virus

"with Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and Trend antivirus installed and licensed, at $50.00 per month."

That's like hiring a car and then being told that part of the hire cost is the rental fee for extra secure locks and a car alarm. What's wrong with MSE? (rhetorical question).

No, Minister. You CAN'T de-Kindle your eBooks!

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Re: Given the amount of practice they've had...

You'd be foolish not to accept and applaud these essential security updates.

Sticky Tahr-fy pudding: Ubuntu 14.04 slickest Linux desktop ever

frank ly Silver badge

Re: A slice off the top

You can always press F11 to go full screen in Firefox, then cursor to the top and right click the revealed bar to exit full screen.

I know what you mean though, which is why I love to use my 8 year old Acer laptop with 15" 4:3 matte screen (running Linux Mint).

Google 'Transparency Report' shows rise in government groping

frank ly Silver badge

I'd like to know .....

... the reasons for rejected requests. If a request is agreed, then I assume the matter is a valid law enforcement or security agency query which ought not to be revealed. However, if a request was made then Google shot it down, they should be free to reveal what the request was. e.g. The police wanted to know if (name redacted) had been watching cat videos, etc. This would help use to know the subjects which concern our overlords and hence we can stop doing them.

GNOME 3.12: Pixel perfect ... but homeless

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Re: I see no mention

MATE, XFCE and LXDE all have multiple desktops/workspaces. I thought this was a standard Linux thing? Or is it because they're all Gnome 2.x derivatives?

Rule of law: Turkish court nixes government Twitter ban ... for now

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A good result

I think every country should ban Twitter (and/or Facebook) at least once a year. That way, the people will learn how fragile their 'essential service' is and will also learn how to use VPNs, TOR, etc. One way to 'sell' this to government would be to explain that it would increase 'national resilience' (a good thing) in case the country comes under cyber attack (a bad thing).

Original iPhone dev team was 'shockingly small' - Apple engineer

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@Lord Tennant Re: And this is whats missing today

It's 'Sir Jonathon (call me Jony)'.

Research bods told: Try to ID anonymised data subjects? No more CASH for you

frank ly Silver badge


"This legislation is designed ..."

This is not legislation. It's recommendations for possible future action by a recognised set of professional bodies. You may have been influenced by the use of the words, "... sanctions that are proportionate to the nature of the offence ..."; which seems to be about an offence to professional standards, not an offence in law.

Sadly, the law lags behind the development of techniques in many areas of scientific development, especially information technology and data processing. Also, the companies that stand to make lots of money from this have access to politicians and senior civil servants; hence they can influence the law, or lack of it.

Passport PIN tech could have SAVED MH370 ID fraudsters

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Re: Getting through Airport Security

It would be even worse than my bi-weekly shopping experience.

Three's money man reveals UK mobe firms' dark pricing dealings

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Re: Three not that good

I think the 'All You Can Eat' specifically does not allow tethering, but the 'One Plan' does allow tethering.

NASA: Vote now to put flashy lights on future spacesuits

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Re: Sensless!

Maybe the astronauts will use strips of coloured insulation tape to customise them? That's what I'd do :)

No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble

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Re: Now I'm looking forward to VR even more

Don't forget to buy some virtual slug pellets to deal with the razor-toothed slugs or a virtual shotgun for the flocks of pesky birds, or a virtual assault rifle to take care of the ravaging zombie hordes that will stumble towards you muttering, "Straaaaawberries".

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@AC Re: ..a multimillionaire already ..... can afford to walk away

A Psychopath doesn't WANT to kill everyone, it's just that if they do kill anyone then they have no bad feelings about it. Hence, they find it easy to kill if it makes 'logical' sense to them. On a more everyday level, they treat people very badly and have no qualms about it.

Gr8, it's the new M8! Ideal for that celebrity funeral selfie

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re. bokeh

" ... the fashionable bokeh that keeps the subject of the picture in focus and blurs the background, or vice versa."

There's more to bokeh than that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokeh

The Reg's desert XP-ocalypse aversion plan revealed

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EditPad Lite

It's a multi-tabbing text editor with many features and facilities and much better that Notepad. I used it under Windows for a long time before I switched to Linux last year and it's free for non-commercial use.

I assume that you'll have at least a couple of networked colour printers taken care of? For kids especially, it's exciting to see their work on-screen become printed out onto paper they can take home and keep and show to people.

Microsoft issues less-than-helpful tips to XP holdouts

frank ly Silver badge

Are there any professional organisations, or even informal forums that are discussing and dealing with these situations? Unless your computers are connected to the internet, simple and sensible internal security practices shoud keep them safe, I'd have thought.

frank ly Silver badge

Re: How much of a challenge is re-installing XP?

I have an 8 year old retail XP-SP2 install disk that's never been activated, that I could sell to you if you want to have a 'retro' experience ....?

Google pulls SCHAFT out of military honeypot, sprays gold at bot team

frank ly Silver badge

re. Hefty external power source

Has anybody tried using hydraulic motors and fitting the robot with an IC engine/compressor and fluid reservoir, etc? This is totally not my area but I understand that hydraulic motors have a greater power density that electric motors and they are tough and reliable.

Middle England's allotments become metric battlefield

frank ly Silver badge

Re: So what is the correct unit in the Register's System

Thank you for writing 'nanoWales' and not 'NanoWales'.

Wearable tech for HORNY COWS: Biz slurps £3m for bovine arousal detectors

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Will GCHQ/NSA have backdoor access so they can keep our herds safe from terrorists?

Interview: Cisco's security supremo on the Internet of Everything

frank ly Silver badge

I gave up after the first two questions and 'answers'

Did I misread the article or did the first two questions not actually get answered?

Android update process gives malware a leg-up to evil: Indiana U

frank ly Silver badge

Re: theoretical non-event

Over the past three years, I've had Android updates to an HTC phone and to a Nexus 4. I've never had to reinstall any of my many apps, though a few have insisted on being updated after the update. Is that what you mean by 'reinstall'?

RISE of the LIVING CHAIR: Boffins recruit E coli to build futuristic materials

frank ly Silver badge

re. Living Chairs

It's been done many times. e.g:


Oculus Rift? Tchah, try 'Oculus Thrift' ... You bet your vrAse we tested these bargain VR specs

frank ly Silver badge

@LaeMing Re: Might want to re-think the name

Is it a www-arse nowadays?

Facebook hacks out PHP alternative

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I had to use Wikipedia to learn that HHVM stands for Hip Hop Virtual Machine. Even the HHVM.com site doesn't tell you what it means.

According to Wikipedia, it was open-sourced in 2010.

BLUE BIRD DOWN: Turkey wipes out Twitter 'scourge'

frank ly Silver badge

Governing party interests are an entirely different thing, added to the mix.

Keep your quinoa, hipsters: Boffins back healthy slabs of choc

frank ly Silver badge

So is it ok to chew coca leaves now?

I get confused by all these scientific words.

Virtual-reality Dev Kit 2 game goggles by Oculus – now with less vomit!

frank ly Silver badge

960x1080 ?

Is that horizontal x vertical? For each eye or shared between left and right?


frank ly Silver badge

@AC Re: The devil's in the detail @Daniel B.

I see your humour and raise you an upvote.

PAF! MPs go postal over postal location data sell-off by Coalition.gov

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Take a deep breath ....

""The government must never make a similar mistake. Public access to public sector data must never be sold or given away again."

Start laughing (in a cynical and weary manner).

French novel falls foul of Apple's breast inspectors

frank ly Silver badge

re. "... jubular cover"

It's lack of jubular cover that's the problem. I wonder when 'jubular' will make it into the Oxford English Dictionary?

Seattle pops a cap in Uber and Lyft: Rideshare bizs get 150-driver limit

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Shocking! and stealing/pirating

The analogy has a built in assumption that I (as someone looking to get from A to B) am the property of a particular group of taxi drivers and that my money rightfully should be used to buy the services of particular taxi drivers. That is an attitude I strongly disgaree with.

GRAV WAVE TSUNAMI boffinry BONANZA – the aftershock of the universe's Big Bang

frank ly Silver badge


I thought this was an observation of distant possible effects that very closely match theoretical predictions - not a true "detection" as such. The detection would be made (if ever) by those very long interferometers with laser beams at right angles to each other, where the compression of space by a passing gravitational wave would be 'detected'?

Google hit by Monday morning blues: Talk, Hangouts, Sheets crash

frank ly Silver badge

However ....

All my spreadsheets were fully available to me. They are stored on my domestic local network and automatically backed up twice a day with a 10 day rolling record (on a separate device). I also have a separate copy on an ftp server in a geographically remote location (which I try to remember to update regularly). What is this cloud thing they keep talking about?

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