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UK.gov tweets now national treasures! – National Archives

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Will they be archiving the YouTube comments?

So future social historians can gain an insight into the mindset of our time.

Brit chap weaves silver bullet for wireless health scare bollocks

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Re: Is there enough silver in the thread

Did you watch the pilot episode of Babylon?

Hadoop Daddy Doug Cutting says there's an elephant in the room

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Is there a Steve Wozniac soft toy?

I think it would sell well among a certain demographic.

Solaris deposed as US drone-ware, replaced by Linux administration

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Can anyone help me here?

I'm trying to set up a cron job that disables the launch of a Hellfire missile if an 'arm' confirmation is not received within 100ms of the initial 'weapons enable' command. This was working fine until I installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers for my FLIR display. Before anyone asks, I have installed the latest version of the combat-calc libraries.There was a post from SuperTrooper on the forum last week that dealt with cron and task schedule interference but I didn't bookmark it.

Vendors pushing fibre on developing countries, says Oz minister

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“If we want to get the benefits of broadband, particularly … in countries that aren't as wealthy as Australia ....."

If "WE want to get the benefits .."? Will the 'targeted' countries have any say in the matter?

Report: Climate change has already hit USA - and time is RUNNING OUT

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@Charles Manning re. 'over hype of potential disasters, etc'

All that has nothing to do with ignorant and headline seeking journalists/editors and the wider public's apparent need to be easily 'entertained', of course.

Tesco to tout its own smartphone – now THAT'S an unexpected item in the bagging area

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"... and come with Tesco apps for buying groceries and clothing ..."

Oh no! However, I am very happy with my Tesco Mobile SIM only deal, at £10 a month for 1000 minutes, 1GB and 5000 txts. If you look on their website, they keep doing some very good offers that appear for a few weeks then vanish. Catch one and you've got it on a 12 month contract.

ARM targets enterprise with 32-core, 1.6TB/sec bandwidth beastie

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Re: You name it, we generally build it

Except that if you redefine your customers/licensees as partners, then you can say "we build ...".

Don't let hackers know Mandiant founder checks his email on an iPad. Oh.

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Just wondering ...

"Data grabbed from the limo biz included names and addresses and credit numbers in a plain-text archive, ..."

I thought that they weren't allowed to store credit card numbers, never mind in plain text?

Did cosmic radiation nuke $25 satellite swarm? 100 snoozing Sprites face fiery death

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I suppose ..

.. they'll just have to hope for a few sunny days.

The verdict is in: Samsung to pay Apple $120m chump change, but gets tiny rebate

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Re: "Beloved products like the iPhone..."

" ... which our employees devote their lives to designing and delivering for our customers."

That's true love.

Who's top Microsoft shareholder? Uh oh, it's STEVE BALLMER

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Re: Getting rid of it all by 2018?

From what I've read, Warren Buffet has decided to give all of his 'spare' money to Bill Gates' foundation. This makes sense because it's a lot easier that setting up and governing his own foundation. So, Gates will have lots of bucks to do good works with.

Laser deflector shields possible with today's tech – but there's one small problem

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re. mirror

They have to be 100% reflective at all encountered laser frequencies, but they're not, so they would heat up, degrade and vapourise.

frank ly Silver badge

If an ultra-violet camera can see out ...

.. then an ultra-violet laser can vapourise in.

Super-heavy element 117 DOES exist – albeit briefly. Got any berkelium handy?

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Re: Island of stability?

"Unobtainium - and the rest - here on Gilligan's Island."

At least that's how I remember it, now.

Jodee 'One.Tel' Rich spruiks .CEO sites for email LIKE A BOSS

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Re: One for the money... yes, but ...

Letting people know that you're important: Priceless.

Fix capitalism with floating cities on Venus says Charles Stross

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Let's go all the way ...

... and build a Ringworld.

Voters pick luminous tech spacesuit as NASA's off-world fashion statement

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@James Hughes 1 Re: A fully clear helmet???

If they'd thought of the children, they'd have put a lot more shielding around the gonads.

Google forges a Silver bullet for Android, aims it at Samsung's heart

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Re: Too extreme views

How 'innovatively customised' can you make e-mail, txting and browsing? If you want that, there are dozens of GUI wrappers and data integrating apps in the Google app stopre. There are also many data transfer/sync apps as well, all at a low price. The only customisation I wanted (and got) for my Nexus was the Nova Launcher and its start screen, which I was happy to pay for.

FBI floats $5 MEELLION bounty for alleged Chinese WMD purveyor

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Has he broken any Chinese laws?

Just wondering.

No, it's not a boy band, it's a biz backup suite: A dig into Druva inSync

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re. " CinC"

CinCinSync !

ITU says IT industry must become 'resilient' in face of climate change

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" ... short- and long-term climatic manifestations."

We get those all the time where I live. They rarely cause problems. It's seriously bad weather that I worry about.

Boffins build billion-synapse, three-watt 'brain'

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As a matter of interest ....

What is the power consumption (probably only measurable by heat production) of an adult human brain?

Web cams pointed into hot young star's 'Ring of Fire' down under

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Re: And if you don't have flash installed... re. ABC News 24

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

Ahh, the problems of an international readership. Is it worth watching, usually?

Chap builds mobe based on Raspberry Pi

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Anything that shows people (especially children) that this level of design/construction really can be done at home is a good thing.

NASA spots 'new' star just 7.2 light years away

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Why is it warm?

What process keeps it at such a relatively high temperature?

Tim Cook: Apple's 'closer than it's ever been' to releasing new product range

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@nexsphil Re: Nothing that innovative coming, then

Is that an American 'fanny' or a British fanny that you're thinking about?

It woz the Reg wot won it: UK mobe network EE fixes voicemail hack flaw

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Re: The $64K question...

Internal audits are controlled by internal managers who don't want to rock the boat and who want to 'get along'. An external audit by a company with experience in the field would be the best kind of audit.

Microsoft's 'evil open source' man on life as HP's top cloud-wrangler

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Just wondering

“IBM loves Linux guerilla".

Is that Tux with ammo bandoliers and a Kalashnikov, or is it the 800lb one that's ready for the desktop? I always get confused about those two words.

Apple patent pokes at holographic iPhone screen

frank ly Silver badge

Prior art

Paramount has lots of prior art in Star Trek TNG.

Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her

frank ly Silver badge

Maybe ..

... she couldn't afford a proper holster and forget that she was carrying it. Given enough time, you can get used to anything. (That doesn't let her off the stolen property rap of course).

Shut up, Siri, I'm watching telly! iOS 7.1 code reveals new role for Apple's PA

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Re: iWatch?

KITT was voiced by William Daniels, an American actor and native of Brooklyn. He also played the role of Dr. Mark Craig on St. Elsewhere. If you watched St. Elsewhere then the similarity (or identicality) was apparent.

Space station astronauts pop outside to replace crippled computer

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Re: Solid Design

Are any of your books available in libraries?

Tooled-up Ryobi girl takes nine-inch grinder to Asus beach babe

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Re: Just wondering ..

I did check this out on Wikipedia (hmmm) and the difference seems subtle. What do you say is the difference?

frank ly Silver badge

Just wondering ..

... if you'll get a prize for spotting that it's a disc cutter?

EU: Let's cost financial traders $400m a day, because EVIL BANKERS. Right?

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Re: Utter crap

" ... the thiething scum in the banks."

I read that as ' ... tithing scum .." and smiled while nodding in agreement.

Japanese boffin EYES up big bucks with strap-on digi-glasses

frank ly Silver badge


“extend our social skills and decrease our emotional labour”

This replaces your social skills and decreases your humanity.

US Supreme Court supremo rakes Aereo lawman in oral arguments

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@DougS Re: Dear Broadcasters. Fek Off.

Your prostitution analogy is incorrect. The situation is more like a dating agency. You have a busy life and don't have time to receive broadcast signals at a convenient time. Somewhere out there is a signal that would be just right for you. Aereo can help you to get together, at a time that's convenient for you.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Great changes, but sssh don't mention the...

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@AC Re: Which flavor folks?

My suggestion: Buy a 32GB PATA SSD (I assume your old laptop uses a 2.5" PATA/IDE drive), you can get a Kingspec drive on e-bay from a chinese supplier for about £40. I did that for my 8-year old Acer Travelmate and installed Mint 13 LTS - works very nicely thank you. A Linux distribution with a big set of installed software will easily fit into 8GB leaving room for lots of personal data or multi-boot installations. Because it's PATA, there is a 100Mb/s limit to the possible data rate from the drive, but it's silent and robust. (If your laptop has a SATA drive, just buy a small SATA SSD.)

With an older and less powerful laptop, LXDE would be less sluggish than MATE (as I found) but there are other Linux distributiions and even lighter-weight DE possibilities out there.

With Linux, you can keep copies of any installed image on an external hard drive (use a Gparted live CD or similar to make partition copies) then you can recover from the inevitable foul-ups as you experiment. A Boot Repair Disk live CD is also a good thing to get and use. Good luck - have fun.

frank ly Silver badge

@Peter Gathercole Re: Menus in windows @Vic and frank ly

Ahhhh, yes I see. I prefer to have the name of the application (and its other info) on the top bar. That way I know what the heck it is.

frank ly Silver badge

Menus in windows

I think you may have the wrong picture for 'menus in windows'. That picture shows what every PC and OS I've used/owned has done for many years. I may have misunderstood .....?

Boffins brew graphene in kitchen blender

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re. four-or-five layer thick graphene flakes

Aren't those actually thin flakes of graphite? What is the accepted definition of 'graphene'?

Rejoice, Russians! The annexation of Crimea is complete and legitimate – Google Maps proves it

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Re: Which cliche works here....

Google will do whatever it thinks is best for it's own future interests.

Microsoft to spend $1.1bn to build Iowa data center

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Re: Creating jobs

There is a good chance that Microsoft are capable of building their datacentre in another place, outside the area of Des Moines and thus not paying any taxes at all to Des Moines in the future. This is the stick that Microsoft (and other large companies) wave at local authorities while showing a picture of a carrot (future tax revenues). Microsoft are not there and not paying taxes yet. Small struggling companies are there and they can't afford to move.

Microsoft signs Motorola to Android patent pact – no, not THAT Motorola

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I thought it was the ex-fat file system, the one with longer names and more available characters?

Spanish village called 'Kill the Jews' mulls rebranding exercise

frank ly Silver badge

@Rob Crawford Re: Village?

As a teetotal non-believer, I always get confused about the church/pub thing. As far as I can see, they are both places where people go to worship, take part in rituals and celebrate something. You're probably right.

frank ly Silver badge


"Spanish Village...", "... their small hamlet ..."

Is it a village or a hamlet? Note: If it doesn't have a pub/bar, it's only a hamlet.

Opportunity selfie: Martian winds have given the spunky ol' rover a spring cleaning

frank ly Silver badge

Strong winds

They can clean a surface, yes. but what if they cause a dust storm instead?

MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

frank ly Silver badge

@Ledswinger Re: MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

You forgot about seabed earthquakes. If it 'floated' a few hundred feet off the bottom, in deep water, that might work out well. The cables would have to be designed to snap under heavy strain, etc, but it could be done. As for 'the heaviest objects ever built being made to float', take a look at a large cruise liner.

Hic! Storage upstart DEY bought out by Australian wine merchant

frank ly Silver badge

Maybe ...

"We've got all these bottles of wine, so when you said 'storage management' ........."

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