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Strategy Boutique ultimate 'tech'-gasm: 3D printer drone GoPro vid stream QR code

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Re: Relativistic Bus

" ... would anything happen?"

Only if there was anyone outside the bus to observe it happening.

Google to let Chromebookers take video content OFFLINE

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Does the locally stored/cached video have DRM?

I would assume it does. The article doesn't say.

UBER UBER ALLES: Investors value ride app at $17 BEEELLION

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Re: Holland, Tulips, early/mid 1600s ...

Did you get burned?

Is it the end of Big Data? Quarta Horribilis for high-end storage

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I think it's 'quartarius'

(see comment)

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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I tell them I'm a Systems Engineer

If they ask me what that means, I tell them about a massive, commercial, computer monitored, site-wide HVAC system I worked on for testing/verification many years ago; in great detail since I did find it fascinating at the time. I'm sure I'll be dead before anybody in the UK gets a domestic HVAC system that needs looking at.

TANGO DOWN! Google presents its 3D non-fondle slab to the world

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Virtual home decor

Many years ago (I can't remember where or when) there was a paint supplier website where you uploaded a picture of your room and it would let you try out different colours on the walls. It probably used a mixture of colour replacement and shape/vertex/edge detection. Virtual furniture would be much more difficult but an interesting application.

The Strippers, Unicorn Computers and Martian Watches of Computex

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Sandwich board-bearers: they missed a trick

If they carried logo-tattooed scantilty clad models on their shoulders, the organisers would have a queue of volunteers to choose from.

Game of Thrones scribe George R R Martin will KILL YOU for US$20K

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Are there any guarantees that you won't be stabbed, face down in the dirt after trying to rob an old beggarwoman? It could get nasty in a nasty way. I'd need assurances of a brave and noble death after a very hot sex scene and a big dinner. I'd also need $20K to spare .... ah well.

US Army loses 16,000 personnel records in South Korea

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"...banking details and classified data was not compromised."

Maybe they should have stored the other data to the same level of security/isolation? Maybe that would be too inconvenient?

There must be a way of allowing a civilian/admin worker to generate an enquiry about my job application and print out an envelope addressed to me without allowing them to do a data dump of everybody else on the system.

Plastic is the new rock, say Geologists

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Re: OK, let me get this straight.

Coffee ...too much .....too little .... a delicate balance.

Euro judges: Copyright has NOT changed, you WON'T get sued for browsing the web

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Re: OMG Mirrors!

If a newspaper is copied in the forest and there's nobody there to read it, does ....er ......

US escalates Stingray mobe-snooping secrecy battle as judge unseals evidence

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Re: "US Marshals raiding Florida police"

They were protecting them from themselves. It was an act of caring firmness.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! 3D HOLO-PHONE hinted in Amazon vid

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A possibility:

"... tracking the position of each of the user's eyes and projecting the appropriate image into each."

Is it a phone with frickin lasers?

Australia's first public swatting victim a nice bloke

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"...it's dangerous to the police responding to the people inside the house,"

What?! It's dangerous to the victims inside the house. The police do risk sprained ankles with all than crouched running, maybe.

TrueCrypt hooked to life support in Switzerland: 'It must not die' say pair

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Re: CryptTrue

Cry 'Puter

Oh, wow. US Secret Service wants a Twitter sarcasm-spotter

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Meanwhile, at a secret location ...

... a specialist team have been assembled to analyse the comments on The Register. It's a dangerous job and specialist counselling is not only available but is compulsory.

Former Microsoftie becomes US ambassador, opts to swear in on KINDLE

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I suppose ...

... that if the appropriate document is displayed on the screen then it's a legally valid oath.

Please be seated at your FOUR-LEGGED PC

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"The desk itself is unremarkable:" ?

It's remarkably ugly. Or is this 'gamer chic', in which case I'd have expected a bigger monitor?

Balls to the World Cup: Brazuca wins in the wind

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I remember the old leather footballs

You pushed a new bladder in through the opening and laced it up then inflated it to what you thought was a good pressure. On damp grass the ball got heavier as the game went on. When you headed the ball, you hoped that the lacing wasn't in the 'right' place to leave an impression or even a cut on your forehead. Footballers nowadays .......

Telstra kills ZOMBIE BOXES all over Australia

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Detailed Analysis?

I wonder if all the drop in power was due to 'zombie' equipment not being replaced or if the replacement (and more modern) items were simply less power hungry.

This is a very good example of why money spent on dull and dreary audits can save money for a company. Perhaps they didn't do audits before because of 'cost saving' measures. As every good executive knows, it's important to improve the bottom line quickly, soon after you start and before you move on.

Linux users at risk as ANOTHER critical GnuTLS bug found

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@Oliver Jones Re: Open source was supposed to be secure

I've upvoted you because I like your sarcastic cynicism (or is is cynical sarcasm?). After a year of running Linux at home I'm now a fan, but I'm not blindly in love with it.

Open source wasn't 'supposed' to fix any and all security problems, it was intended to give people choice, enable them to make informed decisions and give freedom of action in their use of software. It does all that very well. As with all software products, unless you're a software wizard with lots of free time, your informed decisions are dependent on other people being wizards and there aren't enough of those to go around.

US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device

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Imagine ...

"... I deeply apologize to those who were offended by the sight of artificial human penises."

... how they'd feel if they saw a real one.

Remember Anna Kournikova? Come with us on a tour of bug-squishing history

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Re: Oh, yes!

And thanks to Google Images, you can refesh your hard disk with happy memories.

Samsung in a TIZZY: OH PLEASE make apps for our Tizen Z mobe

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Re: App Revenue?

" ...operators want in on the app shop cash."

The water company want to sell me high priced multicoloured perfumed toilet paper, but they're just plumbing infrastructure people and ought to settle down and get used to it.

The fresh Mint of dwell there: This is a story all about how 17 is here for a while

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Re: Going off the rails

"But what happens once you stray off the path?"

You download the binaries and do your own private installs and make appropriate symbolic links and check the specialist forums for consensus advice about which library is needed. You kludge the application default choices and MAKE it do what you want it to do. GRAAAAAH! You beat your own path through the jungle and become your own systems admin. Sometimes you wonder if it would be a good idea to write a record of what you've done. That self doubt soon passes. Great fun!

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I'll try it in a dual-boot setup ...

... then wait quite a few months before I commit to an upgrade from Mint 13. I'll test the heck out of the MATE panels because they were behaving strangely in Mint 16 (Petra) in a VM. I'll also check the forums for the inevitable confusion, pain and anguish.

Flying saucer with 'stadium-sized' orb to INVADE Earth's skies

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So ....

.. it's about 1.7 GBags (Giga Bulgarian airbags).

Quantum teleportation gets reliable at Delft

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Re: *Ahem*

You forget about Ronnie Soak (Kaos). Everybody forgets about Ronnie.


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Re: Now listen here sonny...

As I understand it, Einstein was one of the original group of physicists whose work predicted quantum teleportation and he didn't feel comfortable with the prediction. He wasn't 'wrong'.

DIY IoT computer smaller than a square inch

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Re: Cute

It's actually a little router, so it's entire purpose is to talk to other devices.

Apple: Scrubbing may not yet have cleansed iThings of BLOOD

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Re: Is this an iDagger I see before me?

Out, damn Siri!

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Is this an iDagger I see before me?

Ok, I'm going.

TOADOCALYPSE NOW: Madagascar faces down amphibious assault

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What happens if you squeeze it and lick its 'eyebrows'?

Such an interesting shade of blue.

Boffins: How to generate crypto-keys using a smartphone – and quantum physics

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Re: Just wondering

I hereby relinquish all rights and claims to the random number generator method known as the 'Frank Ly Generator' and gift it to the world. (I retain the right to bask in any reflected glory.)

Note: I had to press a 'Sumbit' button to get the post published. Vulture lawyers might have a say in this.

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Just wondering

" ... the right number of photons needed to balance getting the maximum quantum uncertainty, while not saturating the detectors."

That indicated they were using a bright 'scene', if they were worried about saturating the CMOS detectors. I'd have thought that quantum effects wouyld be more noticable at very low levels of illumination.

Has anyone tried generating a 'random' number my performing a checksum on all the pixels of a photo of a natural scene (flower beds in a park, woodland glade, etc)?

French Hacker Legion is West's foremost snoop squad says Robert Gates

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L'Etat, c'est moi!

Let them eat freedom fries.

Ballmer SLAM-DUNKS $2 BEEELLLION bid for LA Clippers

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In my world ....

... I dream of having a bigger/better car than my neighbour.

TrueCrypt turmoil latest: Bruce Schneier reveals what he'll use instead

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Re: Alternative explanation

So, that's not your name, it's your pet's name :)

Samsung wants to 'thingify' your BODY with Simband

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Just wondering

"... developers can access the data and leverage it to create entirely new applications.”

How much will they pay me to let them view and use data from my body?

How about printing your electricity?

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"... the inkjet printer's annoying habit of skipping pixels ..."

Is that true for all inkjet printers, or just this one?

LG G3 fights off screen-res war rival Samsung with quad-HD cutie: In pictures

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Re: I really can't see a point...

I think that's their point.

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The 'porthole' front cover

I hope that could be removed because that does not go well with how I like to hold a phone, or cameraphone, or anything.

What's up, Zuck? Facebook asks Brussels to probe its GIGANTIC WhatsApp deal

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Instant Messaging

If 'instant messages' are carried over the telcos' networks, why would the telcos care who sends and receives them?

Amazon turns screws on French publisher: Don't feel sorry for Hachette, it's just 'negotiation'

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I smiled

“When we negotiate with suppliers, we are doing so on behalf of customers. ..."

Hey, we'll do 4G for £15, says O2 (just mind how you go on the 1GB limit)

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Re: May be worth mentioning...

The last time I looked in detail and read the T&Cs, the 'all you can eat' didn't allow tethering; it was 'The One Plan' that alowed tethering. Has this changed recently?

Edit: Must type faster.

Smut-spreading copyright trolls lose John Doe case

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Latest News

TPB servers floored by Popular Demand for a particular video title. (I'll be searching soon).

Skype to become 'Star Trek' style real-time translator, says Redmond

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My hovercraft is full of eels


Watch: Kids slam Apple as 'BORING, the whole thing is BORING'

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When I were a lad

I used to play all day with a stick and a hoop and I was happy and grateful for it. Kids nowadays.......

ARG! A GHOST SHIP! Pirates sunk by UK cops return from watery grave

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Re: This: ... catch some proper crims

That's hard work and needs expertise and some thought and planning and getting off a fat arse and out into the real world.

Microsoft Cortana EULA contains the Greatest Disclaimer of ALL TIME

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"... personalized experiences provided by Cortana."

Would you want to have a personalised experience with an assistant like that?

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